GLurch (EUW)
: He got to diamond with Singed top and dropped to gold as soon as he started playing him support. ######Could be that I am wrong, as this case was already some time ago. As Doomley said, check the NA boards to find out more about this
Didn't know, I thought it climbed playing it support.
Doomley (EUW)
: What GLurch said. You should check the riot post on NA forums about the subject and read the additional comments rioters made. Then you should understand why he got banned. He lost most of his games as "support singed" and didn't actually support. He set his bot lane to fail from the beginning. He picked the support role even though he was more of a second jungler.
I see, thanks for the info it helps me understand it better.
11wildy (EUW)
: I think there is a big difference between off-meta picks and troll picks. Yorick isn't really meta right now, but he has been played top lane, so if anyone picks Yorick top it's fine, even though it is not meta to pick Yorick. But if a teammate picks Soraka top, which has never been a viable thing, I would call it a troll pick. Even though he can win the lane if played well, I still consider it a troll pick. Now the problem for me is when people troll pick in ranked, because more often than not they will just feed and be useless. If they pick off-meta, chances are they actually know their pick well and do fine with it. In normal games I don't care at all what people pick, they can try all their troll picks, may make for a fun game :p
But even if it's not very played it's still a toplaner and if you don't build strange items it's not a problem. I was talking about picks like {{champion:9}} full crit adc, or {{champion:238}} jungle
Eveninn (EUW)
: Oh yes, kinda expected that one to get mentioned. I honestly haven't informed myself about this case, many say that he was playing more a counterjungle/jungle position than an off-meta Support, or that he just did troll-like moves too. (Wasn't there something about him not even intending to get sightstone/provide Vision another way? There is Off-meta and there is off-role, latter being a lot less reasonable.) But as I can't judge from that case with the Information I have, I'll simply rely on knowing that no one I know (including myself) ever got punsihed for playing off-meta in a reasonable way. --------- I personally just feel like (drastic) Off-meta should be kept in normals and noone will get hurt.
Even in normals people flame and report so it's still a problem.
GLurch (EUW)
: He chose Support but was NEVER bot lane. Not even once. Only twice at late, but only to group there with his team to push. This guy lost almost all of the games he played Singed Support. He knew it didn't work. Also, he only chose Support because he wanted to abuse the queue times.
But he was diamond or platinum, so it worked.
GLurch (EUW)
: >and would probably get banned also I have never seen someone getting banned only for playing off-meta. That might be, because Riot doesn't ban players who play off-meta.
They ban people who make thier teammates have a bad time. > Enjoy yourself, but not at anyone's else expense Even when the offmeta guy plays good and wins the game, but if the teammates feel they are trolling they will report them, and if it happens lots of times it may get the guy get banned.
WriterX (EUW)
: Mind you, I can see these champs work. Annie, for certain, can bring about a huge headache. I did play against a Vel'koz support recently with Sion Support and I really felt bad for him, because his team started flaming on him. I played all sorts of Supports, and for example I am still experimenting with Illoai support, but that's the thing. I keep trying until I feel I have a good idea of how the champ works in such a setup. And, let me just add, having a damage-focused support is only as good as your ADC. Way too many times I would play an experimental support and the issue would come from an inexperienced ADC not knowing when/how to engage. A good ADC and a non-standard support can do miracles together, as long as the two of them can find a way to work together.
The point it's that lots of times your adc is going to flame you and report you for _troll pick_, even more if you get some kills. I think we all should start being less toxic with off-meta picks. Maybe now people see this picks good and viable because they are very played or someone played them in high elo/LCS, but 6 or 12 months ago you were flammed and reported.
SmB Koji (EUW)
: You can play whatever you want wherever you want. But be sure not to fail, because your stubborness will have a negative impact on other player's experience. Don't be selfish.
And play something that you know how to play, not something of a youtube video.
: I go veigar ADC and get flamed in champ select, when I go 10/1 they stop talking :)
They should be flaming you in the first place, that's the current league problem.
