Mawra (EUW)
: Game keeps crashing everytime when loading the game
Same problem here, tried the same things you tried yet no resolve. Hoping for an answer to fix it.
miodu1988 (EUNE)
: Game breaking malzahar bug
I once had a sort-alike problem which resulted from queueing too many spells in a row on katarina. This resulted in me not being able to use items or spells, however it did not affect my values (like mr/ad). I was able to fix it by dying while out of the game (luckely the enemy team assisted me in that). I hope you will find an answer for this, because it sucks to lose your promos. I'm sure you will succeed them next time!
You should have 3 refuns, if you have used these already, there is not much Riot can do for you. You can always try to make a ticket but I doubt they will refund it.
Eveninn (EUW)
: A map of Valoran in new Lore canon?
Well I'm first and no, I can not find a better map. I love lore, and think riot can do more with the lore, and I think an updated map for valoran would be great. But it has no priority I think, which is a shame. However it sure does require updating!
: Toxic and Trolling summoners
You should add a both option.
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: You can win 4v5 only if person afk's in the middle and if you already had lead. Or if your enemy sucks so much and can't 4v5 early.
Well true, that makes winning easier, but I've won 4v5 from the start.
: i always look my own give an example as amumu i did 5 man ult.. and the dmg from my team was like ..0 how im suppose to change that?? I did an amazing ult there even some dmg.. still wasnt enough and was a very good ult.And i always blame myself but when you got no team and youre suppose to carry them how you change that?youre like 1v5..and 1v5 is not easy at all.Even if i play good isnt enough so i must be GOD to carry this people.And yes my kda was 5-0 but then i started tf and of ci tanked them i peel for my team i die for them.. but with 0 dmg from them ofc i die and i got to 7 7...
Again, I did not see the game, but perhaps your team wasnt ready yet? Or they didnt trust the vision around the space. Perhaps Katarina was exhausted etc. There are so many factors in a game which can effect an outcome of a teamfight (and the game). I do not say you didnt play well, but you again look at what your team does (in this case not much). I am currently in plat 1, and I also have people who do no damage, but that simply isnt the only factor. I've carried various games as soraka support which of course does not do amazing damage. It's about doing the best on as many aspects as possible. I find it difficult to completely make this clear since English is not my native language. Please tell if you dont understand.
Ârzo (EUW)
: How the Ping affects you
I have 13 ping and 144 FPS, but as soon as it goes over 30 ping, I get trouble playing. It is just not what i'm used to, which makes it harder for me (though with my old connection it would have been around 30.)
: Improving game quality is real
I understand it's very frustrating to play with people like that, but there just isnt much to be done about it. I dont know about the Dota mechanic but I sure would not like having to take control over 2 champions, or having some random filling in that spot. Yesterday I played with an afk azir mid, which resulted in a loss in my series. This made me much more motivated to win my next game (which I did) and eventually got promoted. I always try to just learn as much as I can from a game, and you never know, I've won 4v5's :3
: How im suppose to carry?????
You didnt go ''tank'' amumu, you went ''semi'' tank (thought I would consider that a normal damage build for amumu). Of course, I havent seen your game, but have you considered that this might be the MMR and ranked place were you belong? Your KDA wasnt amazing, but I will take your word that you played well. Assuming from the gold log, you guys lost a pretty important team fight, which resulted in you losing the game. I recommend instead of looking at your team, you look at your own mistakes because I'm sure there are some.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
{{champion:420}} , especially when I pick {{champion:103}} or {{champion:55}}
: So my account got hacked,and I have some questions
Perhaps you can try to see IP logs, and look up whose IP it is? I think it's unlikely some random guy, and might be someone you know personally. Ensure your password is strong enough and keep your email safe! Also check your computer for harmfull programmes.
: The BM Behaviour of every certain Champion - Main in a nutshell #Part 1
{{champion:122}} Use your axe as a trumpet by dancing and spam dat mastery {{champion:14}} Laugh and do your dance {{champion:25}} similair to sion, laugh and do your dance
candoodle (EUW)
: Bronze Excuses/Cliche's
Stoopid jungler never ganks Enemy has BS champ Every game feeders Every game noobs If I had the time I could come up with much more
Eveninn (EUW)
: I don't want to ever play ADC again...
Calm down Gpet... Eat a snickers and share some with your support :3 Support only did his/her job... dont cry.... cry a lot {{item:3070}}
: Bye bye trash can game, trash can players and trash can staff
Fathands (EUW)
: So you have to complete 5 times 20 minutes of waiting before you can queue up, which imo was already bullshit. 5 games i wait 20 minutes, after the 5th game the client pops a message saying i have 5 games left in leaverbuster. Wouldn't that make you "mad"
No, simply because so far I never have broken the rules. And if I would get punishment, then it 99% of the time is deserved. The only reason why it could happen is because during your 5 games, you went afk/flamed or whatever. This could have resulted in another 5 games 20 minute waiting time. Nothing to do about it sadly, I hope you impove and not have the same issue again.
