More0 (EUNE)
: Problems with "Login"
I dont know if this is a stupid sugestion but check on the new client if you are on the right server, for some random reason when i launched the client after it crash it was set to NA and i was trying to log in in a none existent NA acc
: Well ... it should also be always active if its that time of the month for any female champion on the rift ... (can i hide behind you and your cookie?)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XvsqGvJx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-01-28T09:11:44.109+0000) > > If you got chat restricted previously, that's your answer. The system goes on an escalation basis, the more you keep behaving the way that got you punished in the first place, the more severe the penalties become. > > 1. 10 chat restrictions > 2. 25 chat restrictions > 3. 14 days ban > 4. permanent ban This is how it is suppose to happen but it doesnt work like that, in fall 2015 i got banned with 14 days straight away withouth any chat restriction or punish or warning before, then when i come back i play one game and at the end of that game i played with my friends and didnt write a thing i got 10 chat restrictions and after those 10 games i got another 5 chat restrictions and in none of those games i wrote a single thing since i was playing with my friends on curse, still got season rewards
Eranell (EUW)
: Psychological Warfare
"Gems, gems are truly outrageous, truly, truly, truly, outrageous"
: The 4 premade man power
Well if you need friends you can add me ingame we can play a few normal games with us, i know its horrible to play with people that flamme you for every mistake and i promise i wont do that so you can have a positive game experience
: [LF | TOP JUNGLE SUPPORT - Team Hericide] Recruiting players for team
What country are you from? Portugal Fluent English Speaker? Yes Gold 5 or above last season? Yes, Plat5 Role you are applying for? TOP Have Teamspeak and a good mic? Yes *Be able to play at least 4 days a week? Yes
: Unjustified perma ban
Totally deserved, i've got a 14 day ban for way less than that
Espouse (EUW)
: Permament ban (not fair imo)
Its a problem with report system in league, its hard to get an argument with someone ingame, better do it after the game because most of the time when you try to make the other player see what he did wrong (Not an excuse for a loose game tho) he will not take it as an advice and will probably trash talk you too and that can escalate for some bad words and a discussion between the 2, and that in a game its not good and ofc if he reports you, you will most likely be banned. RIOT doesnt care, and shouldnt care with who started the fight, all they care is if you said some bad words to someone. Its not easy to take it and dont respond back, but it doesnt happen all the time, for you to get banned for that its because it was not a one time thing, you repitadly flammed your teammates in various matches.
Arkedeus (EUW)
: Feral Warwick- A Disapointment
I actually like this skin but also love tundra warwick. But fortunatly/unfortunatly i got grey warwick and its now more greyish as ever
: Judging from that teaser they left him with his E (at least partially) and his ult. That were his key, champion-defining abilities anyways so I hope I am right. And I hope E will no longer be just a passive but passive + activable thing.
Actually i believe they gonna put his E as a passive on ulti, similar to Shyvana's ulti where she need rage to use her ulti
: Warwick Rework Teaser!!
I love warwick, he is my favorite champion, i even love him more than Talon. So its good to see a rework on him to make him competitive again i just hope they dont ruin him like they did to talon :D
: thanks for destroying my main.
I just came here to say Hi
IzzŸ (EUW)
: The Real Problem With Low ELO
If there is something that grind my gears, is when a team score an ace and there is ALWAYS someone going jungle to farm xD
: Things you should consider when you are behind; 1. Play passive and farm if your team doing ok or they are neutral in their lanes. (If everybody is lossing then consider to take risks since you have nothing to lose. But this is not a common situation and its not always the best idea.) 2. Build more defensive so you can survive the poke harassment in your lane and farm under turret without the risk of getting dived. 3. **Don't ask for ganks**! This is a very important thing that most low elo players don't understand. Its much more efficient for the jungler to help other lanes win and apply presure while you hold your lane. If your lane opponent is staying in lane trying to kill you or harass you and deny you cs, then its ok! Its absolutely a good situation for you and you want to keep it like this. Learn how to **chill and farm under turret** without forcing anything and also l**earn how to freeze minion waves in your advantage**. If your lane opponent if roaming, then you need to push your lane as hard as you can to either force him back to your lane or make them lose a turret or two and then maybe join your team. Whatever it happens the key you should remember is **you don't want to spread your lane loss to the rest of the map and to your team!** Build more defensive, **invest in vision and let your team carry you**!
I cant stress out how important is sugestion 2, its so sad to see ppl sticking building triforce and loosing hard because "its the build im following so shut up"
TTekkers (EUW)
: Anyone seen this skin before??
Its a legacy skin, its not that rare tho, i've seen it alot when karthus was played more often, i remeber just before she went legacy it was in sale really cheap(i cant remeber how much), but its a really cool skin, it might be in store at christmas when the vault open again
: Why do i loose 2 promotion games if I leave que?
