: Okay fine but then tell me how to counter it except for staying away from bushes cuz u cant stay aways from bushes the whole game
Aye. the whole game you cannot stay away from brushes. Same way a key thing to countering Yasuos mobility is to stay away from your own minion wave when you want to fight him. In some instances you cannot avoid it. But the majority of times you can. Same way to avoid Kha's isolation damage, you sit on each other and minions so he doesn't get that bonus damage, some times you WILL be in the open, sometimes you will not. And how do you counter any assassin? CC. There is the argument of his emp.W cleanse, but either bait the fero spell or hit him with CC before he gets max fero. Ward brush. sling spells at him. Stay out of range. Build a defensive item. Dont go facechecking a bush if there is a 10/0 Rengar on the enemy team?
: Rengar Jump Cooldown
That is his entire Premise... Let's not let Ahri use her dashes within 10 seconds of eachother, because having those 3 dashes is unfair to play against cause I can only flash after her once! Lets not let Fiddle use his Drain.. because he just STANDS there and deals damage to me and heals omg were counterplay!!1 Nasus is so unfair, he kill me with 1 q after I let him free farm for 45 Minutes and built no defensive items :( From August himself "..We get to let Rengar's leap be INSANE because of how clearly gated it is. Are you away from brush, Rengar can't get to you without ult. Are you near brush? Rengar has an undodgeable 700 range jump that doubles as an attack with NO COOLDOWN." His ENTIRE KIT plays around using the BUSHES for mobility. That is his THING that he does so well. Are you near a Brush? Rengar has the advantage? Are you not? Rengar is at a disadvantage ( Unless he is fed ) Kat has her Daggers, Zed his Shadows, Shaco his Boxes and stealth, Kha his Isolation mechanic. All champs have something that makes them good but are clearly gated by something else. Do you remember when Zed was the King of Mid lane? And then they added a 1 SECOND DELAY to his being able to retake his R shadow? That destroyed a HUGE amount of his playmaking and outplay potential. This was reduced to 0.5 seconds and even then. that can kill you a lot of the time. Adding delays into a key aspect of a kit can destroy a champion completely. Adding a cooldown to his Leap, other than his AA timer would make him unplayable for anyone who doesn't play him for the "omg 1shot no counterplay lul"
: im gold 5 i didnt get rewards?
They said they will be giving rewards until around the end of the month, just be damned patient and wait
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Dear Junglars
Mate, I fully expect to go into my jungle have have it all taken by laners anyway, a plant won't make a bloody difference
: RENGAR was meant to be a SCARY BRUISER, not a squishy assasin
Jakey covers it all here - https://www.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/comments/59nnqt/rengar_rework_my_thoughts/
: why is it hard to ban boosting services?
So who gets fucked over in a houshold using multiple accounts? The brothers? The sister? The father who might play an occasional game?
: Tank Rengar will be the new OP?
Rengars base damage are quite meh, literally all of his spells are now somewhat heavy on the BONUS AD SCALING - Those are important, only built AD works towards the increased damage - so your AD/level is useless for scaling, he offers little in the form of CC, he doesn't have an AS steroid to utilise AA's that much, his W, if building Tank, is made useless as you'll take LESS damage in a 1.5 second window to heal
: The real reason why i'm toxic
You know, I hate when people are like "omg i have 1 death why team have 20" but in quite a few cases, especially as a jungler, if you even pay attention and try to countergank you can turn a 1v2 as they've already used their spells most likely meaning you saved a death and got at least 1 kill, rinse and repeat and viola, less deaths for your team, more wins for you
MonLolPT (EUW)
: Why My Teams All Suck And The Other Who Im Against Dont?
I shall let the god himself, Imaqtpie explain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBHEbd3fA2c
: /Remake is way too exploitable
I still think leaving remake to 3 minutes is pointless, I think by the time minions and camps spawn.. If you haven't connected by then you're already at a huge disadvantage.. Walking into lane to a possible level 3 champion is just going to be brutal and you're simply easy gold at that point
Pink n Sexy (EUNE)
: Think we could have Tanks that actually...
Perhaps you're against a magic damage team, and that 400 armour isn't all that useful if you're dying that quickly.
Varjokani (EUNE)
: Dear Riot why ?
I really hate that Normal/TT/Ranked MMR is not linked even slightly.. It is not uncommon for me to get 2-3 diamonds in a Normal, while I am plat 5.. Let's say getting the premade Gold/Plat and then being against the Masters Lee Sin is not a fun game to play
: Why do u buy boots ? " a seriuos question"
Because, depending on the boot, it can be useful. ionion - Flash up more, exhaust/heal whatever.. It is useful Full AD Team? AA Reliant champs? Tabi reduces damage by 10% Loads of CC? Mercs. Bunch of things you need to catch, but not much CC? Swifties... Seriously, the MS is nice but it is mostly about what effect you want on the boots in an ARAM as it can help vs a bunch of otherwise oppressive champs in aram
: Since when can Vayne condemn during knockup???
