: New Borders
same borders again. afaik there have only been 3 different borders so far so why would they rework them every season?
Toxeq (EUW)
: Is Jayce hard to Master ?
id say hes a bit above average.
: thanks for the tip, i'll keep that in mind. as for when you get autofilled, i believe it was largely dependent on wheter or not there is a shortage of a specific role in your elo. if there is, than there is also a chance for you to get autofilled to prevent long q times
yea thats what autofills there for. but i always take top/mid or top/jungle and those roles arent that unpopular
: question about autofill
may i ask tho how you get autofill? on this account which is plat 4 with a high plat mmr i never had autofill, at least not as far as i can remember. although there currently is a nice little bug that allows you to get around autofill. just create a lobby and when autofills on cancel it and make a new one. this works quite well in your elo. it doesnt always work so you might have to restart the lobby several times, the chance gets lower as the amount of players gets lower but until d3-d2 it always worked for me (this is my smurf)
: Fix renekton
http://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/renekton ?
GameSpyy (EUNE)
: Season 6 rewards
youve probably been banned within the last 3 months or had a chat or ranked restriction active by the end of the season
B4zing4 (EUW)
: i know that u cant drop out out of a 5er divison in gold or silver, but i dont thinks its the same for plat, is it?
y you can drop but its pretty difficult. and im pretty sure its the same for each elo. probably more likely for higher elo players since they can drop their mmr quicker and further than silver / gold can
: Hi, I believe you misunderstood. I'm talking about the new auto fill feature league has added in the recent update. So this means in ranked and draft pick games there will be an autofill feature monitoring your queue times and will automatically give you the fill role if your queue time takes long, This means getting support 90% of the time.
i do know what autofill is ive experienced it many times already on my main
: Is Auto Fill actually fixing anything?
yep i can agree with that. i personly dont have a problem with long queue times. i just read a book or watch some videos or whatever in the meantime. imo long queue times are sometimes even good. except for very few cases where i maybe only have 1 hour left before i need to go somewhere then autofill would be useful. just out of curiousity: why are you making a post about it although youve probably never seen it in action and may not see it affect you in the future?
2 afks in the last 20 games. you kinda exaggerated it. but y sometimes you get afks but that wont get better in high elo either
: Nope, It's actually the opposite, I never play normals, all i play is ranked.
welp i looked you up on euw rip
: From what i know on league there is on average 27 million log ins a day that was the last official word on it and that was 2014 , EUW is the largest server and ghostcrawler recently said that player numbers are up, However that is just daily it is said that 67 million players log in monthly as we dont know how many people log in yearly i would say its fair to say anywhere from 15-20 million
thats by far not accurate anymore. if you look at the ranked players on op.gg its WAY less that have even played their 10 rankeds this entire season. korea: 3.15m euw: 2.85m eune: 1.4m na: 1.75m las: 0.45m lan: 0.45m ru: 0.15m jp: 0.08m oce: 0.2m br: 1m tr: 0.65m that makes a total of about 12.1m players that have played ranked at some point in this season. ofc there are players that dont play ranked but it wont exceed 15m
B4zing4 (EUW)
: Demotion from Platin to Gold and Season award
i wouldnt worry about dropping out of a 5er division. thats nearly impossible
: We've all heard of it...: "Bad teams" What do I do..? (Warning: Wall of text)
tbh noone can simply help you at all without watching you play. i used to coach people for a short time but i noticed myself that im not good enough to be a actually good and useful coach (i do lack of gameknowledge since im a otp). but if you want to i could look at your games a bit. i am a riven otp so i still have some pretty decent knowledge about the toplane (since you said youre playing pantheon a lot). and btw this isnt my main my main is d3 atm
youre not even playing ranked. who cares about a normal wth
: Ranked Team
i could play on this acc but i could also play on my main if thats ok for you its d3 atm
