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: Ready check not wroking
Ur not alone . Already waited for 5+15+15 mins cuz of that . My LoL.exe shortcut is moving closer and closer to the recycle bin every day.
: > [{quoted}](name=Z1GO,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=lK7i16K0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-26T15:36:03.135+0000) > > I too want a chance to win a game and have fun because of my skill and not because RNG said so. So, not because you decided to pick on of the various OP/abusive champions in the gamemode? Your skill? Gotcha.
Welp in arurf the games end in loading screen when everyone realise what everyone has. In old urf atleast you could counter that op pick with something op or just go for someone random and have fun like me and my buddy went 2 tanks and had a blast (im not a tryhard) but right now all you can do is just wait for 15 mins till the game hopefully ends due to a surender because teams are extremely onesided due to RNG.The way things are atm its only fun for 1 team and thats the team that got op picks from rng. There is no fun in playing something that you dont want and this leads to many people just afking in base or just quiting the match which ruing the game for others. In old urf you could ban the op picks if u wanted, atleast you HAD A CHOICE. Now everything is forced, u want to play ekko ? welp too bad cuz in 30 matches ur not gonna get it cuz u have all the champs unlocked so u have to play 100+ matches to MAYBE get him. U want some quick mafs ? Here : lets say u have 100 champs and u want to play 1. lets say average game last 15mins , 15x100= 1500 1.5k/60 =25hours 25/2 (cuz its 2 days) =12.5 so just to get to play your champ MAYBE,ONCE you would have to play 12.5 hours a day during this weekend. Idk about u but if I want to play a champ i want to play it few times cuz 1 time is not enough. And dont say "oh but not everyone has 100+ champs" cuz a lot of people do. I feel like I should just go create a new acount buy 1 champ that i want to play just so I could play ARurf if I want to get my champ.
: so don't play it. why act so entitled ? no1 owes you shit. you don't like something, you move on...what's so difficult? I personally love AR URF, and wouldn't change it. Seeing same 10 champs over and over again was anything but fun. Be glad that at least they admitted their mess-up, and gave us something great. SMH
Dont u get it ? Arurf is the closest thing to urf there is ,telling people to just not play it is not a solution.
qnusper (EUW)
I too want a chance to win a game and have fun because of my skill and not because RNG said so.
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: Inting + Toxic and he is still playing? I want justice!
Are you sure that he got banned because of his Kda and not because of what he said during those 2 matches?
: Why cant we trade in ARUF?
according to rito its a bug , dont have a link to that post sorry .
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MicroBattle (EUNE)
: Save URF
im not sure if you are saying "bring back old urf " or what ,cuz I dont think rito is gonna get rid of "arurf"
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