Husker (EUW)
: Best League Related Valentines Poem
_Because I feel like everyone's always giving him so much shit, I decided to write something for that someone and let him be my Valentine. (: So here it goes._ ------- Among the whispers in the dark underneath the stars, you never utter my name, you only give me blame. I wonder why, as I shoot my dart, let my game of fame start. Underneath the weeping and singing stars, you may hear my explosives boom, through its smoke I shall rise like a doom. I sing along with the melodies and I see our similarities. For I may be called_ “the Devil”_, well now, _Rise To My Level!_ You acknowledge me, you see, why won’t you let me be more? The dawn is falling and you may hear me calling, wishing you wouldn’t see me as such a bore, a bother, useless and unneeded. Wishing you would see me for me … I sneak around, scouting to make sure that none of my friends so pure to the enemies fall. I hope they will hear my call. I am playing poison darts for the stars, it’s time you utter my name for I am Teemo it’s time you play my game.
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CryGods (EUW)
: I don't know what love is.... ... downvoted! :c
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi VoidPoro v, If you [submit a request]( our support team may very well be willing to help you out in the name of love... *never one...* *...without the other.*
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: Why/How did you start playing league?
It started with a friend of mine playing it during the course we took back in the spring 2013, he showed me the characters and such. I misstook Skarner for a dragon and became quite fond of his looks and I watched that friend of mine play some. But I didn't start playing it back then. Then throughout the summer 2013 my friends who i visit cons with kept on speaking about League during the cons, they asked me to start playing but I didn't and they also spent quite a good amount of hours during the cons playing League ... And to me who didn't understand a shit about the game it was kinda boring to look at them doing so, which made it so I usually did something else when they took part in tournaments and such. In early January 2014 I visited yet another con and my friends took part in the League tournament there, and since it was a fairly small and somewhat boring con, I had little else to do, so I had to watch them play even though I didn't understand it. And at that time I did have one guy who actually tried to explain the game to me while they played, but it basically didn't help me at all ... So I guess it was during that con I kinda promised both them and me that I'd give it a chance since they always spent so much time during the cons playing it and I felt somewhat left out. So by the time I got home I installed it and played it for the first time on January 9, 2014. _And these days I guess it's actually me who plays it more than what they do ... And a part of me wants to somewhat think I've become a bit better than those two friends of mine who started playing League long before me_
: Now that the Poro King is gone..
To be honest, I did look forward to the poro king so much this year since I loved it the last year ... But when it finally did come, for some reason it didn't feel as fun as I remembered it to be. Perhaps because I was playing it alone mostly last year, and this year I was on Skype with people who didn't enjoy it at all ... But yas, it was fun every once in a while ... And I did play it a lot this year too ... But I felt it wasn't the same thing as it once was ...
Grammos (EUNE)
: Do you ever report someone from the enemy team ?
I only do it if I notice the person in question behaves badly, not because someone asks me to report them. And people behaving badly happens quite often, last time was yesterday when the support in one of the games I played flamed especially their adc so god damn much, and that support was like _"please report teemo for noob"_ ... And I who usually main Vel as support, got a bit "meh" towards that person who said it. Seeing they made it impossible for their Teemo to do any good in lane since they farmed so insanely much. And I even tried telling the person that, but because I did they got pissed off at me too and thus they started being a douche in the /all chat too. Which in turn made me report them. And I had kinda the feels that something was wrong even before that happened. And yas, seems like my gut was right about that.
Stell (EUNE)
: Happy birthday everyone in advance , everyone who's going to have (or had) birthday this year!
I hate my birthday :'3 And sadly it's only two days left for me. :'3 The only decent thing about it this year is that I'll get some snow.
Brolando (EUW)
: Sure, with our help Twisted Fate is gonna win all the tournaments.
Brolando (EUW)
: I have a few champions in mind, but I think it would be hilarious to teach Twisted Fate how to play Yu-gi-oh.
Ichinose (EUW)
: Imagine you have a chance to bring a LoL champion to real-life.
Vel, because he's cute and I wanna hug him, lol. Even though I know he'd end up killing me to find out more about humans afterwards. :P
: Hey guys
Anything I think of? I'm thinking how I want a third season of both _"Owari no Seraph"_ and _"Noragami"_ ... And how I want the Deadpool movie to come asap. And that I wish I knew how to be less nice to people because certain people end up trying to get too close to me and it scares me somewhat ... And that I really wish the time could stop for a while. Because it's only freaking 10 days left. ):
: id like to have a selfie stick too why? so i can whack people with it and say sorry u was in tha way
Loool, I mostly wanted one because I figured it would be easier to photograph wip photos of my cosplay costumes since I have no mirror. xD And I'm not girly enough to wanna have any other mirror than the small one with dragons around that I already have. And in that one I can only see my face, so taking full body pictures is kinda hard, lol. And I actually did get my selfiestick ... :D So now I can take my wip photos of my costumes. :D
: Well 1st time I hear that Vel'koz is cute for someone :D
Hahahaha :D I deem most characters none find cute as just that. :D Skarner and Fiddle are cute too for example. Same goes for Cho, Rek, Kha, Koggis, Lulu, Nami, Gnar, Heimer, Ziggy piggy and Twitch. :D
: Why is your favorite champion your favorite champion?
