: Same was in a 40 mins game Post baron I got dcd lmao Rip EUW {{item:3070}}
Same problem
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: The very idea of death chance is misguided, since to calculate a _chance_ for something to happen and to verify that these calculations are correct, you have to test it over and over and check that the teammate does indeed die, say, nine times out of ten. However, you will never have the same case ten times to check it. Say you have a Miss Fortune adc at bot that was saved by her support. To calculate her "chances", as you say, of dying, you'd have to take into account her current health, mana, allies' positions and abilities, enemies' positions and abilities, minions' positions, the state of the map, itemization of everyone and much more. You cannot exactly replicate these conditions to verify that your calculated chance is correct, and without replication and verification, a chance is void of meaning. Plus, even if you could replicate these conditions, the ways of playing out any two seconds in the game differ so vastly that you couldn't possibly cover all possibilities.
I suppose Riot is tracking all the events in the game. I suppose they know all situations in each second of the game. If they have all this data, it is possible to calculate. The problem is the data, not the algorithm. At the end, I think you agree with me, that the support role is not evaluated with justice
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: >We calculate the % chance that the team mate is killed. There is no way to do that.
: And how do you propose to do that? Should someone from Riot view every game individually and say "oh, it was definitely him who saved the adc there" and "nice save, I´ll give him a point for that"? Saving teammates can´t be measured.
You can say: 1. The support position, range from team mates 150 2. Teammates live under 20% 3. Enemiges are in range under 150 near to teammates and they have ulti and damage sufficient to kill 4. We calculate the % chance that the team mate is killed. If there are a 90% of team mate get killed 5. You go, hit the enemies, stun or similar. You receives the ultis and attacks, and your team mate with 90% chance to get killed is saved. You saved him I'm developer. I know Riot can do that
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