: > [{quoted}](name=Walltr,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bqL1Ti5R,comment-id=0006000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-26T17:25:36.838+0000) > > Based on these logs, I assume? They state a reason, like for being toxic, for feeding, griefing, etc.
"Your account has been suspended until 9 November 2017, 11:58 because of abusive, player-reported comms."
Walltr (EUW)
: 14 suspension because I got trolled mutipletimes
As people suggested I contacted riot support. The reaction I got seems very standard and doesn't really answer anything at all. They state I already had a chat restriction, which I got also because I got trolled. I posted that log earlier on this board. They just explain that Riot dislikes toxic behaviour and that I thus get a ban. They seem to completely ignore that the most toxic behaviour is intentionally actively trolling people in game. All Riot seems to do at the moment is punish people who are easily detectable by a system, regardless the context and if that system actually finds the right people all the time. The result is that when people troll you have to be very aware of the fact that its more likely for you to get punished than the actual troll itself. I now have to wait 15 days, while the multiple trolls I have, go free, eventhough I reported them. In no way can I understand how that's a fair situation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Walltr,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bqL1Ti5R,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2017-10-26T16:44:48.486+0000) > > I did not give up nor did I troll myself, but I had to play a game as adc where I had no damage and protection so there was very little I could do for my team, because someone decided to troll me. Therefore it felt to me that I had 'wasted' time on trying to be the carry for my team. You got a 14 day suspension based on what?
: These chat logs should not result in a punishment. However, I noticed one of your last sentences: "Capt Bard: idc because of this troll I wasted about 25 mins =,=" This is in my experience a sentence someone says when they've given up on the game and is trolling/feeding to end game faster, as a response to someone calling you out on it. However, if none of that is true, open a support ticket and Riot will help you.
I did not give up nor did I troll myself, but I had to play a game as adc where I had no damage and protection so there was very little I could do for my team, because someone decided to troll me. Therefore it felt to me that I had 'wasted' time on trying to be the carry for my team.
: Contact support. Those chat logs should not give you suspension. Maybe the only reason would be the bad words you used. But that's too harsh. Since those words were taken out of context, plus everyone knows those words. Maybe you trolled them in game? That I can not see, only the support team. Go make a ticket.
Already contacted them, no reaction yet. Although there is no way for me to prove it, I did not troll ingame, I tried my best to just farm as much as I could, which wasn't much.
: You really have a good point and you did nothing wrong but yes you do chat a lot.
Although there are no rules for what's a lot and what not, I don't think that this is alot. Its less than 1 line per 2 minutes on average.
: There is chat for a reason. Riot banning people for chatting? Then just remove the chat. Cause it seems they just ban for talking. This is assuming, he did not troll in games, made them lose on purpose without saying bad stuff in chat.
I did absolutely not troll in these games, I tried my best even though I got trolled. The main problem I have is that supports trolling their adc like this basically make them useless for the rest of the game. The adc is behind in levels and items so he has no damage + the adc gets no peel/help from his support so he is completely useless for the rest of the game. When people only flame, you can just mute them and when they spam pings you can mute those too. But trolling like this is unmutable, all you can do is farm under turrets, sit in base and wait till the game is over, hoping you somehow can find a window to get back into the game on your own.. It amazes me that saying something about that gets you banned, but trolling someone like that does not...
: You have an annoying, negative attitude and cry the whole game. Not everyone is a troll just because he doesn't play like you want. However, you didn't flame anyone and I can't see anything banworthy. Riots ban system probably got triggered by "shut up" (-> "and she told me to shut up") or another phrase.
There is a difference between people playing how I want them to play and a support intentionally using all his abilities in lane to take away cs from his adc. Those are two very different things. Or a yasuo 'support' going full ad/crit build while constantly cs'ing and then when the wave is cleared going another lane. Remember the singed support troll that got banned? This is even worse and should definitely get banned. Plus it would be ridiculous if I got banned because I quoted the flame that another player directed to me. Just goes to show how flawed the system is.
Mada (EUW)
: That's a lot of chatting. I would have reported you as well. "Capt Bard: morgana please prep minons under turret" You think she just forgot to hit the casters or something? She didn't know! You just wasted time chatting.
I do not see what is wrong with politely asking people to help with that, often people forget or don't know an adc could use help with that early on. I asked her once and that was reason enough for her to tell me to shut up and tell me that I'm too bad to play adc and should play another role. Also, I don't think that I talked that much, over the course of an almost 40 minute game.
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Strigina (EUNE)
: You don’t get a feedback for every punished player you reported. I also believe you won’t get one if their punishment was chat restriction. So don’t worry, no feedback does not mean they were not punished.
Is there any confirmation that this is true? Also, why would this be the case? It would be much more transparent if you received a notification every time there is any sort of punishment.