{{champion:161}} Because to me he will always have a special place in my heart, he was the first new character in the game who was released after I first started playing. But it's mainly because I really do love playing as him and I'm always able to have fun while I do, even when I'm sad or doing somewhat bad I'm unable to stay with negative feelings while playing as him. It is something with him and using angles with the q and stack up his passive to deal more damage that just clicks with me and makes me feel at home while I play him. And I feel more comfortable with playing as him compared to everyone else, I don't know why really. It just is like that. His voice is so pretty, he's really cute and I really do like the stuff he says while you play as him. ~ Surely I do like others too, but he has been my favoruite for more than a year now, and shall always remain. Back in the days when I first started playing I did like {{champion:9}} and {{champion:72}} a lot. Fiddle was the first one I ever called main, I basically played as him always when I was a noob. And when I could afford Skarner, who by the way is the reason for me playing this game (I misstook him for a dragon, but I still liked him a lot after finding out he's in fact not a dragon, lol), I started letting Fiddle and Skarner take turns and made both of them my mains.
: Legendary Snowball Results
This far I've only bough surprise party Fiddle, because I've been wanting that skin since I first started playing League back in 2014, and Fiddle used to be my main. And the mystery skin I got along with it was Vandal Brand or something like that, lol, didn't pay much attention actually ... I was just happy I finally made myself go and get Fiddle's skin. I'm still thinking about getting dragon trainer Trist though, might wait a bit before I do, but ya ... I really wanted it ever since it was released. But since I knew this was coming I decided to wait. And even if I only get something "meh" from the mystery gift along with it, I kinda figured it's oke. I don't really own all that many characters who has a legendary skin anyway, so I doubt my odds of getting another one from a mystery gift is quite low ... xD And seeing what kind of skins I get from mystery gifts my friends and random peeps who ... ya well ... -snip- ... has given me, I kinda doubt I have any luck with getting that "snowball effect". xD
: When you feed with your main
I do have my mains, which is Vel and Gnar. But in all honesty, I only play especially Vel at least two times a day. Gnar I only play whenever I get to play top. But ya, with especially Vel I do get a bit sad whenever I do insanely bad with him since I feel like I'm supposed to be fairly good with him.
antcarosa (EUW)
: Which one is the best poro ward skin?
I for one like most of them, it's only the astronaut I've a hard time liking. So I had quite a though time deciding which one to get. but in the end I went for the normal one because I decided "It can be my poro plush Purpur in game. :3" ... xD
Eveninn (EUW)
: Morning Morning Everyone. :D
I'll be here at home all christmas, partly because I don't really like it due to bad experiences ever since I was a kid (let's just leave it at "most of the adults only getting drunk" and you mig get a picture of how "fun" it was for us as children to be watching and be around that). And I'll probably not visist any of my relatives just the way it's been for the past five years or so. My grandparents have cut their ties with us anyway so they don't want to have anything to do with neither me nor my family. I might get to decorate our christmas tree, but that's about the only thing I like. I love the christmas feelings and kinda that ... cosy christmas smell from the food and cakes and such ... But other than that I'll just sit here by my computer all days long over christmas. Watch a few Movies that reminds me of christmas (like that green thing however you spell his name, lol, and the nightmare Before christmas and home alone).
Awesome Maz (EUNE)
: You can still give the nickname to me if you want, any help is welcome.
Lel oki ^^' The ign is; Vazchu
Awesome Maz (EUNE)
: EUNE only, sorry man.
Oh lol, didn't even notice that, hahaha I'm blind. XD Well I do have an account on EUNE as well, but ya, it's kinda low lvl since I only play there whenever EUW is down ... xD
Stell (EUNE)
: Help needed! The most challenging time of the year
Saw that you wrote she's into creating things, or at least so I take it, and seeing that I too am such a person I can kinda say; it's very nice to get what you need so you can create whatever it is you're planning to create or currently working with. It's especially nice if the person who plans on giving you something somehow knows the exact thing you want _(like if there's some special brand of paints you really like and the person somehow knows it and gets it for you in a present)_. But there's one thing though, if she's a picky lady just like I am ... Chances are she might get a bit _"meh"_ if you get something you think she wants but actually don't want at all ... So from my own experience I kinda liked it during my birthday last year when my mom told me to come with her into town so I could pick out my own present in the store so it wouldn't be wrong. It was actually really nice, not only did I get the paints I really wanted and needed, but I also got to spend some quality time with her which doesn't really happen often since I barely get a chance to speak with her here at home (my brother and dad likes attention too much, so I just step away and keep a low profile here at home).