Dont ever dodge games on promos, i once had a promo game where we were 4vs5 since 5min and my jungle was a full tank master yi and we still manage to win the game, dont worry too much about "trolls" just keep thinking positive and no matter what you still got chance to win
Wen294 (EUW)
: Just pick pantheon, GGEZ. Seriously tryndamere can't do anything against a pantheon, the panth doesn't even need skill to wreck lane. Well that's assuming the enemy jungler doesn't camp i guess.
Some champs have a kit that gives them advantage over others, Tryndamere kit is strong vs champs that are AD and doesnt get tanky too fast, if a Trynda is playing vs Yasuo ofc he gets a easy lane phase. Dont pick teemo vs Trynda, aparently most ppl think that being able to poke and have a blind its enough to counter trynda but a decent trynda at level 2 will twoshot you down and build his advantage from there
PROaa135 (EUW)
: My friend's birthday.
Sorry to Highjack this tread but the title caught my attention, curiously its my Birthday today as well and would be fun to play with a Rioter as well, i didnt get to play with one at my 1000win but would be nice to play with one on my birthday, althought i might not have much time today i dont mind playing some other game this week
EXR Frost (EUW)
: Extremity Grey Recruiting Gold + Top Lane (Scrims) (Tournaments)
IGN:Victorious Talon From:Portugal S6 Rank:Plat V Champ Pool:Malphite, Maokai, Trundle, those are the most played top, got all champs tho Availability:Flexible dailly
Lucas9789 (EUW)
: EUW TEAM LF TOP/MID/JUNG MUST BE PLAT+ add me ign:xXlucas9789Xx or post below
Role:Top Lane Champion Pool: **Malphite, Trundle, Maokai**, Garen, Pantheon Rank last season: Plat V IGN (in game name): Victorious Talon
zamiad (EUW)
: Any main support out there?
I was plat last season and enjoy playing support, but im at silver II atm, let me get higher and we could play some games if you want
: what do you mean? no matter how many wins you get, you will always get placed an entire division lower. lol, did you expect diamond or something?
Bronzes expectation
: Someone to rush to plat together with
Im in the same elo as you, i would join but im having a bad streak, once i get back up we can do some games for sure
Solash (EUW)
: Just found out that I got placed in Bronze 4....time for a quick shopping trip!
Dont get the second one, it just burned my throat and somehow im still alive, my friend tell me the last one is the best he gives the perfect score 5/7
: Anyone else's Client Crash Whenever you Enter a Game?
It happen to me 50% of the games now, instead of click retry its best the click cancel, then reconect on the client. I'm assuming its something to do with the 14kms in the last couple of weeks, they are trying to fix it but isnt going good
: at the moment there are 20 f2p champs on rotation although be it 10 are supports but since they have been doing that aram has become so dull as its just supports vs supports atm with the odd carry thrown in for good measure
I didnt even know that there was 20 champions on free rotation, anyway that proves that the requirements to play draft arent a problem here
: About Talon!
There should be a talon skin soon, there are new particles in the client, people are trying to guess for snowday talon or something
: I would not worry to much the only reason that draft got removed on EUNE is beacuse of the champ requirements to enter that mode and the fact the community is small so in riots eyes its better to have the more common qued mode of blind then splitting draft and blind as that makes waiting times longer. As for EUW we have the biggest community outside of maybe the NA severs and since a lot of peeps go draft pick over blind then they wont remove it as the Q times are not as long.
The requirements isnt no excuse, with the amount of champions already release RIOT could increase free week pool making possible to anyone play draft pick, i remeber when i played on EUN i always played draft and never had any problem with Queue times
: Morde Bug
It isnt the only bug, i notice sometimes i cant use W unless i move, i was doing wolves, i was AA, used Q then i tried to use W and couldnt i had to move a little bit and then it worked
Vicotnic (EUNE)
: Why is there no Draft Pick for normal?
And yet another post complain with the removal of draft pick, and riot still thinks its a good idea, im afraid i will never play any normal games with my bronze friends once they remove draft pick from euw, got to find new friends
: Give Draft back topic nr 461561651515424512645512451244142266512512562154612546154615645726573467672
Luckly we still have draft pick on euw, i really hope they remove this stupid idea out of their head, we need normal draft because blind pick is just horrible and only leads to increase the amount of trolls and flammers for "stealing" their role. #ProtectNormalDraft
: "Away" status working differently?
I'm in the same situation, i usually keep my client open when im playing another game or doing something but it goes right into afk and i stop getting many invites for games, there should be an option to hide mobile users or to make them at the bottom
Applekami (EUW)
: New season but still broken matches
[I cant see why]( Its not broken, everyone just got similar mmr so you can get vs any dynamic queue elo, so just relax and play, everyone got a chance to get higher rank now PS: We still won
sobi999 (EUW)
: Make a new healer champ?