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: I just want to say that even if these is one of the lighter permabans reasons i have seen these 3 games doesnt tell how you behave in other games. You cant be a Little toxic in every lose game and never be permabanned for it. I belive that these is the reason that we se more permabans that seams to be rather harsh when Reading the chatlogs. Those who has earned their penaltypoints over a large nuber of games must pay the price to, not only those who are supertoxic in a few games.
I'm not claiming by any means to be innocent but I've never flamed harder than this. Im not saying this isn't bad enough already, but my behaviour in other games, ingame and pre-game/post-game, was equally bad or better, never worse. I've never afk'd, inted, trolled, cursed, discriminated, etc. All of it is passive agressive flame. Again, im not claiming that isn't worth a punishment.
Walltr (EUW)
: Permanently banned, let this be a warning
I didn't expect this to get this attention, hopefully some who read it will change their behaviour before they are punished. Just to clarifly, I did post this, including chat logs, to show, convince or 'proof' that I'm somehow innocent nor did I make this post to cry. Just wanted to show what is 'needed' to get you banned, as a warning to others.
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: Stop blaming others for your own actions. You control what you do. So when you feel the need to say something negative just don't. Hit that backspace button and continue playing the game. Also when you notice you're getting tilted just do something other than lol. Playing more lol will probably make things worse, so why continue?
Im not blaming others, im the one that reacted negative, not them. I'm just saying that I have difficulty with dealing with people who troll/feed/int/play very bad and I'm asking if anyone has advice on how to deal with that.
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Walltr (EUW)
: People trolling and how to deal with it?
So, basically, the general respons is "you're fked". Good to know that...
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House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Walltr,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=QWEAKbGO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-21T10:55:59.658+0000) > > Muting them doesn&#x27;t change their troll behaviour at all sadly. Flaming them doesn't either :<
But I don't see how I flamed them, I don't understand why this is worth a chat restriction..
House x33 (EUW)
: Mute them,ignore them & report them Don't you know the saying ? > Never feed a troll
Muting them doesn't change their troll behaviour at all sadly.
: It feels harsh because you were there trying to play the game properly and that experience was being ruined for you. I get that. You are always going to get games with idiots like this; thankfully (for me at least) these games are rare. It does sound like you were being trolled, although it is hard to interpret what happened without seeing the complete chat. I think that it is how you deal with these situations that is important here. You seemed to start off ok by pointing out that you weren't happy with the way that player was playing. The problem starts when you start to escalate the situation by saying: >Walltr: and I play like I want too then At this point, you have made it clear that you intend to reduce yourself to the level of the troller and opens yourself up to being reported. You have drawn attention to yourself and now the focus is going to be on you and not Janna; people's allegiencies in games cannot be predicted and it looks like they took Janna's side. After stating that you would like Janna to stop, and seeing that she did not, you should have just kept quiet IMO. Roaming mid was probably legit but if you end up losing bot lane then that would be seen as trolling and helping the enemy, which is reportable. Did you need to announce in chat that this is what you were doing? You drew attention to yourself and made yourself look like the troller. There are idiots in this game. Never lower yourself to their standards because you might be the one that gets punished.
The thing was that Janna and the rest of my team used this as her argument for why she played like she played. They said something like "stop talking to me I play like I how I want to play, you just don't like how I play" and then continued to tell me that me going mid was the actual trolling. I just pointed out that by that same logic me going mid to help my team isnt trolling but just playing how I want to play. "Walltr: well Walltr: me going mid Walltr: isnt trolling either then Walltr: its just me not playing like you want me to Walltr: same logic" And apparently, this gets you a chat restriction.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Your punishment gets escalated if you don't show signs of reforming after your initial punishment. Since chat restrictions haven't made you follow the rules, the 14 day ban is issued together with a final warning. Remember that things you say in the champion select screen, and the post-game screen, is also taken into account when judging you, although those chats aren't displayed in your log. Is this your full log? Are you able to screenshot it?
Im pretty damn sure I havent been negative in champ select since im not trying to upset people or troll them, I just reacted to people trolling and flaming me. Also I leave right away after a game so that really can't be it. I'll try and see if I can screenshot it and post it but I'm not really sure how to do it. I just don't understand how a 14 day ban, especially in holiday season, is appropriate for this behaviour. I reported them but they didn't get a ban at all because they already played a game today. How on earth is that fair considering they are they ones trolling and cursing...
rèV (EUW)
: > [...]However I've had a few games today with some a few people trolling and flaming excessivly hard. I reacted to that because im tired of it. Im not claiming that I havent been negative at all [...] That is your answer.
Yea I had a really tough day at work and just wanted to relax with some league untill I met those trolling toxic people. I haven't been trolling them, I havent been feeding, going afk or cursing. I agree that I should have muted them, but really, a 14 day ban doesnt seem appropriate at all. Especially since next week is my week off but I won't be able to play league now...
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: Calling for reports nearly always makes the situation worse, does nothing if you're lucky, and almost never helps. Think about it this way, you give the flamer, who is either angry already OR trolling you, just another reason to be more angry or confirmation that he's successful in his trolling. Both results are just bad and only make the game worse. Even more, many flamers stop flaming if no one engages with them, but you threaten them back with reports, thus keeping the flame going by adding fuel. Just don't.
