: Learn better English while playing League!
This is such a great idea! I am so tired of being in games with toxic players with shocking grammar and spelling! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
Phrase (EUW)
: wait how the actual hell did u lvl upso fast when preseason aint that long here omg
According to the match playing 16 games a day!!!
: Snitches get stitches.
What are you 10?
Marchewkova (EUNE)
: Yes, he didnt say anything here. But a lot of people say and people are downvoting them saying "oh stop crying". Truth is, they are not crying. They are right. And you will not see it untill you will be a victim of this system yourself. Then YOU will write the same post and look how fast its downvoted.
>And you will not see it untill you will be a victim of this system yourself. 1) Players who are punished are NOT victims. 2) I will never be punished for toxicity...FACT
TheHammy (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=MaccaTear,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=9pzq3nPP,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-08T13:08:09.783+0000) > > How can I report someone for being abusive outside of game but with no logs of the chat since I blocked the clown? I accepted one time a friend request from somebody because I did not check his name and I through its somebody nice from my team but was a frustrated opponent which I lane against and beat. He was very toxic and I made a print screen and send it to riot, the answer was not helpful and kinda ridiculous, they replay that they wil look into it but IF I FEEL threatened for my life and I feel in danger to call local authorities :D which was kinda ridiculous, also because of the confidentiality in punishment system they will never inform you that that person was punished or not. So I see no point wasting time, to avoid being annoyed do like I did and how I always do it now and as others also recommended, when somebody want to add you on friend list and you knwo his toxic just accept him and instant block him before he manage to write, like that he won't spam you with friend requests.
Chat logs from pre and post game lobby or in the friends chat windows are outside of the reporting system. You can send a ticket to Riot but they won't do anything because there is no evidence. Your last suggestion is the best solution to the problem.
: If you can't adapt to google yourself some IT skills, how can you adapt to get better at a video game?
Different skill-sets, you can't make arbitrary comparisons like that.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: I often hear pro players say, that if you're stuck in bronze and still blame it on anybody but yourself you have to be mentally challenged. And here comes the mighty God Gutter ... and damn dude. Linking files on your computer first -> Embarrassing %%%%-up. Actually mind boggingly stupid. And after you found out how to actually post links I see 2 pictures of your monitor you made with a camera ... holy crap. No wonder you're hardstuck bronze.
Because being good at a video game requires a basic knowledge of IT skills? Really?! I don't think so...your logic is way out there.
: This man is a living legend <3
: Looking for people that are looking for people
I am looking for people that are NOT looking for people.
GPet (EUW)
: It's sorta unfair to not calculate with first win of the day as it's a lot stronger now. <.<
yep, it is about 25% of the XP needed to level up! So it is actually about 8 games.
: Look what I got for my birthday today!!!
Bloodfish (EUNE)
: Are you really that dumb or you are trolling ? This is made in bug report section to get that out of BUILT IN CLIENT because it's annoying and there is no need to show that after every game
No, you were not reporting a bug, you were asking how to do something. I was just saying that what you want to do cannot be done. If you were reporting a bug you would not be asking a question, you would be making a statement. Not trolling, you need to make your posts clearer in the future so that you don't get inappropriate responses. cya
God Gutter (EUNE)
: Well...A man can dream of getting out can't he? ...
Dreams are free :)
God Gutter (EUNE)
: The Reason I wanna quit
They are not necessarily kids. Being bad at this game is not age specific, I am proof of that! ;) Bronze is a very diverse tier; there is a big variation in skill levels. Unfortunately it is random whether you get good or bad players with the same MMR. Some games are just unwinnable, that is the 'joy' of Bronzelife
Bloodfish (EUNE)
: Not how to close the window box smart boy, how to prevent it from appearing every time after you get out of game or login to client
You can't make that stop. It is built into the client. There is no setting to turn it off. So, my solution is the best :)
: First win bonus doesn't count if you skip stats at the end of the game!
Yeah, never click "Skip waiting for stats". I lost LP that I had just won by clicking that once :(
Bloodfish (EUNE)
: How to stop showing introduction to new runes page all the time ?
Click the X in the top right corner of the dialog box. yw
Edelveiss (EUNE)
: Support is underrated..
