: I’m pretty sure there’s already a way to do this in league, I see streamers do it all the time though I don’t know how to do it myself
They use the F keys 1-4, if u press tab the first champion at the top will be F1 second F2 ... in TFT u can press 1 button to cycle through them all
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Voltago (EUW)
: Why did they make Poro King RANDOM AGAIN????
Fair enough that seems like a decent idea. I just don't get why they would make it random, if people wanna play a random champion they play All Random All Mid (ARAM) not Poro King which is supposed to feel different to ARAM. People also complained about urf being random and they fixed that last time urf was around. But then Riot makes the same mistake on a different game mode.
: Give everyone 900 RP for this nonsense
Sounds fair! But probably not gonna happen, we might get 1 blue essence for our troubles. {{champion:48}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: It took a long time for the bump from 6 to 10 bans. I don't think we'll be getting another bump in bans any time soon.
Just because it has been done recently doesn't mean it shouldn't happen. I also don't understand why Riot have not introduced the competitive ban system from LCS and clash right now, to ranked/ draft already. It prevents that people ban the same champion on different teams which happens 99% of the time which make bans go to waste.
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Starfalll (EUW)
: There would be a huge amount of people being toxic in voice chats and some people instead of muting them would decide to get in big arguments and probably get tilted and troll - And I can imagine reporting people for what they say in voice chat would be harder to punish for. Anyone who is smart enough could mute the toxic people and just talk to the non toxic people but then there is also the language different in voice chats and say 2 people queue who are English and another 2 who queue are French and they are both using League voice to communicate then the whole point of it is lost because neither can understand each others callouts well. I don't know though just my thoughts - I'm not against having it added to the game in any way and think it would be a cool addition but just think it would have a lot of negatives
I don't deny that there are gonna be people who are toxic over voice chat and people who don't wanna use it because they might prefer listening to music or prefer not to talk. I honestly think that people that are using a mic to talk while in game are going to be less toxic because you can explain and understand each other better with this method. They could also unlock voice chat at a certain rank, or at a certain honor level to decrease the chance of toxicity. I think that rekkles made a good point in clip, League of legends is a team game. Having voice chat in a team game will only benefit players and increase the level of play.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: >A bot dummy won't dodge you're attacks and they have a certain amount of armour the whole game trough. Vs a player you would have the option to create a build and see how good it does in a matchup vs another champion with certain items. this is what im saying, no point of that, since you can just go and play normals/custom games, you wont have any better "practice tool" than that, and while you are at it you can get xp for lvlups, honor for honor rewards etc
Did you even read the full comment? It can provide a lot more than just a custom game.{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} practice Tool is just more efficient to practice might as well make the option to invite friends.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i dont really see the point of it, if you want to practice with friends go and make a custom game, you cant reset cds there, but you cant do it in the real game either, so why would you want practice tool with friends? its nothing but practicing the execution of combos without players and minions distracting you, and after thats done the next step is going normals
It can serve educational and practical purposes . If you compare the League of Legends practice tool to options in other games it comes short. In practice tool against friends you could recreate a certain scenario for you and ur friend to train on. Now this is also possible in custom games and I know where you are coming from. But having to wait on certain time to get cooldowns backup or a certain time in a game to train that specific situation it is to much of a hassle. And this post is not only about _new people_ coming in the game, it's also about people who have played this game for a long time and wanna improve on a certain skill against friends and with friends. A bot dummy won't dodge you're attacks and they have a certain amount of armour the whole game trough. Vs a player you would have the option to create a build and see how good it does in a matchup vs another champion with certain items. I know this has been suggested more than once with positive feedback, and I would love to see it in the game, since it's not that hard to do and it can provide a lot to the community and players who want to see it in the game.
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Network (EUW)
: I agree that it is unfair, however people can abuse this. For example if your team is feeding people can just disconnect themselves and the game will be remaked which is unfair for the enemy team. What might be a better option is that if someone is disconnected even though it might not be their fault, punish them by making them lose way more LP than the rest of the team. The people that are connected should lose less LP cause someone else bad internet or rage is not their fault. Maybe riot could implement a ping detection system that checks the players connection, if the player in question has a unstable connection he is not allowed to queue up for ranked games. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
That could work, it will at least solve a part of the problem ahead of time. {{summoner:6}}
Network (EUW)
: Remaking games can be improved
Definitely a problem a lot of players have to face while playing league of legends.


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