Fathands (EUW)
Please remove this post and try to keep your dignity. Capital letters only let us know you are ''mad'' It seems the system doesnt agree with you being done with the punishment. Or you did not complete those earlier 5 games?
: "In jungle 70-80 CS in 10 min also should be possible, even while ganking. " lol. you can't get anywhere near that score in like 99% of realistic games. that's ridiculous. it borders 200 cs at 20 which is godlike permanent LANER farming while also taking jungle camps.
Jungled often a while ago, easily reached 150 at 20 min, currently I am playing a lot of top with Sion, I leave lane a lot to ensure kills in other lanes. I woudnt call it ridiculous, but that of course is your opinion. What I perhaps meant to say is that he should try to get this amount in a game with no enemies to learn to last hit, and afterwards to try and achieve this in normals. Thanks for your contribution
Paxlow (EUW)
: I do have excuses for the CS'ing but they are just that - excuses I was bullied off all farm on Riven by Illaoi who used her range to freeze and deny me farm Poppy I was lane swapped against and had to deal with a Vayne Tristana again I was bullied by a very aggressive Draven and my Morgana missed every bind Diana is the only decent ish game I had and that was jungle which explains the low CS - plus all 3 lanes lost and I could not even influence any of them. I do accept that my last hitting is atrocious when playing ADC/Mid/Top and thats why I like Jungle - they rarely move.
Actively moving in jungle and ''resetting'' auto attacks is very important in jungle. But that is a whole other story. In jungle 70-80 CS in 10 min also should be possible, even while ganking. I see you are (as you say yourself) giving excuses, but instead look on how you can improve. Use to view back your game (if you dont know how it works just tell me). And look at where you didnt do good. Dont focus on what your team can improve, but rather at what you can do to improve your team. Ensure you focus on csing, I was really bad at it as well, untill I spent 1 hour straight up last hitting in a game where there were no bots/players. This taught me lane focus and movement. If you really have trouble, try to see how much damage an auto attack does, and watch a minion's HP to ensure you kill it..
MetaTrace (EUW)
: I have granted Authorisation! and by that I mean (your profile was not sync'd with our platform and such it believed your account was too low level to post here) But remember, with great authorization, comes great news section posting responsibility :/? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Dear Riot MetaTrace I also have this problem, but I am lvl 30 and was able to upvote every post (in the overview) , however at this moment I can't anymore. Could you also pass me some authorization :3
Paxlow (EUW)
: Should I give up on ranked
I looked at your match history, and I can see one thing which you MUST improve, even in normals! I think stopping ranked atm is a good idea, atleast before you train and improve :3 Your cs'ing, at 10 min in game, 80 cs should be obtainable in lane. Therefore I recommend practising on last hitting and pressuring. Furthermore Riven is quite a hard champ in this meta, stick to big tanky toplaners (nautilus, maokai, sion) I would consider these much easier atm. Good Luck, if you have questions let me know!
: Ban for feeding in just one game ??
You have had punishment in the past, because riot does not instantly give a 14 day ban. Furthermore when I read your post, I do not particulary get the feeling you are an angel in game either. Nothing much to do about it, if you really think it's undeserved you can contact riot support
GangcAte (EUW)
: I just keep losing
Look at yourself, and not at your team? I'm sure you make mistakes as wel, even a fed enemy can be killed.
: Can i have my points and stuff back now ?
I didnt completely understand the message, because of the many mistakes but; You are eligible again if you are positive, and a friendly player. I've seen people get their right on rewards back in a week. But if you are not positive, then theoretically the no rewards punishment can last forever. So be positive and a friendly player!
: zZ'Rot portal for Splitpushing as a Top Laner. I'm asking for....uhm..a friend
{{champion:74}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3512}} and probably more options
Frostmane (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Vincit,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lw8pRm1Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-05-25T10:24:01.720+0000) > > Or you just ignore the mastery emote? It's a shame how many people let their gaming be guided by emotes. Let him spam that mastery, and focus on the game. > > Why do you think they spam the emote? it's to annoy you and make you tilt. Or boast themselves. Zed op is a different discussion which I will not follow.. they should still be able to be punished for it, its unsportsman like behavior.
I'm not sure if it can be qualified as unsportman like behaviour, but it's always worth a try to send out the report. Do not call for reports in (all) chat, because that is reportable as well. I normally just try to ignore it, perhaps the best option.
bauhmut (EUW)
: Unfair Perma Ban
Your account--> your responsibility. Your account was insecure, now you and the account face the consequences.. You are not going to get it back sadly. I'm sorry for your loss.
Frostmane (EUW)
: Arrogance is perfectly fine, but complaining about it isn't...
Or you just ignore the mastery emote? It's a shame how many people let their gaming be guided by emotes. Let him spam that mastery, and focus on the game. Why do you think they spam the emote? it's to annoy you and make you tilt. Or boast themselves. Zed op is a different discussion which I will not follow..
