: Balance changes aren’t that simple... Riot have to do research and testing to find what to nerf so it won’t kill the champion. By nerfing his movement speed he becomes more vulnerable early on, and with that small first nerf riot will then follow up with more as they understand more. They’ve already said they are nerfing him in 10.2
do you actually believe what u are saying? the champion plays under turret before he has ult so he doesnt even need to run away from ganks and he has a spammable flash. the fact you think it is a good nerf is hilarious. they had 2 full months of preseason to come up with a balance change, since he has been broken for a while and they come up with this?
: And like I said besides the Cait rework the last one to release was in S3 (besides trist who would end up getting it perminantly so isn’t a temporary range increase)... so what I said still holds it’s been 7 years since the last champion who can do this.
you said its quite common for sudden increases in range to have an indicator, but the only one who has it is cait and there are plenty more examples, so its not quite common
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: Well no... like I said it’s quite common for sudden increases in range giving an indicator, such as rakan... outside of caitlyn aphelios is the first champion since S3 to actually increase their auto attack range... so changes in philosophy is to be expected
there are plenty of champions with sudden range increases: kog maww twitch, jinx, tristana's range increases every level, yet aphelios, who has a gun with 50 autos, unlike kog for example who is only for 8 secs, has a range indicator, and all these other champions dont. how do you explain that? aphelios has a range indicator not just for the sniper mark, but for every damn auto attack with that gun, which is stupid.
: > [{quoted}](name=WHY U A VIRJHIN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=eo92tP0x,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2020-01-13T13:39:11.531+0000) > > its like i said, a champion having its pick rate doubled in the span of a week and the win rate go up to the highest in the entire game( today both pick rate and win rate are higher than yesterday), it just means that the champion is flat out broken. some can argue she needed a buff, but that was not the buff she needed. she didnt need even better laning, she is a bully already and now its pretty much impossible to lane vs her. if she was gonna get buffed, maybe buff her passive move speed or even her r range by a little bit, but not the e To be honest she didn't need anything at this time. If they want enchanters to be good again then nerf the oppressive trio - {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} But let's be real now, Leona has nerf immunity for the next few months because of - https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lOFZ-AZjlEI/XfGNjf5zwJI/AAAAAAABcrs/TaZ43zjJSB0L2-h48FUF6VzciJaeN2KUwCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/7a05c4adbbc3ada1.jpg
i do agree with that trio. as an adc main, it pains me that i have a bf sword and the enemy support has relic shield and i no joke get 1v1 by those 3 champions because they do stupid amounts of damage. nautilus and leona just need damage nerfs( especially nautilus, leona just needs them because of how tanky she is). blitz is trickier because of how forgiving the champion is. no matter how weak the champion is or the player is, all it takes is one hook in the late game to win you team the game and you cant change that without a rework and even in lane, no matter how low his damage is, you get hooked under tower, ur dead
: She's pretty overtuned now tbh. As I said on Nami Mains Discord > The E change was a buff that Nami did NOT need. Riot failed to anticipate the impact that the support item changes would have before shipping this buff.
its like i said, a champion having its pick rate doubled in the span of a week and the win rate go up to the highest in the entire game( today both pick rate and win rate are higher than yesterday), it just means that the champion is flat out broken. some can argue she needed a buff, but that was not the buff she needed. she didnt need even better laning, she is a bully already and now its pretty much impossible to lane vs her. if she was gonna get buffed, maybe buff her passive move speed or even her r range by a little bit, but not the e
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Okay. Do you even know in what way she got buffed? Because you never specified that and there's ultimately not much difference with her.
oh its nothing, her e just buffs spells now, no big deal considering it was already really hard to trade with her because of how her w works and now it has even more dmg with her e, or buffing up mage's abilities or adc's abilites is also minor. its a huge buff obviously and if you lane against her you will know it
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: Yeah so when cait’s range is increased due to an ability it shows her the range indicator... though the twitch one is his E you are correct... again issue with older champions not having it rather than the new one having it
its not the older champions, its literally every other champion in the game except aphelios
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Subtly using autofill to ensure people that have to lose (to enforce the 50% winrate and break streaks), do lose. Going purely for "noobs, feeders and griefers with this guy, players trying to win on the other team" would be a lot more blatant and you'd catch on a lot quicker on what they are doing. That's why there's no opt-out of autofill, even if everybody agrees THEY would take a longer queue if it guaranteed them a certain role (or not playing a certain role). The only word you'll ever get is Riot's that this doesn't work in practice. If you want to believe their word, at this point... So, cue the boards residents to shoot you down :P
yes but in the situation i mentioned it doesnt even change anything. we are in the same lobby
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: you kinda get the indicator in your mind when you play enough. for experienced players its useless.
