: (Ab)using the report system
I've lost count of the amount of times people have threatened to report me for trolling or inting over the years, usually after I have done a single bad Bard ult that got them killed. I don't know why but players see my huge amount of Mastery points on Bard and naturally assume that every ult I do will be perfect, so when I do a bad ult (which sometimes happens out of my control) they automatically assume I am trolling them. I don't know how many of those players have actually reported me after saying they will, but so far I haven't been punished (not so much as a single chat restriction), so take that as you will. What annoys me about it is not that they are wanting to report me in itself, but the fact that they want to report me in the first place clearly shows they have no idea what true trolling or inting is. Not only this but so many false reports surely slow down the system which means it takes longer to punish the truely toxic players.
Lari (EUNE)
: Non melee adc, people picking champs out of strategy and not out of whim stuff like that
What tends to happen in high diamond and master matches is you get a lot of players forced into off roles. The player pool is a lot smaller so you could easily get a team with a top main, a jungle main and 3 mid mains. Whether you like it or not 2 of those mid mains will have to play their off roles. Then of course you get a lot of pro players in the high diamond brackets who either don't care too much about climbing the ladder or simply don't have the time to. They use solo queue to try out weird picks and builds for pro play. It can be very frustrating for players looking to climb the ladder.
Lari (EUNE)
: " What did you do all game, you are a f*ng Noob"
Even in challenger matches players will look to pin the blame on someone else and refuse to admit their mistakes. It is human nature. In the lower ELO brackets players often don't have enough game knowledge to understand their mistakes. They believe they played perfectly even though they didn't.
: I got demoted 2 divisions and i don't know what to do
It sounds like you need to take a break, from ranked at the very least if not the game entirely. Take a couple of days off away from the game then come back and you'll probably find your gameplay is back to normal.
Doombot (EUW)
: You can just google it if you are that interested in the topic. I really don't care to prove something because of a random sidenote comment in an off topic discussion, especially not when I see that i get downvoted for a reasonable reply. This pretty much tells me that some people don't care, no matter what I say.
Why comment on something if you aren't willing to prove it? It makes no sense, especially when all you had to do was post the link of the website you got the statistic from, like this: https://quanticfoundry.com/2017/01/19/female-gamers-by-genre/ A random statistic with no back-up is not a "reasonable reply". I can do it too, for example: "90% of Muslims are terrorists" (_please don't take this as a real statistic because it definitely ISN'T_). Does saying that without proof contribute anything of worth to the discussion? No, it's just a random number that I've pulled out of my ass in an attempt to justify my point of view. In order for a statistic to be worthwhile we need to know where it comes from, how and when the data was collected. As shown above, the study regarding the gender disparity in LoL is largely pointless because it relies on data that is 9 years old, at a time when the game wasn't as widely available as it is now.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: so whats the counterplay to neeko?
If you played Neeko yourself you would find out pretty quickly how to play against her, but here are some pointers anyway. She is very squishy and has low range and low mobility if she is playing AD. Her only survivability is a 0.5s stealth which is easily countered by any form of aoe cc ability.
