: We made it! [Spoiler]
Thankfully you put [Spoiler] in there after the "we made it" title and G2 lifting the trophy in the thumbnail, else somebody might accidentally spoil themselves.
: anyone that has ever had a good winrate, knows their teammates decline its because of the Overall mmr. this has been posted by many.. over and over and over, season after season. you kinda get how MMR works after u played game for 9 seasons haha. if u are waiting for a citation from riot.. good luck.. riot loved dynamic QUE and it was terrible. Riot pretended nobody knew anything about dynamic QUE and that it was actually great.. community told riot it was terrible.. and it took riot ages to admit it failed. thats league in a nutshell.
So basically you are making up unsubstantiated shit to support your bullocks conspiracy theory? Got it.
: Kayle got nerfed by 2 AD, 2 Armor and 0.017 Attack speed in 9.8 Mana costs and E damage in 9.7 (which was an indirect buff as now her E can do more than 20% missing hp) Her attack damage growth by 0.5, attack speed growth by 0.5 and 2% less ap scaling on her W. In no way is that affecting her late game strength, yes it slows down her leveling but even then once she hits level 11 shes an unstoppable force and by level 16 she can 3 shot carries. Akali has been receiving buffs as of late. The last time Rek'sai was touched was patch 9.4 with a buff and since 9.6 has been an S tier jungle, with a slight nerf in 9.6 to her ult, which isn't what makes her a monster early. Before you call me an idiot, look at the champion winrates and play percentage. Riven has 5.67% pick percentage and a 51.27% winrate. Seems low but the play rate is 5x that of any other champion in toplane. Why? because even if she is behind, she is still useful. Kayle has a 3.33% pickrate. 3x any other champion toplane. Morgana has an 8.17% pickrate top. The highest of all supports. Vayne an 11.87% pickrate ADC. So 10% of players are playing her. Still a positive winrate. When was the last time Riven or Vayne were touched? My point exactly. Do your research before slandering me.
My point still stands: Claiming all those champs remain untouched when many of them were touched in recent patches, Kayle even in the very last - makes you look ridiculous. And this has got nothing to do with pick - or winrates. Riot is obviously looking at them and you claiming otherwise is made up bullshit. Also, balancing probably shouldn't be done around pick rates when the win rates are very much fine.
: Not because what the system does when you're higher then you rank, its gives you less team m8's to equal the mmr.
-citation needed
: Why ranked is bad.
You have a ~70% winrate according to op.gg This would imply that you are way better than your current rank, quickly rising and indeed carrying a lot of games. I don't get what you are complaining about, this just shows the system working as intended.
: This is not the same game
You realize how ridiculous you look if you claim a list of champions is not getting touched and then put someone like Kayle on it who got nerfed in the last three consecutive patches. Or Akali, Rek'sai, Morgana who recently got brought up with slight buffs?
fnissar (EUW)
: Suggestion: Short champion information in loading screen and in-game
: Then they would see this in the chat and not give them a refund
You don't actually think there is any way in this world riot is gonna manually review all instances of refunds.
: well you gauge your solo laning skills against enemy laner nothing wrong with that especially not a bad thing to do when you lose and you don't feel like you wasted 20-40 minutes of your life on absolutely nothing
You can't gauge solo laning skills in most games though. The moment the first tower falls, one side gets global gold. The moment a drake falls, one side gets a buff. If a jungler ganks or camps, one side will fall behind despite maybe having higher solo skills.
: If winning lane doesn't matter why people early surrender after getting stomped on three different lanes
I meant winning lane is meaningless as a concept. Obviously if you deceicevly win your lane, it is an advantage for your team. But many games won't have a clear lane winner in the first place because a lot of different metrics can be looked at. And even if there is a clear winner, it mostly comes down to macro resource allocation, not individual skill.
: Look, when I play a ranked game and we lose it cause someone fed or went afk i just want my LP back because it wasn't a fair game. I don't care if i get it back a few days later but when i report someone cause they intentionally fed or went afk and Riot looks into it i just want my LP that's all idc if they where toxic just punish them for it but not me. That's all i'm going to say about this cause i am tired of it.
Assuming you are not a troll, the enemy team has five open slots for them, you rteam only 4, so the chance of the troll being on the enemy team is slightly higher. Statistically speaking trolls help you climb. If a leaver would result in LP refund, every team falling slightly behind would gang up on the worst player, trying to mob him into leaving in order to prevent their loss. Its a terrible idea that would result in an incredible amount of toxicity.
