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: Braum's Shield works a very similar way to Yasuo's windwall: both work against any sort of *projectiles*. There are a lot of things that aren't projectiles, usually it's quite clear to see what is and what not. e.g. Kayles Q is clearly a projectile, she creates this flame that dashes towards it's target. Looking at something like Karthus ult it's pretty clear that it's not a projectile, it doesn't have any sort of Animation that starts somewhere and then moves towards the target. AAs make this a bit more confusing, as most ranged AAs are projectiles. e.g. Cait, they clearly start at the enemy and then fly towards their target. But there are some exceptions, who even if they are ranged, don't have AAs that classify as projectile. Thresh and Vel are 2 examples. And to that last category is where Kayle's E belongs too, it doesn#t have any form of thingy that gets created and moves, it just hits instant.
Okay yeah. That was my fail. I thought it reduced dmg from direction, but after checking it reduces dmg from projectiles. How it reduces dmg from melee attacks then though?
: they arent projectiles they basicly are meele attacks at a range. they also dont get blocked by yasuo windwall and are instant (basicly would be infinite projectyle speed
Yes, but the thing is. Even I took full dmg from Kayle's AA:s and not the reduced dmg it should have been. Thats the big thing for me that made me think about it that even if she goes ranged melee Braum's E blocks dmg from a specific direction so the dmg from Kayle to Braum should be diminished too right? Or are Kayle's AA:s during E like Karthus ult's that you cant avoid wtih Braum:s E even if it points in the right direction? I didnt have time to look about it after, just saw that happen once and we lost shortly after that.
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