: Funny the way Lulu became God tier
I continued to play Lulu when she apparently fell out of the meta. I do not understand why she was ever considered weak. There is so much she is able to accomplish. Now is probably the best time to be playing her (and I am a hypocrite because I have not played Lulu in a while). With Lucian being so fing strong right now and Kogmaw being a force to be reckoned with she is amazing. Especially with Kogmaw. W + Arden Censor on a Kog Maw is the most amazing thing in the world. And you still have a slow and 2 defensive spells left one of them being a knockup for that sweet sweet disengage if someone tries jumping your Kog Also she has and always will be amazing against assassins. I've said this many times, as Support Lulu I have on several occasions 1v1 and won a fight against a Zed
: Attack Speed or Armor Marks (reds) on Ivern?
When it comes to Runes always run what works for your play style. Do not force yourself to play differently because another player can play that way really well. It just makes life hard for you. Example: I main Leona. Everyone and their mother plays with movespeed runes, and I understand why. But I do not, I chose to go ad red with 1% crit, flat armour, flat mr, and 5% hp quints. The mr is not necessarily useful in lane sure, but everything else means I can take a level 2 engage, most of the time being able to walk away with a successful trade or in some occasions a kill. If I am against a ranged support I take coin, upgrading that later gives me a movespeed steroid, if not I like to get Rightous Glory which again gives me a movespeed steroid. So I have that movespeed late game when I need it (though with cool downs) and I have good level 2 potential. This is how I like to play, and judging from my win ratio with her in my elo it seems to work for me. That is the important part, works for me Huge tangent, sorry about that. Take armour if that is what you are comfortable playing with, if your style works, no need to change it
: Does riot intentionally make you lose games in a row?
I've not bothered to read your text. You implying Riot is out to get you is why you are on a losing streak. Riot does not go out of their way to focus on one individual player to make life hard for them. Accept your mistakes, stop blaming everything on Riot and "elo hell" and enjoy the game. This season I finally accepted that fact. And sure I might only play a ranked game like 6 times a month despite being on the game every day, and sure I might be Silver. But I am 25lp per win (down from 26) and my MMR is higher than it has ever been, I have a good win/loss ratio and my rate of progression according to lolcalculator is really good, I am projected to be at Gold 2 with my MMR, I have never been above Silver 1 before. I know It will take me 4 games minimum maybe 8 games max to get to Gold for the first time, I know that because of statistical evidence, not me claiming I am better than I am Have I improved at the game? No. Have I found an amazing OTP to climb? No. Do I have freinds in higher elo playing with me? No. Do I even have freinds? No *cries* The only thing that has changed is my mindset. Elo hell does not exist, it exists in the minds of players that refuse to acknowledge their mistakes, instead blaming a multibillion dollor company with millions of players and actually believe that company is out to get them. So they continue to make the same mistakes, refusing to get better at the game because "I deserve diamond"
: Summoner name for Thresh Main™
ItsMrStealYourGirl GetOutFlayed 50ShadesOfThresh ThreshPrinceOfBelAir
: > [{quoted}](name=Wadud92,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=51MyI714,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-29T15:03:00.758+0000) > > I've never been fond of Banshees over Spirit Visage. Especially now with the mastery system. That 200% HP regen plus Spirits Visage means even if you lose a trade badly, you will likely regen to healthy amount when the wave hits your tower. > > On top of that I get good stats and 10% CDR. Why would I opt to be able to block one ability with a situational passive when my job as a tank is to soak up enemy abilities. Unless a full AP Cho Gath starts the fight by ulting me there is not a lot of use for banshees passive as a tank in my opinion {{item:3102}} is not meant for tanks.. There were times when {{item:3102}} was really good for adc as 4th-5th item, because it blocks any engage on you ({{champion:54}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} and the list goes on). It just fell out of favour for some reason....
