Maxolini (EUW)
: Btw this patch 9.14 introduced so many performance problems !!
Have you guys found any solution or just waiting for riot to fix? Cause that's annoying af...
: Can a player be banned for giving up (surrendering a winning game)
People are not getting punished for inting or staying afk and you want them to be banned for passing a surrender vote? That's very optimistic.
Lord Bucea (EUNE)
: How did this happen
Nothing wrong here. Typical matchmaking by riot
: I don't even have to look to know, that this was a FLEX game, that you forgot to mention. OP.GG shows only soloQ ranks. I'd bet a grand on it, that the plat players were not more than 3-4 flex ranks away from the Silver 5 player's flex rank. Way to manipulate an image, to make things look bad. Well played buddy. A true classic right there....
YEAH Cause you know, it is absolutely possible to be plat3 in solo and as bad as silver 4 in flex, RIGHT. Just say the truth - matchmaking is garbage. Don't pretend that shit is normal
: if everything is broken then the game is balanced
well, if you ask me - that is what I actually think, yeah. You can't perfectly balance everything, but in environment that riot created (read as "everything oneshots everything") - yep, it is balanced (kinda). The problem is... it is just not fun to play against. I have very poor reaction time and often that is the reason why I am getting killed, even in situations where overall my decision was right. I died hundreds of times with zhonyas or stopwatch in my inventory because I couldn't react in 0.1 second to use it. And that is something riot can't change without remaking the whole game.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: So no one gonna talk about how BROKEN Veigar is ??
Everything in this game is broken thanks to bad game design and shitty matchmaking on top of that. Just deal with it.
: Sure it does...thats why there are no leavers anymore! Well maybe a few 6/10 games
There is "acceptable" amount of times you can leave the game without consequences, so Leaverbuster punishes only those who do that very often :/ others just get away with being afk
wolf jade (EUNE)
: is saying "gg ez" reportable?
you can report anyone you want since the outcome is already known
Eambo (EUW)
: The Climb - How's yours going?
With your great matchmaking, punishment systems and well designed gameplay - it's going as bad as it can {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Thanks for asking
: Banned for the most lame reason ever
: un perma ban plz
: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=JBE3TtcQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-10-24T21:26:38.527+0000) > > Because she doesn't appear to be a man? > Of course, she could be transgender, or a woman who identifies as a man, she might even be asexual... > Marksperson does seem to clear up any possible confusion, I suppose. > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} HuMAN MANkind
Oh jesus christ, what have you done! Few years later it will be huperson and personkind {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: Note that I said "mainly targets". Cases of extreme verbal toxicity is different, and there's a 0 tolerance policy in place. But the average person that bursts in a single game isn't going to be extremely toxic, they're going to be mildly.
Well, that's sad to hear. I guess if system works that way, I can continue to leave occasionally cause I'm tilted.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > LeaverBuster is not that harsh of a punishment and should be applied much more often. Right now reporting someone who left the game does absolutely nothing in 99.9% of cases. Because people usually leave only once in a while. Or twice... That is considered "acceptable" too. Compare it to most forms of misbehaving. IFS, that handles verbal toxicity, also mainly targets consistency. We're all humans with emotions, and sometimes those emotions get the best of us. We're not punished for bursting in a single game when we normally never do.
Yeah, that is something I don't understand as well. So it's fine to say "kill yourself" once, nothing happens, but twice - 14 days. Why? Just give chat restriction even for single case, what's the problem? And I have emotions too, you know. I feel bad when someone leaves the game from being tilted and nothing is done about that.
Hansiman (EUW)
: LeaverBuster hands out low priority queues if you're afk more than what would be "acceptable". Since this is an online game, it's impossible for every player to always be able to complete a game, since things happen. So you're not punished for being afk once in a blue moon. You get punished if you're consistently going afk.
And that is exactly whats wrong with punishment system. In what universe people are constantly leaving their games? The only people who get punished from that are people with bad internet connection (and they should be, lets be honest). But those who just say "fck it, I'm not in mood to play" and leave - get away with that! I mean... really? LeaverBuster is not that harsh of a punishment and should be applied much more often. Right now reporting someone who left the game does absolutely nothing in 99.9% of cases. Because people usually leave only once in a while. Or twice... That is considered "acceptable" too.
Hansiman (EUW)
: They do.
I don't believe you. What if I tell you I afked this year many times and didn't get anything?
Hansiman (EUW)
: That's still probably comparing solo/duo to flex. Those sites that people use to search up players display the solo/duo ranking a player has, even if they're playing in flex or normals. Quite honestly, it shouldn't do that.
You don't play 5v5 flex much, do you? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: It does exist, but each queue has its own MMR. So when players compare solo/duo ranking for flex, it's just really that comparable since it runs on is own MMR system.
I probably said in a wrong way. It does exist (duh), but it is never fair, not even close.
Bodö (EUW)
: Matchmaking system
Matchmaking does not exist in flex. That shit is considered "normal", unfortunately.
: I think he will get away with this.