: > There is a similar stereotype in WoW that all female WoW players play healing classes That is obviously bullshit, because the word "all" makes it an absurd theory. It would be more reasonable to say that healing classes might be more popular among women than among men. That might actually be true (and I am sure someone researched that). And it makes sense. Like the study "Stand by your man" shows, there is a reason for that. It's not even some vague evolutionary argument about women being more supportive by nature or something like that, it's pretty practical: A significant part of female gamers joins games because of their romantic partner. And since couples often want to play together and supportive roles are predestined for that AND often happen to be more accessible for newbies, it's an obvious choice if two people with a big difference of experience want to play together. > The major issue is their assumption that there is a big gender disparity in LoL players, despite having no real data to back up this claim That is not an assumption. Riot has this data and they got their data from Riot. I work in gaming myself and this particular statistic is super easy to come by. There are so many ways to check what audience you have, with gender and age probably being the easiest of them all. > "more than 2000 nationally representative households", You sure you found the right study? This study was done with 17.000 Leauge players, which is MASSIVE for a small study like that. A fraction of this would already be extremely reliable. Also the study is from 2015, not 6 years old, so I am pretty sure you looked up the wrong study. Here is the correct one again: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/275656456_Stand_by_Your_Man_An_Examination_of_Gender_Disparity_in_League_of_Legends
> It would be more reasonable to say that healing classes might be more popular among women than among men. As far as I know there has been no study to suggest that at all, and like I said from my personal experience, it is wrong. > That is not an assumption. Riot has this data and they got their data from Riot. I work in gaming myself and this particular statistic is super easy to come by. There are so many ways to check what audience you have, with gender and age probably being the easiest of them all. When I wrote my initial reply I had only read the Abstract and the Study 1 portions of the report, and in the abstract the only source that is mentioned in detail regarding the disparity of gender in games was the ESA 2013 annual report, which I linked above. But now let's talk about the data that Riot supplied, which makes up the bulk of the study. You are right that 17,000 league players is a substantial number but there are some severe drawbacks to it. First of all, that survey was conducted in **November 2010**. This is significant because at that time not only were there a lot less players in general, but more significantly the game hadn't been globally released yet. At that time there were only 3 servers: NA, EU and SEA. No dedicated Korean or Chinese server, and no sub-regions that allowed players to connect to the game from a much larger area of the world. Essentially we are talking about data that is 9 years old, that was collected at a time when the game was a lot smaller and less widely released than it is today. It is (in my opinion) not a fair representation of the current state of the playerbase and I would therefore be wary about citing it. The only recent statistic I have found is from here: https://www.statista.com/statistics/744606/gender-share-esports-games-fans/ Which states that apparently LoL esports is watched by 45% females, and 55% male. That said, I can't find out how this data was collected so it is largely irrelevant. The most recent survey done by Riot themselves was in July 2018 but didn't ask for participants gender.
Doombot (EUW)
: Only 10% of female gamers actually LIKE mobas, it's even less for grand strategy, shooters, tactical shooters. They just prefer other genres that are less competitive and with more social interaction, like rpgs. So it only makes sense that they would favor support, a role that is focusing on helping others. It's just a natural tendency that you can't ignore. Tendency means, there can be quite a lot of exceptions too.
Again with the random statistics. Where did you pull this one from?
Azar1ya (EUW)
: Which champion to play/buy
My advice would be to first go to the league of legends youtube channel and watch the champion spotlights for each champion you are interested in. This will give you a rough idea of what each champion does. After that ideally wait until those champions come onto the free rotation to try them out for free before you buy them.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Since the OP didn't deliver (OP never delivers) I'll link it instead. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1DIlJ0dOrKhdjBISUpPaXpyckU/view Preliminary reading shows that the study was published in 2015 and data was collected in 2013, which, truth be told, could mean that it's a greatly outdated study. For example, the study focuses for about 2-3 pages about communication of female participants, noting that text-based communication was virtually non-existent, but I personally noticed that ever since the chat restriction system was introduced _(which would ironically be in 2015, iirc)_, basically everybody behaves like that. The chat can remain silent, as far as written messages are concerned, for 20 minutes straight on occassion.
That file has apparently been deleted by the owner so I can't view it. That said I'm less concerned about that study than these mystical statistics that said support is the most popular role for female players. There is a similar stereotype in WoW that all female WoW players play healing classes, which from my experience was completely false. Over the years I can think of 4 females who I raided with regularly over voice comms and none of them played a healer. One was a warrior tank, the second was a dps paladin (never healed in her life), one was a rogue and the last was a feral druid. EDIT: I've found the study in question and I'm in the process of reading it, but I have a few issues with it right off the bat. The major issue is their assumption that there is a big gender disparity in LoL players, despite having no real data to back up this claim. The only source they talk about in detail regarding this is the Entertainment Software Association's Annual Report from 2013, linked below: https://www.isfe.eu/sites/isfe.eu/files/attachments/esa_ef_2013.pdf Which let's be honest is a pretty shallow source to base an entire study on. Not only is the information 6 years old now, but the survey was restricted to "more than 2000 nationally representative households", meaning it was limited to the US and only surveyed a tiny fraction of the US population. On top of that they don't clarify what they define as a "video gamer", nor do they state what games each gender plays or how long they play for each day. All in all, it doesn't really tell us much. But for the sake of argument let's put all that aside and assume that their percentages accurately represent the whole world and that the percentages were consistent across all game genres. 45% Female to 55% male isn't that large a gap in the grand scheme of things, so I'm still not sure where the whole "big gender disparity" is coming from. The only thing I can agree with is the very small amount of female representation in professional e-sports, which is very obvious to see. BUT....we are talking about the top 0.001% of the total playerbase here, which is in no way indicative of the majority of the players. As far as I'm aware there has been no survey done in recent years to determine how many female and male players play LoL on a regular basis. If there is I would love to see it. I'll write more about this once I have read through the rest of the study.
