: 1.6bil?$ retard it's million, and valve has 18.7 mil prize pool in 2015 btw, that was just international tournament, their yearly prize pool reaches over 30 million, this guy don't know maths and he talks about time and money
http://www.dailydot.com/esports/league-of-legends-2015-revenue/ think again retard. From all that i wrong this is what bothers you the most?? Also this is from reports riot them selfs released. You ignorant lil twatt
: It has better shaders, but the art style looks outdated as shit.
Thats not graphics its personal preference this is not a lol vs dota 2w argument. Its about spotting the faults in league of legends and the community pointing them out and demanding things.
: Wait what? They're actually updating Dota2? Then why the actual hell does it still feel and look like a 2006 game, god damn. And by the way, from what i've seen riot games do not have very many employees.
It has been done already for over a year now, Dota 2 has way better shaders textures than league so i dont know where you get that from.
candoodle (EUW)
: Why is this only on the NA site?
Eu is Ritos forgotten child.
Arcessam (EUW)
: Completely agree. Even things that are low on the priority list have to be done, with Riot several features are just postponed indefinitely and/or just cancelled. Comparing to Dota 2 the amount of features lacking is astonishing, it's fair enough that Valve probably has a bigger player-base, more employees or whatever, but both games are F2P MOBAs and LoL looks like a game in permanent beta if you look at what Dota offers.
Rioter Comments
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: Voice chat (watch this video , dont be lazy)
Players ask for many things and Riot ignores like 99% of those things its sad that riot does not even have anything to say about that. Most passive company ever. I fully support this post.
: Probably all what we actually are crying for are in this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOhrGs4Pngc
All those things that players want oh god..... and Riot does not even respond to us it makes me sad.
: To be honest the whole way you gain access to characters in league is retarded. You have a huge barrier of entry due to runes, and high champ costs for new players. And even long time players must wait for a rotation of the champ to try it, thus not really allowing a free trial of whatever champ IN THE CURRENT META. It would be ok to simply try them when free if the meta was not subject to change. By the time Shen came into rotation dodged was removed from the game. It would be great if you have a very limited bot game to test the champ briefly. Perhaps simply Aram with increased gold and a passive tank bot to practice on.
You are absolutely right, in this game that you have to grind for so many hours in order to get all champions and even some of them are never going to be on free rotation. Riot please hear your players.
: I agree, dota2 has all champions (i refuse to say heroes) free. HoTS have a try button, it is not hard ti impliment a 1v1 bot game that lasts 5 minutes where you're level 6 so you can try out a champion, it's SO EASY
ikr it would be so easy to implement people have asked for this quite a lot of times but like lots of suggestions they get buried and ignored by Riot. no connection between riot and players.
Derezz3d (EUW)
: Kalista can ult Bard when Bard is stasis
Hmmm idk if its really a bug , but why do you think its op it kinda is the same situation for Bard either way but in other hand idk.
: That's why there is free rotation. So you can try them.
There are what? 110+ champs now? And what if you wanna buy that champ why should u be unable and restricted to play that certain champ till he goes on free rotation this could take months with that many champs. I am talking about trying the champion u wish to buy first in a bot game so free rotation has nothing to do with this. many mobas have the same tactics why cant the most popular one have that also?
: Try button.
People are not very active on the forums are they?
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Fawakko (EUW)
: A fizz player complaining that he wants MORE ways to dodge stuff. You MUST be trolling. :P
> [{quoted}](name=Fawakko,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=V9csNIWx,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-29T10:28:16.343+0000) > > A fizz player complaining that he wants MORE ways to dodge stuff. You MUST be trolling. :P Thats not what my post says and its not complaining its suggesting. Read carefully please <3 Its about being able to tell if you are being targeted or not.
Rioter Comments
: If you got a warning pop-up it's just that you got reported more than usual. Just keep playing, as long if you don't break the summoners code you're fine.
More than usual what do u mean how does the report system even work?
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huckasex (EUW)
: exactly, you werent talking. thats beeing neutral, not positive, thus while the restriction wont get worse, it also wont go away
huckasex (EUW)
: ive read what you wrote you are restriced and wanna know how to get rid of it and i told oyu the way considering your snarky response though, it will be a tough time for you
Snarky? whaaaat? xD I was away for a week and i got restricted during that time also xD before that i was not even talking into chat xD what in the name of waffles is snarky?
huckasex (EUW)
: you can improve your behavior and be a positive player then the restriction goes away and stays away
rofl it would be nice if you could read what i said xD <3 love bae
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TeiX (EUW)
: poppy in in the lin for a rework just a pain ot actually do anything for her that doesnt ruin the identity
really she is?? Oh god do we have any info on her?
Rioter Comments
seXo Jon (EUW)
: DJ Hannibal Rectum
lel i will think about.,
Rioter Comments
: Chat restriction weird notifications??
IcyzoR (EUNE)
: Why I am still banned.
check the time i was banned it maybe will get un-banned in several hours or maybe tmw.
Rioter Comments
: I would like to be able to see the borders of the enemy team
xLyo (EUW)
: it did slight difference for me when i had low fps on fights in sc2.
: I would like to be able to see the borders of the enemy team
xLyo (EUW)
: try reinstall on ssd?
first of all i dont have an ssd i got a hrybrid ssd HD and why would an ssd make a difference in perfomance ? it Only loads stuff faster.
xLyo (EUW)
: every person who has at least a little brain would say that. i downwoted cuz you called me son. i cant be son. and then again, I WANTED TO BUY 4K monitor for gaming, didnt, bcs before buying i always try to look is it profitable, i found out its not. then i spoke to programmer. he said its more for graphic designers and it requires additional video cars( even with my current one which is pretty new and the second best you can get). then i spoke to 3d graphic designer who work on visuals in movies. and he agreed with the first guy. then i spoke to a person who plays mopstly rpg games and he said that its better choose with more hz rather than pixels. and he said that performance wont be any better, it can only be worse. then i used google and i had my full oppinion about this. 4k is for designers, not for gamers. but noone stops you from that. dont see why i am clueless. since i asked other people about this thing when i was clueless. you literally insulted me because i told my oppinion.
