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: 🎉🕷️Boards Volunteer Quiz - Winners Announcement!🕷️🎉
I thought this was a quiz not a writing contest
: upgraded GPU and i am getting the same FPS
It's probably a cpu bottleneck. You need to upgrade your cpu too
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
What if multiple people have the same highest scores?
Dagòn (EUNE)
: Why do junglers hate top lane so much?
What you just said makes no sense because you are saying the enemy junglers gank you more than your junglers? Why would that happen? Both you and your opponent are getting a random jungler. The only constant thing between your games is YOU so that's the only thing to blame really. As a jungle main I don't gank lanes that feed or lose the lane hard. So you've probably lost your lane before your jungler could assist you. You can't blame your jungler, because they are different each game and the only same thing is you so if it's true that you are getting ganked more often than your opponent then you are doing something wrong and you are enabling the enemy jungler to gank you easily. This also could be because of the champion you play. Champions like kayle and ryze for example are easy to kill in the early game because they have no escape. It could be anything really but it's definitely something you are doing. Or if this has happened only in a small number of games then it may be bad luck but if it's something that consistently happens over many games then you have nobody else to blame but yourself.
: Seriously, is anyone enjoying urf in 2019? What the F* happened to the "it's supposed to be fun".
It's pretty fun for me to make a couple of pentas with kata each game
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Summoner name: Warix3 Server: EUW
: Hey everyone, This is task is now closed. I am totally overwhelmed with the response here! Thank you all for making L10 a really memorable day for me! <3
I recommend locking the thread because people keep posting even after you said it was over. They probably didn't see this message.
: Miss Fortune drawing/ Microsoft paint/ sketch
Ok here is miss fortune killing teemo. It's a bit abstract. Summoner name: Warix3 Server: EUW
: So they have to be on the opposing team? But how can you make sure that were to pair with someone? I have played against opponents but no more than twice in a row
They start the game at the same time and if they get the game found notification at the same time it means they are in the same game and they accept it, if they don't get it at the same time they decline. Also this is usually done in high elo where the queue times are long and there are far less players. If I was doing it I would do it late at night / early in the morning where there are even less players so you would for sure get in the same game. There is still the chance that they get on the same team but I'm assuming they dodge those games.
: New and Old Ranked designs
I agree, these ones look absolutely awful. Diamond is not much different than when you don't have a border and you have the default blue or red one. Borders need to be shiny and good looking. Not to mention the colors, diamond armor looks so dirty and the color is too dark. And probably the ugliest one is armor and border for master, I haven't seen an uglier color choice than the one for master. Grandmaster however looks great and it's probably the only good looking one in the high elo. Challenger armor is ok but not great like it's supposed to be for that rank and the challenger border literally is not much different than the silver border. Many people don't care for those high elo borders and armor because they will never get them, but it's disrespectful to give some of the best players that ugly ass border and armor. And the whole concept of armor is bad imho. Old crystals with decoration or whatever it was, looked much better than these ugly helmets.
: They aren’t too greedy though... this is no where near too greedy. This is adding another customisation option which is completely optional and has no affect on gameplay... no different to skins or emotes... that’s not being greedy, that’s riot doing what they are meant to be doing as a company while being respectful of us... nothing has come at the games expense. And the bugs and balance issues have nothing to do with Riot... bugs are a given in video games they are completely luck based and up until now Riot got increadibly lucky that’s all... they can take months to actually get rid of and every new line of code has a chance to add more. There’s not a single game out there without bugs. Balance issues is just an artefact of mobas, there’s so many variables that it’s impossible to actually balance the game, no two champions will ever be equal. Riot try their best but it’s something that’s in every moba and always will be in every moba. You guys are giving Riot a hard time for apsolutly nothing... they are a company doing what companies do in an extremely fair way... if riot wanted to be greedy league wouldn’t be free to play.
It wouldn't be a problem if this was just a customization option, but it's not. It's an achievement system. It's supposed to show off your dedication to the champion and not only the looks of a champion. How they should have done it is to make the system available to everyone but you could spend rp to unlock different colors of the rewards or something like that, not to completely lock the system behind a paywall.
Xaytah (EUW)
: which then makes it a valid report, and not a fake one
Yeah but totally unjustified. Imagine getting banned for saying just one bad word like f uck or something. It's totally unfair.
: Yup, fake reports don't matter, so no need to worry about those guys.
Don't be so delusional. People have been banned many times due to fake reports. If you say even one "bad" word, it's enough to justify the reports.