I get honors after every game and a lot of friend requests. Some people seem to appreciate my efforts :)
: Just come and play Battlerite with everyone else. It will surprass League.
your attempt at flouncing has failed there pmsl :)
mah1me (EUNE)
: Or they could be given a **one** day ban instead of a 14 day ban to make sure that they're even aware such system exists. I have never personally been banned from one word like this, but my friend who started a month ago got 14-day ban because he told me "oh you %%%got :D" in a very friendly manner. Yes, there were others there too, no, he shouldn't have said it, but also, 14-days, really? I have no problem with a punishment, I have a problem with the severity.
The get a chat restriction before the 14 day ban...they know about the system, they just chose to ignore it.
mah1me (EUNE)
: I didn't get banned though, I'm honor level 3 at the moment, I've been chat restricted once on this account if I recall correctly :) If you're too blind to see that this isn't about me, it's a bigger picture where *a lot* of people are being punished unreasonably, then you should really think twice for the values in your life. Someone has to stand up for the greater good.
Ok, so not you...all the toxic Neanderthals that get banned. There is not 'greater good' in defending toxic behaviour. Not when the majority of community don't want them in their games.
mah1me (EUNE)
: The ban system has to change Riot, it helps no one and it's only to greed money
Are you trying to tell us that we should all be proud of you for getting banned and creating new accounts; that you toxic apes are an essential part of Riot's successful business model? You little joker, you! ;)
: Of course it is motivated by desire to raise the profit margin. People playing with flamers are unhappy and unhappy players are less likely to spend money. Therefore by banning for toxicity Riot increases the chances that remaining majority of players will be happy enough to spend their hard earned mony on the game.
Febos (EUW)
: [Preseason Update FAQ]( > 3,950 BE - Mystery Champions (guaranteed to be a champion **you don't already own**)
Ah, thanks for that...I was looking all over for more details :)
: > [{quoted}](name=IskandarX,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=hGz7JWEa,comment-id=0004000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-17T23:08:45.269+0000) > > Honesty Riot would probably earn more money if they give all champions for free. Most of my friends i tried to get into league quit because they couldn&#x27;t deal with early grind. This system is so bad and tilting for new players. If you are new player you dont even know what champion or role you rely want to play so often you buy champion with little ip (or be now) you have, just to find out you dont like it and that is very demotivating because it takes you forever to get enough for new champion. When i was new player i was buying champions because of splash art :D. > > Free champions rotation is also very demotivating. You see champions you like and you cant afford it for free most of the times. > > Now imagine how many new players would keep playing this game if they get champions for free? And later some of them just like me would buy some skins and give Riot money. In long run that would earn them even more money. > > Bit i understand. This game has a lot of smurfs and they are willing to spend more money than new players early. this system works as intended and its purpose is to leach money from smurfs. Probably mistake in a long run by Rito but we will see :) The minute riot gave all champs out for free I'd quit the game. I haven't invested 5 years and 1400 euros in my account to have it on par with a fresh player's one. What do you think all the millions of players who "got into" the game since S1 did ? Your arguments have no logic whatsoever. We were all new players at one point, and I'm standing here, telling you that I achieved unlocking every f2p content in the game after roughly 5 years. Also, what are you talking about when you say smurfs? You say it like 80% of lol community is smurfing... Lemme tell you a secret, only people I know smurfing are hardstuck plat/low dia or below that with 1500+ games/season beating up lvl 15 players who are playing with their screens turned off, yea very fun. Why would anyone who invested years, like me in the game, create a smurf ? Why take the grind up again instead of playing on your account that you worked so much on. You make no sense to me, no offense. Smurfing ruins your gaming experience, it ruins your current skill, and leaves you with a bad taste. Going 30/0 against people who press W in LeagueOfLegends in order to - move forward, or flash when getting minion aggro is no other than beating a rooster at chess, highly satisfactory you'd say. Good day.
>Going 30/0 against people who press W in LeagueOfLegends in order to - move forward, or flash when getting minion aggro is no other than beating a rooster at chess, highly satisfactory you'd say. Could you be more patronising??
Rioter Comments
DeathCody (EUW)
: I suck.