: This is just sad reality and we can't turn back. In the days I have started playing this game you could play anything you want anywhere you like without the flame, but after a while when the competitive scene got bigger, more and more people got a feel of the "Meta". it just stopped to be allowed to do stuff differently since we had the unspoken of rule of playing ADC/Support bot 1 Top , 1 Mid 1 Jungle. You will just get stamped as a troll/feeder or something else "bad" for just playing something different, be it champions in different lanes or champions with different builds. A friend and me just played out of fun again stuff that was funny back in the days and it still works. The typical killer botlane with 2 bruisers or assassins. It works just fine if you can play it right , aka can wait for lvl 2-3, after that you will just kill your enemies aslong as you picked something with a gapcloser. Sure you do lack the range and MAYBE if you play it stupid/the enemies have a good frontline to peel, the late game but in most cases it didn't even go so far and even if, the ADC is already so behind most of the times, that he will probably finish his items in 45minutes. I also read some opinions while writing this and yes YOU should look out for what your team is picking and you should pick something that will help to win, but if you are Firstpick or something and just want to play Jinx toplane (just took the example from Ender Kun) your team can also do the fill part and maybe just play a tank in the jungle. But YOU as Toplane Jinx should know what to do also.
I lost a ranked because the enemy team had a Jinx top and destroyed our cho'gath and the turret and started pushing a lot and dealing lots of damage, it's just one game, maybe cho had a bad game, no big deal, the point it's that people should do good picks and play stuff that they know how to play and it's useful against enemy team. As you said, people should start to think about the team and pick useful champs with the team composition or against the enemy team. Also people need to stop flaming everyone and asuming that they are going to lose because of a off-meta pick.
moonborn (EUW)
: yup eternity ago when the meta was not even starting, when you had no ADC bot lane, you saw all kinds of things in this game ( at around season 1). Now we still see that meta shifts and we start to see malzahar support for example. If I played malzahar support merely 6 months ago, I would be reported 9x in every game and would probably get banned also. There really is a lot of hidden combos in this game. skill is always better than meta. I would say play whatever you want
TeeTohr (EUW)
: I think you missed my point here....
I know that you want to say that the adc had a pretty bad time being 1vs2 and that's not cool. My point it's that the adc have the problem that they think they are the center of the game and everyone must help them and give them kills and farm, I don't want to say that it's wrong, but it gives me the feeling that most of times they need to be carried by the team instead of carrying the team.
WriterX (EUW)
: Here is what I would I say, Something that does not seem to fit the Meta CAN work, as long as the player using it knows HOW it can work. A few weeks ago somebody posted about some person using Riven as a Support. Riven is clearly a bad support choice, because she lacks any abilities to act as a support. I have had games where I would play at Top and people would pick an ADC Top (or similar) and I would utterly crush them to bits. It is fine to experiment, as long as you give the stratgy some thought. Another thing is to first try your ideas in a few NORMAL games before moving into ranked. When you try an experiment, for the first time in a Ranked game you may put your whole team at a disadvantage. I am sure we all saw those people in Ranked who try a Champion for the first time, or try something different, but it fails immensely. It might not be the fault of the idea. The execution might be poor, or the circumstances are far more dire than what you prepared for... But one should go into Ranked with his A+ game and mindset, not an untested experiment.
Currently is a trend to pick _supports_ more focused on damage but still have some CC, like {{champion:92}}, {{champion:80}}, {{champion:161}} or {{champion:1}}, and lot's of times they get very good score and win lane easily
Haunted (EUW)
: I usually don´t mind people playing off meta, but after getting a jungle leona in my last ranked game i changed my mind...she was completely useless all game 0 pressure on lanes (for ganks) during lanephase and just getting completely ignored during tfs (since she dealt no damage and have quite long cds for her snare/stun). Theres litterally nothing in her skillsets that makes her more viable as a jungler then a more "meta" one (like amumu that has kind of the same skillset as leona but is just alot better as a jungler) For ranked games why would you intentionally make it harder for you and your team by choosing a champion not suited for the task you are assigned? I had qued up as mid/jungle too but was autofilled support...which annoyed me even more, since this leona jungler was completely useless throughout the game...(except for securing one drake...i´ll give her that).