: Should i play Lux supp?
The ability to play a champion is different to the ability to play a role. Simply put, just because you are a good lux player doesn't mean you are good at support lux. In fact, I had a match yesterday with a perfect example of this. I was against an AP shaco one-trick who was playing support. He was very very good at playing Shaco, but knew nothing about playing support, so he had no impact on the lane which meant he had no impact in the mid-late game. I legit ignored him completely during the landing phase and just denied his adc. Easiest lane I've had in awhile. What does this have to do with lux support? Well unfortunately lux has a reputation for being picked by mid laners who get autofilled support, and although they can play the champion well enough, they don't have the supporting mindset or skills. The result is the poor adc is left behind while the "support" tries to carry.
Hellscape (EUW)
: Does normal game decide where u start after your unranked games?
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752954-Matchmaking-Guide To quote this post: > Your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) is a number that Riot uses to determine your skill, and when matchmaking, the skill of your opponents. Everyone’s MMR starts at the same point when playing a queue for the first time. So no, your normal game MMR has absolutely no impact on your ranked MMR.
Xiley (EUNE)
: It's not about requiring. It's about it being WAY better way of comunication and right now you don't even have an option to do it with randoms.
So, back when I played WoW there was an ingame voice chat for raid and dungeon groups and most of the time it wasn't needed at all. The content being done by randoms was easy enough that you didn't need the better communication that voice chat offered. The one time I did join a PUG for harder content (the heroic final boss of the current raid) the raid leader told everyone to get on the ingame voice chat for the fight. Guess what, that increased level of communication didn't help us kill the boss. There is a lot more to good communication than just being on voice comms.
: You are of course right that randomly shouting out stereotypes is idiotic and not okay. But, just for the record: The "support gamer girl" stereotype is not complete bullshit. Using it on an individual person of course is still bullshit (because applying statistics to one person is nonsense), but the stereotype itself is correct. Statistically, support is indeed the most popular role for female players and this is indeed caused by them playing with their romantic partner. Women who play independently don't play that much support, but the significant amount of women who play with their partner have a much MUCH higher ratio of playing support which leads to the very high overall popularity of support among female players. How do I know this? Because it was actually scientifically researched in a study called "Stand by your man". Luckily this study did more than just confirm this cliche. It also destroyed a cliche, namely the assumption that women are less talented gamers. They are less skilled (again: on average of course), because they spend less time on the game. Male and female players who spend equal time on the game have equal skill levels. So the speed at which men and women acquire skill (i.e. talent) is the same and differences in average skill are caused by time investment, not a difference in ability/talent. Sorry for going a bit offtopic, but I find this study so interesting that I just feel the need to share it as often as I can^^
> Statistically, support is indeed the most popular role for female players and this is indeed caused by them playing with their romantic partner. Women who play independently don't play that much support, but the significant amount of women who play with their partner have a much MUCH higher ratio of playing support which leads to the very high overall popularity of support among female players. I would love to see those statistics you are talking about. Do you have a link?
: A reason why most League community so toxic?