> [{quoted}](name=Super Hooker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=51MyI714,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-03-29T17:21:34.622+0000) > > {{item:3102}} is not meant for tanks.. There were times when {{item:3102}} was really good for adc as 4th-5th item, because it blocks any engage on you ({{champion:54}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} and the list goes on). It just fell out of favour for some reason.... Wouldn't that make Banshees completely redundant then? Further emphasising my point. An ADC has Edge of Knight as an option. Maw gives you a lot of defence against burst. Mecurial is in my opinion the best defensive item on an ADC which offers you that same disengage capability and it is an active effect so as long as it is not on CD it is there ready to use (on top of its stats) Like I said I much prefer Spirit Visage on a tank. So who really benefits from Banshees? Off tank Lee Sin? It's pretty nice on Veigar also but unless you are stacking well might not be worth picking up Just giving Banshees 10% CDR will be enough for me to pick it up, until then I will stick to Spirit Visage on my tanks and the many options for ADC. I do agree with OP's intended message; that we need more MR/HP items. I've always wanted a thornmail effect for ap damge for example, working a new MR/HP item around that would be very nice, maybe too nice on some champs like Maokai but nice none the less
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Spirit Visage on champions without healing- still good.
I've never been fond of Banshees over Spirit Visage. Especially now with the mastery system. That 200% HP regen plus Spirits Visage means even if you lose a trade badly, you will likely regen to healthy amount when the wave hits your tower. On top of that I get good stats and 10% CDR. Why would I opt to be able to block one ability with a situational passive when my job as a tank is to soak up enemy abilities. Unless a full AP Cho Gath starts the fight by ulting me there is not a lot of use for banshees passive as a tank in my opinion
Fluidly (EUW)
: Role Difficulties & Why do you main your role?
Mid lane has the simplest objective. Win lane, roam if nessisary, win game. This is not a comment on the champion difficulty but the role itself. ADC has and always will be the hardest role in my opinion. You literally have to rely on another person (your support) to get you to the point where you are a glass cannon. If you get behind, it gets perpetually harder to get ahead, more so than other roles. I main support, mainly because when I started playing ranked everyone would call/instalock every other role and now id rather not wait for ever for a game
: 52% win rate most of the season and still can't climb out of B5 - B4
> [{quoted}](name=Critical Realism,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=MhP9EHHT,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-27T07:52:24.194+0000) > >riot does not allow me to climb out of B5 - B4 This is your problem. I say this to everyone that talks like this/claims they are in elo hell. Riot is not out to get you, they do not scheme to keep you down. You are not doing well because of your mindset. Stop thinking that the game is against you, use it for what it is. Top lane Naut at the start of the season got me instantly to Silver 2 despite placing B5. Fun fact this season I accepted the fact that I am a Silver 2 player. Everytime I match with Diamonds and Golds I'll even make a point of mentioning it. I am currently 25lp per win
: More skin ideas
Nice. I guess I'll weigh in aswell Solori Diana - Diana, with the Solori armour Lunari Leona - Leona, with the Lunari armour Emo Pantheon - Pantheon being all depressed because no one mentions his name when talking about Mount Targon despite him being a big deal because of Leona and Diana being popular Mount Targon people
: [suggestion] 'Warded area' ping
This is so simply and yet would help a lot. Pinging and typing ward gets the message across but say you are an ADC against a Blitzcrank, that time it takes to type is potentially enough time for you to die
: What's your top 5 best LoL content creators on Youtube?
(No order) Kshaway JK Highlights Nebu imaqtpie Pants are Dragon Honorable mentions: Anklespankin, Redmercy, Protatomonster,
: Why is it so hard to play in Bronze?
Play something Bronze players have trouble dealing with. Guy above said proxy Singed, that is a good shout. Start of this season I did Nautilus ZZ Rot rush and just afked in top. Had 100% win rate before ZZ Rot nerf. Zyra or Brand support is decent, Nasus normal build (because bronze games go for lke 10 years), Yi Jungle, that kind of stuff
: More Sex Appeal for Brand!
Dude, don't know what you are talking about. Brand is already hot as %%%%
: Does Riot think that it's a possibility to revert or rework Leblanc?