Awesome Maz (EUNE)
: Need some people for a video.
You can add me in case you want, I don't really have insanely many champions and such, but at least I've about 42 that I've bought + 8 of those who are free to play atm.
: Im new, no friends :C
You can add me if you want to (:
: Looking for friends on this winters eve
: Thanks ;3 we can play tommorw right now im off to bed :P
Yas, I was kinda off to bed too at that time, so lol. xD
: Lonely newb with no friends.
Gonna add you just because I'm nice like that, heh. :3
Agidyne (EUW)
: You know those supports who go back in so their adc doesnt die alone?
Hahaha, sounds kinda cute ... But ... Am I a bad support if I don't do that very often? XD I do it in teamfights if I know we'll come out with at least one or two kills if I give up my life for it. But I don't like making the other adc fed while we still are laning ... xD And I do give up my life if it means others can espace. I'm always like "I'm the support, I will die for you darling. Survive! <3" xD And people enjoy going in anyway after I do that ... Making my sacrifice to no avail. XD
Xa3k (EUW)
: The game needs more players like you, It's like beepbop said, the game is taken way too serious now, almost to the state where it isn't a game for some people.
Ya, it would really need it. I'm kinda not able to make much of a change on my own ;c Felt kinda good tonight though ... Made at least everyone but one in the enemy team have fun by speaking about poros and what I should name them, hahaha. XD So after the game everyone but their jungler added me as friend, lol. :'3
Axelney (EUW)
: if you wanna meet the weirdest people, play at late night
Have tried it ... And uhm well ... I remember my friend being like _"No she's mine, hand's off"_ to some of her friends she and I were playing with, because apparently one of the guys had some kinky thoughts ... xD But that's about the weirdest that has happened to me, and that was a bit after 1am I think ... xd
: Yas ... It's always been the one and only way for me to get over things ... Either by writing shitty long posts in forums, or by writing songs or poems about my feelings. Indeed, an my way of dealing with my pain is mostly hold it in for as long as I can until it finally breaks me and I fall apart. Then it takes a few days to a week before I've been able to hide everything away again and pretend it's not there anymore.
Leeel, gomen ne, it's kinda both ... When it gets too much, I write about it. But when I believe I can handle it alone, I hold it in. ;c
: LF people to have some fun and also for ppl interested in duo
: This however is a good thing :) It's good if you can feel better by writing about shit that bothers you, if it really helps you get something off your chest. It's good to have a way to do so, some people don't have that privilege. I guess we all deal with our pain in different ways after all... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Yas ... It's always been the one and only way for me to get over things ... Either by writing shitty long posts in forums, or by writing songs or poems about my feelings. Indeed, an my way of dealing with my pain is mostly hold it in for as long as I can until it finally breaks me and I fall apart. Then it takes a few days to a week before I've been able to hide everything away again and pretend it's not there anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=Amarathine,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Ex94TW34,comment-id=000300000000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-12-16T23:45:51.844+0000) > > Lol, that's me in a nutshell, ahahaha ... xD Trust me when I say this, I've done that for years, it's my way of getting things outta my mind and move on ... ^^' Pretty much opening yourself up for the world to see huh? xD
Perhaps, perhaps not. xD Back in the days when I started doing it, around 2007 or so, I basically was alone and didn't have any friends at all, so the only way I had to be able to speak about things that bothered me or dragged me down into the darkness was to write it in the forums I used back then ... And ya, I kinda always thought _"I'm writing so much and no one will bother reading this anyway, but I'm gonna pretend someone actually does read it in order to make myself feel like at least someone knows my pain."_ And surely enough, most of the time people would be like _"wall of text hits you and you just scroll past it"_ so it was rarely someone actually read what I said. Which might be good ... Because back then ... I would write so much more and so much more details about things. Just in order to make it easier for myself to carry the burden alone.
: snowdown shop and some love for Rito.
In all honesty I never really cared if it would work well or not so well for me ... I already have all the skins for the two champions I main (which is Vel and Gnar). So I didn't even know what to expect I would get in there, but out of the ones I got I don't really mind that any of them are in there. It's just that I won't afford any of them since I already have my eyes set on dragon trainer for Trist and already have the skins I want for Braum, Lux, Rek and Nami _(even though I am so tempted to get her Urf skin now that it's sitting there in my snowdown shop, god, that one is truly pretty)_. But all in all, I really do like this idea, even though I'm one of those who won't make use of the shop because I already had plans for other things. It's a really nice thing to do in my opinion. And I swear to any and all gods; if I still had no skin for Vel, or if I still had to get Battlecast for him, and it was in there, I would get it right away without hesitation. Same goes for Gnar. I can admit though, since I kinda decided I want all skins for Sona now that I've just two more to get before I have them all, it's a bit sad that let's say her pentakill wasn't in there for me - because if it was, I would have bought it. But I can't expect her skins to be in there since I don't play as her nearly enough.