Bard, nami, taric, alistar can also heal, but i dont know if you can call them a healer, soraka is an awesome healer but for her to heal that good it needs to have some kind of disadvantage if you remove that the champion becomes really op, the champions i mention before heal really low because if they had their healing higher it will become too inbalance, having a new healing champion could be done but will always have to have some cons, either loosing hp like soraka or then having a weaker healing
Rioter Comments
Estti379 (EUW)
: >ive played hundreds of top games - i got myself from bronze to gold 2 mostly playing singed top. then the queues changed and i didn't feel like waiting 20 mins for a game so i started queuing fill, which usually means support. He does that because he doesn't want to queue up as top and have a 20 minutes queue time. He simply uses fill for it's low queue time. ___ >if he got as high as gold its because it was a decent sucess rate To tell you the truth, there is no way of knowing if his strategy is actually holding him back. I mean, what if instead of his strategy he played top Singed. maybe he could even reach higher. From the few games I saw from him, I have the feeling as if he is being matched with people who aren't as good as him. Which reinforces the fact that he might be placed lower than what he actually would have deserved. And that could be a result from his strategy.
Tbh i never seen him playing but the information on this post its so contradictory, some ppl says he go jungle, others says he go even top or mid. So i guess there is many views on what he is doing wrong, probably the problem is that Riot doesnt give the option to play out of meta, you are obligated to pick 1 of the 5 roles, what option there is in the report menu to report someone that playing another role that wasnt assign to him? This is similar to the old blind pick where ppl often picked double mid because none of them wanted to go support, did those people get banned?
: The Cynical cycle of Normal Blind pick
I really hope they dont remove draft pick, blind pick sounds horrible
NiuLogic (EUW)
: Leauge Cilent Feels Extremly laggy and Having alot of crashes Not Alpha ONE
I can confirm that, today i was doing my first flex rank to reset my rank and couldnt go to the loading screen, so i just marked as leaver for the first time since remake its active and lost the chance of getting higher rank. I did a few more games today and in all of them at least one player fail to connect the game
Estti379 (EUW)
: He gets support from matchmaking but goes double jungle instead... He isn't going for the role he queued up for. Btw, we are talking about a Singed Support, not an ADC. And he goes jungle, regardless of the circumstances, even when is teammates ask them not to do it.
Then what role should he queue for? The new system obligates you to play by the meta, what if your strategy to win games its not on the meta, but playing as double jungle? I remeber back in season 3 i had a friend and we both played double jungle in ranks and work out great. He isnt intentionally trolling he just found a tactic that works out for him, if he got as high as gold its because it was a decent sucess rate
: So me going double mid as support, is perfectly fine in ur opinion? cause that's what that guy is doing.
> [{quoted}](name=SoulPaintedBlack,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=tGaGWEje,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-11-15T15:34:35.840+0000) > > So me going double mid as support, is perfectly fine in ur opinion? cause that's what that guy is doing. He is not going mid, he is going support, like he queued for
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
When you queue for rank you cant choose what type of teammates you will get, if you are an adc pretty sure you have support champs that you prefer, maybe you prefer a more support base champion like soraka or nami, or you like tanky champions like leona or braum or even ap champions like brand or morgana but the type of support you get its isnt you to choose, you shouldn't flame, report or refuse to play your role just because you dont have the support you would like to, **if you go double jungle just because you dont get another guy to play the support YOU want, isnt your support that its trolling, its you!** Personally i hate having shacos or teetos on my team, but if they are trying to win why would i report them? Pretty sure you or another LoL players had someone on your team that asked you not to play a specific champion in rank, do you think its reason enough to get you banned?
Doomley (EUW)
: His old e was pretty much moved to the new q. Did you know btw that the new talon can use aa WHILE using q? Their animations can play at the same time. The only thing his old e did was increase his damage by 3-15% which is totally repaid with his new passive and it also repays the ult damage reduction. His old e was also maxed last which made it scale very badly. High cd with Low amount of damage amplification. The new q also follows the enemy. For example if tristana jumps at the same time as talon uses q, he will jump with tristana to her landing location which makes avoiding him much harder. New q also gives him lane sustain. The new w is obviously weaker but that is how it should be. Assassin shouldn't have his wave clear/utility tool as his main damage source. Just not a healthy design. So when the old e gap closer was moved to q, and the damage amp to passive, the only thing that happened was that talon basically got an additional ability. It was a VERY good trade for him. Also, now he has all his basic combat abilities at level 2. q damage, w and a gap closer. Before rework he needed a level 3 for that and still didn't do as much damage as he does now. Now he can actually kill the enemy mid laner at level 2.