I am a graphic designer my self i can agree on that but look gaming has evolved people are now using 4K monitors and ofc you gonna need an xtremely powerfull single GPU or multiple GPU's while 4kGamin is expencive its viable more and more people are doing it. Look my reply to wrenchman and read some of the reddit threads you will see that those people are using 4K monitors for gaming and they also have the same issue this is an arguement i won before it even started and yeah thats my Ego talking. I stand victorious -your dad ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) {{champion:103}} <3
: Hey i accidenlty bought Fizz with RP and i wanted with IP i havent played him yet could i get the RP
Well have you tried refunding him? go to purchases if you got some refunds left.
: quite unhappy...
Why did you got banned for in the first place?
: http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2s3w5u/4k_monitor_league_of_legends_unplayable/ check this thread out this guy is not using a laptop monitor and he is experiencing the same issues , Lets hope that the upcoming HUD is gonna support higher resolutions.
http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2ofd1m/league_in_4k/ Also this thread ,from what i read there are work arounds for that issue by installing mods but do you really have to mod the game to make it work properly?
xLyo (EUW)
: it wasnt me who said that -.-
What do you mean it was not you? Why would you downvoted me, get downvoted back #rekt.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: OP isn't really providing anything to suggest 4k is not supported. Having a 4k laptop doesn't mean you should be using 4k on the laptop monitor. It's a very abused concept by manufacturers. The higher resolution you have, the more objects can be placed in the same area of space, while making everything smaller. OP's description doesn't describe non-support, but just the concept of resolutions. It just sounds like the monitor on the laptop is too small to really make 4k usefull for him. But since he managed to select the 4k resolution in the options for the game, then the game supports it.
http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2s3w5u/4k_monitor_league_of_legends_unplayable/ check this thread out this guy is not using a laptop monitor and he is experiencing the same issues , Lets hope that the upcoming HUD is gonna support higher resolutions.
xLyo (EUW)
: maybe its because 4k isnt for gaming :)) it is used for design and video editing mostly :)) if you didnt know. in case, if you wanted something for gaming there are special monitors for it. i hope you know that with other games you will have difficulty too.
Clueless fellow.... Son of a bieber.
Michael19 (EUW)
: 4K Resolution Support?!
I am not a 4K user and i will never be prolly :( but this is kind of absurd how can the most famous game of our age not have 4 K support this is a disgrace.
rozoulini (EUNE)
: if you have a heavy antivirus like McAffee try to change it to nod32 (my prefference). also do a check if your system is backing up windows, sometimes without asking they try to backup and really destroy my pc so i have to stop it. another 1, unfinished windows update cause problems too. also if you have windows greater than 7 like 8 or 10 ive heard lol is buggy on them i would never go on them anyways to try -.-
Windows 10 yes windows 8.1 not really its stable as fck and no i dont have any anti virus programm running neiter backround processes so yeah thats not the problem. The drops intesifies with different champs .
Communism (EUW)
: Bit of a longshot, in task manager try setting the priority to above normal or high of the actual league application during a match? Also experimenting with the affinity settings might help too, turning some cores on and others off, as it sounds like it's not overly a GPU issue, can't really be a memory issue, so could be a processing issue with the CPU bottlenecking the frames. By turning off some cores that may be used for background processes it might allow the frames to net be bottlenecked behind any other processes, but really this is all just a whole big longshot. Ram usage doesn't get too high during the game, does it? Are you also monitoring your vram during the game? If you're not, try downloading GPU-Z and seeing what it shows during some more flashy moments. Maybe spectating a game might be easier for these experiments, should more or less have the same performance impacts.
As i said to other people before i am not running any backround processes only skype. And yeah ram usage is low and for the Vram i am using MSI afterburner it does not use more than 600 MB of VRAM MY cpu temp is fine (55-60 C) my cpu is overclocked at 3 ghz i tried disabling the overclock the same fps. I have tried almost everything.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Yeah IMO you should get 60 FPS at all stages. You prolly got some background programm sucking power. Try playing with your anti virus disabled.
Communism (EUW)
: Try lowering shadows/particle effects, in a teamfight situation there's many more of those than usual so that could be an issue - they're also a little more difficult to process. Aside from that, perhaps updating drivers might lead to a miraculous improvement, or if you saw better performance previously, perhaps downgrading your drivers might be better.
Whats funny is this happens in all settings low or ultra. Also tried no shadows and no AA same results i dont know what to try anyone .
Myrmiron (EUW)
: If you want help post your PC specs.
Q6600 at 3.2 ghz HD7770 and ssd hard drive hybrid from seagate 1TB and 4 gigs of ram. Temps are fine both cpu and gpu tested the rams to see if they fail also tried going on stock clocks for the Q6600 non of them helped with the drops.
: Sounds to me like a memory leak in your computer. Update your graphics card drivers. Also post your graphics card because certain types have known memory leak issues.
> [{quoted}](name=Wildcardhs,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=WI8u2f38,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-06-02T13:24:32.300+0000) > > Sounds to me like a memory leak in your computer. > > Update your graphics card drivers. Also post your graphics card because certain types have known memory leak issues. my drivers are up to date i am using the gta v optimised drivers. it is the HD7770 Ghr edition from saphire.
: this means you have things running on the background and you might dont know! install advance sistem clear , restart your computer and you will have a bar to close background things
No i am not really i am not i know stuff about pc's i know what runs in the backround .
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