I've always said the problem with LB is her W. Specifically the range, I don't understand why Kassadin who is hopping though dimensions had his ult range nerfed because of mobility despite the massive mana cost it accumalates while LB was still allowed to have that, twice with mimic. High damage, high mobility, low cooldown. That is what the ability is, now, the damage makes sence, she is an assassin. The cooldown also makes sense (despite the anger it causes me trying to chase her) she needs to get in and get out, but the range of the ability makes no sense, that is what should have been nerfed.
AT Aetryn (EUW)
: Playing the Old Pre-reworked Champions in a new Game Mode
I'd like to play old Fiora. I loved her, she was my top later of choice, I've played her maybe 5 times since. Old Talon would be nice as well, I didn't think he needed his kit reworked, the passive maybe but it did work with his e when the silence got removed for the slow. Graves was the first 6300 champion I got. I absolutely loved old graves. I am not fond of his new Q because of the reliance on a wall for instant damage and I hate the auto mechanic. Can't play him ADC at all due to how hard it is to CS in certain situations. Under tower for example, auto the melee minion and hit the other 2 which then the tower just takes. Oh and old Xerath where his W was a self root if I remember correctly. Man that was dumb, but I liked it.
SkinY33 (EUNE)
: i mean when ever u can to try what champion u want..
If you want to play the champion whenever you want, you buy that champion.
: What is the best League content? (in your opinion)
5 Stream highlights With full game commentaries remember you have a ceiling. You mentioned Anklespankin, how long has it been that he has said he wanted to grow his channel? Has it? No, because everyone now has ADD. I'm sure if he gave his rentention stats a decent chunk of his audience would have stopped the video 5-10 mins And that is why stream highlights work, it being what it is caters to ADD audiences. Its time consuming to edit, but if the channel is to grow retention matters. A series with a sense of progression is a good idea. Your content is going somewhere so your audience will invest in the content. Do not be discouraged if you do not think you are good enough, that is the beauty of the format, the longer it takes the more content you have, if you never reach the goal, you have lifetime content. So long as the goal is somewhat feasible. Pants are Dragon is not a Rank 1 player, but it is possible for him to get there. It is a small possibility and his audience laughs at the idea, but they still watch, because that possibility as small as it is, exists
SkinY33 (EUNE)
: Testing champions
There is, its called the weekly rotation
Rioter Comments
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: What do laners aim to achieve by standing by their towers waiting for a wave to arrive?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > or something stupid. It is stupid, but it is a thing I'm guessing something stupid is using the mouse wheel, because that's a thing. =) It's implemented this way in the new client because nearly everyone always has 5 points in a single mastery in the different tiers, so it makes more sense to instantly get five points by a single click.
I understand why its implemented. But it would have made more sense to just use left or right click
Murder1us (EUW)
: Which mains you hate the most and a little bit of arrogant behavior
Draven mains. They will be 100/0 carrying like a %%%%ing boss and still be tilted
: Maokai or Nautilus
I prefer Nautilus and have had decent success with him. Before ZZ Rot nerf this season I had a 100% win rate on him, its down to like 60 or something now
: Cannot split masteries (5 point)
Shift click or alt click or something stupid. It is stupid, but it is a thing
: Why no women!?
For the same reason Susie Wolff or Carmen Jorda did not get an F1 drive despite being in Williams and Renault respectfully. They are not good enough. It is as simple as that. Nothing todo with sex, everything todo with skill. Oh, and to prove that it is skill over sex, again with racing, Danica Patrick, a GOOD racer got a drive.
: I like the idea but if they are going to use it it will take a while because they first want the client to be stable and out of beta
> [{quoted}](name=VelowTheOriginal,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=xb9EM9yl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-17T09:15:28.424+0000) > > I like the idea but if they are going to use it it will take a while because they first want the client to be stable and out of beta Oh yeah definitely. I like the new clients aesthetics but it does need stability improvements. Being greeted with a screen that says "game is still in progress" and not have your game load up is not fun
: Schrödinger's Placements
What about Schrödinger's Riven? She is both the worst and the best player on your team
Rioter Comments
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Why is Yasuo W better than Braum E?
