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: hes grungy :) this isnt cool? :D
: No,Yorick is not cool,hip,flashy,edgy,popular so he won't getting a new skin in....3 years!
hes grungy :)
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FTR Arjey (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wallop Webb,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LEbzLMKE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-30T17:00:00.239+0000) > > sadly - its really hard to climb as support, as the role is about trying to help. Well, u dont know shit. about support role then buddy :)
it sounds as if you have really good knowledge about this game if you are in the tiers you say you are. of course if you are in master/challenger then you will find it easy to climb in any role, but probably less than 5% of the people who play this game are ever going to be that good. So in my defence - yes it is hard to climb as a support.
kopie50 (EUW)
: Thresh onetrick looking for a way to win whilst being matched with inting teammates 80% of the time.
sadly - its really hard to climb as support, as the role is about trying to help. Try and watch some coaching videos on Youtube, they are helping me alot. NEACE does some good ones. even if he doesnt cover the class or role you are playing, he talks alot about the mechanics of the game and what you should be doing when you arent killing people. You can use this knowledge to help direct your team mates. Doesnt mean they will listen but i can say the last few games ive played (one of them being taric support) we won cause i tried my hardest to praise them when they made good descisions and didnt run around chasing kills. Give it a shot :) Keep up the good work on the support!
: Terrible matchmaking got me ban great job riot
: How do i prevent falling off lategame as a jungler?
I’m not a pro or even a decent jungler but I thought I’d just say well done for criticising yourself before you blamed your team. With this attitude you will surely get better :) As for advice, when I do play jungle in pug games I tend to ping 3 or 4 times that I’m coming to a lane in order for the lane to prepare for me to come. Other things I can suggest is to keep an eye on where the enemy jungler is ganking and try to counter gank them. It’s easy to get a kill from this as they have already burned their cd’s and your guy will know to play safe if you’re on the way. Also, try to ward for your team as much as possible to keep tabs on what’s happening and what you can control. Hope this helps! Good luck
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Mhyrion (EUW)
: I know right, I feel the same way. I sometimes just mute the chat. Just don't bother with em, don't make the mistake to talk back or ask questions or anything like that. I find that teambuilder is normally a bit more relaxed since there's no raging about the roles, but you have to like that gamemode. What really helps for me is to set a tiny goal for myself in the beginning of the game. Like when I'm playing Soraka I set myself the goal to not miss any Q. It makes me much more focussed on myself and therefore less on the potential trolls and flamers in my team. It does not make em go away, but I guess I just kinda tunnelvision around them.
i think youre right, i do find that team builder is alot better, maybe its cause people are already part satisfied they got the role they want. i logged into a game earlier and was first pick (ranked) i had already stated i wanted adc and when i locked in i got told by the guy who was last pick that he was reporting me lol the trick is not to get annoyed by them i suppose. hard when youre having a bad game
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yeah im considering just turning off chat, that or just having to start to let things go a bit. seems quite annoying tho, i guess thats why it was always good that you couldnt communicate with the enemy on WoW
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all the evidence you could ever need
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