Old E had more range, it position you behind the target and more important, it was a blink, you cant dodge ahri's charm with E anymore, new mechanics has its pros and cons but i feel like it has more cons than old talon, old talon felt more like and assassin by going behind the target and execute it, this new talons feels like a figther going face to face. Its just my opinion, i still need to play alot more games and try a few things, his new Q + passive are nice but atm i rather have old talon than this one
Doomley (EUW)
: Yes i admit my mistake. However, now you can guarantee a hit with your ult when previously you could not, which basically makes it better. Let's not forget that it helps him proc the passive which makes talon deal more damage than with the old ult. cast ult > q >aa and the proc is there.
But old Talon did basicly the same with R>E and still could W>AA>Q which was alot more burst damage, the new talon is just more flashy and smooth with a funny trick, but old talon was better imo, he was not strong but he feels a bit weaker now, but in other hand his new E is better than i expected, but loosing the old E for this its not a good trade
Doomley (EUW)
: because you couldn't really hit the enemy with all your ult blades reliably before. Your question is literally answered in the part you quoted... Unless you didn't know that talons ult did more damage the more blades hit the enemy. Maybe you thought that it did the same amount of damage no matter how many blades went through the target?
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rjifjEkK,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-11-15T01:57:53.080+0000) > > because you couldn't really hit the enemy with all your ult blades reliably before. > > Your question is literally answered in the part you quoted... Unless you didn't know that talons ult did more damage the more blades hit the enemy. Maybe you thought that it did the same amount of damage no matter how many blades went through the target? Are you serious? Do you have any idea what you are saying? R mechanics are basicly the same as before, but now they are a bit smoother and no matter how many blades hit a target it will only count as 1, just do the math , R sends out 12 blades if each one does 90 damage(lv1) with 0 AD that means 1080 with 0 AD at lv 6, not to count Q damage, does that makes sense to you? Just because it says "converge on his target" means the target its get damaged by all blades, its the same it was before when you use R > E even if all blades goes to the target he will only get damage for 1 blade, not 12. TLDR: No matter how many blades goes to the target, he will only be able to get damage by 1, but it can happen twice(When R is activated and whenthe blades converge) dealing a total of 180 damage with 0 AD
Doomley (EUW)
: Except talon is the strongest one from all of those reworks. His damage is enormous and can get a first blood at level 2 against most mid laners. >If you use your Q to go in you lose like 3/4 of the Q damage. No you don't. The q crits on melee range for 50% increased damage. So you basically lose 1/3 of the q's damage which isn't that much. It's range is also good considering that you can't blink or dash out of the way if it is already used because talon will follow the target while dashing. The passive is hard to proc if you don't have the skill to use your abilities properly. The ult is also a lot stronger because now you can make all the blades go to the enemy which means your damage is a lot higher than before. The best combo is wrqaa which obliterates almost any target. other strong option is rqwaa which is easier to use because the first option usually works only if the enemy face checks in the bush or is in cc.
> [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rjifjEkK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-11-14T21:27:54.986+0000) > > The ult is also a lot stronger because now you can make all the blades go to the enemy which means your damage is a lot higher than before. > > How does that make his ulti stronger than before?
Haris (EUNE)
: Bring back Normal Draft
Removing Normal Draft its the worst idea from RIOT in 5 years, probably looking to increase toxicy among the community so they can use the ban hammer more often
Doomley (EUW)
: I have 2 accounts in plat and one in diamond and in my experience, the easiest way to climb to plat is by playing a hyper carry like jax and split push. Not too hard champion but has incredible scaling. Also it shouldn't matter if you just lost 10 games in a row. Those games are in the past and do not affect the next game. What happened in last game, stays in last game. Also watching your own replays isn't effective way to improve. It's much better to look at good players than yourself because you don't even know most of the mistakes you are making. so called "ghost mistakes".
My personal experience was if i enter a game tilted about loosing the last ones will make me more tense and i will make more mistakes, when in silver i had 2 nigths where i had like 4~6 defeats in a row, so i start taking breaks after loosing and that made me do less mistakes. Watching better players its always good, but at this low elo you will probably make different mistakes that you dont notice, personaly i found out that some of my wards arent being set at the right time, also notice some oportunities i didnt take and learn how to make better decisions
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: How to climb elo!
Actually winning a lane doesnt always increase your chance of winning, per example i usually play Malphite top and 80% of the time i loose my lane but once i get to lv6 i will teleport bot and give another lane a kill, or simple roam mid and get him a kill and then secure drake, almost always i loose my top turret but not before we get the first turret bot or mid. After that i should have 1 and almost 2 items finished items and malphite will escalate well into mid game so we just start teamfight and even if i lost my matchup i will be able to have alot of impact on teamfights, while the toplane is happy about winning the lane but loosing the game
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