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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: It is not a secret that some skins have some hidden bonusses, but nothing huge and game/mechanix changing like this. For example the series of Pentakill skins gives you +2 AP when you get a Pentakill while wearing that skin in-game. There must be another explanation for this gif. You could just have little tiny lag spike and Vayne could do little step back that didnt appear in your frames, so she was actually somewhere else than you have seen her. Its happening in every online game tbh. By the way, Lux's Q even in classic skin, fades out on the end of the range and sometimes I am surprised myself when it hits, so maybe in this skin it fades out sooner.
There was no lagg while this was happening (23 ping). Also i checked the replay many times, there are no skipped frames.
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Cezarica (EUNE)
: 500 k damage
Yorick's dmg done and dmg taken multiplier might have an additional 0 on the end.


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