Ragoon (EUW)
: Yorick's rework suggestion
Nah, he's perfect as is. {{champion:83}} Love you, Yozza.
billy188 (EUNE)
: (Ability Rework) Fiora's E
I think Jax's E should be reworked, given Fiora's W is now a complete spell/combo shield.
: A visual update for Yoric
Yorick is perfect, as he is.
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: Come on now, Bard isn't really that big a loss ^^
Honestly, I do really well on him :P
Dunkan188 (EUW)
: Team builder broken?
Yep, this had been an issue since 5.9. It's annoying.
: The 2 Things that make Ekko too strong ATM.
Ekko is the most broken champion out, so far. Being broken on release should NEVER be an excuse.
Elýzium (EUW)
: Riot is becoming EA
Sadly, I've to agree..
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. This highly depends on what your friend was banned for. There have been some players that have been caught abusing the RaF system, giving them RP that they were not eligible for. For players that did this, all the content they purchased was removed, including gifts. This was essentially stolen. Your example of being sent to jail for a friends crime isn't exactly what is happening, if the above example is the case. Compare it to your friend stealing a lot of items in a store, and giving all the items to you. He goes to jail, but you get to keep the stolen items? At any rate, for an exact reasoning, you'll need to contact support. Only they can check this out.
Thanks for the reply :) It's just been brought to my attention after you posted this, that this is the case. I'd never even heard of that RaF system, I didn't even know it was done on here.. Thank you for helping me clear that up. - T'is a shame though.. Two of my mains.. Haha.
Vrrgil (EUW)
: This seems HIGHLY unfair, Riot. (Resolved)
I'd sent a ticket beforehand. :) The only items I've lost, are what he's purchased for me in the past. Everything I've ever purchased, remains. I think he got banned for toxicity, I'm not entirely sure. Just wanted your thoughts, is all.
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