Cast time mate. She used E just before the target hit her, thus making it so you're hit with the condemn as she is midair.. simply how cast times work. You can also kick while condemned due to the same reason - Similar to how thresh can hook a nami even when the Nami hits him with a bubble
prins499 (EUW)
: Annie's ult
Now, a 2 second channel time would be bad, but if they perhaps made it similar to Lux E in, in that it is an AOE thrown in a line to a target area - similar to the cinematic - I think that'd be a good addition as it'd add counterplay in that you can react to it
: Honest Q, do riot even care about boosted accounts?
They don't care, or else they would never have made Dynamic queue :) It is so easy for boosters to now get people to a higher elo than they belong ~ now they do not even have to log onto anothers account and so they break no ToS
: What's this skill? A jump? A dash? Or maybe a dash which looks like a jump?
Jax can jump over Rengar E, so idk game seems weird sometimes
: Rengar or Kha Zix
Rengar is buggy and not that reliable right now, I'd suggest Kha over him if I am honest.. Sad that I have to say that even when I main Rengar FeelsBadMan
: Post Your Highest Mastery Champion
around 475k on Rengar.. next highest is like 35k on Lee sin
Four Star (EUW)
: Garen ulti bug (No damage)
Same effect can occur with a Hexdrinker/Maw ~ it deals damage enough to proc shield and the shield eats it all ~ causing it to look like 0 damage but in actual fact the damage went through and burnt the shield
Rito PI0x (EUW)
: Rapid Fire Cannon doesn't actually increse the leap range. But it increases the autoattack range slightly, but that's completely useless. The reason people build RFC on Rengar is the great passive. It allows you to put the maximum damage out with one q. That's also why most people combine RFC and Trinity Force. By the way RFC synergizes great with crit, and you usually get a lot of crit based items.
RFC is actually worse with Crit than Shiv. Shiv + IE gives you more damage on the proc due to Shiv's ability to crit and scale with bonuses to Crit damage, if you're going RFC you are just better off buying Triforce to make up for the lost damage and gain a slight bit of utility Most of these items are bugged on Rengar anyway ~ Shiv/RFC/Tri ~ so people are tending to not use them as they're currently suboptimal for what he does best
C9 Snick (EUW)
: High Elo Players We Need You.
You seem to go ~ at least in this game ~ for a farm heavy build of Devourer, but have 24 CS at 14 minutes :) I'd suggest if you want to gank early to either go Runic and max phoenix for the AOE and magic damage clear ~ you can clear a camp and get ganking earlier ~ or just go for Warrior and go Tiger - not optimal as it is single target and clears slower - but if ganks are what you play as it might be more suited to you as you only hit sated at 32 minutes - this could just be due to lack of dragon control but I would suggest not going for Devourer and you could have done more as a 10/2/4 Udyr with either Warrior or Runic, hell even Cinderhulk, in the time it took you to hit Sated as you want to try hitting that spike as early as possible - maybe work on dragon control for a few games - Go into customs and see what levels you can solo it at with what buffs/items etc. Moving once you auto to cover their path of escape is another thing you could try doing :) After you auto there is a period where your AA is on CD so you might as well move to where they will be trying to go - either to run to juke in a brush etc.
StacapaX (EUW)
: 0.25s is a bit too long we all saw that that's why they changed it to 0.125s. "Rengar was slightly to strong". I'm sorry but no. There was Jax and Graves (I just talk about them but they weren't alone). And this time there is the broken tank meta (Assassin going tank is really not normal). So Rengar wasn't the strongest champions at all but he still got nerf. After that if they just want to test it's ok but I don't think so.
