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: RIP my sweetheart Quinn
Alright, here I come with some guess-work how to reanimate my sweetheart {{champion:133}} **First of all, passive "Harrier"** Before > Valor periodically marks enemies as Vulnerable. Quinn's first basic attack against Vulnerable targets will deal bonus physical damage. After > Every 8 seconds, Valor marks a nearby enemy as Vulnerable, revealing it for 4 seconds. Quinn's next attack on the target deals 125 - 150% of her Attack Damage. Harrier's cooldown is reduced by Critical Strike Chance. Good. I mean it, nothing to add. Strong buff. **Q "Blinding Assault" ** Before > Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Mana Range: 1025 Quinn calls Valor to blind and damage targets in an area. Valor flies in a line and strikes the first enemy in his path. He then attacks all nearby enemies, dealing 70/110/150/190/230 (+.65 bonus AD) (+.50 AP) physical damage and blinding them for 1.5 seconds. As Valor: Performs the same attack at the current location. After > 50 Mana 11/10/9/8/7 sec Cooldown Valor flies in a line, stopping at the first enemy hit and marking it as Vulnerable. Valor then deals 50/80/110/140/170 (+.34 bonus AD)(+.35 AP) to 100/160/220/280/340 (+.68 bonus AD)(+.7 AP) physical damage to all nearby enemies based on their missing Health. If Aerial Assault kills a unit, half the cooldown is refunded. And here I was like "...what?" first time. Let's be honest. I dont know what is the point of this ability, but doubtful damage, which rarely works properly. Old one was more reliable. I even tried to jungle due the cooldown refund and germ of execute. Guess what? It didnt work. Can't imagine the benefit as adc/top/mid. Good side - it marking now, that is right direction. **W "Heightened Senses"** Good ability, I'm glad that it hardly changed (exept this part Movement Speed by 20/30/40/50/60 -> Movement Speed by 20/25/30/35/40%, but it's fine. Even better for sure.) **E "Vault"** Kinda the same as w, just reduced slow from 2 to 1.5 sec. Whatever, I'll take it. **R "Tag Team"** Before > Cost: 100 Mana Range: Self Valor replaces Quinn on the battlefield as a mobile melee attacker. When ready, Quinn returns in a hail of arrows, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. First Cast: Valor replaces Quinn on the battlefield as a mobile melee attacker for 20 seconds. Valor can move through units and gains +80/90/100% Movement Speed, decreased gradually to +20/30/40% when in combat. Second Cast: Quinn returns to perform Skystrike, dealing from 100/150/200 (+.50 bonus AD) to 200/300/400 (+1 bonus AD) physical damage to all enemies in a large area, increasing based on how much health they are missing.If Skystrike has not been cast before this ability ends, it will be cast automatically. After > First cast: 120/60/0 Mana, 3 sec Cooldown. Quinn calls down to Valor to assist her. After a 2 second channel, they unite, gaining 70/100/130% Total Movement Speed and the ability to cast Skystrike by ending Tag Team or taking offensive action. Taking champion or turret damage puts Tag Team on a 3 second cooldown. Second cast: No Cost, No Cooldown. Active: Quinn and Valor deal (100% total AD) physical damage to nearby enemies as Valor returns to the skies. During Tag Team: Offensive action taken casts Skystrike and causes Valor to return to the skies. Champion damage, turret damage, and immobilizing effects cause Valor to return to the skies. All other damage briefly slows them. At first, either there is some mistake or I'm dumb, because now it seems like just +70/100/130 MS. So. When I saw it first time, I have long been in thought about bad parts and good parts of this. I still am, actualy, so I can't clearly express my opinion. We'll see after few dozens games. Now then, forget that you have an ultimate in teamfights and laning phase, you are worse than marksman Udyr from now on. Good thing - you can hunt down lonely nomads more often though not as effectively since your Valor abilities were taken away. And it's double houmeguards in season 6, so... yay. But 120 mana is realy, realy much, you will feel it especially in jungle. And yeah, don't count on damage now, you will never see it. About how it looks like. Well, it's kinda wierd now, but more logical and well implemented. It is new, it is good. I liked it. So, here we are. If you held for so long and reading this, you are my friend now. My personal opinion how to fix this. Main problem is Q. Just return back old damage and let it fly through units (like literaly with any ADC). If it hits several targets, mark first champion hit or first minion if there are no champions. That will fix everything. Let more competent and wise people say about ultimate, because I didn't learn everything about it yet. Hello from plat elo. Thank you for the attention and sorry for my English. I hope RIOT will read this somehow and make my LoL-times better. P.s. Screw the schoolboys with their hysterics about pseudo-abasement of champions.
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