: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YYhpqZRU,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-06-21T11:50:50.488+0000) > > You are kidding right? There are very few people who could hit those kind of numbers. If its ranked. Then yes, if its simply a normal game, then you can do it even if you're a boosted gold scrub.
Be honest now...when was the last time that you got 200 cs in the first 20 minutes? I won't look at your match history...just tell me.
: This is for people who think that the "400 minion mission" is hard.
> if you're good, you can get 200 cs before 20 mins You are kidding right? There are very few people who could hit those kind of numbers.
: [Patch 7.12] Loot tab in client causes bugsplat
MrSlyder (EUW)
: I have to say that something like that never happened to me. :D Since the beginning of the year I played over 50 games vs AI and in my whole LoL career over 500 I would say. :D Mostly 3 vs 3 for the first win of the day .. maybe this problem doesn't occurres there? ^_^
come into a coop v AI with me. Especially during the daytime...I guarantee you at least 2 bots on our team.
ZloiAris (EUW)
: I think Riot Games just need to ban by IP users who register 2-3 bot players in a row
Why would they do that? They would lose money. Each one of those accounts will be sold once they hit level 30. The buyer will spend RP on the account. Developers have mortgages to pay too you know!
Teejoon (EUW)
: lol, nope. There definitely are bots. Why else would 2-3 players do the exactly the same thing in a single game or if you play several games different players do the exactly the same things in different games? I have been playing Co-op for the VS missions on this and another account. There are like at least one bot in 3 out of 4 games you play. This is what bots do in Co-op vs AI: 1. Wait in base until like 1min into the game 2. Walk and stand between outer and inner turret on mid lane 3. Wait for the minions to come 4. Walk with the minions to lane 5. Start attacking enemy minions 6. Walk with minions under enemy turret 7. If the are enemy minions or enemy champion attack it, else attack turret 8. Don't retreat from turret fire until you have been hit at least one time 9. Keep on pushing 10. If dead, wait for spawn, by items and start over from 2.
Don't forget: 11. Tibbers icon 12. No keystone 13. Unorthodox summoner's spells 14. Take longer to load than anyone else in the loading screen 15. Feed like Oxfam in Africa They are unmistakable. You can spot them a mile off...unless you are Riot ofc.
Dystobro (EUW)
: Are you really riot chatting for these you are giving me restraint is so ridiculous
>Dystobro: wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf ahahahaha Dystobro: %%%%%%%%game dude omg Dystobro: im going bot lane lose the game gg izi Dystobro: ks ks ks always ks idiots Dystobro: what are you doing shaco??? Dystobro: team İDİOT! Dystobro: NİCE NOOB TEAM LOSE THE GAME GG İZİ FF Dystobro: TEAM İDİOT İTS SO BAD TEAM FUCKİNG %%%%%%%% Dystobro: troll me or shaco idiot ahahahah ahahhahaha ahahahahah ahaha noooob Dystobro: ezreal and shaco report feed troll Dystobro: report shaco and ezreal pls shaco afk troll feed ezreal troll feed and surrender OK then...Can you please explain to me why you think that any of this is an acceptable way to talk to anyone? Oh, and I don't want to here about what they were doing or what they might have been saying to you, that is irrelevant. I just want to know your thought process when you decided that this was the best way to communicate.
: You can't. Riot should remove chat all together and add more ping options. And only those with higher honor should get access to it.
Great idea. Chat has no purpose other than to provide a platform for toxic kids to rage at everyone.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: They are just lower lvls who don't have the mastery key unlocked or don't know what they do.
No, what he is describing are levelling bots. They are in almost every game of Coop v AI. The situation has got to the point of being ridiculous now. Riot won't do anything about it :(
: Ok, I just checked back with Humpelstilzche who knows this study much better than I do ^^ --- >#TL;DR box: >What's shown on the first page of this study is very misleading. The results actually show that age is not very important. The way this is phrased is a little weird... While the correlation between age and toxicity found is significant, this doesn't mean what it sounds like. With such a huge sample size, pretty much every correlation is significant. So while age certainly influences toxicity, the difference age makes is tiny. --- If you take a look at page 609 of the study, what I'm saying becomes very clear: >As in the case of ANT data, the effect sizes of these age-related changes are small (R<.001). As an example, the older players (22–26 years old) sent, on average, only 6% more positive inter- actions than younger players (11–15 years old). In comparison to the effect sizes seen in our analysis of username data, our ability to predict the behaviour of any individual player based on their estimated age is almost non-existent and the strong significance values we find are the result of having a large number of sub- jects. R<.001 indicates that this isn't a strong effect at all, and 6% more positive interactions aren't exactly enough to justify the people blaming kids for every problem League ever had :P
That last point is somewhat cherry-picked and only relates to one part of the study. If you continue to read on after that sentence, then you get: >" Our ability to predict changes in the overall behaviour of a particular age group is, however, excellent. A linear regression model fitted to the average ratio of positive to negative interactions (the ‘valence’ of overall interactions) gives an excellent fit (R2 = .8, p < .001)" Overall, the study does support the hypothesis that age and positive interactions are correllated. But, I would strongly advise everyone to read the study for themselves rather than blindly agree with one person's interpretation of the study (mine or Humpel's). >aren't exactly enough to justify the people blaming kids for every problem League ever had :P Not saying that, don't be ridiculous!