: Because when it is in ranked and the enemy team has a 4k HP Sion from toplane engaging fights and we have a god damn adcarry(a second one) instead , you can see where the problems begin to appear.
I lost one ranked because the enemy team had {{champion:222}} top, {{champion:11}} jungle and {{champion:67}} adc, and in midgame-late we lost one teamfight and they destroyed mid and or base and nexus and lost the game. Anyway it's true that you have to make picks to be useful against the enemy team.
Hantusa (EUW)
: Considering how toxic the game is without these off-meta picks, if you look at each champ individually that you linked, there's only 1 that stands out based on their kit. {{champion:17}} jungle. Even I would say I hate that pick for jungle, because it requires above normal cooperation between laners and their jungle for it to work. There's no gab-closer, there's no cc to initiate a gank or even slow / stop the target from escaping, so if you don't have the super superb co-op you are forced to builds lanes around the jungler.
In early game may be a bit weak, but if you play good you may get some kills and do some successful ganks, anyway when you get some items it starts to be more useful, like {{item:1416}} {{item:3022}} and {{item:3091}}. But considering the bad early and the amount of jungler with a lot of power early game like {{champion:64}} or {{champion:107}}.
: "if they are playing to win anyway"... IF...
Lots of people try random build or picks without knowing how to play them, like soraka top full crit, being useless and feeding, throwing the game. But when you try an unusual build but still play good and try to win the game, shouldn't be a problem, even if may be less viable. Lots of times I play teemo full crit and a couple of times I tried teemo blue build
Doomley (EUW)
: well the ap build is much better than the ad one currently but no-one can still force you to build it.
Just to oneshot people? I prefer consistent damage and to be able to push lanes easier, also the {{item:3252}} it's pretty good when you counter jungle to build assassin items like {{item:3147}} or {{item:3142}}
TeeTohr (EUW)
: People like that might be playing to win, but their pick and build are (in let's say half of the time) really too far away from meta to be useful. I consider that a player driving too far away from the meta isn't playing to win even if he says so. There is a borderline that is hard to see between playing off meta and trolling with the build. Because maybe a jinx top can work but if she is let's say against fiora and intentionally pick jinx top, how do you make the difference between someone that think jinx top can work but is just not smart enough and will lose lane or someone that doesn't want to win and just play anything and call it "playing off meta" ? This borderline has raised a lot of controversy when a player was banned because he was playing singed support with 2 mil mastery point, basically he was a singed main that "abused" the fill position to get faster queue times, no matter where he ended he played singed, and when he got support he was going with smite for double jungle (winrate about 30% on this role with singed). So, is this guy simply playing off meta or trolling ? > Enjoy yourself, but not at anyone's else expense Sure this singed was having fun, but did his adc playing 1v2 botlane was having fun as well ? Or the jungler having to share resources with an other one ? I think we can agree that they weren't having fun that game. So would people have fun when their top decide to pick jinx and go full attack speed with on hit effect(example) without tp ? Probably not the case.; I think that the difference is made but the ability of the pick and his build to work because off meta can work. So there should be a minimum winrate to make a difference between off meta and trolling. Let's take some example from you, I think teemo top has a pretty decent winrate as well as pant jungle. But does jinx top has ? I don't think so.
[]( he was counter jungling and roaming to "support" the entire team, instead of just helping the adc
Doomley (EUW)
: well she is viable but only in a very specific scenario.
Doomley (EUW)
: Nothing you talked about was the same as the singed incident. The singed played the support role but wasn't actually playing as a support. He wasn't playing off meta, he was playing off role. He was basically playing a role that didn't exist.
