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: > [{quoted}](name=WHATTHEFOEK,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=T19NBw4M,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-08-30T12:15:33.341+0000) > > I dont know this would be the only game out of all my legacy games i am unable to retrieve the account from due to a timely matter. And how many of those accounts were perma banned for escalated toxicity? This isnt you simply trying to recover lost account. You are trying to get account unbanned that was banned 1 year ago. After all this time, why should Riot believe you anything? _**Im not saying you did any of these things, but for all we know you could have**_. This isnt case where someone hacked your account and got perma banned and u try to retrieve it next day, This is you claiming u stopped playing on that account 2 years ago. Lets say Riot invests resources and investigate and finds out that it wasnt played from same IP as yours. Whos to say you didnt sell account to someone you know, he told you that he got perma banned on it and you thought to try and make up story to retrieve it? Whos to say you didnt move to study, work, moved in with a girlfriend, boyfriend ,cat... played, got perma banned, now moved back and trying to use that as leverage to get unbanned? Whos to say you didnt let friend play on your account while you were in army, came back and he got perma banned? If ban happened yesterday, then maybe u would have some case. But you cant possibly prove it wasnt you.
Well i hope this is not the reasoning of a major company that makes billions of dollars, because that sort off thought process is harmful for everyone. And to be honest... a permanent ban for toxicity should be one of the lowest rated levels of permanent bans anyway. As far as i understand the rules of riot it is made for cursing or destructive playing, so its not for hacking or something similar. I think that a company should give second chances in these sorts of cases anyway for the reason people changed. I didn't get my account banned back in 2015 but i did get ranked restricted twice within 2 months while i never had been banned before because of the new banning scripts so i left the game quite frustrated, im older now i get frustrated less so i know i personally wouldn't get ranked restricted... (the reason i got restricted was because i said ''report xxxx'' after he went on a intentional feeding spree just to remind everyone but i've learned when it comes to riot ''less is more lol''). I think that this is the company that has the highest zero tolerance policy towards their own player base of any company i've worked with or encountered, people are people they get mad sometimes right?
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: > [{quoted}](name=GrimoireWeìss,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=T19NBw4M,comment-id=000400000000000100000000,timestamp=2017-08-30T18:33:22.304+0000) > > I don't want anything from the game. All I want is a fair investigation that if proved of someone getting falsely banned that he could have a chance of recovering it. > I bet I know more than you with your "explaining". And what kind of proof did OP provide that he was falsely banned?
Well i got hacked and banned, so i just received another email saying there will be no conjunction between me and the moderators. Your account gets hacked while you're inactive for 2 years its your fault if your account gets banned when hacked, i think this is considered being falsely banned by 99% of video game companies but in riots defense they did change the terms of use BEFORE this happened to me... I think it was around 2013 or 14 they changed the TOS and 2015 that they made a specific line regarding that if your account gets hacked its your problem so yes, if you lose your account you dont ''own'' it its their property and if you lose it you aren't entitled to having it back. Very clear from their part sadly it took 2 weeks of back and forth with moderators for one to quote this to me instead of constant 3/4th automated message where the only adjusted part of the message basically is the name they put in (im sorry this is upsetting). But yeah, its no problem i'll go back to the other countless game companies that do support account retrieval for everyone and would not betray core players or veteran players like this. I am friends with Blizzard luckily they send me christmas gifts and if im ever in need of support there is either a live chat or a phone number... Such a shame that riot blocked any form of communication apart from ''tickets'' to the broad ''support'' branch. Then again its no problem i just wanted to play some games i used to play years ago for nostalgic reasons league of legends has been a huge part i remember going to school and playing this for 3 hours a night before going to bed 8 years ago. But what i find more than a huge shame is that not only is the riot support incomprehensive in the sense of how they handle support (Copy paste) also i find that today while i was searching for help (i was redirected to a certain discord and such) also the community shows no mercy to anyone who is new to riots new order. It wasn't always like this you know, i remember up until atleast s4 from alpha if you had a problem the entire community would help moderators would almost 360 backflip to your aid but all i found today is nit picking ''what kind of proof is there hes falsely banned'' when i made it clear that i was inactive and just came back... I mean come on man what does this comment add just like countless of other messages here saying ''JUST STOP WHINING'' a old school player or a player of any kind wants to return to the game and gets ''pfffft'' kicked out of the community by this