: >i bet many little kids play this game i cant explain this behaviour. Although it would be very convenient if we could simply blame kids for toxicity, you should acknowledge that they aren't the problem. Toxicity isn't defined by age. Kids aren't any more toxic than older players. --- Yes some behavior is inexplicable... Keep in mind that you can meet people here that you likely don't encounter in real life. There are psychopaths out there, and stupid people do exist ^^
Older players make fewer interactions and those interactions are more likely to be positive. [Read here](http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0747563215301655) >"The rate of all negative interactions decrease with age. Older players (22–26 years old) are significantly less likely to send or receive negative reports compared to younger players (11–15 years old). Conversely, the rate of positive interactions increases with age. These effects were highly significant (p < .001) in all cases" . > "The faster maturation of the limbic system, when compared to that of the frontal lobe structures, may make adolescents more prone to react to emotionally salient situations/stimuli even when their logical reasoning is intact (Casey et al., 2008; Gardner and Steinberg, 2005; Steinberg, 2004 ; Steinberg et al., 2009) thus driving the overall higher level of negative interactions in younger players." . >" Our ability to predict changes in the overall behaviour of a particular age group is, however, excellent. A linear regression model fitted to the average ratio of positive to negative interactions (the ‘valence’ of overall interactions) gives an excellent fit (R2 = .8, p < .001) – See Fig. 4b. On average therefore, player behaviour within LoL games experiences a slow, significant and linear increase between the ages of 11 and 26. This effect is seen equally strongly in the valence of both incoming and outgoing interactions."
Kreatiivais (EUNE)
: Boosted gold 2 player (proof)
you should take this up with support. I don't think that anyone here can help you. p,s. I looked at his match history and I agree, it is very suspicious.
: Do people know English?
: its been happening for over 2 years. You just don't know it because you weren't playing bots until now. and whenever this topic comes on boards, there's rito white knights which: report for name and shame if you try to say who the bots are get your threads deleted for naming and shaming robots (which can't be shamed as they got no emotions) and bogus claims of "riot bans them in waves", yeh right................. solar eclipse happen more often than this
You forgot about the "as soon as one is banned, another appears, like a hydra" line that gets used a lot too.
zaqat (EUNE)
: A simple explanation of why I always lose
Why are you so angry about a game? Jeez dude, you need to chill. Get out and get a change of scenery. Anyway, as others have said, there are lots of reason for a loss. Simply attributing it to certain other players is not the way to go. We all get good and bad players in our teams. It is random, but over a long series of games, if you are good enough you will climb....apparently.
Bogity (EUNE)
: Ehem... Nurse {{champion:44}} should be the next ultimate skin...
That would actually be quite cool :)
: more nurse skins for female champions?
Why nurse specifically? why not Lawyer, teacher, accountant etc? What is it about the nurse skin that you want so much?
DaDaChuck (EUW)
: I played 10 Bot matches today (in each category), for testing your post. The only thing i don't agree is the name and the Dc thing. I just don't get why Riot is ignoring these, I mean there must be something they have to be able to do... {{item:3070}} Edit: I mean League is their own game, so they should make the rules AND be consequent about them.
Yes, the DCing is not with all of them, but quite a lot (in my experience). It is such a shame because it ruins the experience for everyone.
: ***
>...is SILVER II **WAS **Silver II. :) It looks like he got a boards ban too. He definitely wins 'Toxic of the day' award
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: ***
Can you please point me to the part of the Universal Rules that states that only 'tryharders' and Silver-Gold players can talk on the forum? I can't seem to find that bit.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: ***
What rank do you have to be to post on here?