I think you are right that part of the toxicity comes from people who are very passionate about the game, and that they feel the game isn't rewarding them for their efforts. I DON't think the low chest drops have anything to do with it, but more to do with the fact that ranked gameplay and climbing the ladder feels so unrewarding for people. You can put 110% effort into a match, play your heart out and still lose due to factors completely out of your control, and that feels terrible to play. Imagine you were playing a Dark Souls game, and you were on the final boss. You do the mechanics perfectly, dodging every single attack, etc. Then when the boss is just about to die a big coin appears in the middle of the screen. If it lands on Heads, you kill the boss. If it lands on Tails the boss turns around and 1-shots you and you have to start the fight again. Think about how infuriating that would be, and that's the feeling a lot of people get while playing ranked. At this point it doesn't even matter if they aren't even playing perfectly, because in their minds they deserved to win, and have been "cheated" by the system. Now, onto your suggestion, would I like to see more lore-based events? Personally they don't really do anything for me (I don't pay much attention to the game's lore at all) but I know a lot of people loved the previous events. Would it solve the toxicity problem in ranked matches? I doubt it, especially since any lore-based events would either be done on a completely new/separate map or at the very least wouldn't happen in ranked matches.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I did not read what you say but, the reason is they are immature, dumb, self centered, spoiled brats, narcissist, tunnel vision sheeps!
Not related to the topic at hand, at all. If you can't even be bothered to read the OP and understand what is being said, why comment on it? You are literally the guy at the office party who hears a single word out of context and then bulldozes into a conversation talking about something completely different to what is being discussed.
Xiley (EUNE)
: Because random people are often unwilling to join your Discord even if it would give you way more chances to win the game.
If I were playing in a situation which required that level of communication, I wouldn't be doing it with random strangers hence I'd be on Discord with friends instead.
: Actually not true. Below diamond most teams struggle heavily vs a properly executed funnel strategy and even higher it can be successful.
Most players below Diamond don't even know what the funnel strat is, and certainly haven't got the skill or coordination to pull it off, so the point is moot.
: What the FU are you suppose to do against master yi late game?
Yi is the hypercarry. If you let him get to full build and don't have a similarly strong hypercarry to fight him, he will kill you all. That is the nature of a hypercarry. The point is to put him behind and end the game before he gets to that point.
Xiley (EUNE)
: Voice Chat
I've played a lot of different online games with built-in voice chat and none of them work nearly as well as Discord does, so why bother?
: The only time im flaming is when people are trolling me or they wanna blame my other teammates like i have my teams back. but then when the people are trolling in my game riot does nothing and when i do something then they all wanna cry and shitt
When has flaming someone for trolling (real or imagined) ever solved anything? Have you genuinely ever had someone stop trolling after you have flamed them? Because I sure haven't. If anything it usually just makes them troll and int even more than before.
: So? I hate such douchbags and just constructing excuses why you think it's fine to be a %%%% doesn't change that
I hate people who say "gg ez" in chat too, just like I hate people who dump litter on the ground less than 5m away from a bin. That doesn't mean the people who say "gg ez" should get perma-banned, just like the people who litter should get lifetime imprisonment sentences.
: @The lane police , dude , i`m gonan post this again... prejudice /'pr?d??d?s/ noun noun: prejudice; plural noun: prejudices **preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.** How else can i make this clearer ? Lemme break this down .So IF i say "all the russians players in this game are toxic", YES , that would be prejudice since i`ts imposible for me to play with ALL the russians out there.Then my oipinion would not be based on fact. But what i said is that all the russian players i had in my games were toxic.That`s like 100% diferent.Since the statement is based on real experience.This denies the prejudice argument fully. It`s simple logic. 1 + 1 = 2 . edit : Ok, i admit there is one mistake in my post.I didn`t make it really really clear that i was talking about my own experience.I thought it was obvious , since i was talking about my own games. But except that , i am 100% in the right here.
> But what i said is that all the russian players i had in my games were toxic. This is also impossible to know, because you have no way of telling the country of origin of every player you have ever played with. Let me put it this way, if a Russian player was on your team, had an English username and didn't say anything at all in the chat, how would you know they are Russian? It's exactly the same as saying "all Muslim's I know of are terrorists" when the only terrorists you have identified have been those on the news committing acts of terrorism.