: You having a conversation with yourself now or something? 😹Yeah karthus does have to position but to the same amount as every other no escape mage. No escape tools will genally teach people how to position. Once they have basic positioning down they should then go onto things with dashes. I am current coaching someone called m the Slayer (feel free to look him up) and he was playing vayne and he used to think a dash backwards is the same as being that distance back to start with (you can almost hear akali doing backflips laughing) so the first thing I got him was off vayne for 1 and onto a mid laner (Annie) and I'd teach him how to roam (cause he was afk bot farming.... the whole fucking game...). I think his current match history should shove his process (unless he is playing a shit ton of vayne when I'm not coaching and if he is I need to go break his legs)😉
imo karthus is harder than the other ones since if he wants to actually deal any damage he needs to get into auto attack range (for rangeds) whereas someone like xerath can stand WAAAY back
Vweldar (EUW)
: ok maybe he does in lower elo since people do that on all champs but karth can still do sth then
and no im not looking down on other people or call them bad because i suck myself
Vweldar (EUW)
: y thats the kind of suicde karthus that doesnt win shit
ok maybe he does in lower elo since people do that on all champs but karth can still do sth then
: .... he walks into the enemy team with e on and dies then presses r... and then if he feels like it he spams q
y thats the kind of suicde karthus that doesnt win shit
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: how to hit high elo for real (warning i will properly offend you)
karthus has to pay a lot of attention to his positioning
: Recruiting a Top Laner and a Jungler Plat 5+ on EUW
Frightpest (EUNE)
: Who to watch: One-Trick-Ponies
{{champion:92}} - Rüven (twitch: iamrueven) challenger 730 lp riven main
Alex3995 (EUW)
: maybe some carcters are blocked or just not supported? ø▬↨▬­☺­¼½¾Œ­‰ ©®¬☼¶¨þ○◙◘⌂­± some things still work tho the list: http://tools.oratory.com/altcodes.html
ah i always used the ones above the letters not the numbers on the right side
Viavarian (EUW)
: Well, since the character is invisible, you wouldn't see it. Try it with Alt+0101 first, that should produce the letter "A".
i mean the thing indicating where you are typing atm doesnt move so there is no letter right?
Viavarian (EUW)
: To type a special character that is not on your keyboard, you hold the Alt key and type the character's ordinal, in this case "0173". Then you release the Alt key.
Viavarian (EUW)
: Didn't try it with the LoL client, but soft hyphens are generally invisible (producible by Alt+0173 under Windows).
what exactly do you mean by "0173"
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: Why is Irelia pick/ban all of a sudden?
the ninja tabi boots buff and swiftness boots nerf also plays into this a little bit. also the champions that generally beat her got nerfed a bit (some of them)
OkiRena (EUW)
: I wanna Reform
1st. when the game starts, mute EVERYONE 2nd. dont give a damn about your team. you are the one is better than them right? so be the actual better player and dont say anything. i mean nothing except for maybe timers. but literally anything you say can be taken as an offense by some idiots. 3rd. no matter what you say, your team wont get better right? its difficult to do sometimes i know. but even when youre tilted as hell just try to keep a calm head and for gods sake: do not type anything!!!! not in all chat, no reporterinos, no threats, just nothing. 4th. if you get kinda sick of it all just drag the chat window to the very bottom right handcorner so you cant see it anylonger and unbind your chat key.
: Launch a custom Click on the Echap-key it opens an in-game menu (you can also click on the "Option Screen" button which is next to the map) Select the interface section on the ~~right~~ left Oh god I'm so bad XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Scroll down until you see "combat text" Tick whatever you wanna see, here "Gold" There you go ! I hope it'll solve your problem Edit : don't forget to use the "ok" button before closing the window ;-)
thats the problem. it wont show me the gold although i have it ticked
Fernanix (EUW)
: Reset to default setting or something it might be bugged. If nothing wait for new patch or maybe uninstall and reinstall.
i did reset but it didnt help. also ive used the backup file from my launcher and it also didnt help
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