: Simple, remove all letters from the keyboard apart from Q W E R D F TAB 1234567 RB LB :v
I didnt even type after the ban dude always /mute all
: If you have friends and feeling bored for the next 6 days. There is a bug??? with invasion game mod. If you and, say a premade group of five decide to ff as soon as the game starts you can still honor each other. It is complet bs. Riot should patch it out but from what i have seen it is still around. So if you are feeling up to spending 5 mins to get in every game of invasion with loading screens just to ff and get honor at the end, this might just get you to lvl 1 or 2... Or you could just grind and suck up to others...
I think i get nothing when Premades honor me is that true ?
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: When that ban started? If that was before August 22 then you still can get your rewards
Yes before August 22 Thanks dude <3 u helped me a lot
: Sorry if you are banned for more than 7 days after 22 August, you won't get any victorious rewards.
i was banned after 10 august and unbanned in 24 so maybe i can get ?
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