They changed it to 0.125 as a compromise due to how his Cast time worked - the direction being diccitated at end of cast rather than start, thus leading you to effectively gimp yourself by having to hold the mouse in one place rather than being ready with a new command already issued after the jump finished, if you moved your mouse your bola would miss, but also that you tend to move whiole jumping and so the direction can readily change just by basically jumping over your cursor leading you to throwing bolas backwards. they have locked direction of Bola on start of cast rather than the end on PBE and so THAT is why, because it is gained at the start they want to test and see how he feels, but guess what, on live the majority of Bolas are already 0.25, only a few - mainly the first bola in game, are actually the intended 0.125. I am not arguing that there were probably champs who deserved the nerf more, but he was too strong, especially with the vision changes, his in-game burst was a tad too high and they did okay changing his Q, and his Ulti range was too short considering the impact of it and his ability to assassinate, BUT they went too far with his E, it did effectively destroy what he did as it made him inconsistent ~ something riot has said they don't want in the game many a time. Yes, it is a tank meta, but they are changing the Bola to 0.25 on all, but fixing SO MANY bugs he has had, take your blessings and if you even play Rengar at all, you'd notice how off his E is right now and how the cast time is never the same between any two bolas thrown, this literally makes some assassinations were you only have a small window impossible as you simply cannot frontload the burst as one or two abilities do not work and you tend to either have to be lucky or space them out further, which doesn't allow you to do what he is good at - oneshotting an enemy - cause you simply get peeled, exhausted, CC'ed or bursted.. and one you've used that jump unless you're in another brush you lack the mobility
StacapaX (EUW)
: Riot destroying Rengar.
Just going to say ~ Rengar main since start of S5 and currently at 473k on him ~ Now that THAT is out of the way and you might start to think I have somewhat of an idea of what I am talking about. The guy who is doing the Rengar bugfixes - RiotExgeniar, has said that the 0.25 second cast time is there on PBE because right now the cast time is inconsistent between the intended 0.125 and the unaltered 0.25 ~ this change would just create reliability and readability to what he can do ~ but also that they JUST WANT TO TEST HIM AGAIN ON 0.25 SO THAT THEY CAN ADJUST AS NEEDED WHEN HE HAS THE CAST POSITION FIXED. this is all Huge for Rengar as he actually HAS to throw the Bola so far in front of him and the direction of Bola being dictated by the end of cast leads to the inability to juke and make instantaneous plays effectively as you need to wait for the cast time to finish rather than issuing a new command before the animation has ended and thus gain possibly valuable fractions of a second that you can Flash/move out of the ... say Ahri charm. I'm not even going to go into what I think about the 6.2 change, other than they went too far with his E, but I do think he was slightly too strong and needed a slight tone down
: Which champ is that again? That can be full tank and still do tons of dmg?
> [{quoted}](name=legroszabjatekos,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rkwUp1bh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-04-27T15:10:01.004+0000) > > Which champ is that again? That can be full tank and still do tons of dmg? Naut, Poppy, Mundo, Malphite, Ekko, Voli, Maokai, Sion, Zac to name a few.. but right now you can basically build any champion tank and still do well :)
: No. NO! No, God please, no. NOOOOOOO!!!!
Do not play when the children are home is all I can say.
kauketsu (EUW)
: full tank = tons of dmg?
Yeah but Rengar with 6 damage items killing you is unhealthy Kappa
DarkDommi (EUW)
: ARAM RNG System needs reworking
Don't know what you're talking about. I love playing 5 melee vs a Mundo, Cait, Sivir, Ashe, Varus.. It is SO much fun...
hadoogen (EUNE)
: Urf
: When is URF
Tomorow Prepare. Sleep Now.. Because you wont for the next 2 days
AcRyLiiCc (EUW)
: Rengar or Ekko jungler ?
I'd not recommend Rengar right not.. Bola still slightly wonky and bugs plaguing him do not help - the meta also really sucks for him right now so it is overall just an absolute pain to be picking him
Wohltat (EUW)
: Which tool to record replays?
: Patch 6.7 Rengar Statikks/Rapid Fire Canon Bug
This has been around for like 4 patches. Want to see all the lovely bugs he has? Head on over to https://www.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/comments/48xull/fixed_rengar_bug_list_updated/ ~
Angoring (EUW)
: Bug report - Rengar on The Poro King
That isnt a bug - if you read his Passive, it lasts for 0.5 seconds when out of a bush. The same works for TP, you can TP from a Brush and be able to Jump afterwards if anything is in range
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Syndra or Lissandra?
Syndra is being adjusted in the MYMU.. I'd hold off on her for now. Liss is pretty good with the escape, point and click ulti etc.. Offers a lot of damage/utility to a team and a lot of initiation/baiting potential
Steel (EUW)
: What Do You Eat, Drink, Or Consume While Playing?
Coffee. No other sustenance is needed. Coffee is all. Coffee is love, Coffee is life.
ZH Mvt (EUW)
: How do people feel about new splash arts??