Joeyyy (EUW)
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
I think you do deserve the restriction and punishment, but you can of course still change. Since it's your first time with a restriction (atleast 10 games should be the first one), I recommend improving and avoiding the 25 games one at all costs. You can earn your rights back by being positive and a friendly player. I have seen people not receiving loot for 1 week, but it can theoretically last forever as well. So it's all up to you, but do know that flame/negativity dont assist anybody in any way.
: Hold the door.
Hold the dooor ;....;
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: I'm dead inside.
Awh man that sucks, I wish I could send you 18 dust {{summoner:32}}
Your account is your responsibility, therefore you are to blame for the hack. I do not see an option to get it back honestly, I fear you must make a new account and ensure the security of your computer.
: Thanks for this. Y'all know this but selling accounts is against the TOS and playing on purchased accounts is a bannable offence!
Sho4n4n4s (EUW)
: What is doing RIOT support ?!
I am not sure if you have already done this, however you can try repairing/re-installing league of legends. If this doesnt work, you should check if the game is in the correct mode (windowed or fullscreen etc.) Finally, you can look at your graphical information and check if league runs over your video card (I have experienced that it tried to run it without using the card) Either way I hope you will find your answer, perhaps others have more options/ideas !
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its not illegal its just against the terms of service, riot can't take legal action against them and can't even really do anything about the page, same as MMO's can't go and request that gold selling sites be shut down :P
A ToA (or ToS) is a contract, breaking a contract is illegal. But I understand what you mean, and of course legal actions are difficult (and unfavourable). I do think that this is a little different than gold selling sites, because it's not the ''selling'' that is the problem here, but the promotion by a large and influencial entity which misuses ''the name'' as OP Biggie Smalls tells us . Thanks for your reply though :)
Eveninn (EUW)
: What do you work as? :o Because, while I don't know much about ironing, usually you don't iron any old T-Shirt, do you?
I am a internee, and I work in the financial department of a company. Therefore I want to represent myself neatly ;) I leave at 6 AM, and therefore do not really have time in the morning :)
: A whole class is being unviable for months now
The only juggernaut which is in a bad spot, is Mordekaiser in my opinion. Other than that, the juggernauts are in a good position (but have been in a better one before)
: I posted a screenshot in the post!
I see, this clearly seems against the ToA. However Riot can not take down a facebook page. Nontheless, they should be informed about this. Good job on bringing it up in my opinion.
Eveninn (EUW)
: A good morning everyone!
Good morning my fellow summoners. How am I doing? Could be better, realized I forgot to iron all my clothes for my working day, so I did that at 3 in the night. But now I'm ready to go! Have a good day all!
Seems illegal and against the ToA, therefore yes, in my opinion it should be taken down. Perhaps you should post the link of the site in your post.
: Intangible to earn rewards
_After being wrong in the past, I will now give the correct information:_ The no rewards punishment does not have a specific time period. The only way to shorten it is to be positive and nice in games. Otherwice the punishment can Theoretically last forever.
: Shame on Riot
I looked at your games, and only in one I could find someone who might have been afk a while. But no reason to flame, therefore your ban is pretty much deserved. You have had various bans in the past, since you can not get perma-banned after one ban. So bye!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 25
Pff Should be Jayce, Caitlynn, Corki, Heimerdinger, Zilian, Ziggs, ezreal, orianna and VI I believe Jinx says that quote and Ashe lost her mother at 15 Nice questions!
: Weird in-game lag since yesterday
Hello, I had the same on 2 games yesterday, and there was nothing to be found on any logs. Everything worked fine, I had connection but I randomly scated around the lane, and my actions didnt go trought. Eventually, I switched to another network, and managed to get into the game without any lag (but higher ms since the connection was weaker). However the game after, the same started happening around the same time (5 min in game) and I switched back to my older connection again, which worked fine this time. FPS and MS did not do anything weird, therefore I am unsure (and scared) if I can do anything to fix it. Any feedback would be great! Thanks in advance
: Probably because you posted it in teams and clubs instead of esports
Oh boy, that is totally my bad, is there any way I can change this? My apologies!{{summoner:13}}
: This is just sad..
Just report him, and hope for the best. Nothing more you can do really. Normally when I experience this behaviour (and you pretty much know this game is not going to end well) I try to focus on as many learning things as possible (csing, map awereness, movement, builds etc). So that atleast the game will be useful for the next {{summoner:4}}
Sirikk (EUNE)
: herald and baron: relationship
I dont think eating would be a possibility (mainly because there is a gap between the spawning times). However I would like if perhaps the herald leaves something behind which baron picks up? Of course, this is all optional and would take some work from the design department, and therefore it doesnt have any priority.
Rioter Comments
: Is flirting with the enemy a viable strategy?
It wasn't actually flirting, but I have experienced that the enemy didnt kill me on purpose becuase I went Zyra (when she was released) with thornmail and Warmog. I simply told them I love plants, and they left me completely alone. Needlessy (no pun intended) to say, when I went 11-0, they coudnt kill me and we won the game. There are other examples, but I cant remember a time when it actually had benefitted me (perhaps unknowingly).
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