I bet he will. I had a case 10 days ago of non-questionable, explicit intentional feeding (running under the tower) and staying afk at the base (he didn't even quit, he was still in game, just running here and there between inhibitors) - the guy is still playing. I did report him through the client. I did report him with a support ticket. But that didn't do anything (unless it takes more time). To be honest, I have no faith in report system...
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Why is this allowed: Full premade team vs full random team
ranked flex's matchmaking is an utter garbage. I can't even describe how bad it is. Every single game is a fiesta. Every. Single. One. I made it to plat 5 in solo and decided to get gold in flex for chromas. I got Silver 1 after 10 games and now I'm Silver 3 with 23 lp. Games are unwinnable...
Aulit (EUW)
: Fix your %%%%ing LeaverBuster system !
no no no no sir, take your punishment and deal with it. I'm sick and tired of playing with afk people who not get punished at all. I don't care if it was power outage or your house was burning - you ruined the game for other people. Now system took "1h40m of your life" for that and you absolutely deserve it.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: The stupidity of peoples doing odyssey missions...
dude this game is played by kids who type eks-dee and "ez" in chat, what do you expect from them lol
Molens (EUNE)
: perma baned
AlAyham (EUW)
great to hear that
: I Took My Wukong Into Silver! | Diamond Wukong OTP VS Silver Elo! | How To Carry in Silver
: Last time you faced a Vlad in ARAM, your team had 3 Morellos. That's not the reason you lost, btw.
except it is aram and game was already lost at that point. 16 minute morello is way too late. So don't tell me about reasons, I know when it's bad rolls or bad plays and when it's people stupidity
: Im gonna be honest
yasuo hate is just a meme. Kids see people hating him and do the same. There {{champion:238}} is {{champion:23}} much {{champion:39}} more {{champion:11}} shit {{champion:62}} that {{champion:91}} is {{champion:107}} worse.
: First i get what you mean and sorry about that i ment 20 mil in 2 years not 40 mil,
it doesn't matter what you meant if it is pulled out of your ass, buddy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Quit League ?
This game is good at making people addicted and bad at everything else. At least artists can do their job right
: Man, it's called "ALL RANDOM" for a reason.
so all random means people don't know how to builds against those champs right? Great logic buddy
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
what made you think that // edit: oh, it's you. Nvm, I'm sorry, didn't recognize you
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Is it just me or is the game Snowbally af right now??
was it ever not? Maybe it is more snowbally than ever, but it's still that piece of shit gamedesign as it was
: Flex Matchmaking & SoloQ rank.
matchmaking in this game is shit. Period. You have separate mmrs for normals and ranked on the same fkin map - nothing else to say.
ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Cursed Capsules pretty disappointing.
Congratulations. You are the target audience of the marketing department.
: What is this Riot games??
There's absolutely no reason to come back after 5 minutes. You still lose lp even if you win, you are already marked as a leaver... Just take a break and make a cup of coffee. Welcome to league of legends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
4dc0nly (EUW)
: I feel better
Why would you report at all if reports don't work {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
: Wtf riot???
"love" this system. The "afk" dude has literally no point in reconnecting back, people who are still playing that game can't freely disconnect from the game even if they have afk guy. 4vs5 megafun 20 min game experience... GJ
BaconTits (EUNE)
: How would you describe Riot Balance Team by only using 1 word?
funny thing is... the game balance is actually fine. But since game design is god awful, we have what we have.
: Riot always does half a job
And how do you ban people who abuse voice chat? Report system is absolutely useless garbage and they know it. That's why we don't have proper voice chat. And never will. Well... unless they finally decide to change something
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Don't play Ranked if you don't care about what you do or what happens in the game
Normals matchmaking is shit, so no {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Yojimpo (EUW)
: "smurfs"
welcome to league of legends dude. Enjoy your bots in coop vs ai, smurfs in summoners rift and stupid grading system in aram {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: play on, and report the bots, sort the names and send them to support. I am around 60 summoner names.
report the bots... like it changes something about grades
Mreeshai (EUW)
: One problem is the impact of bots. You can be massively efficient against them to the point that it raises the bar for the other fights. My only ARAM S that didn't feature bots was with Renekton (no box since champ not owned). My Ashe S had 5 bots vs 4 bots and me teams, more or less and Xin Zhao S- was with 3 bots in my team and 4 bots in Teemo's team. I'd like it if there was some repeating mission to gather mastery points from games with grade B or C and above, so that those of us who aren't good enough to get the S could also get chests. Those chests could come from the same pool of available chests as the S chests, just an alternative means of getting them.
EXACTLY. Go work for riot dude. It seems they don't understand or don't want to do anything. This orange dude above probably play aram 1 time in a year with bots and scoring S there so he has no idea how hard it is to get S compared to summoners rift.
: League is not as fun as it had been.
oh, so now your eyes are open
: More Zed buffs incoming!
what a %%%%ing mess
NocaNoha (EUNE)
: ARAM - Dodging/Champion pool
maybe send a killer to that person, might work too
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