A lot of great input. I do agree that both champs are fine as they are with their current kits, its just thematically its a bit strange how a skill called Unbreakable gives damage reduction and a wall made out of air can block all projectiles. Again, Unbreakable can be penetrated, a wall of air cannot. Then you think about the fact that Braum's character is based on 2 important details, the manliest of moustaches, and a giant shield. Hell as a Leona main and fan of her lore I'll admit it, Braum Shield > Leona Sheild
: So Quinn is Disgustingly Broken
I'd like to disagree. I cannot
: Can i get Riot legacy skins like (blitzcrank, graves, signed) from hextech open boxes?
Legacy skins are available yes. Limited skins are not though. Skins like Black Alistar, original Championship Riven, King Rammus etc Deleted skins are also not available, so unfortunately, you cannot get the best skin ever; Rusted Blitzcrank
: I don't know what to do anymore... I'm maining ADC in ranked... but I think I need a change...
A man after my own heart. I used to play a lot of ADC before, yes, I also played a lot of Ezreal. Ezreal, Jinx, Lucian, Ashe. When I got tired of ADC I transitioned into support. Sure its not as fun as playing a carry role but it is the best second role for an ADC main. Why? Because you understand the lane already. You know what needs to be done and you know what the ADC wants the Support todo. You understand how to play a duo lane. So it is the easiest lane to transition to as an ADC main. You do not need to learn how to play the lane. You already know it. If you want to avoid being tilted by your team avoid jungle. Everything is your fault as a jungler. Everything. Mid is probably the hardest (imo) because of the simple fact that there are a lot of meta mid laners, that is a lot of matchups to learn and a huge champion pool for you to pick up and a lot have a decent skill cap. So what does that default us to? Top. I've recently been playing top, having decent success at it. I only really play Nautilus and Jarvan top. There are a few champs that you can pick up on top and most top laners are easy to pick up as in most cases they are not as mechanically challenging as mid laners, notable exceptions being the likes of Riven, Fiora and top Yasuo
: Yasuo's W is a support's wet dream. An AoE barrier that blocks **_all_** projectiles (including basic attacks), with no penalty and drawbacks aside from its own cooldown. Edit: Not to mention its rather questionable hitbox.
You don't even have to point it the right way lol it is a great ability, one of my favourites in fact despite it being a thorn in my side when there is a Yasuo on enemy team. Imagine if he had the PBE windwall, the one that blocked turret shots. I'd play him support all the time and force my ADC to pick Kalista
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Braum's E follows him around allowing him to block projectiles from more than one location, although they have to come from the same direction. This allows him to block an entire Lucian ultimate, which Lucian can cast and move back and forth to follow targets. Braum can also use his W to jump to an ally after he activates his shield, providing him with mobility. Yasuo's shield is stationary once cast. I'm guessing that's the trade-off Braum takes since he's allowed to be mobile.
Yeah but you can play around with Yasuo W a lot better. As ADC if the enemy team engages on me I can dance back and forth between Yasuo's W rather than run away in a straight line If I am someone like Lucian or Vayne, that option is there. Braum carrying his shield is nice yes, but lets for a second imagine that Braum got Windwall on his E. You can place it for your backline, and still be a frontline nuisance with that aoe and passive. Not to say Braum having it on him is not bad. It's just that for a support, a stationary shield wouldn't be a trade off in my opinion
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Ghirix (EUW)
: What to do with the top lane if mine is afk?
Split push. In a 4v5 always split push. Whoever is the strongest/can deal with 2 or more enemy players should be in the side lanes. That is the only way to win a 4v5, by creating pressure so enemy players have to stay apart instead of grouping and taking a 4v5 fight
Made4Terror (EUNE)
: Riot, You got to be kidding me ?
