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OG xEror (EUNE)
: Fizz is too OP!
He should get a rework. I don't think he's a fun champion at all.
hayance (EUW)
: Random Bard Thought.
So, you want the map to loop round so the top connects to the bottom?
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: How to fix Akali: - Make less Click-and-Point. - Add Skillshot/s. - Compensate Damage.
I don't think making every champion the same will create a fun game. Akali is not about landing skillshots, she's about going ham in the middle of 5 enemies while you pray they die before you do.
: mordekaiser is really bad
He was nerfed to the ground after his rework. I'm not a meta expert but as a once mordekaiser main I didn't find him that hard to shut down. There were plenty of matchups he was bad against. During the month where he was the top adc I rarely met any players who understood how to win with a mordekaiser or how to counter him. People just moaned that he was unbeatable for a few weeks and banned him in 95% of games and he just got nerfed to shit. He was basically hidden op for a few weeks so everyone would dodge queue or report for troll if you picked him, then he was banned for three weeks and then he was nerfed to the ground and then he was still banned for another two weeks until he was absolute garbage. I guess this is what they call an impossible to balance champion.
Shaydrox (EUW)
: Riot already said they won't make Twilight Shroud Akali's ultimate, as it's both a pretty interesting early laning ability, and it deals no damage. Giving an assassin a 0-damage ult tends to make their early level powerspikes/allins too powerful, especially when it's also not their gapcloser (like it is for Kass).
I'm sad to hear that. As a counterpoint I would like to clarify that a lot of Akali's burst damage comes from her ult and that without her ult her gapcloser would be extremely weak and unreliable and would mostly work as a tool to dodge skillshots and sometimes avoid ganks. Even then, her Shadow dance would only become a real threat at level 11. I also disagree that her stealth is an interesting ability. It's fairly useless in every situation and you have to really squeeze your brain to find ways to benefit from it. The problem is that any utility they give to Twilight Shroud is immediately gamebreaking so it keeps getting nerfed. I think by making it her ult it can be a bit more special and more powerful since it has a much longer cooldown.
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: Smurfing
First I was gonna point out your team comp sucks but then I saw they're team comp sucks almost just as much. Kat is not good enough late game to take on a a farmed up Yi. Try a better champion for carrying like Leblanc.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I'm an ADC main who plays almost exclusively normals at roughly the same ELO :D Just so long as you don't mind the occasional godlike/idiotic Twitch play :P
I'll add you. Hope we can play soon.
Phyrz (EUW)
: Can I get some good tips with Jhin?
He needs a good support and his abilities work well with other champions' abilities. Focus on using your fourth bullet to harass the enemy. His most dependable abilities are his ult his fourth bullet and his long range shot, everything else is extremely situational. Unlike champions like Lucian, you can assist your teammates from a really long range so be aware of your map and be ready to help them engage or escape with your long range.
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: what's with those permanently roaming supports?
It's hard to say. Roaming is one of support's main duties and if your enemy support isn't roaming it means there are no wards on the map and you have complete control of the map which can lead to a very fast victory if your team can organize. It's quite a good strategy as an ADC to help push mid turrets as early as possible so if your support roams mid its probably a good time to follow them. Anyway, at around 15 minutes you should have enough AD to farm really easily so farming under tower should be risk free and just to avoid getting piled on by the whole enemy team put a ward in front of dragon and you're set. Even if you lose the tower early it still required their whole team to go bot and in theory that means they should have lost a few towers in all the other lanes. Supports tend to roam to other lanes because they excel in teamfights and if you want to carry as a support you need to be forcing those teamfights as much as possible. If your support roams really early, it might be because the minion wave is pushing unfavourably and it's better to let the wave push in to your tower before your go back to lane. In any case, you say that supports should stay glued to their ADC but it's usually the contrary even at the highest levels of play. ADCs should stay glued to their supports since supports have more information available to them and have better initiation than ADCs. You don't know what summs your support has, how many wards they can place and you usually dont know if it's possible for your support to outplay and get a good initiation on the enemy. If your support goes somewhere other than deep warding you should follow them.
: Wtf is wrong with LB ?
Leblanc got pretty strong with the new masteries. At the moment you need at least 3 players coordinating perfectly to shut her down so if you get that one game where Brand support went full AP, Rengar went afk farming and Top is Top then qq for you. Leblanc is the biggest noob stomper in the game IMO. It's bad enough that she has 4 damage abilities on really short cooldowns but on top of that her mobility is almost on par with kassadin and as OP says any two of those abilities will destroy you. The only good thing is that bad leblanc players actually exist somehow. Her kit is just really annoying. She might need another early game nerf.
: How does the S rank work?
I've noticed that you get a higher score if it's the first time you've played that champion. If you have a level 1 champion and carry you immediately get and S. At level 5 getting an S requires something like +10 kda, 80% kill contribution, place 30+ wards, about 250 gold per minute, etc. I have no idea what the maths is but if you see someone else get an S it's almost always because it's the first time they played that champion.
: [Casual Gamers] Recruiting
Hi This appeals to me. I think my id is Wardog E
: Need dragon names (Part 2)
HogLover18 (EUNE)
: i more or less main support aswell...i think the problem isnt exactly the impact...supports carry a lot of games, the greater problem a 1:5:15 support you get flamed a lot beeing 1:5...nobody appreciate the work of a support, but if u miss anything once, you are the a goalkeeper in football. the work supports do, aren´t recognized by most many time i hear stuff like "u only have to ult" blabla, u did nothing but xy...but we supporter know how fights really went! the exhaust right before annie burst....the last second heals and shields....the kiting we do, the peeling we life! DAMN APPRECIATE OUR WORK GOD DAMNIT! tl;dr supports should be more appreciated not beeing stronger...
I appreciate supports aren't about doing damage but since all you can do is provide utility, why not just give them insane utility? Why can't I place down 6 wards at the same time? Why can't I halve an enemy's damage? Just let supports go wild. The way the game is right now, providing utility is a mammoth task.
Resimaniac (EUNE)
: About Janna
Have you tried using the shield on yourself and going ham on the enemy adc? It's a pretty cheesy move. You actually have a lot of damage with just your W and E.
: When I'm Your Support....
Is it me or has the quality of play dropped since dinamic queue was introduced? Like, I'm can't remember the last time I saw an ADC kite or poke correctly, junglers just never gank anymore, top laners never tp... It's like everyone just picked their worst role and decided to main that.
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Bombardox (EUW)
: Here is the only solution to reduce afks in ranked games
In ranked, it's healthier to look at it as a game of 1v9. AFKs can happen to either side and so can bad players and trollers and what have you. The point is, the only reliable asset you have is yourself. If you are carrying the game numbers no longer matter. Learn to carry games and be grateful that your AFKer can't feed.
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pkunder (EUNE)
: Being Able To Ban More Champions In Ranked And Draft Mode
The ban system isn't really intended to get rid of "OP" champions. It's supposed to be a countermeasure for champions that are completely broken. Usually there are never more than 6 broken champions in the game at one time so there is never a need to ban more.

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