Imao (EUNE)
: What's a good gaming mouse for League?
I've one from Steelseries, a Rival. It was the first proper computer mouse I bought (before I got this one I only bought shitty things from Logitech or other weird unknown things that broke after a year or so). And I really do like it. Though, I don't really know much about gaming gears and such, so I just went for what I deemed as a good price and what felt comfy for me ... Though, I can admit my Rival is a bit too large for me, but I still wouldn't change to another model anytime soon, because for some reason I like it the way it is.
Alber511 (EUW)
: Thank you very much for answering the post, i'll add you for sure :)
: Quite the private convo happening on boards tho xD
Lol, that's me in a nutshell, ahahaha ... xD Trust me when I say this, I've done that for years, it's my way of getting things outta my mind and move on ... ^^'
Xa3k (EUW)
: So I came back a week ago after two years.
The only reason I play this game is mostly for the sake of my friends ... because with some of them I don't have all too many common interests, so sometimes it's merely League and having some fun while playing it. Surely it is somewhat hard to really enjoy the game sometimes, because of the toxic attitude so many has every once in a while. But I'm still able to make due, try my best to make it a better place that is more enjoyable by trying to cheer people up and trying to make them have some fun while playing ... It's hard ... Sometimes it doesn't work at all, while sometimes I've played through games where everyone in both teams just had a really great time together.
: That moment when you realize...
Wow, that's a lot ... I ran out of people to gift them to after just two days ... xD
: Haha, you may add me xD
: Friendly guy looking for friends
: Let's play normals!
Yaaaas, will add ya in a sec. :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: *My presence causes them... pleasure.* Sorry, I had to after your post. :')
ahahahahahahah. It cases me to fangirl him at least ... xD
Voidner (EUNE)
: well im a {{champion:161}} main and i didn't say anything bad about him ._.
As am I ... :3 And saying _"monster from hen... ehem yeah"_ seems fairly mean to him, just saying ... D;
SquisHz (EUW)
: lol drop me a message when im online on league, we will be looking subs as well
Voidner (EUNE)
: A cigar...
Stop being mean to my beloved Vel ... /: He hasn't done anything wrong ... /:
SquisHz (EUW)
: All Girls Team, Looking for players!
It sounds kinda fun, sadly I don't really play rankeds, nor do I really plan on doing it ... So ye, I basically dunno what ELO I am even though I get to hear from the people I play with that I'm high silver or up to mid-gold ... ;c So yaaas. D; It would be fun indeed. but ye. I guess I'm more into normals and just having lots of fun with people instead of going tryhard in rankeds. ;c _(and I noticed I already have you on my friendlist, lol, small world :P heh)_
: > [{quoted}](name=Amarathine,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Ex94TW34,comment-id=00030000000000010000,timestamp=2015-12-15T22:39:37.064+0000) > > Ya, it's because of Amaranthine, I'm very obsessed with that song atm and have listened to it over 450 times the past two weeks. > But I also chose to rename myself to Amarathine because I didn't want my first username I had here on League when I started playing (too many bad memories), nor did I want to have the one I had before this anymore either (because it was supposed to go together with _his_ username and I just wanted to forget it ever happened) ... So I decided to go for a name no one would connect to me as a person (but I do admit, I kinda like it when people calls me Amara now). I didn't want some people to recognize me, even though it ended up failing me _(sadly they were stalking me, especially my ex because he's such a douchebag, so they already know I've come to learn)_ ... That sounds awfull :S Glad you moved ahead of it, hope it works out for the better in the end. A friend of mine just made the same thing (username's connected to each other with his GF.. I thought it was a fun idea at the time, but now that i read this ... oh well) Ps.: in case you ever see a botlane called "She will feed" & "He will carry" that's them :'D
Ya, it was somewhat painful. And lel, you only know one part of it now ... :3 Because trust me when I say it, there's so much more shit than that part I mentioned earlier, sadly. Well, it somehow not so bad if it's kinda clear it will work in the long terms ... but for me I kinda new from the very beginning it would end seeing how much like shit he treated me, but I still let him convince me to do it. Because I do have two friends who's together too, and they've made their usernames match each other as well, And ya, it works for those two and has been working for quite some time now, so not everyone will get to have the same outcome as me. :'3 Oh, well, then I should keep my eyes open and see if I run into them one day ;P
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