: this is so stupid. i don´t have money to buy a new laptop... lol and the new client don´t work and my laptop after clicking launch it doesnt work... if the old client dissapear i will stop play league of legends.
: Making all languages aviable in all regions
Spelling "available" properly is like monkey test #1 on the internet ainit
: no its not. defentely not in ranked. no clue about draft normal. but thats not true for ranked.
How is it not true? Are you guys blind or what, it's been around for literally months. Top role is on top, support is on the bottom. That's only for the arrangement. In blind you have to press tab and move the players around yourself.
: thats actually not true. i only can guess its sorted by highest elo still, but there is 100% definetely not a sort by role ive seen mid, top, jungle, support and adc as first pick within the last 2 days. so no, you are clearly wrong on that.
Um, because people just agree to play different roles? In draft, it's always arranged top-jung-mid-mm-sup now by default unless you swap with someone.
: Doing alright ain't enough. You gotta be exceptional.
I've noticed on boards, when you say nerd shit, you get upvoted, when you talk legit truth, you get downvoted by silver bads. Unrelated facts.
And now it's on the official page. So %%%% reddit.
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
Doing alright ain't enough. You gotta be exceptional.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: 1) That's not even close to being true, or even to being a fair comparison. Unclear tool tips can be actual important issues. 2) Even if that's the case, that is YOUR opinion, not a fact. 3) If you didn't care about this issue you shouldn't even have clicked and commented on this thread just to be a jackass. Bored much? 4) And for your information Graves got his cigar back. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
They gave graves his cigar back based on memes. You expect them to be worried about serious matters come on now.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: I'm not saying I'm confused as to how it works. I explicitly said that it's the WORDING of the tool tip that can be misleading. I know how Void Staff works. However the description of the item isn't clear and it can cause some confusion. That doesn't mean I don't know how it works. Like I said, if there have been countless posts and requests regarding this issue then it it something to think about. The tool tip isn't clear. That's all. So yeah, point still stands.
There are countless of posts about graves not having a cigar. Threads about unclear tooltips are about as relevant.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Point still stands however. And after all these years it hasn't been adressed. So probably it was still necessary to post this thread.
What point? Every stat would require calculations if you look deep into it, but nobody gives a freak about it. I remember from old days that reduction and flat pen were applied before void staff. If we haven't heard anything about a change, it probably still works that way.
: New client is disgusting
It requires the same amount of clicks... Other than that, it has like 10 really good features that the old client doesn't have, and you can even have it off while playing. Yeah dude, so disgusting.
: i send new champion and i didnot got icon ?
: Worst skin I can buy my friend?
Get him unchained alistar.
: 25 Chat restriction bug?
I don't think they should make changes so bans are "clearer" to understand. You're not supposed to get those. Just play games and don't get chat locked no mo... Other than that, I remember it was uncear, but I also remember it showed you somewhere, or told you how many games you have left. I think the prompt at login has it?
Zac Omega (EUW)
: i have one of those problematic window OS ....Which cant let me change to admin
Properties compatibility and check the run as admin, if you have some God forgotten OS, then idk.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Looking for a champion good for high bronze low silver
To be honest, if you're in a position where you have to go to the boards to ask people that, no champion is gonna help you...
: Dreams about love.
Yes, those are called wet dreams.
otherling (EUNE)
: Ranked Lottery
Chicks tend to play support(wouldn't call it at 90% but it's pretty much how it is), probably due to their boyfriends getting them into league rather late, and they simply suck at it, or suck at games in general, so they force them to play the role that isn't that punishing in terms of mistakes. I do know some pretty beast ladies that carried themselves pretty high in the ranks, none of them play support though. If you're carrying a game, everybody's moral is boosted, losing lanes start to perform better in most cases, and flaming rarely occurs. I guess bottom line would be, if you really enjoy: > being in the back and taking care of teammates. I like taking care of the vision and have control over the map. I also like the feeling of giving everything out and save a teammate. then I suggest you look for a decent flex team. Or if you're at an acceptable level, pick jungle or mid and carry games.
: [Champion Concept] Mizu, the great Analyst
Sounds like it has tons of work to be done to make it efficient, and then you have champions like annie that can macro all their super hard to hit derp insta penta spells to 1 button and win a game. XD
Mada (EUW)
: Pro tip: find players with whom you enjoy playing the game
Pro tip: it sounds more like a casual tip.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Rift Herald update - Mid season
That Herald was so far only killed by teams that are pretty ahead, I don't like it either. Seems like faster push for derp champions/players that enjoy afk derping top lane to the nexus.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Fair enough hahaha. EDIT: but i mean, couldn't it be worded a little different to make it more clear? Just googled my same question and there's countless of people stating this very same thing for years now. Even posts form 2010, 2011, etc. Isn't it clear it is a bit confusing and something should/could be done about it?
Imagine if you googled BEFORE making threads :)
HardFaile (EUW)
: Chat history improvement
What I do is I kinda just remember it. And if I don't, my chat is never overloaded with random useless crap. I guess you might be playing with a bunch of monkeys.
YatoBuchQ (EUNE)
: Skin loading screen borders
Borders as in the tier borders? They have such? :\
joker090807 (EUNE)
: Patch update
Run the repair or clean reinstall? Since you can affort to have it work all night I mean...
