: > Viktor Veilmurne: you dont deserve the win > Viktor Veilmurne: int? > Viktor Veilmurne: mistr 4/13 > Viktor Veilmurne: im the one inting? > Viktor Veilmurne: lol > Viktor Veilmurne: 4/13 > Viktor Veilmurne: talking > Viktor Veilmurne: meh i think they didn't ban you for these terms they did ban you because you ask everyone to report your ally/enemy never forget that reports are UNIQUE PASSIVE so 9 reports = 1 report
he said "report swain for inting" ... my score was 6/5 at the point and he was a 4/13 varus .... i only stated that he was the one inting, not me
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Viktor Veilmurne: can you please report bot lane And there is where you broke the rules Report calling is worthless as multiple reports don't make any difference, only 1 report is required to trigger an IFS investigation which takes minutes at most, so the lesson you have learned is not to do it That being said you must have had previous chat restrictions before this so you knew that the next step would be a 14 day ban So as a nice friendly warning Your next ban will be a permanent ban regardless of what rules you break, so stop report calling
excuse me , so im not allow to say "report bot lane" while they are the ones who kept spamming "report swain report swain" like 24/7 ?? what kind of justice is this! i got frustrated and depressed from them to the extent that i cant even defend myself anymore?
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