: SummonersLab, Part 1: An additional Crit Item
- That mirage blade seems a bit overpowered though, so you might wanna nerf the AD down to 45 or just remove the lifesteal. - Would you allow it to pass terrain? - How far would the dash go? Tumble vayne range, or flash range? Or perhaps better, make it depend on the movement speed like Kalista? But then again, who would buy this, it doesn´t really fit anyone but the adc´s that don´t already have a tumble/dash. Let´s see. **It wouldn´t make sense on** a {{champion:81}} , {{champion:42}} or {{champion:96}} (well perhaps a little on kogmaw). But these champs do tend to build entirely different stuff than regular adc´s. {{champion:429}} queen of movement and AS there would be a lot better items for her to consider. {{champion:67}} has a tumble every other second and needs too much AS. ** It would make minor sense on**: {{champion:202}} (with his range and lack of movement speed, you´re dead anyway if you get caught), {{champion:203}} might be an occasional item, {{champion:236}} his dash and playstyle don´t really need another desingage I feel, but occasionally might be usefull, {{champion:133}} God I have no idea, i never know what to build on her, she´s so special. {{champion:119}} it´s draven, why would he desINGAGE, {{champion:110}} more of a midlaner these days, although i guess there might be use for this item, he already has a slow, {{champion:104}} is a jungler and is do or die anyway, {{champion:51}} is far ranged and has her safety net, {{champion:15}} has the get out of jailcard ultimate, {{champion:18}} has a very reliable jump away. {{champion:29}} has the range and invisibility, although it might prove usefull **Might be good for:** {{champion:222}} ones caught, has but her traps which aren´t too reliable. {{champion:22}} ones caught she´s kinda dead, and she doesn´t have the safety of a jhin, so definitely an interesting item on her. {{champion:21}} also an interesting item for her, {{champion:6}} like who plays this guy adc anyway Can I bring a radical different design that I would love to see? **Quick Blade** Price: _3500G _ AD: _45_ Crit chance: _20%_ Unique Passive: _movement speed is increased with 60 Unique Active: _Mark a target with AAs, if target close to you, you can dash away backwards from this target._ This would allow for a radical new gamestyle for adc´s who are mobile but squishy powerhouses. You might wanna build boots, you might not want too. The choice is yours!
: SummonersLab: A Series full of ideas to futher improve LoL: The Introduction
Good luck man! And why not? Riot can only learn I guess! Who knows what awesome stuff the community might uncover. For example, the salt staff of saltiness. With absolutely no stats but 1 passive and 1 active : Passive: post 1 random salty comment in all chat every minute. Active: When activated, you will use all abilities and sommuner´s actives, while missing the enemy champion. As a bonus, the enemy champion must attack you until you die.
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: Opinions about Gold
Hell the reason I only play normals these days, the trying to win those 3 out of 5 promo games, and winning your first to, only to have the other 3 get messed up by leavers or trollers, wasn´t worth it for me. I guess all you can do is duo-q (limiting the odds) and keep trying to enjoy yourself somehow. If you try it enough (and if you´re good enough) you will make it one day.
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All marksmen? Where is Ashe?

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