: You do realise Riot have stated themselves that you rarely get the instant feedback reported. They said that it gives players some relief, but they don't like doing showing it. Which means you don't know. I have had it many times where people I have reported get banned but I don't get a feedback report (I stalk their op.ggs because I'm sad and lonely. Some also message me on alts). The illusion of justice is still there, nothing has changed, you just need to read past the instant feedback report.
I did actually not know that, thanks for the info. Makes me feel a bit better because I was shocked when people with pretty hard racist slurs where apparently not punished. Now I know.
: how do you know if you win lane or not?
"Winning lane" is mostly meaningless. It depends considerably on the macro choices of your teammates. It also has no clear definition, do you go by gold generated? Tower pressure? KDA? CS? Also, who says assassins are not meant to win lane? They have a very clear win condition: Kill the opposition, shut them down. Only if they fail to get the kill will they mostly fall behind due to their wave clear. Lategame/Hypercarries are the ones meant to lose their lanes.
: Ranked
Great idea. After making a "ranked mode for fun" they should also include a smaller map for lets say, only 3 players, so you can play as a full premade with only two friends. Oh and maybe make a game mode that is just for shits and giggles, where everybody gets assigned a random champion and there is only one lane so everyone can spam their abilities.
: Do they not get punished? You don't know that either. You just report them and move on. Simple
You actually do know that. Instant feedback shows you just how many toxic people get away with their behaviour. I liked the times before instant feedback better, at least you could be under the illusion justice would be done and just move on.
ThorWium (EUNE)
: Oh just want to point out, even if it is not good to say stuff like Jew in a negative way, but that's only because the person had been just calling me that the whole game, but still that's not an okey thing to be saying, but that's the reason behind it.
Calling people names is one thing. Its rude but some people get tilted and have no control over their emotions. Using jew as an insult is another thing entirely and I am not surprised you got a perma. Most companies do very much not like giving antisemites a platform. Learn your lesson, and don't do it even if somebody else does it first.
: how large should a champion pool be (Low elo)
Depends on what your goal is. Nasus and Mundo both are high dmg/low peel tanks who protect their team by running down enemy priority targets and occupying them. They fulfill pretty much identical roles in a team. Malphite has hard CC and is able to provide slightly more peel, but in most situations you are still gonna want to ult the enemy priority targets and then stay in their faces. If you want to stick to this single playstyle, three champs should be more than enough to prevent you from getting banned out and it is more than enough for low elo. It can be very helpful to have other options with a different role though, for example if both jungle and support are already playing tanks and midlane opts for an AD-Assassin, you might want to go for a mage. Being able to play at least one bruiser is also a great idea if for example the enemy team opts for high threat/low peel.
Thrego (EUW)
: Losing 1 ranked game to be placed in Iron league
Because the new system places you into the lowest rank you could possibly obtain after your first placement game. Because you were low silver before, iron league is very much a possibility should you lose all 10 placements. Further losses can not lower your rank any further, but wins will give you tons of LP and shoot you upwards through the rank until you arrive somewhere sensible after your 10th game.
: Let's just analise this for a second
Actually I gain fun, relaxation and a sense of achievement from playing the game while spending ~10-20€ a year on it which is considerably less than I would on AAA titles and pretty far from emptying my wallet. Of course if all it does is stress you out and you still decide to spend way too much money onto it, thats hardly a problem with game design, is it?
: the ban system doesnt make sense
-League is declining? #citationneeded And if anything, I feel like the system is too lenient. I have absolutely no problem with people getting frustrated and swearing, but the amount of games descending into hate spewing madness before ten minutes have passed seriously reduces my enjoyment of the game. Additionally, I don't think a single person the world over has ever gotten better by you telling them that they are a moron after a misplay. If anything, it further reduces their performance, in addition to reducing your own performance because you are spending time and attention on typing that should be put into a game. Also: "I don't even care, I moved on, so let me just type 5 paragraphs of text to show you how much I don't care" is one of the most consistently laughable behaviors toxics engage in.
: From the limited PvP experience I've had I can safely say that remaining at distance and even sticking under the tower isn't a viable strategy, given that numerous champions (especially junglers) have the sufficient damage output to kill Soraka in 3 seconds flat and the movement abilities combined with Flash to get away from the tower before the tower takes them out. Mellee enemy champions could get away with two tower shots while ranged ones could even pull it off while taking only one. I'd say the "do nothing" Soraka is definitely a thing of the past, the ONLY way to remain safe is to stick close to allies and properly ward the area, which is definitely easier said than done.