Take heart buddy, the vast majority of people who play this game suck too! The next time you get rolled over by an opponent go and look at their match history afterwards. The chances are that they just had a good game and normally they have similar games to you. Low elo games are won by the team that make the fewest mistakes. Lack of consistency is the issue for most of us and I guess that only comes with hours and hours of practice. There is some good advice on this thread though :)
cAmuh (EUW)
: Better ban toxic than inting trash :)
Toxic behaviour is found in a lot of games. Inting is very rare. I am glad that Riot take action on toxicity; I actually think that they could be harder on people who are toxic.
SkarabCZ (EUNE)
: _"...So, it is just me that likes the new changes to the game?..." _ Yes. Only you.
No, I think that other people agree with me now that they have bothered to do the maths about BE and have tried out different runes.
Azy Sin (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=UsefZ,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=4smI5wy2,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-18T01:44:58.781+0000) > > Ip was much better... now you cannot earn BE from each game? This Makes it even harder to unlock all the champs. And the random champ thingy is now 3500BE instead of 1750 IP. WE used to request more IP per win or lose, then u give us that? A fist to the face? > > let us just make some simple calculations, shall we? > If I want to buy a 6300 BE, I how many level ups do I need? > 1 level up = 1 honor capsule = 4-5 champs that you already have, AND the champs I have are mostly 90 or 270. > BEST case scenario is that I get 5x 270 champs, which is 1350 BE. > Which means I will need to level up 5 times to get a single 6300 champ.. > AND EACH LEVEL UP IS 5-10 GAMES > SO BEST CASE SCENARIO IS THAT I NEED TO PLAY 25 GAMES THAT CAN LAST FROM BETWEEN 20 TO 50 MINUTES. > WHICH IN THE BEST CASE SCENARIO IS ABOUT 500 MINUTE WORTH OF GAMES = 8 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY. > > Calculations: > 1) 6300 /(5x270) = 4.67 times = 5 times > 2) 5 times x 5 games x 20 min = 500min / 60min = 8 hours ... that is the Best case scenario (including first win of the day) > 3) 5 times x 10 games x 50 min = 2500 min / 60 min = 41.6 hours = 42 hours = almost 2 days of continuous gaming AND that is the worst case scenario > 4) average is (42+8)/2 = 25 hours of game play to get a single 6300 BE champs > 5) 31 champs x 25 hours = 775 hours of game play to unlock all the 6300 BE Champs > > * That if we consider i keep getting 5x 270 champs every level up and if we consider that each level has the same exp > > SOOOOOO if iIwant to buy a 6300 champ in real life chances i will have to level up at least 10 times which is like 2-4 days of gaming LIKE COME THE F ON. You seem like you are really forcing us into just paying REAL money to get champs. > > The other thing is that mastery emote are as expensive as a mid tier champ? REALLY? I know that BE is now easier to get but from 500 to 3500 and from 600 to 3600? really? that is a jump and a half. I do understand that there is a higher chance of getting a champ that I have the mastery emote shards to, but still that is %%%%ing expensive. > > PLUS, WE CANNOT REROLL CHAMPS????? LIKE REALLLLLYYY???? > > LIKE COME ONNNNNNNNN. this is so bait fam. wtf. > > > Edit 1: > > Now the random champ thing give the actual champ and not a shard Riot hard trolled us dont worry.get used to it if you want to keep playing the game. Also dont forget,now that BE is merged with IP, you can no longer have separate curency for lvl 6/7 tokens, you are going to have to make a decision if you want a mastery lvl 6/7 on a champion,or a new champion ^_^ . Oh and also the price for mastery lvl up increased from 500 or w/e it was to about 3-4 k. This new system makes me puke.Also im now(not even jocking) sitting at 3094 BE,and I wan't to buy LB which is 3150. I swear to god i literarilly just lvled up last game.which means now I need an entire level to unlock a champ that I only need 56 more curency ^_^ . *suicides*
>This new system makes me puke.Also im now(not even jocking) sitting at 3094 BE,and I wan't to buy LB which is 3150. I swear to god i literarilly just lvled up last game.which means now I need an entire level to unlock a champ that I only need 56 more curency ^_^ . suicides You only have to play about 8 games at the most (if you include FWOTD) to level up and get that champ. That is hardly a long time to wait is it???