yeah but it's a huge advantage for bad players and there's plenty of them out there
: Other champions do get the range indicator... pretty sure twitch has it on his, as does Cait... It’s less aphelios and more something Riot have been doing more recently... other champions like rakan also have similar indicators when their abilities suddenly get extra range Issue is besides twitch and Cait all of the adcs who increase their range either came out before riot started doing this (namely jinx and koggie), where as twitch and Cait got reworks which added this... it’s less an issue with aphelios and more an issue with koggie and jinx As for the ult, the way it works is that it’s the same ult which causes him to effectively auto attack those hit... that’s all his ult is. So it will hit them fire off the bonus effect of his primary weapon. So with the flamethrower he causes the splash damage on all those hit, with the gravitum it applies his on hit slow ect ect... so them having different ranges doesn’t make much sense as only one of his guns changes his range (which might be something that should change tbh, his flame thrower and scythe pistol should have lower ranges than his other guns imo)
cait is only for traps or nets, twitch is not for autos, its for his e
tudodark00 (EUNE)
: Random disconnects
i have that problem too. the ping freezes at 50 so i cant even ping my teammates im lagging and then we all get tilted because they expect me to help but i cant even move.
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: Calling someone mentally ill or delusional is quite bad yes, I personally wouldn't care if you called me that but most people do and saying it is definitely reportable.
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: NERF %%%%ing lee sin please
he got buffed for worlds and the skin, expect a nerf in patch 9.25/10.1 after they sell enough skins.
: Just because there are people out there being racist, homophobic, saying people should kill themselves etc. does not mean you can call people mentally ill or delusional. Those are quite offensive words and using language like that will quickly give you a chat restriction. However, it is true that some people are racist etc. without getting a punishment. It just depends on whether they get reported or not, how many reports they receive, their overall behavior among other things. In general racism and homophobia results in a chat restriction fairly quickly, a few months ago for example I made a gay joke and apparently someone.. didn't like that. I got 1 single report and even though I hadn't received any valid reports in weeks or months I got banned for a week. Toxic people will get punishments, but in general you just don't hear about it. If someone is toxic, just report him and every now and then you'll get a notification "Someone you recently reported has been punished". You yourself should just be respectful, I get that it's really frustrating if a Kayn plays ranked while ignorant of his forms, but just say he can change forms and tell him he shouldn't play a ranked game with a champion he doesn't really understand yet and leave it at that. Be respectful and report people who don't play by the rules and everything should honestly be fine - I have lots of experience with punishments, trust me :p
but do you atcually think that what i said is bad? i dont even think it is and im pretty self critical
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Can't answer your question without seeing the chat logs So nope, they weren't avoiding it They were asking for your logs so that they can answer your question And how do you know that others didn't get punished?
i reported them and i didnt get the instant feedback thing
: Chat logs or never happened.
i clicked on' i understand'. where can i find them again? plus, i asked a question and u avoided it :D
: Ban Suggestions
people will just int the game. some people are just miserable and enjoy inting you and watching you get tilted. they dont care about their account cuz they create a new one. if riot banned people through ip it would be a different story
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PurpleOrk (EUW)
: If you, as jungler, give a lower priority to a drake just because its buff is not useful to you personally, you deserve to lose. It's impossible to implement compensations and balances for every little thing and every single body.
im not a jungler and ive seen teammates say that they dont take cloud cuz its uselkess on them. the old drakes were always useful, some more than others. this cloud is useless for udyr, it was a huge nerf and he didnt get any compensation
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Kashiro (EUNE)
: But she can rarely do so before she can farm away. She is strong no doubts, especially when she have someone to back her up, but i played her a bit and before she gets the kills she feels like she needs team's help. Before 6 she have weak ganks assuming any sort of vision is in play. Her charm from the moment you cast it lasts 5 seconds. 2,5 loading, and 2,5 to blast it so any delay will make you lose a charm which i feel is crucial. In big teamfights she's rather awkward. I just feel that picking single targets is the best she can do. Meanwhile you have junglers like ww,lee,ekko which do huge amounts of damage and have more than enough utility to contribute to every teamfight and securing objective.
i mentioned that she struggles to close out games if the enemy stays inside their base, however the lack of coordination in solo queue makes her really hard to play against because ypu need to perma ward her camps and buy tons of pinks. i still think her damage is unfair, especially when mr doesnt do a thing since her charm reduces the target's mr by 25%.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: The moment she uses charm, not only you know she is coming but you also know from which way. You will likely see her moment before she can trigger the charm. She can be powerful but bursting people is her main role and if she fails to do so she is often just stomped.
i agree with the fact that she should burst people. however, i dont think its fair that she can do it with 2 basic abilities and then have the safety of her r if she needs it. also, sure you know from where she is coming, but if she comes from behind you she will just walk up and press e, which removes all of the counterplay. you have to always play scared and it rewards bad laners, along with encouraging the cheesy playstyle of camping a lane. also, alcoves were a huge buff for her
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