The "do nothing" Soraka is a thing of the past precicely because a health cost exists and she needs to occasionaly hit enemies with her star to reg back up and keep healing. Which, incidentally, also provides a counterplay for the enemy by avoiding to get hit, whereas the counter to old Soraka was pretty much "CS better than the enemy until this atrocious laningphase is finally over". Also, towerdiving a full hp lane with a 1.5 second silence into root (and whatever the ADC brings to the table) is not a thing any jungler without significant prior feed can do
: Dedicated healer balance (simple Soraka tweak)
The reason they introduced the health cost in the first place (Soraka could heal without paying HP in the beginning) was because it facilitated a low interaction gameplay where the best decision with Soraka was always to hang back behind your ADC near the turret so you can't get engaged on and keep topping them up, transforming botlane in a 15 minute lasthit minigame with no interesting options to fight for either party whatsoever. I don't see them rolling that back to return the old "do nothing" Soraka.
: Pantheon or Shaco
Imho Panth is more suitable to laning. His consistent poke and auto block allow him to bully the enemy, and with his ult he can roam to other lanes for a strong gank very easily. As a jungler I would go with shaco.
: why is Riot OK with smurfs?
They are not fine with smurfs, its just pretty much impossible to ban them out consistently, so they are letting it slide.
Therieth (EUW)
: SoloQueue is the worst, this is why the game is losing players
Elo-systems measure your ability to consistently win games which is exactly what they should measure because thats the only value that accurately reflect your skill. Basing your ratings upon other stats doesn't measure your skill anymore but rather your ability to game the system. Also, if the enemy jungler decides to priorize your lane, your stats will inevitably suffer, but if you play skillful they won't be able to snowball and eventually fall behind due to the lack of pressure onto other lanes. So stats are significantly influenced by luck and the priorization of your team/the enemy team.
: Okay , sorry for that i am a human with emotion , i can not stay silent like fish when someone is actually deal like assshole with me and blame me cuz he not helped me whe nhe seehow is going on. I am flamer , okay. When he betradet my lane whe ni need a help he is not punished even he flamed me + botlane they too flamed me. Lets punish me cause they betradet me , i lost , i got angry cuz of them and i flamed for their attitude at me. lets only i be punish cuz i am a HUMAN and im trying do something but i cant do it alone and try ask for some help but i get ignored.
> I am flamer , okay. Punishment justified /thread
: I don't think you get punished for only 3 minutes. You probably disconnected more often.
You also don't start out with 20min low priority on the first offense.
p3pik (EUNE)
: Gnar AP ?
No it is not a good idea, in no way whatsoever! He has a 1.0 ratio on every THIRD autoattack while Mini and a meager 0.5 ratio on his ULT while mega (also this does physical dmg and therefore not profit from any penetration you might build). He is one of the worst champs out there for building AP!.
skylë (EUW)
: RIOT: I found a site with tons of script to download
"I found a site with tons of scripts to download and I am adding a link in order to promote it and give those people more views."
: Cheat in ranked game
*sigh* 1) Naming and Shaming 2) Support not boards 3) Read the goddamn sticky thread concerning DDOS
: ***
That you are then. Also, after the boom stage comes a depression, but who is to say how long the boomstage is gonna last? Dont act like you know shit about economics when you dont.
Synx7 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ploxerdon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=LRd8Ej70,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-17T12:11:49.093+0000) > > Yeah, atleast Dota 2 invests money into new features etc. > What does the LoL community get? > A new ui and chroma skins, took them way too long. Chroma skins stolen from HotS , BUT it also costs money. Also its the single MOBA or MMORPG that increased the prices for they goods, in the gaming history. #greedyriot What does the LoL community get? Shit champion balance, champ releases with 2 passives in it and tons of dashes, we have 125 champs, 30 of them being viable or less. Crappy afk systems , everything is automated. The funny part, even the icons they release have a price tag on it of 250RP. Sadly, ppl still buy them
A literal 10 seconds of google: http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/08/18/blizzard-increasing-world-of-warcraft-subscription-prices-in-uk Another short google search: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2wwkpf/lcs_picks_bans_after_week_5_eu_na_separated/ People these days never cease to amaze me. Throwing around random stuff without a single grain of truth in it.
: > [{quoted}](name=LoveJessAndPoppy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mZGi5Qjv,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-06-09T11:16:23.407+0000) > > It's a genuine question. > > It's a FACT people from EU East who Transfer to West lose ranking. You can turn it around like this too then --> players who transfer to euw and lose ranking, means that players on euw are so bad that they drag you down... and on eune you can climb easier cuz you have better teammates. not saying that it's like that, but stop with the eune is garbage bullshit.
You, sir, failed at understanding how the system works. Completely.
: Posting that probably took 10^
Your point being?