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: ***
Too far mate...too far.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: ***
Tell me, how old **_are _**you? This is starting to sound like playground talk to me.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: ***
So, now that people disagree with you, you are now starting to make personal attacks. The community is better off without you. Goodbye.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: ***
The fact that I am not good at this game has nothing to do with it. At least I know how to communicate with people in a friendly and sportsmanlike way. You don't Aaaannnd....I am not banned, and you are.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: Game 1 JinxCelRosu: teemo , can u put some deep wards ? JinxCelRosu: ss bot ? JinxCelRosu: idipts JinxCelRosu: teemo dont even try to win JinxCelRosu: what are we trying for then JinxCelRosu: 4v5 we wont win JinxCelRosu: gg no jg in this team JinxCelRosu: ff at 15 JinxCelRosu: gg we JinxCelRosu: can our magnificent jg start play ? JinxCelRosu: ok i go afk , i dont play with toxic jg who dont gank JinxCelRosu: bye JinxCelRosu: gg JinxCelRosu: we lost it JinxCelRosu: 0 ganks top all game JinxCelRosu: u afk farm all game JinxCelRosu: and u talk ? JinxCelRosu: ok JinxCelRosu: open top JinxCelRosu: i m tired of toxic jg who dont gankl JinxCelRosu: why u trying , we already lost this JinxCelRosu: we lost JinxCelRosu: stop tryingm JinxCelRosu: ty for lost time teemo JinxCelRosu: u dont know gank JinxCelRosu: at all JinxCelRosu: why no surr, we cant win JinxCelRosu: teemo did everything to make sure we lose JinxCelRosu: nope JinxCelRosu: u lost this JinxCelRosu: for ? JinxCelRosu: oke JinxCelRosu: fk %%%%%% JinxCelRosu: gg wp JinxCelRosu: why u trying , teemo made sure we ll lose JinxCelRosu: 0 ganks JinxCelRosu: afk farm all game JinxCelRosu: 0 drakes , , afk farm , no ganks , flame n want to win ? u even think ? JinxCelRosu: gg JinxCelRosu: op teemo Game 2 JinxCelRosu: calm boyz JinxCelRosu: wait late JinxCelRosu: akali one shot , yi one auto one kill and me ult for team JinxCelRosu: calm boy JinxCelRosu: meh JinxCelRosu: we did good JinxCelRosu: but our jg .. JinxCelRosu: we lost it , yi wanted to lose so he didnt gank at all JinxCelRosu: we wont win JinxCelRosu: yi lost it , gg JinxCelRosu: we wont win JinxCelRosu: lee know gank and yi do only afk farm JinxCelRosu: ff at 15 and never play jg again trash yi JinxCelRosu: 3 din 3 meciuri JinxCelRosu: we only lose time JinxCelRosu: yep JinxCelRosu: we lost JinxCelRosu: ty yi JinxCelRosu: trash jg JinxCelRosu: 0 ganks all game JinxCelRosu: only afk farm JinxCelRosu: yi dont gank = yi dont want to win JinxCelRosu: why would i try hard when he didnt ? JinxCelRosu: and ? JinxCelRosu: gg JinxCelRosu: rep akali afk JinxCelRosu: and yi 0 ganks all game JinxCelRosu: trash JinxCelRosu: go in yi JinxCelRosu: gj JinxCelRosu: ty for lose yi JinxCelRosu: you did it so ez JinxCelRosu: you just didnt gank bot JinxCelRosu: yi u trash JinxCelRosu: dont play jg again
I stopped reading after the first 10-12 lines. Deserved mate. You need understand why this is not acceptable or you are just going to keep getting accounts banned.
: Oh this is sad,guess I will play PvP ._.
Yep, it has become a total joke. But remember, for everyone of those accounts (that will presumably be sold on once they are at level 30), there will be a buyer who will spend RP. So, there is no real incentive for Riot to ban them.
JinxCelRosu (EUNE)
: Unban request
>**_ i was toxic_** only with players who played ranked and didnt even try to win, int feed , flame me . Case closed. Whatever the reason, you can't come on here and try and justify being toxic.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: I also mostly play aram. It is much more difficult to get s- there, you basically have to play PERFECTLY, s+ is just unreacheable, and who knows, maybe it is because BOTS are all over low lvl aram games? At low ranks you can easily get 45\2 as AD janna cause 80% of players are actually bots. I suggested to separate 30lvl-aram games and pre30 grade calculation, but who gives a shit, right? Definitely not riot.
I have had 2 S+ on ARAM in the past. It is not 'unreachable' if I can do it :)
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: people are doing it to get ip without breaking a sweat, which is understandable judging by how little ip you get from bots, there was a post complaining about how much ip you get after a match. if riot did something about this, maybe at least a ip boost more often, people wouldn't do this, and now with honor people will be less salty at least i hope so
I think that most of these bots are from companies who sell accounts. They all have the following characteristics: 1) Tibbers icon 2) instantly lock in during champ selection 3) have unusual/unorthodox summoner spells (they particularly seem to like {{summoner:21}} and {{summoner:1}} 4) no keystone 5) take a reeeealy long time to load in the loading screen. 6) don't leave the fountain until the minions spawn 7) Usually go mid 8) auto attack all the time. Occasionally they might use abilities but in a very random way 9) when attacking the tower, they will stay there after the last minion has been killed, and die 10) often just stand still near the tower 11) Dc frequently then return (they must have a really high ping from wherever they are being operated?) 12) Never go through the jungle 13) Have a one word name which is often an amalgam of other words (looks like it is randomly generated) 14) buy very few items 15) feed like crazy and rarely get any kills A bot will have most (if not all) of these features. You can spot them instantly. I no longer need to ask who the humans are in my team, it is obvious.