Some are fine, some are I think better, but I find the base Irelia splash to now be absolutely awful
Rioter Comments
Tankslot (EUW)
: Rengar the most buggiest champion ever.
https://www.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/comments/48xull/fixed_rengar_bug_list_updated/ Basically all of these happened after 6.2 ^_^ Man has it been a fun time since then having E be wonky, my jump not working, getting stuck in minions, not able to attack, and having a bunch of core items not working.. Oh I just LOVE IT
George LS (EUW)
: Critical Chance Rengar
First up. Trinity is bugged and does not work correctly with him at all and a lot of the time if you want to actually use his combo in a way to have the highest burst, it bugs out Triforce forcing the spellblade to not activate on his Auto. Next up! If I play out any champion I could make it sound broken by ignoring Armours and such, LW is a sub-par Item for Rengar, and if he is going CRIT, which you imply, if leaves very little time for Armour pen builds, which means he is going to be getting around a 12-17 armour pen from runes, and then 20 from ghostblade for a total of 32-37, that is a small amount considering a lot of ADC's are going to be hitting around 80~ armour at level 18, so you're actually only going to be doing damage as if they'd have 50~ armour which is still a substantial reduction to damage. His Q bonus damage cannot crit, only the Base Auto can crit, so as to why you've had to specify that I do not know. If you've been instagibbed through zhonya, you're either playing a champion that Rengar does well against regardless (no escapes etc.) or he was very fed, right now Rengar is at his weakest point he has been for a while, the nerfs in 6.2 have basically killed the champion and it is harder than ever to carry and get fed.
I've also just purchased £20 worth of RP.. I'd actually like it at some point if I am honest.
: Rengar build and combo discussion
: Show rank in match history
They have said they want to implement it, but so that only you are able to view it, so that you aren't embarrassed about those bad games where you get a.. I don't even know what the lowest rank is, D? F? Either way they want to make it so you can choose to show those good S+ games and avoid showing the terrible ones where you go 1/16 and get the lowest rank possible
Breakbenj (EUNE)
: Nerfs on urgot and pantheon are unexplainable and the nerf on talon is too much for his early PBE
Win rate doesn't mean anything, Rengar had a 50-51% winrate in Plat+, but gets nerfed insanely and dropped by 7% in a Single patch, and had to have compensation buffs that still only put him to around a 47%, and introduced a bunch of bugs that make him so frustrating to play as
: Make Jinx BOOBS BIGGER !!!!!!
: How to fix Steraks Gage item
To be honest, I feel like if you're having high HP and Medium resistances, as you say Juggernauts have, they should not have sustain nor high burst. Low to medium amounts of damage..? Sure, but being able to 100-0 someone while being tanky as hell and then healing 36% of their missing HP and basically refusing to die and gaining 40-200 Bonus AD just for killing someone.. that is just retarded, and with the introduction of Deadmans, the popularity of Swifties with alacrity, catching people and the lack of mobility is not so much of an issue, and with how damned strong tank items are, you are seeing people building 1 or two damage items before transitioning that into just straight up tank stats which makes it hard to do anything when you're dealing very little damage to them and they're still able to kill you unless you pile on 3 people, and one of those is probably going down
ikaFantoom (EUNE)
: New Ap item against AD assassins Idea
If that is ever added in to the game, I want an AD variant of Zhonya, cause it is only fair to allow me to Zhonya that Syndra ult, or Diana combo, or just press Zhonya after jumping into 5 people and half healthing someone
: Tank ADCs...PLEASE
Tank items. They need a price increase. Almost no tank items cost more than 3k gold, unless they have a damage "attachment" if you will, whereas you're investing 3200+ for any decent form of damage.. Rabadons? Better be prepared to invest 3800 gold. Oh, Spirit Visage? That'll be 2800 Gold. Steraks? Oh right, that is only 2700 gold. I was playing Kha while Rengar is disabled and I had a Naut, Lucian and Ahri with me. Against a Graves and Blitz we did not kill either of them. the Lucian and Ahri died almost instantly to him, and then I died not long afterwards and the Naut was cleaned up, after this the Graves had taken, oh yes, no damage at all because he healed around 1/3 of his HP every auto with DD, BT and Maw, he also had a Steraks and was impossible to kill while 1 to 2 shotting anyone, including those who'd build somewhat defensive. This is all late-game so no-one was lacking items but I was under the impression that Assassin>ADC and it was meant that was as to provide a viable means of balancing them by having a clear weakness, but guess I'll go and play an ADC in every lane and just build the cheap tank items.
ThePr0phet (EUNE)
: More rengar skins!
Your post has Rengar in the title, be prepared for the downvotes my friend. He does need a new skin that is actually good.. the SSW is Alistar with a knife and Night hunter is.. well a hunchback
: what was the rengar bug exactly?
There a quite a few to be honest, but they do not effect other players.. only those that play Rengar, so Riot wont bother fixing them. The bug in question was the ability to have a Permanent Empowered W and E available for use. if you WQ at 4 stacks, you'd be able to infinite cast your Empowered W and E forever until you activate your Q.
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