archerno1 (EUNE)
: Yes, its your fault for trolling. 2 wrongs doesnt make right
Well since riot wont do anything abt it, an eye for an eye. I get kids like that all the time and i just have to dodge.
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: search for bushes or other places that hides them if you are on open field lay them behind you if you win the fight work with your q if you loose place another barrel in front of the old and bang. the rest ist pure experience
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TTekkers (EUW)
: Given that strategy isn't working have you considered different ones? Like focusing the target in front of you and blowing them up, and then focusing the next target. You know that what you are currently doing is not working, so try something else.
Its just a shame that i can do really well against a zed spamming his mastery emote in lane but then in teamfights im useless and thats where my kda starts to get worse
Bulletkid (EUW)
: Annie isnt aa only but is BY FAR the easiest champion in the league
That is a different section of bullshit champs: the broken mecanics one
: In your heading you just now summed up ADC class in few words =) BTW play using only _melee_ auto attack is much harder than spit out all you skills and run in circles on cooldown. Most of the time you try to arrange things so that you are actually able to use autos and survive the encounter as a result.
U should try out xin zhao sometimes you know. Or trynda or yi. You will get where im coming from when u do play them
TTekkers (EUW)
: I think you need to play some ADC and see what "just right clicking" is really like.
Not all adcs are like that. Vayne requires skills to dodge skillshots with q and stun with e but pretty much autos u to death. On the other hand a twitch has almost nothing but autoattack and stealth
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: {{champion:23}} - Right click to win!
: you forgot our "king of noob champions" Master Yi {{champion:11}} - press R, num2(ghostblade), right click and izi win!
He s the mascot of all auto attack champs
: A second?? Yes, maybe if he's fed, but when discussing things like this, you should assume that every champion has an equal KDA. Of course a 6/0 Trynda is going to 1-shot people, but then it's not the champion that is the problem...
You dont need kills on trynda , just farm early get as and crit and gg
: What I'm saying still holds. It's still sustained damage. That build might do a lot of damage, but you need time to do that damage, compared to a burst combo.
With enough attack speed your health bar is gone in a second
: Nah, that's not burst. When LeBlanc does her full combo on you, THAT'S burst.
You should consider trying this trynda build and see for yourself. You ll feel disgusted
Doomley (EUW)
: someone like jinx requires very good positioning and peel from others to work (and no i'm not talking about low elo gameplay)
Positioning is essential to any long range champ. And when jinx goes for the kill how does she do it? Right that srsly called outplay?
: In my opinion, i think your statement is completely stupid. If they require no skill then everyone that plays them should be in challenger rank 1
Them requiring no skills doesnt mean insta winning games , bcoz they are mostly squishies and focused by assassins. That doesnt change the fact that they still dont require any skill to play
: > and is it wrong to think they require **no skills at all?** It was this I was commenting on. And the thing about basic attacking and combos is that basic attacking champions are for sustained damage, while compilicated combos have burst damage. Hard combos are generally more rewarding and have less counterplay.
A trynda with statikk shiv , berserkers greaves and IE auto attacking u looks like an insane burst to me
: Am I the only one who finds more difficult aa based champions then skillshot ones? Skillshots have usually more range, they don't require the target to be in vision to hit and I find positioning easier because .. Well I 'm a noob and I tend to missclick between targets and target-ground xD
At least skillshots require skills man.
: How to counter Yasuo
I really dont kniw what to do against him. Tried long range skillshots, he dashes and i can never land it and if i do, he walls. Akali seemed to work fine for me tho. Got 2 kills on him until bot lane camped mid and my whole team started to blame me for feeding
: Unpopular opinion: all champions require skill
Dude of course, some require skills more than others. My problem is with the huge skill gap in some cases, can u compare an azirs shurima shuffle or ryzes new variety of combos or even leblancs combos with right clicking?
: Right clicking is a skill...
In fact it is. But then why not make all champs just right clickers instead of having complicated combos to balance it out? Or the other way around
TTekkers (EUW)
: Have you considered that Ryze isn't supposed to be a strong teamfighter? To me, he feels far more like a skirmish/duelist mage than a teamfighter. But in teamfights just focus who's in front of you - your E is on a short enough CD that you can re-apply it and change targets reasonably fast.
I try desperately in teamfights to spread my e but i die b4 that. When that didnt work i tried taking out a single enemy , it works fine but ryze doesnt seem like a great asset to the team like velkoz or ziggs. I win my lane but end up losing the game and there is nothing i can do about it
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MorbiusV (EUNE)
: Hahaha nice opinion :D but who is in your opinion the no skills aa champions ?
Trynda , xin zhao , graves, jinx, champions who litteraly do nothing but auto attack. There are exceptions like azir and kalista bcoz they obviously require skills other than pressing right click
MorbiusV (EUNE)
: Teemo !!! Opinion Questions !!! I Want to make some Statistic's !!!
I really think teemo isnt satan but the grim reaper who punishes people who pick no skills auto attack champions ( there are a few exceptions of course)
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: Give me some off meta champion recommendation
Zilean mid i played him once and got two triple in the game and he s soooo gd in teamfights
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