I've had this happen several times. I made a thread here the first time it did. No response. I've had 4 leavebusters since, 2 of them being 20 mins. By the time I can force the client to close and relaunch, log in and connect to the game, it has allready been remade
: How do I play against a Yasuo
On the rare occasion I go mid and face a Yasuo or whenever I bump into him on top my objective is simple. Do not try to beat him, try to survive him. I know what you are going to say it is a losing mindset. But I know as soon as he has a few points in E he will confuse the f out of me and I will be made useless, and dead. So why not be useless in lane, but alive with decent cs and then be useful mid-late game
Lucyfaire (EUW)
: Please ban me
You are the "negative attitude in this ELO hell" Riot is not out to get you, they do not scheme and plot to bring you down. They just make the game. Your place in the ranking is up to you. If you act and play like Bronze V, then maybe that is where you are destined to be. Come to terms with it. I've recently accepted I am a Silver 2 player, and now I'm enjoying the game insted of being depressed that I lost my gold promo 4 years ago and havn't even been in gold promo since because of "elo hell" that is not what it is, after 7 years I still suck at the game.
jozuaaaah (EUW)
: ekko jungle?
I did have a period that I did before Tank Ekko became a thing and he was banned every game. From what I can remember first clear was really hard. Hunters potion was a must. I do like it, using E to get into range for Q then using the actual damage part of E means you can very quickly proc his passive. The issue I had with it is the lack of reliable CC. Well, in my hands anyway. I find it very hard to land the W, I can only consistently land it in a team fight with Zonya. As nice as mobility is for a junlger, reliable CC is more important (imo) Diana does the same thing but better imo. Her clear is very easy with W. She has CC in her kit aswell as mobility and burst, only downside being she is pretty much useless before level 6 unless you can get a flash E and have your laner follow up on that
Likowoof (EUW)
: Stop Botting in Aram
There are a LOT of bots in low elo. On my level 23 account I got into an aram game where there was 3 actual players. Myself, my premade and the enemy Annie.
Rannie (EUW)
: A quick questionnaire on player behaviour
Done your survey, that last one was worded a little strange. Good luck with your studies mate. I was hoping for a "share your thoughts" box, but alas, there was non, so I'll say what I had to say here. It's anonymity which is why people are toxic. They think there is no repercussions, I am sure I am not the only one that said I would not be toxic towards a friend, that is because I've seen that person, I know who that is, I know there will be repercussions. But random players? There is no repercussion. With anything regarding human attitudes on the internet, it will always fall back to anonymity. The safety of a keyboard. Most of these people are not like that in real life. Again, all the best with your studies. Hopefully I helped
: Riot please add a reverse spacebar
The way I got used to playing with unlocked was binding the space button to the thumb 1 button on my mouse and thumb 2 button for y key. It feels more natural controlling the camera with your right hand and its easyer to do so in tense situations. I highly recommend mapping camera control keys to extra buttons on your mouse. The fact that you not have to use your left hand for camera also makes it feel more comfortable in team fight situations
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Exhaust nerf: bit overdoing it.
I'm going to start playing Ignite on my support. When they nerf that, I'll go smite When I get banned for playing smite support I'll stop playing support
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: > **-Flash WQ-** ...a minion
: [NEW SKINS ON PBE, April fools?] Moo Cow Alistar, Toy Renekton, Canine Kog´maw, Hero Kennen
Oh %%%% yes the cow has a cow skin. Now I can pretend to be a cow and just say "moo" in chat while cosplaying a cow AS A COW!
BucZOtwocka (EUNE)
: Quality of life change to make playing against Yasuo less frustrating
This is a really good idea. And it would be effective without nerfing the champion. An example of a change like this being healthy is Zac. Since getting the indicator on his E his ganks now have an indication. Meaning you can flash out of it without having to guess where it is going to land
: When the enemy says ''GG ez'' after a long and tensing match, but you are reformed since 4 years
: LOL TV show
A feature length to me seems a lot more plausible. Especially with the Warcraft movie having released last year. League has such a rich and amazing lore. Although I do not agree with The Summoners apparently being taken out of it, it is still really interesting and there is so much potential. Noxius vs Damacia, Mount Targon/Diana vs Leona, Shurima etc. It would be a shame if League never got some sort live action or (preferably) CG movie/show. Riot has given us glimpses of something wonderful with the short movies they have released on youtube (i.e A New Dawn) so I am sure they are aware of the potential
: How can I buy RP?
Maybe if you were an African king I would trust you with giving you RP and you paying me back later. But alas, you are no African king. If you are serious, use Paypal. It is the safest and easyest way to buy anything anywhere
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