: Does anyone understand the purpose of this atrocious griefing in intermediate bot games?
Levelling bots. They are in every AI game now. Riot can't/won't do anything about them.
: yeah i hv to wait 20 min before a game , wtf man so bad
FFS, are you for real? you get a 20 minute wait and you come onto the boards to cry about it? Seriously?!
: "Here is a brand new event, but first you need to pay for it"
Wait, What??!!! A business...trying to make money?? Whatever next? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Welcome to the real world buddy. You get a whole game for absolutely nothing; you don't have to spend a penny/cent on the game but still you want more free stuff. Grow up.
: Instant Karma
Takin' out the trash :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Minstrel (EUNE)
: You can reach the highest honor level without ever being honored, it's just a bit faster if you get honors too. Also, when the previous honor system was first released, people were begging for honors, being reported, and had their honors taken away. So I expect similar handling this time too.
You have to be given honors, they don't just happen on their own.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: There is. Like in this system, begged honors don't count at all towards rewards
How does the system know whether an honor has been begged for?
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Yeah, but you don't even have to be honored once to get the rewards. While if you beg for honors you're most likely going to be punished. Seems like a high risk low reward thing to me.
You get rewards for being honoured. There is no punishment for honour begging.
: Best supports for Draven
Minstrel (EUNE)
: Eh, that's what happened the first time too, and it died out. People tend to not honor the honor beggers. Also they said they're looking into ways to honor enemies as well ^_^
The difference this time is that there is the reward system. If people think that they might get some free stuff then there will be a lot more of it this time.
: Good Bye Honors, you will be missed
HONOR ME PLZ That is all you are going to be seeing from now on :( I shall miss my Honorable Opponent score too.
: This is flex man, no one cares about flex and I would totally be down with going down a tier in flex
: The weirdest flame I have ever received in League
ADC: Stop taking my farm Me: I have relic shield ADC: I don't need it Me: we both get the gold ADC: you don't need gold as support, stop taking farm {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: While this might be true, my point is that you shouldn't make gameplay decisions out of revenge or because of your ego...which is what the OP did here. He left the lane because he was flamed, not because he had strategical reasons for it. So while your view might be correct (imo), it does not apply to the situation that is discussed in this thread.
GGdudesGG (EUNE)
: The runes and honor updates
Is there somewhere that I can read about this? I don't want to have to watch a video explaining it, I want to read it.
: > your supp leave you alone on bot! And THAT is a way to sabotage your own game because you let idiots get so much power over your emotions. If people talk shit about you, just ignore them and report them after the game instead of letting them dictate your behavior. PS: Yes, I am aware you still won.
It could also be said that leaving the bot lane to go and support mid is a good move though. Sure, the enemy might take down your bot tower, but you will be taking their mid; a much greater objective to secure. Plus, you would be getting your Midlaner fed which is more likely to end up with them carrying. ADC's almost never carry, even when fed. Just an alternative view.
: I don't need perfect match making a need an adc who isn't Unskilled. You under stand how annoying to support an adc who does nothing and has 0 impact? I if i go behind as support there little to no chance i will ever game back in the game due to them amount of cash and xp lost.
If your ADC sucks, roam mid and go help there. You are NOT there just for the ADC, you are the team's support. Go and support the player who is likely to carry you. Don't stick with a crap ADC!!
: I have also noticed a huge increase in bots currently playing coop vs ai (ever since 6 May). I can provide a long list of match results that clearly shows bots having scores like 0/15 and the enemy mid with 30/0 in 20 minute games. This needs to be addressed.
Yes, me too. I have just lost another game where I was the only human on the team. The rest all went mid, fed Ziggs like crazy. I am still reporting these botters but they are not being banned. The situation is now intolerable and the game mode is ruined. Coop is my primary game mode, what am I supposed to do? Uninstall the game. Because that is seriously what I am thinking of doing. I am really fcking angry about this and Riot's reluctance to deal with the problem is just making it worse.
Shiwah (EUW)
: How about no.
Your insistence that there is not a problem with bots has now become quite laughable. Don't worry, I don't think that Riot will take away your 'green' status if you admit that there is a problem with their game. Take a look at my match history if you want...go on, play spot-the-bot. I dare you. Then come back and tell me that that this is "impressions".
: Botting
I agree...but apparently, it is all in our minds! [According to this post](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/TmRq2dE0-are-you-completely-helpless-against-the-rampant-botting?comment=000100000000000000010000000000000000000000000000) {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Zed genius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ELLmI84B,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-05-25T20:22:11.093+0000) > > Stop being a %%%% Like you are being in this reply?
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