: Eternals
I love it and think the price is fair.
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: Overwatch is selling genjis sword. I also want a League sword.
I am not sure if that fits the description: 'merchandise for aged players' as I ment it. But I guess you are right: Swords are better not worn by minors...... ^^
: having pictures on a tie ruins the professional look you want to have by wearing a tie. As for shirts, they have no age limit. A simple T-shirt fits everyone, but a polo is mostly worn by old people. im 28, but %%%% me if i ever wear a polo.
> [{quoted}](name=Super Hooker,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mq4xBxvk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-01T13:43:09.086+0000) > > having pictures on a tie ruins the professional look you want to have by wearing a tie. As for shirts, they have no age limit. A simple T-shirt fits everyone, but a polo is mostly worn by old people. im 28, but %%%% me if i ever wear a polo. I am 51. I love those t-shirts, but doubt I will ever wear them in broad daylight...... No tie for me, but a decent cap or a polo (when attending events with my son....), yes!
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: My missions disappeared as well. They have returned but now won't update after completion. Maybe server issues. edit: client just updated again and they went for another walk. Unless they will retroactively complete, today might be a write off for mission rewards.
Indeed, same here....
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Hajictan (EUW)
: Rift rivals does not get you quest rewards
Hajictan (EUW)
: Rift rivals does not get you quest rewards
Maybe it is intended, but it is a bit of a bummer. Rift Rivals seem to not count for your LEC/LCS Summer Split missions watching your own team (FNC in my case) . Too bad.....
: Or, un-perma ban people who paid so much in the game and played for too long. (me)
Hmmmmm...... no comment.
Evidence (EUNE)
: hello fellow veteran player{{champion:83}}
Veteran player, yes. In age, I am 51 years old. But I only joined during season 6 Spring Split when old Swain was OP. Unkillable during Ult.
: Then you should tear up your wallet because this shit ain't going for free.
Nothing in life is free. I am 51 years old, spend some money on the game but not much. It is a hobby a spned a lot of time in. It is ok.
: Im expecting some greedy stuff tbh. - A celebration anniversary pass - 1650Rp - Probably 5 or 6 Surprise Party themed skins, with golden chromas for them as well as for Surprised party Fiddle. Bundled for 3200rp - A Prestige edition of one of the Surprised Party skins - Lots of emotes - A ward skin - And a few Hextech goodie bags or orbs. ____ Its business as usual, hopefully Riot does something more than just giving out RP content, a few game modes rotating everyday possibly. Your idea of having icons that show what year your account was created sounds cool, but we already have something similar with Ranked icons (which I know dont really represent the year you joined, but you get the idea). I havent spent a single euro in the past entire year, but for the 10th Anniversary, I might spend 10-20 euros, why not.
I dont mind spending some money, and although League is a true money-machine, they do good stuff. I trust them to make the anniversary special. Hence my suggestion: Ccreate some icons to honor history. That will have much added value to the money spend imho.
: i heard they have an excuse, they don't keep old data. Which is just that, an excuse. I expect to see some useless emotes and ward skins, and maaaaaybe a junk champ skin (trundle maybe?).
It is more complicated than that. I workin IT and to get old software runnign is an nightmare. 'Legacy'. Right. It just won't run. They tried to build a League Time Machine, but it failed...
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: Leah, the Scared Spirit
Wow, you really put some effort into this! Sounds great!
: Few champions have skills that is related to vision: nearsighted (quinn, graves-locally, nocturne-globally) and to scout (ashe). Something similar to this on a support champion will be good.
Yes, I believe so too. And dont forget TF's Ult.....
: Personally I think that a champion that only has vision going for her would be a flop Simply put, no matter how much vision you have, if they just group up and push it down mid, your team won't be able to win the 4v5 Not saying a champ that centers around vision wouldn't work, but she needs more in her kit than only vision
You are right. Focus on vision, but it will need a complete kit. maybe lots of movementspeed, visiontools and some campclearing.
Wannes (EUW)
: Viewing missions not working properly part II
Good to hear it is not just my problem. Hope it will be solved soon! What you all descibe is what I have too. Seems I started watching my team too soon!! ^^ PS Yes, I have my golden Emote now!
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: Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31st
: Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31st
Like the idea, but I would like to be able to choose from all LEC teams, up to Excel. G2 might have won Spring and MSI, still not my team..... But this is a start.... Well done. #UOLWIN
Wannes (EUW)
: Houses mission rewards
Ha.. the finisher is just for the event..... that makes sence... Didn't realise that. Ok.
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Dewritoes (EUW)
: As a low elo support player, this meta is the most boring i've been in since Ardent Censer
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: Down but not out: Excel are ready to capitalise on a fresh start in the Summer Split
Excel was present with a booth in Rotterdam. Great guys! @Jake, U know who U are, how is the hairdo? ;-) Keep it up, with that spirit U will be going places!
: After taking the quiz, I chose united as well. I identify more with the things it said.
I cannot find the quiz? D I need to click on a house first??
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Valtaax (EUW)
: 2019 MSI mission
Yup, a 1650 RP pass. Details about the missions are not available yet. It is called TRLS19, but nothing shows up when Googling. I'm in!
Vullena (EUW)
: I only had the chance of going on sunday, because my friend did not want ro postpone their wedding :(. But that day was so much fun. I think i have seen all of the booths and taken a ton a pictures. I almost did not get a pic with sjokz. They cut the line right in front of me :(. Luckily sjokz had the idea of this group picture. You can see it on her twitter page now. And after all that sitting in de crowd watching the finals was an experience on its own. This was one of my best decisions ever
You did get your picture with Sjokz? So jealous.... :) C U next time!