He was supporting the entire team roaming and helping them, and counter jungling to make his team go ahead
Eveninn (EUW)
: I personally don't even consider AD Eve to be that much of Off-meta. :o It's rly fun. :3 Either way, in ranked I hold myself the right to at least throw a questionable glare at people starying too far from meta. But in normals I don't see any problem with it. (Then again, 90% of the time I'm the off-meta on in normals...) Luckiely I can ensure you that you won't face any punishments for just playing Off-meta in a reasonable way (still trying to win), regardless of what People feel like reporting you for. I recommend to ignore (mute if needed) the people that get vocal about it and to simply focus on the ones that are either neutral to you or even swing with you. ;)
I was talking about stuff like this [](
: eve, AD or AP or even tank, definitely isnt out of meta...
It isn't probably, but everyone plays it AP, even in pro play, and everyone tells me "wtf buy ap"
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Yeah, people don't know what counter picks are and thing MF is a viable support because it was played in LCS
Rioter Comments
mihai0101 (EUNE)
: Hextech
English pls?
: Why does Riot intentionally ruin games for low MMR players?
The worst part is that players of the other team are getting flamed and reported by thier teams for _feeding_
Rena (EUW)
: Sadly this wont stop. It is the internet what do you want to do to make it stop? banned people create new accounts and so it goes on. We are here on the internet and we kinda have to expect to get cursed on even if we like it or not :S not saying it's good or something it's just nothing that can stop after all.
Yes, the people are too toxic and not only in league, too sad.
: The joys of Autofill, again.
: Runes
Maybe it's not a client issue and they doesn't save because the server doesn't allow the reorder (yet), but it's just a theory
: What about showing skins in Collection ???
I would simply love this, Collection is supposed to be for everything you own, including skins, I mean, why put the summoner spells and not the skin, that are more useful.
: How Riot made the playerbase accept Dynamic Queue at first
Ystogan (EUW)
: The current profile page is a nice summary of you and your most played champions. Although it lacks a lot of information for me( which hopefully will be in collection tab) It bothers me i can't see all the champions i have, of when my next hextech box will be available. I'm also missing a tab for hextech crafting (also under collection?)
It lacks almost all information, only displays your most played champs and your ranked division and league, doesn't give any info about performance or stats. I guess the hextech crafting will be on collections, because they are using them to add everything you own, like masteries, runes, champs, etc.
: I have no idea if they are going to add them, but I don't really want a crowded profile page. I think some of the features you mentioned will be in the collection tab.
I prefer to have better information about myself and other people, instead of having to look third party websites all the time, at least some info about ranked performance should be pretty cool. And yeah, maybe the hextech crafting will be in collections, along with the number of champs.
Aerinx (EUW)
: Circular Account Portraits
I prefer the rounded ones, but yeah, its a bit stupid to design squared icons and not going to show them squared anywhere
Steamfox (EUNE)
: Sooo.... this patching takes me to the future it seems.
: How about the we, the players in the Alpha, get together so that we can discuss or play!
: a little suggestion on the victory screen
That icon shouldn't be there, should be on the top right corner of the window, next to the invite button. Also the arrow to change gamemode should be there too.
Youma (EUW)
: Client Navigation Concerns
Showing the lobby after the gamemode should feel less confusing, also they should really think better the position of the X buttons.
: About chat
Why don't just add a search box on top of the recent chats?
Rioter Comments
Colsh (EUW)
: Resetting the client is really not that much for someone changing account, it takes less than a minute. Although yes, it would be quite handy if you have more than one person playing on the same computer I think that Riot do not add it in because it will increase the amount of people smurfing and account sharing ETC.
But not adding a Log out button doesn't really prevent it in any way, maybe it's because of technical issues with the old client.
JamesIAm (EUW)
: With the new collections on the PBE I would love to see a skins page

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