: I`m beyond confused
I don't see any homophobia or racism here, but plenty of xenophobia, for this part alone: > Now , back in the day before the russian server was up, ppl from russian were playing on EUNE.And they were the worst kind of players to have.They would NEVER communicate with the other ppl in the team, will always curse in russian , troll , go afk, u name it. Basically you are implying that all Russian players are toxic and troll players who disrespect you every game.
: Jungle Smurf LF Duo to grind to Diamond on new account.
Why not play on your old account instead of ruining the matchmaking on a smurf?
: actually macro play is way more important than some fast fingers, so it's what I would call skill anyway
Indeed. The majority of those "highlight reel" plays you see are caused by a player having bad macro or awareness and getting caught out, then relying on their mechanical skill to survive. If they had better macro and awareness, they wouldn't have gotten caught out in the first place.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Exactly Many pro players (not all) when they play soloq they kidnap troll and many hate to play with them. Streamers are whorse they are all trolls they chat and read chat instead of pay, they don't pay attention, they rage to make viewers and everybody hate to play with them in team. Streamers are toxic and misbehave majority of them. Also agree those pick are super strong not troll. Sad is we also are smart persons not only streamers or pro players, and if we try a build or pick that is outside normality that work for us and we win lane/game with we are flamed to dead, but they copy like sheeps pro players/streamers builds or style of play. For example I am gold main support always though Galio is a strong support, but I was all time flamed if I pick it and adc gave up and start to feed cause I lost his game. Or blame me for troll pick after he die in situations that no support could have saved him except may Tahm Kench. After months now is pick in pro play or ban to not be pick.
There are a few streamers who are very decent people, but unfortunately they are often over-shadowed by the more arrogant and toxic ones. One player I really like who I've been watching a lot recently is Ipav, who is a Teemo one-trick. Very chilled dude and lovely to watch, but he usually only has 500 viewers on twitch. That's nothing compared to some people on twitch who pull in thousands at a time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5Tay-6qDBo A classic reason why I like ipav as a player.
: Power of PRO players and streamers
> I think that PRO players and Streamers should think more what are they doing. I agree completely with this sentence, but not for the reasons given in the post. I honestly couldn't care less what the streamers play in their matches, but what I do care about is how they behave. As you rightly pointed out players will copy their favourite streamer, and if that streamer is rude and abusive in the chat, those players will copy that attitude. Oh and as a side note, all the "troll" builds you mentioned in the post are legitimate picks. AP MF support is strong, as is Victor Top lane and Neeko adc is extremely powerful right now.
: Was gonna comment but you’ve summed it up well. We can always use more tank or support players in the community... and playing these champions doesn’t stop you from having awesome moments, maybe not many kills but awesome engages, clutch saves, and things like hook predictions win games just as often as the guy getting the penta kill, and it’s still one for the highlight reel. The game needs more people willing to give up kills to play the champions who enable those who do get kills.
Indeed, just like this guy here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KkBp5wB36E
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Ok but shouldn't that be somehow controlled? 'cause i know that ''it's just a normal game'' but it's still not fair that there's a challenger in a silver game
What would you suggest to "control" it?
: Lobby dodging in Normals is a real problem.
: what's wrong with people who troll in bot games?
I thought the fastest way to level up a new account was in either ARAM or 3v3 bot games.
: Just a rant. I wouldn't bother reading this. But still..
Just because you don't "carry" matches doesn't mean you aren't a good player. It takes a very specific mindset to be a good carry, and a lot of people don't have it. This is not a bad thing, because if you have a team with too many "carry" players on it, you are doomed to fail. The game needs the tank players and the support players as much as it needs the carries. Just because you aren't "carrying" the match and getting all the kills doesn't mean you aren't making an impact. Be proud of what you can do because it takes a special kind of person to put your own kda aside and support others. You wanna know something? I've been playing this game since Season 1 and I have never gotten a penta kill, and I've only gotten 2 quadra kills. 9 years of gameplay and I've never gotten a penta kill. Does that bother me? No, because I'm not a carry player. Sure there is the occasional game where I pop off and do tons of damage, but those are very very rare. I make my impact with my vision control and my shotcalling to help my team get the kills and objectives they need to carry me through. So instead of worrying about what you can't do, think about what you can do, and be proud of what you do.
