: "gay" isn't homophobic though. But we DON'T know its being used in that way at all. You or i are not mindreaders... You're just looking at things in a bad way and nothing else.
It is when it's being used as an insult? Calling somebody a "f*ggot" or whatever isn't calling them a lump of wood... It's being used in a derogatory sense just like the way the word "gay" is.
: Gay also means happy btw. Stop thinking it as a "hate" crime.
Don't try to justify homophobia by trying to change its context. We both know gay is being used in the sexual orientation term, and not the "happy" way.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: I'm one of those people that spams homophobic stuff like that occasionally, but when i say "gay" it can be loosely translated as "lame" rather than your sexual orientation is abnormal so go and die please you penis muncher. Saying %%%g ot is just the same as a saying qunt. etc Don't be such a sissy cough gay about it.
You're the reason I made this thread then...
: if you let random kids over the internet get to you, its totally up to you. besides being it lol or whatever else, people use all kinds of curses and swearing and whatever else, homophobic amogst them, because most of the people gets offended by these. you might be just noticing them too much. i imagine that if i was a gay myself and random lol kids would use homophobia, i'd probably admit it with smile faces, maybe even provide few colorfull details. after all thats how you win and make them mad, by not getting mad yourself :) damn, now i have to think up some great and juicy talk back for next time i get called a gay or smth like that :3 these keyboard attacks are the only way they can get back at you for whatever injustice **- intentionall or not, deserved or imagined** you could do to them. i don't care for the toxicity, i know that toxic people are generally the ones passionate and tryharding ( **generally**) . But when i desperately try to keep that zed/lux/yasuo or whatever i am lanning against, with 0 kills and try to force him to miss minions, we're both half hp, trying to get other one low enough to score a kill, make enemy do a mistake, but sudenly lvl 7 lee sin comes, towerdives lvl 4,fails,dies and gives enemy lane sweet 400g (and some more later), thats what gets my blood boil and makes me to start hurting keyboard buttons in wish to let that piece of garbage know exactly what he is and why he should kill himself. though i don't tend to use "gay" verbal abuses, i can get pretty mean when i want to. the person i flamed either flames back, apologizes for brainless play, or just keep silent and game goes on. either the same continues, garbage plays and flaming, or somehow situation turns around, lee sin makes some cool insecs and i would praise instead of flame. 2 games later no one remembers anything. btw people won't get banned after few games, not even after several, it needs to be very constant or very severe. + normals pretty much arent being cared for rankeds are much more guarded. had a chat filter for some games recently, after 4-man failure of a premade reported me. _clap, clap automated feedback_ not saying that u play bad and deserve flame, not in any case, just merely giving an example from my personal experience. now to lighten the mood a bit, i noticed you kind of main Miss Fortune. I am not laughing or anything just pure curiosity. Do you find her personality, or her mhhmmmm.... appearance attractive, or is it simply coz you are good with her? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I guess you're right. I think I sometimes forget that children, teens, ect. play this game and they don't fully understand the impact (sometimes) of the things they're saying and how it affects people. I suppose I'm a man who doesn't like injustices. In my ideal world everyone would be treated fairly and would each treat others like we'd want to be treated ourselves; although I know we're far from that reality. Miss Fortune was my first champion that I fell in love with for mechanics and mechanics alone ;) I fell out of love with her after the Lethality got nurfed and couldn't seem to handle the new play style of ADC.
: It is not homophobia. Just as calling someone an as_shole is not an assphobia. Using these kinds of insults is "trendy", it is part of the current database of words for insults. It is not an expression of ones actual sociopolitical opinion. While I certainly believe it is and should be reportable, there is no need to make a fuzz about it.
I disagree. Telling somebody to jump off a cliff based on their sexual orientation is definitely homophobia. And I think willingness to just shrug it off as a "trend" is why casual homophobia is perceived as being okay to do.
: Why do people cry soo much about hate on the internet lol
> [{quoted}](name=OfficialChaosHD,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=LwjvrrBA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-18T19:30:00.681+0000) > > Why do people cry soo much about hate on the internet lol Why is hate on the internet any different to hate in real life?
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: as someone's who's also a miss fortune main, she's still busted. early game, trading, farming, team fights, late game everything about her is fine, she's now balanced. before the patch she was completely busted because her q could take, as you said 1/3rd of the enemies health in level 1
What build are you using with her? Lethality or Attack Speed / Crit?
ArTanis4 (EUW)
: How about playing her like an actual adc? With crits and attack speed? Enough of mf lethality oneshots Although i do believe her early game got hit pretty hard, I don't know very well how much if affected her early.
It's a feasible suggestion. I'll give that a try.
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