: Scaling rune stat sheet ?
Creating something like that in excel takes literally less than 20 seconds
: 8, 4v5 in a row
No afk for the past 20 games. You might want to reconsider the relevance of anecdotal evidence.
MorfarY0 (EUW)
: is rammus ad or ap?
: Various of bugs
Why do you need Sivirs Boomerang to come back once the game is finished? Homeguard cant be refunded because it interacts with you and the game instantly. Not having interacted with the game in any meaningful way is the condition under which items can be refunden, and homeguard will instantly heal you and give you a speedbuff, which is pretty big. And you lose HP if you sell or refunding items that give you bonusHP, because you are losing that bonushp again.
Dr Sugar (EUW)
: {{champion:51}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:101}}
Those spells are purposely made the way they are and balanced around the fact that they can be interrupted. You either have to snipe your enemies from a safe spot (Cait, Vel, Xerath) or make sure they have no fast CC readily available (rest). Lux and Ez only have a short channel on their ultimates to give the enemy time to dodge, they are not meant to provide an interruption window.
JMoormann (EUW)
: Can't it be stopped either by spells that specifically state that they interrupt channels, like {{champion:38}}? > Kassadin fires an orb of void energy at a target enemy, dealing magic damage and interrupting channels.
decembra (EUW)
: There's absolutely no good reason for this, though, is there?
I believe the reason given by Riot was that those are High-Impact spells (ultimates) and they don't want them to be denieable through every simple CC-spell. I couldn't give you a source on this though.
Fiora Mid (EUW)
: Ezreal ult is a channel and can be stopped.
Uhm nope. Same as Lux ult, he can't be stopped unless you kill him.
decembra (EUW)
: Why can Lux cast her ulti when affected by Ahri's E - Charm?
Because Lux Laser (just like Ez ult) will ALWAYS fire once the channel started, unless she dies. It cant be stopped by CC.
: AD Burstcrank
Manamune because Blitz is Mana-Hungry and the item works well with his passive, the Muramana-procs also add even more damage to his Grab into AA into E Combo. . Maw of Malmortius because yay for 2 bait-shields on the same champion (especially if the enemy has a lot of magic damage). CDR-boots and maybe an Armor-Item. Even in low-elo you are not gonna survive on a Melee-Glasscannon without built in damage-mitigation.
: Attempting to connect issue back again
Just tried to start a game twice in a row, got "cannot connect to server" and then the game simply disappeared, before it even started.
Sunhallow (EUW)
: hard to report when the scripter has many accounts and elo boosts on all regions.
better promote them instead
: My Ranked game just got drophacked
1) naming and shaming 2) The goddamn post is even stickied, READ IT before making assumptions that your enemy drophacks
Expiation (EUW)
: I believe no one here read my post to the end. I am not discussing my responsibility toward having a stable connection nor asking some tricks to avoid the situation, I am aware of those things. And I am definetly not complaining about the penalty or saying it s unfair. I knew I would be reported for good reasons. I am saying this is the real world. And sometimes your connection might fuck up in the middle of the game and then you have a decision to make. Should I stay and feed the game (not on purpose) for 40 minutes or should I give my team a better incentive to give up quickly and leave. I am aware this is an edge case and most people would use this as an excuse to do "_insert bad behaviour_". If you meet someone with the same legit issue in your game what would rather have him do?
Did you read my post? Because I wrote pretty clearly: > So if you get issues again and you were in my team I would indeed prefer you to stay and play the game through to the bitter end over leaving.
Suzukin (EUW)
: Look at this hacker....
And instead of reporting him to riot support you are promoting his stream. Way to go, you really show your intelligence here.
Expiation (EUW)
: "I want to redeem my behavior" here is how the anti-afk system will make me play next time
The problem here is that it is hard for the system to tell what you are doing once you have disconnected. Let me describe the abovementioned case from my perspective: Everybody has internetproblems and pingspikes. They happen to almost everybody sometimes and while it is unfortunate I feel with people having them (especially in a normal game) and I will neither flame nor report them if I see them try to play to their best extent. If, however, you leave the game, to me you have given up on it. You said to yourself: Fuck it, playing with lags is boring, have fun without me guys. And for all I know you could be playing on your smurf in the meantime while I am not only stuck in a 4v5 game, but also with the knowledge that the leaver made the conscious decision to abandon the game. And this is where I will get angry and report you. I realize that of course the abovementioned was not true in your case, but you have to see that it is impossible for your teammates (or the leaverbustersystem) to tell the difference. So if you get issues again and you were in my team I would indeed prefer you to stay and play the game through to the bitter end over leaving.
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