: You don't need level 30 to play ranked??
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Draguh (EUW)
: Viktor nerfs
insaneabuse (EUNE)
: Did y ever plan to unban perma banned for behavior?(toxic flame etc.)
: Please Riot, do not remove dominion from EU West!
: Could have Zed some nerfs???
if he is noob champ, why u are low elo ? and dont climb with him stupiid fcktard ?
: Does kalista do damage late game ? can she 1v1 others?
Yes, just dodge, but stuns hurt, so buy Qss :)
cozy wolf (EUW)
: Ranked premades are ruining the Game for me
GreatKudi (EUNE)
: Make 1 day BAN for NOT LOCKING champ
PPL so dumB and cant Click LOCK IN ? lel
azlo1925 (EUNE)
: I got banned
WTf, why are u laying ? ? ? U can get 14 days ban if was reported 4-5 times. AND U WAS WARRING !
: Free League of Legends Skins and Champions
Buy Riot Point ! Yes, u cant get for free, are u dumb ?
CryGods (EUW)
: EUW in a Nutshell (GONE SEXUAL)
And Enemy Killling ALL LOL ! Same here
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Motte001 (EUW)
EUW Server DUDE, same here ...
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: Taric Bug assists... no assists for healing
:( Fcking Riot Dont care Taric, Urgot, Yorick :(( mordekaiser too :((
Trekkie (EUW)
: Why aren't there more supports?
Only Ali season 5 here ! And its Fun when i miss Combo, cuz of mana, and somebody Think iam SUCK ! Keepo !
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BejitaSan (EUNE)
: Jhin Pentakill Compilation 2 - League Of Legends
DiamoFox (EUNE)
: my account has been banned perma
Yes I Can, Stop Chat with ppl at matcheds :)
: I think Permban is a hard punishment for players.
For Trolling Perma, lol , Failure topic, Ofic enemy will report me for trolling if i lose my lane so hard and fed enemy, maybe i just have a bad day, u know no food e.t.c. ! :(
zannis01 (EUNE)
: got permantly ban for flaming ( they say )
U cant be perma banned before 14 days suspend, so DONT Cry, HHAHAHAHAHAHA DESERVED THEN ! MCA :) :******
: diamond 3 main jungler looking for someone to duo smurf on my silver/gold acc to get to diamond.
i was season 5 Only Alistar Support Plat 2 :) atm silver ! :D didnt pplay like 2 month
: How is Jhin?
Invısıble (EUNE)
: Jhin is cool :D
Or Just another new broken champion nerf incoming Kappa
Materisna (EUNE)
: Im getting worse and worse at LoL
GO Youtube> LOL Lecture 1 > Watch this > Then LOL Lecture 2 Watch> Then LOL LEcture 3 e.t.c. Until 18* :) 1 Lecture= 1 Hour , 18 LOL Lectures = 18 Hours ! HF :)
Bonvivius (EUW)
: Bug Elise voice in spider form
MrVon 0 (EUW)
: New Ad item
: My friend got hacked to his account by hacker (no know) his name ( splitpush)
Just Stop Scamm Skins and go Shity Adresses :) Greed ! and Yaaaa.... "FRIEND"
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: YORICK REWORK IS COMING SOON ™ (Champion update schedule updated in Riot support)
EmEx (EUW)
: 5 Honors from 4 Team mates
From The Game Before :)
: Perma ban
Deserved !
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1inkle (EUW)
: Placement Unfair??
It is Okey, I was Plat 2 and GOT SILVER 2 :) So dont cry ! just play. ! 1 year !
: "pick normal top laners"
T7T7T7 (EUW)
: Going advanced
I know one, Play with me i am a Losing Streak God !
: I have one question only: WHEN WILL WE GET SOLO Q BACK?
TRUE STORY BRO ! RIOT LOGIC, Making This ShiiT When The fcking 5 premades can play Ranked TEams ! PLEASE BACK OUR SOLO Q !!!!
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Rioter Comments
: Really Riot
i think all mained him Keepo
Strigina (EUNE)
: What are you going to do, when someone else picks her?
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: Why everyone hates Mordekaiser?
xLyo (EUW)
: omg, after 2 hours?
1:33 :)
: Add me for ipboost
Go To Party Chat, Write : Week Ip Party
: Anyone knows when EUW will get ON again?
: Is this a fair perma ban?
"idiot i need ganks" !! LOL ! Deserved !
xLyo (EUW)
: euw
: Is there anything to do while playing ADC in late game if your team don't protect you?
IAm Worlds Alistar From Bronze 2 to plat 2 last season, Now will again From silver 2 :D FCKING RIOT UNRANKEDS :D
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