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: froggen did it, got all skins, if u open more orb event u just get skin shards, so i suggest u to open orbs, keep shards and when they release new skins u gonna take the new skins 100% with reroll
Im doing it now... I got the new Elderwood, Infernal, Star Guardians, Project... All like that. What Im spending is on borders for them, basically, and some chromas to get the Ruby Chroma. Im saving the Blue Essence to get the Partner Program Chromas I didn't and the cute little summoner icons, maybe Urfwick in the future... I'm gonna focuse on missions and get some bundles to achieve personalized content. Thanks for the advice :D
: I tried, the ward still doesn't show up in my collection.
try in-game. the collection is still a weird part of the client. sometimes I have things on collection, but on the loot page the item says activatable
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=I12coJ7z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-07T16:38:37.068+0000) > > I'd assume less activity is caused by the holiday season that just ended. but isn't the weekly 50% sales are a permanent thing lol, why is it not there
They are changing discounts. No sales Schedules anymore. They are posting these provusory sales on the client. But note that the last one had 5champs and 5skins. They promised 20 items a week. But only 1 sale weekly and no schedules. Heres the link where they talk about
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: Stuck in Reconnect.
Eambo (EUW)
: Logins are opened once again with changes. We're keeping a close eye and ranked remains disabled while we monitor.
Me and my Boyfriend cant reconnect cause the client thinks we are in out last game, but that was over.. Why is that showing the reconnect screen?
: Hey VinneLoz Did you polymorph him first and then, for example after he was 0,5sec polymorphed already, he casted his Q or did you polymorph him while he was like mid-air in his Q ? the only thing i could see here is that Polymorph is a spell that "fly" to your target and then act. So maybe Yi was already acting in his Alphastrike (Q) and got polymorph the same time he was invisible because of his ability. Same as me happen sometimes when i play Lux and start casting my Ulti or you can see on Ezreal. Once you start to cast your Ulti it will get cast to the end and working, even your Champ getting silenced or, in your case, polymorphed.
Hello, Sorry for taking too long to answer. Answering you question: Physically he wans't polymorphed before his Q, cause he was loking as normal Master Yi before "dissapearing" on his Q, but on thesis the spell hit him, yes, it was not on the "flying course" of it mostly because I could hear the "pruuu" sound of when the transformation occurs. Many thinks.
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