DezzyBoi (EUW)
: The infamous 3 letter acronym.
The Instant Feedback System (IFS) can't distinguish context or intent. All it does it check if a zero-tolerance word has been used and issue a punishment, regardless of the situation. That said, the IFS will only activate when a report is sent, so unless someone reported your friend for using that word, the system won't activate and he won't be punished.
: Is this what the game has come to?
I love it how you have highlighted all the players on your team who had "bad scores", and yet have ignored the enemy Rengar who went 0/8 and did the lowest damage in the entire match. Did you also report him for inting when you inevitably reported your teammates?
Marcua (EUW)
: Newly started coaching and guide website!
What makes your website stand out from the dozens of other LoL learning sites, subreddits and discord groups like ProGuides, Skill-capped, Summoner School, Mobalytics, etc?
radetari (EUNE)
: Why are we punished for having bad teammates?
Why are we punished for having bad teammates? Why are we rewarded for having bad opponents?
SKT Ezio (EUW)
: does this game even match people in teams at same level?
The game tries to have even matchmaking, but it's almost impossible to achieve with so many smurfs and premades running around causing havoc.
: Highly doubt it was 1566dmg with only Q+AA guess it was a W AA xD He had Lichbane + Nashors which both count for Electro with 700 AP his Q would deal 70+109+360 Lichbane bout 400 Nashors ~40 Electro does some dmg but dont know how much ^^ and no its not 1000dmg ._. 970dmg and that only with 0 MR Deathrecap is bugged AF never use it 2 look what killed u
I checked the replay afterwards and he didn't use his W on me at all.
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: There is fair mode for solo and duo players. It's literally called solo/duo queue. Go play it if you don't want to see bigger premades
Yeah but that's only for ranked gameplay. I honestly wouldn't mind having a solo queue for normal draft too.
: I know people that discipline did not work. Just making 2nd, 3rd acc etc. Some games got to the point of banning IP Adresses as a solution.
Banning someone's account is a punishment, not discipline. They are totally different things.
Zedazih (EUW)
: When will you Rework or reverse Taric?
You say Taric now is boring and you want to revert him back to how he was before the rework? Back when the most interesting thing you could do with his kit was a flash-stun on a single target?
: I hardly agree on that! Some progress has been made though, with the new banning system... I think they have to invest more at the log checking and not tolerate some behaviors.
There are too many reports submitted on a daily basis for that to happen. And in my opinion punishments will only get us so far. There is a difference between discipline and punishment. The playerbase needs solid discipline, not endless punishment.
el higgo (EUW)
: Oh shit, I just noticed I have 2 ranked matches in my history even though I NEVER play ranked, seems like my account got hacked. Do you think theres a chance for me to get unbanned?
When Riot support replies to your ticket, tell them the situation. I don't know if they will unban your account but it's worth a try if you can prove the account was hacked.
el higgo (EUW)
: Account perma banned for scripting
Your ticket will eventually be answered by a real person, but I don't know how long it will take. In the meantime I would double check your match history and account details just in case someone has been accessing your account without you knowing. Riot do ban accounts due to security reasons while they investigate such problems.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >although there will always be players who will scream the favouritism card. Exactly
No different to the tin-foil hat brigade saying that Riot only buffs champions to sell more skins...... Should they stop trying to balance the game because of it?
Voldymort (EUNE)
: If you have a specific rioter pick one, the contest turns into "who does this rioter in particular like the most?"
I'm sure they could come up with a method that was as impartial as possible, although there will always be players who will scream the favouritism card.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Disable riot api access. most toxic behavior comes from googling and op.gg
I can see what you mean, but at the same time there have been lots of good things that have come out of the api access, such as the Blitz app which I found invaluable when I was looking to climb the ladder. At the end of the day, the api access is a tool that can be used well or badly.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: That sounds like a great ideea untill you think of the community and what some of it won't do to see their favourite celebrity get the prize. I predict a whole lot of donations on all of them with racial slurs. Whatever good ideea is presented, there will always be assholes abusing it for their own ends.
That's why the "streamer of the week" should be decided by an actual person at Riot, NOT the community or some computer system.
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