passive aggressive stance towards any one who doesn't come from the new riot supreme lead. The moderators here are also very ill mannered, you can ask them very specific questions and they literally just wont respond even after 10 emails on which you wait over a week: ''I'm sorry to hear our decision saddened you! We didn't mean to upset you in any way. :( I would like to explain you once again that this account has been suspended due to extreme chat toxicity. Unfortunately, we don't restore accounts found to be in violation of our Terms of Use.'' After i said: ''Hey, i am sad to hear that due to the nature of the ban i am unable to retrieve my account.'' Im a freaking adult i played and supported this game before 99% of these moderators worked for this company better yet i did the JOB of moderating before most of these moderators got their job both on the old school forums and when the tribunal was released a year or two after alpha release, the amount of disrespect in this to me is very frustrating. And when i respond to the email regarding that i kind of now have a expectancy of an email because of what Teyllara promised all i can push out of them is this: ''I am afraid that I have also looked into this issue, and due to the nature of the suspension that has been placed onto your account, we will be unable to modify our stance regarding this issue, under any circumstances =('' again without anything said other than well we sorta like ehhh looked into it you know... These are just parts of the message i linked the full messages before, and given the context you can decide for yourself if YOU think it is fair to be banned for being inactive for two years. Riot is right they do say it somewhere on the site, but i guess i saw it as a common courtesy from every gaming company to offer ''SUPPORT''. I want to thank Grimoireweiss and some other people who've read and upvoted comments hehe these are the only kind faces there is found on the riot boards and in the community if you're not talking about champion builds or how much you just love the look of the new champions. Im sorry for the long message, i wish you all the best and hope that riot even though they got rich as heck will come to their senses and spent a bit of that LoL tournament price pots into something like either a live chat or a phoneline like other companies of this stature.
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: Stop whining if you break a contract you signed. You couldn't provide the base security for your account and you got banned for it. Simple like that. Because it was YOUR responsibility. Also nobody "hacks" your account and starts to random flame people. You whiners have next level imagination.
How does that not happen, my account was an alpha account so had all limited skins. If someone hacks an account why wouldn't they flame... To be honest i've seen all the forms of riot support as i was the 5004th player in the world only a month or two after alpha release and for this reason i can honestly say that the support has incredibly diminished, they added the tribunal to give more of the work to players so they have less ticket problems. Then they take away the tribunal while not picking up responding to tickets with in depth information themselves, and now they made it so that the account is just a mere object not owned by anyone at all so they can just disregard it any moment they recieve any inconvenience from said account. Im also a alpha tester for Blizzard and get to test any game they bring out and for a ton of other videogame companies and i must say none of them has ever treated me like how riot does after they gained wealth... The support at the start of the game might've actually been THE best support of any game i tried i remember even voting for champions getting added to the game on the forums and the influence players had was immense like the concept of the tribunal would've been great had it been optimalized more and utilized...
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: English is a sub-language of German and shares the same grammar. It's not odd. It's exactly the same.
Thank you for this comment my friend.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
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: Nope, that was the right board, since your account got hacked and you didn't do anything for it, "help&support" was perfectly fine
> [{quoted}](name=Treycos,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pw4nHf2F,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-08-30T13:01:22.903+0000) >javascript:; > Nope, that was the roght board, since your account got hacked and you didn't do anything for it, "help&support" was perfectly fine > Try out the "technical support" of their discord if you really want it I am searching but im afraid i cant find the discord hehe perhaps you can help me
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: You already posted about it 1 hour ago If you REALLY want to have an answer from a Riot member, you could try joining the EUW discord using the sticked thread
Hey yes but that was in the wrong board, im new to this version of the forums and i was only given the option in a bar to post on the help forums so i thought that was the right forums hehe...
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: There is nothing you can really do after all this time.
I dont know this would be the only game out of all my legacy games i am unable to retrieve the account from due to a timely matter.
: I love the sarcasm here: > I thank you for the heroic try to decipher that old email.
I dont understand how thats sarcasm, its a joke right? German writing is very odd for the english tongue ^^
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