: i didnt :(
: > I dont mind these people, if they stay in normals, where their actions dont affect others like they do in ranked, but they have to play ranked I guess. Until you are earning money with the game, normals are basically the same as ranked just with 1 less cute number attached to it. Ruining normals is equally bad
I am with you on this, except I would go even further. I would say that ALL game modes should be taken seriously. Maybe I am just old fashioned but I do believe that a game, even though it is meaningless in the great scheme of things, is a form of entertainment for you and the people that you are playing with. If your idea of entertainment is deliberately ruining the entertainment of the others then you are being unsportsmanlike and show a lack of consideration for others. I like to have laugh in games; making jokes of things and sometimes saying silly things in chat. But that never changes the way that I play the game. I play to win and try to make the best of losing situations. But a lot of this comes down to maturity. There are some very immature people playing the game and (through no fault of their own) they only think about themselves. They don't have the concept of how their behaviours affect other people and view flaming or trolling as legitimate responses to things not going their way. TL;DR: It's a game and ultimately about entertainment, but you should always take the competition element seriously.
: riot please add a way to see how much time i wasted playing lol instead of doing something that is actually usefull for my life.
: Permabanned for nothing?
Your name alone would have me ban you for life ;) Seriously though, make a ticket with support to find out the details of your ban.
: Can I call you daddy?
It's a bit creepy, but ok ;)
: > as this has been the case for every player since the patch Nope, my lowest capsule was 810 so above the promised minimum of 720(now 800)
: go fck your self riot
: Champion Capsule Drop
yeah, it's random so it does happen. I got doubles on a couple of occasions.
TSM iks (EUW)
: Wait, if somebody makes you feel bad over online video game that means he or she is a bad person? Please do tell me how that makes them bad people? If you get offended by somebody saying a bad word towards you, i dont think the internet is for you buddy. You online social warriors are the best thing about this game, you make me laugh so much!
Where did you get the idea that normal behaviour should not apply to the internet? The problem is that a lot of people use the anonymity of the internet to act in ways that they wouldn't dare to in face-to-face situations. It is actually rather cowardly to take this attitude. 'social warriors' or SJW's is just a pejorative term used by people who feel that they have the right to act in an antisocial way, for others who disagree with them. Try not to use such lazy stereotypes.
IntFeeder (EUW)
: 55? That's awesome dude! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Ahem...52! Don't put years on me...I am old enough already ;)
: Well I quit for now
: Ayyy, you're awesome my dude :)
Uberfrag (EUW)
: Am I the oldest league of legends player?
I know for a fact that I am not the oldest player on EUW. There is one person I know who is older than me. I am 52. I remember playing Space Invaders when it first came out. Home PC's weren't a thing you had to go to arcades to play.
: Wanna see something painful?
if that game had lasted just 1 minute longer...
Shao Sin (EUW)
: WERE is the snow map riot
It is too early yet. It is bad enough that the TV is full of Christmas adverts already. I love the snowday map too but I don't want to see it just yet. Mid December maybe?
Renold (EUNE)
: i swear i didnt made it up at all.I gain nothing to lie.This game where my panth got destroyed by kata mid and we couldnt do nothing..The game was over in 10 mins already.She could 1v5 easily evryone.And it happens nowadays who wins early wins game..Its really rare to comeback.I got another game where my aurelion feed azir in 5 mins died like 4 times and start raging and flaming the jgl..AMAZING.
Ok, so you only read the first 9 words of my post... I was actually agreeing with you if you had bothered to read it all.
Renold (EUNE)
: Promos are always 90% lost???
That stat (although you probably just made it up) is probably about right. That is why 90% of the player base are stuck in the bottom 2 ranks. If there was a 50% chance of success then the playerbase would be evenly distributed across the ranks.
: How do you react to the kids that flames, afks, and trolls? Just curiosity :)
The way that most people do... I ignore them. Sometimes, if they are really winding me up then I might say something back but I never flame. I never call people out for having a bad game or losing lane. I don't believe in using the words 'Feeder' or 'Noob'. I am more likely to get cross when players don't focus objectives and are only interested in chasing kills.
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I wish i get to play LOL with my grandsons in the future, already play some games with my 11 years old son, do you got younger relatives to you playing with you?
I am sure you will be playing for as long as you can keep moving your fingers ;) I play with my 19 year old son sometimes (he is more of a Rocket League player though).
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