So the only way to deal with flaming/toxic/trolling/afking etc. people is by not dealing with them. Asking for a report is bannable, dicussiong their behaviour with them is not accepted, the only thing you can do is mute them so you dont see them talk but neither can you communicate about game tactics anymore and report them afterwards, which is probably just 1 or 2 people reporting them then.
: you called for reports which is very bannable. you are lucky they didnt elevate you to a 2 week ban off the bat.
Why is asking for a report bannable? Varus was flaming and asking to report me in all chat, and then when I ask to report him its worth a 2 week ban? Whats the reasoning behind that?
: this was just the final straw... you have to have a decent amount of games like this.. i've honestly had games where i come in about the same category as you do (except i manage to never call for reports... as it is pretty much pointless).. but these games are rare for me.. most of the time i simply ignore them and play the game where you * call for reports * call people trolls * say people flame irony: "if you dont like it just mute" but you didnt like the flames.. and you didnt mute
I did mute lux and varus who were flaming me, I didnt mute TF because I was trying to have a discussion with him.
: Well in my opinion you did not exactly flame worth of a ban, but you did sort of abuse the chat. I mean you wrote a novel, maybe even two. It sure seems that you spent more time typing than actually playing. And you did report call, which is a punishable offense, yet only once. Maybe the sheer amount of text which can be translated to withold a negative agenda combined with report calling did the trick. Not to mention that this same kind of behaviour might have gone on in many games prior to this one. Afterall it is only a minor punishment so take it in, reconsile from it and follow your own advise _it's just a game_ and let these trolling/flaming players just slide. You cannot change the attitude and personality of a total moron in a span of one lol game so don't even try. Just play, mute, report and repeat.
I had time to type while I was dead and ive been playing plenty in that game. I just dont get why Im not allowed to call someone out for his behaviour towards me. It feels like im the bad guy right now and the trolls and flamers just laugh and get away with it. I said nothing offensive, I just tried to have a discussion with TF.
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: There are a lot of things that are considered negative in community but many players don't realize what they are doing is negative. A good example of this is report calling "report player x for reason x" this might seem a just thing to do first but really the only thing it does is bring negativity to the game, even if the said player should be reported. Your report alone should be enough and the amount of reports you might get him in one game by report calling should be indecisive. The consistency of reported games the player gets is the decisive factor in punishing or not punishing a player. Hence witch-hunting for reports is not okay. Other factors could be excessive interefereing to other players play/playstyle/builds or even decisions. If you excessively nah about someones build or play then that is negativity. You are free to give advice but that has to be kept in well mannered limits. If your teams Ashe builds full AP, feel free to mention her that it isn't beneficial for the team but that only needs to be done once. If you keep spamming about her building AP then you are just nagging and bringing negativity. If she accepts your advice it will happen after the first notion not after 15th.
Thanks for posting this, I get your point and maybe this is the reason I got the chat restriction. However I'd really like to know exactly what I did wrong because all I keep getting are tips without any hard 'evidence' and the last two times that didn't help me enough.
Takeoff (EUW)
: Links to the other parts
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: Currently you will have to contact Riots support and ask to speak to a player behavior specialist (which might require some looong waiting time). But soon all punishments will have chatlogs.
Any idea on how soon that will be? Days, weeks, months? Because I find it very frustrating that I again got a chat restriction while im sure I havent flamed anyone or been excessively toxic and don't know what or how to improve my behaviour.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > So it could well be that my chat restriction is based on false reports, thats kinda messed up to be honest. Extremely unlikely. The system has many safeguards in place that ignored false reports. The error rate of the system is roughly 1 in 6000 cases. > In my opinion there should be a chat log available for every chat restriction or ban when people ask for it, this would help improve player behaviour so much. This has, as I've mentioned, started in NA.
Ok, thanks for answering. Ill wait till the new system comes to EUW. I just hoped to get some more insight on why exactly I got chat restricted, im just curious what of the things I said lead to it.
Petsho (EUW)
: It's approved by an automated system right now :s
So it could well be that my chat restriction is based on false reports, thats kinda messed up to be honest. In my opinion there should be a chat log available for every chat restriction or ban when people ask for it, this would help improve player behaviour so much.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. The feature of reform cards is greatly missed, but it is returning very soon. Today, the initial testing of the new type of reform cards are being tested on NA. I believe they're starting out with more harsher cases, but we're getting there.
Yes, ive read about that. Sadly it's not on EUW yet. But isnt my chat restriction based on an actual chat log and approved by an actual person? Isnt there a way to see the chat logs with the things that got me reported because I honestly can't recall being highly offensive to anyone and I recently had the 'great teammate' banner. Doesnt seem to rhyme with eachother.
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Walltr (EUW)
: Unable to connect/reconnect to a game
So anyone has any advice on what I could try to get the game working again?
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