what do you mean smurf if you used to be ''gold 3''?:S nice clickbait
: I already been there i seek help and spoke to different people that are in the high elo that helped with me with my cons(bad habits) what i need to work on , Cs'ing , kiting, trading stance,tradeing ,also discipline what champions to stick on. I just realise i just need a support that have experience and that we can climb the ladder of the rank. It's very frustrating when you Love the Game and somebody is trolling and feeding or not understanding what your goal is . Every single year im sick and tired being silver . why not have somebody that can support you . I just got unlucky with my 10 game provisonals every season and i acknowledge on my own i'm lacking something i don't mind i wil work on it . it's the Ranked Systeem in general sometimes you win and lose hard . I just want to win and improve and i accept defeat. For you my friend you already up there in the ranks , butt for us in low elo is just the struggle and I'm one of the many players finding his/her own way , yes my methode is off butt hey! if they understand me and feel what we are going through that's what counts.
my skype is: shemeta.998 if you need help with anything msg me id love to help. i have a silver acc currently so i could support you few games and maybe tell you what u should be improving on, focusing on , etc you can ofc just continue doing as you are right now, keep i just think having a support premade, in your situation will do absolutely nothing to help you climb and improve, maybe temporary, but not pernamently, good luck anyways
: FeelsBadMan
If you need coaching/help with anything i dont mind helping you out, as i really like ur mentality of being a tryhard focusing on improving etc, i just think ur doing it the wrong way and searching for something u will never find, like searching for a fish in the sky or a tiger in the ocean, im an adc main myself and i never needed a support main premade to improve or climb, i also managed to get to diamond only after 7months of playing ad, so i could help you out if u want i can add u from a smurf or smth, if not consider listening to my advice and improving urself.
: hey I'm plat look at me i can shit talk low elo'. stfu and sit down , i already have some invites =).
first of all im not plat, as u can see my acc is plat 1 with 82% winrate and 30 games...think logically, im challenger. Second of all the only invites u get are A. Smurfs that want money from you B. Support mains that DO NOT play support since 3 years as if tehy did they would not be silver, there is not way in the world anyone can play a single role, for 3 years, and be silver, unless mentally ill and i doubt ur looking for that. You will never find what ur looking for as it does not exist, if you have been playing adc in 3 years, and are silver 5 i feel really bad for you.
: Nope .
theres no way ur not trolling since everything u said makes no sense xd also how do u not get bothered by little things and improve at the same time? also since when does someone with game knowledge, that plays support for 3+ years will be silver?:S nothing of what u said matches with reality :S also wtf does honor 5 have to do with anything XD u just sound like someone with unrealistic standards while being a pretty awfully low elo player urself and it just looks pathetic, imo u should delete this post focus on urself and get anywhere close to decent rank before even considering to search for these traits in a support player.
: [ Silver ADC LF HardCore Carry's Supports ! #surprise click me ]
: A very bored guy's poem
: higher ping than usual
ty for the quick reply as usual riot, great support looking forward to have more issues just so i can get to make a post and have it answered almost immediately
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: LF smurf in diamond
rename topic to: unskilled ardent player lf smurf to carry me in diamond
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