XxBeelZxX (EUW)
: Changing summoner name
Poral Creampie
: Feature Request: Swap position in pickorder
Teams are arranged top-jung-mid-mm-sup now. Would probably %%%% it up....
: Can I get banned for being "bad player" or "not follow the meta"?
> I usually mute everyone to avoid bad experiences > I am a very unskilled player and there is sometimes I think I am choosing a bad item or a bad strategy or champion etc... Seems to me like it's already a bad experience... Maybe take a rain check?
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Said the guy who plays champs that literally need to press R in a teamfight and win it
You're both bad, hence why you approve anything said in this garbage thread NUFF SAIDDDDDDDDD
BIuePaw (EUW)
: There's a Lee Sin every single game for 2 entire seasons
Or maybe we can just nerf your main teemo that has basically 2 spells and they both require absolutely nothing to be landed. Ban it or learn to play.
: Everyone saying that Graves cigar meme is dead...
: That feeling when...
2012 want their thread back
Etherim (EUW)
: Don't flame.
> I must admit i'm a bit mad about the restriction as I think it's a bit too much Me and most sane people be like > O_O
Doomley (EUW)
: I personally love the general wukong -skin and it's splash art is just magnificent.
Yeah, I understand it's totally preferences, but I freakin hate them all. It's an old and fun champion, not a derp like, say, Yasuo. Give some love to the winkong instead already
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=WHACK,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=y9jjzJEO,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2017-04-05T13:26:53.245+0000) > > You just described Taliyah actually. Sol is ass. Yeah...That's why he has the highest midlane winrate...
That is kinda exactly why, btw how about we don't post on 28 months old nonsense trash topics no mo
: treating opponents with respect is being a carebear??? seriously??? I used to do Karate when I was little... if I behaved to an opponent that way, by humiliating him by saying he's ez for me do you know what would happen??? I would be kicked off the training for a while and I would have to apologize on my hands and knees to be let back in... Now this is how to learn proper manners... but what would you know about that...
I train combat sports aswell, I still consider carebearing funny/sad/pathetic. So what in the mother %%%% is your point again?
PoKeR22234 (EUNE)
: Is "ez pz", "izi", "ez af" considered unsportsmanlike behavior?
Knowing how carebear this community is, probably.
: S7 is bad and completely balanced around LCS and not SOLOQ
I'm pretty sure the company uses challenger players reports to base their updates on. What do you expect exactly?
Caladodd (EUW)
: fizz protobelt through veigar E
This is what you'd call gamebreaking, right? This and the other 28 thousand legit gamebreaking bugs this game has, those make you wonder, how is this the biggest game in esports today...
Pihlakas (EUNE)
: Road to masters with rivenmain
Lost me at riven main
Marissa (EUW)
: Meeptator Bard
I wonder if he's telling them that they should invade poland...
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > I've noticed I only get key fragments on wins It's only possible on wins. Loss won't drop them. --- > especially when I do good. Coincidence. Key fragments are only based on winning a game.
Honestly the key thing is so unclear, it needs a change. It's so easy to know which champion you can still earn boxes for, but unless you documented it, there ain't no way you can know when your keys are gonna reset.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Key fragments are random drops each time you win, and are not dependent on your score. Each time you get a fragment, the chance of your next fragment is slightly lower. This chance resets 28 days after your first fragment drop, and you can get a total of 12 key fragments in a 28 day period.
Although I've noticed I only get key fragments on wins, especially when I do good. But yeah, only 4 keys a month.
Leyra (EUW)
: [5V5 Tournament] 40 000 RPs to win ! - Owly Bunny
40k RP really isn't anything impressive, considering it'll be spit between like 20 players. Lol.
die Nihil (EUW)
Yo you got like 50k subs just by doing montages? And not even of you? You make it look easy, damn
: Ranks after game is rigged.
You're getting mad over your girlfriend having more success than you? Maybe she should read this huh
Icemarch (EUNE)
If you saw the level of casual...ness and the amount of goofing around me and my homies rock in normal games, you would honestly feel stupid. We had this random recently who raged at us on discord for mass flashing around red buff at the start, that shit just looked sad. We just laughed at him while he was losing his shit. Then he kept the ape-shit throughout the game, while we all had tons of fun, although we did dumb stuff pretty often. So that's what you were in those normal games. Just some person to feel sad for or laugh at.
Bosnis (EUNE)
: Aggre, I have gtx 1050ti msi and I3 2130 and 8gb ram. I can even play GTA 5 at 50-60fps online without any problem... I but suprisingly League of legends has some serious drops. With my old gtx 460 I could get ~200fps and I capped it at 120fps stable without any fps drop. But when I changed it into gtx 1050ti, I get drops from 120fps to 90fps, or even lower... I read at forums that this problem because they dont optimize game with new gen of gtx cards... :/ So fck this.
GTAV is the best optimized game of the recent years. I run it on my side PC on gtx 650 and a 10 years old athlon, it still runs at 30 fps at medium settings. Really not the right example. But yeah, League is extremely poorly optimized.
Honestly, games evolve... You wouldn't be able to play anything new with 4 gigs of ram, why does League have to stay in 2010 so that people with ridiculously outdated machines can still play(and barely enjoy it since they run all low settings). Get your broke ass back to work and save up for some upgrades.
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