: “It’s so clichéd, but it’s electric”: Drakos breaks down the LEC Final’s atmosphere
I was there with my son. 2 days, from 12:00 till the end. As we were 3 years ago. It was just awesome! Lots to do, lots of give-aways and we met a ton of fun people. We had lots of laughs and are hyped again for the game.... Plat., here we come! Actually, watching the games almost turned into a bonus at the end of the day. Which is great. I think Riot should explore the day-time market more. I even got a haircut on Sunday... for free! (Thanks Brian, you are the best!). Shops besides to more informative stands of sponsors could work. The 2 little merchandise shops were running on overtime. I would have bought a Logitech G513 GX Blue there if I had the change.... Keep it up, C U in 3 years in Rotterdam!! Show itself was also amazing. Good atmosphere, great show, well produced and scripted! (I only still regret I didn't get my photo with Sjokz (Eefje)). :)
Boci (EUW)
: Last time at Ahoy there was a podium and a booth outside of Ahoy. So I can imagine the other things can be done there before the doors officially open.
: "Meet the teams" and sponsor activities are during pre-game and post-game or during the final ? Doors open at 15h00 right ?
Doors open at 15:00. As I understand it there will be celeb's (pro players and streamers) before game, outdoors, so before 15:00 (and after). The meet and greet with the teams themselves will be both days after the matches.
G4l4dor (EUW)
: did you read the article? there is a lot of stuff going on before 15:00
Yes, I read the article. I guess it is indeed like last time, lots to do outside before doors open and indoors just merchandise and food (and at 17:00 the games themselves). I was confused about indoors/outdoors and before/after 15:00. I need to know because me and my son travel and can only check in in our hotel at 15:00.... :) We will be fine, if we miss stuff on Saturday we wille have the whole of Sunday to attend. We have weekend-tickets.... Thx!
Dewritoes (EUW)
: Weird how few cinemas there are this time around. NONE in Flanders or the entirety of Sweden, Norway, Poland, literally ALL OF THE BALKANS, Italy, and so many more. Do you even know your fanbase?
Rotterdam is less than an hour from Antwerpen... just come!
: Everything from the community events to cosplay you can’t miss in Rotterdam
Doors open at 15:00, yes, but do I get it right, is there someting to do before 15:00?? We have weekendpass, thought it started at 17:00.....
Wannes (EUW)
: Missions counter stuck at 1/7 after 4/7
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Wannes (EUW)
: Glorious Legend Ward gone.
Thx, I'll try that... Ticket didn't give an answer yet.
Wannes (EUW)
: We will be there! Damn! When will ticketsale start?!?! #bringonthemerchandise!
Last time EU LCS was there we were there too, sooooo much fun!! Only good memories of Ahoy... #Prince, #SimplyRed. Bring it on!!
: The 2019 LEC Spring Finals location revealed
We will be there! Damn! When will ticketsale start?!?! #bringonthemerchandise!
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neropa (EUNE)
: What we can do to fight toxicity & inting/trolling/afking
I have at least 4 friends that play League almost daily, but 5 man premade is very hard to organize. I'm lucky if I get 2 to play with me. Matter of agenda's. I used to have a lot of trolling/flaming/afking, mostly in Bronze, sometimes in Normals. But it has become better. I play better myself now, so maybe there is no reason to go toxic when you are winning. I play League now for 3 seasons, it has never been as good to me as it is now.
: May I say first: May you do not play enough ranked games to climb since the system needs to calculate your improvements by many games. But to your question. I think that that "golden ticket" would be nice to get out of your own league and at least peak into other leagues and how they deal with certain situations since its hard to improve when you dont experience the possible ways on your own. But since that would mean that someone who is possible not as good/communicative/fast as the others in your league that would also be a huge disadvantage for the team you are playing with. So I dont think its a nice idea to have since it will be most likely a loss. May this loss will grant you more experience and help you, personally, to improve but its still just frustrating for your mates. Also 1 method you suggested to get that "golden ticket" is by getting it in chests and stuff. Binding it by luck or by stuff you can buy some ppl will just get alot of them (by luck or by buying as much as possible) while others have to wait for months to even get 1. I suggest you, if u want to improve to watch some videos on yt or to hear someone out who is 2-3 leauges over you and to actively concider changing your playstyle. Another worthy thing to mention is, that you play normals with ppl who got somewhat the same normal-play-amount as yourself. If you want to improve by playing normals and learning by doing and may even play on a higher skill-tier than your current rank then just play alot of normals. Alot of good players have at least over 1000 normal wins and i'd guess that 2000 normal wins equals platinum(+) league. So u can play alot of normals until you get better by playing with and against better people. And after you know how to play certain champs/roles on a good basis you can head for ranked. And you will lose some games ofc. I mean, its league of legends. But when you "mastered" your role/champion you will rank up for sure. And in each skill tier there are often others things to learn. And to be honest with you. When you are stuck in bronz V and you lose most of your games you may "mastered" the laning phase but you still need to learn how to turn your laning advantage into the mid-/lategame and to carry your team. And I know that that isnt possible every game since you get more afk-dudes and trollers in bronz than the average gold player for example but when you keep on playing and improving and using your advantage you can rank up quite easyly and fast. Crying out for other options is just a lack of understanding how the system works and may your own choice instead of activly improving yourself.
Thank you. Good input. I never thought about the people that worked their way up to Gold and end up with a Silver player, just because of a ticket. Then again....ranks are mixed during matchmaking. But I get your point. And yes, such a golden ticket system should never clear me of my duty to try and climb the hard way..... ;-) I am a Support main, which goes well. I've now picked up more agressive champs, just to force me into better mecanics. Thx.
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