Katacut (EUW)
: Protect the Bot
Thanks for the idea, I might try this sometimes with friends in custom
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: > [{quoted}](name=Warix3,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=d022mogF,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-07-19T13:43:28.151+0000) > > Lmao what. Companies work over summer it's not like school lol. Stop being a white knight and defending them when they can't even give us a playable game. Lmao dude it was sarcasm thanks for vote down :D Edit: White knights btw are a meme about "respecting women" fyi
Didn't sound like sarcasm but ok. And the white knight term can work in this situation as well.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: yup and riot is fixing them every time you can't comprehend the work load per patch things are bound to slip over
Dude this keeps happening all the time and especially on euw. It wouldn't be that bad if they didn't have PBE to test things on for WEEKS before it goes live. This kind of bad quality of the game is not expected from a multi billion company. It seems like they just care about skins and not the quality.
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: Why would you keep client open in background if you're playing something else? And yeah since discord gets feedback from client too(matchmaking) it's normal for it to appear on your discord.
I keep it open so I don't have to log in each time I want to play and because my friends can invite me to play anytime. And I'm not the only one, many people keep the client open in background. The matchmaking is not even shown on discord it just says "playing league of legends" all the time. I don't think it's normal for it to be shown because it even blocks the actual game (you can't see the champ you are playing or the minute you are in)
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Haze97 (EUW)
: It happens every %%%%ing time once your MMR is high enough and it should. The ranks are to throw you a bone but if it is MMR which matters then you could well be in silver be playing at plat level against plat players.
That could happen, it's how mmr and ranks works and there is nothing wrong with that, because if you have plat mmr and you are playing in silver you would win much more lp that you would lose and therefore you can quickly climb to plat. There is currently no better ranked system in other games, dota uses the mmr system as well, the only difference is that they show the mmr to the players.
: "I can play very well and lose just because my team had a troll/afk/feeder and my mmr decreases" And you will lose less points if taht happens because the MMR takes into account how well you perform and other metrics such as AFK teammates. Plus you have 4 chances to get such a bad player in your team meanwhile you have 5 chances to get it in the enemy team. AFK, trolls and the likes are actually increasing your MMR slightly not the other way around.
I love how you got downvoted just because you told the truth lol. Some people just don't want to accept that it's their fault they can't climb and not the bad team or whatever. It's all simple statistics and probability. All the random things (like the team or enemy you get) get averaged out after you play for some time and what's left is your influence and that's the only thing that matters in your climb. But people don't want to accept this because it would mean that the problem is in them and they can't be lazy and just blame the "bad luck"
Uraraka (EUNE)
: How about having a team pre-requisite condition for queuing?
While I agree that games should be more fair instead of faster, mmr is still the best metric for skill. Win rate is a good skill metric but it can't work alone, because a bronze player can have a same winrate as a diamond player but the skill can be greatly different, it could work if you use both win rate and rank but that's how mmr already works, it grows if your winrate is good and it decreases if it's bad but it doesn't change as rapidly as winrate so that's the part of it that acts like a rank. So mmr is already some kind of combination of rank and winrate metrics. Number of games and levels in the other hand are not good skill metrics at all because there are many players who play on autopilot and don't actively work on improving themselves. That's why there are many silver players with a few thousand played games or a bronze player with a rank 7 yasuo. WIth that said, I don't think mmr is perfect, but compared to other metrics it's the best we currently have.
Iakovia (EUW)
: It's a free game. You don't have to pay a penny for it and you're complaining YOU don't get compensated when something that is uncontrollable at the time happens? Makes me laugh. I've been playing for at least 5 years, so I do know the game pretty well, and honestly, I rarely experience crash issues, and when I have, I refresh or restart my computer and it's fine again. I know people will always have different experiences, and where you are based will always have something to do with connections to the game. I never said people can't be angry or upset, it's only human and natural. What I and Samba were saying, and for some reason what everyone seems to missing the point of, is the fact posts like these will have no affect on, nor help anything. Go ahead and insult people and see where it gets you in life. There's people out there working their asses off right now probably trying to find a solution and the cause of this and are now trying to fix it. It is THEIR game, and they are essentially losing money too. Edit; Also, there is no one forcing anyone to play this game. You don't like the fact it has ''frequent'' crashes or bugs, or just doesn't seem to work, simply don't play it anymore. Thing that really makes me chuckle is the people complaining about and insulting Riot employees and Riot itself, and then they go right back to the game, are addicted to it, play it for hours and hours, spend money on it. Can you get any more hypocritical and contradicting? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
"The game is free so you shouldn't complain" is possibly the most stupid argument and I hear it so often. If the game is free that doesn't mean they make no money, in fact they make a lot of money (over $2 billion profit last year) If they used at least a small portion of that profit to upgrade euw servers there wouldn't be problems like this, but they are just too greedy. People are spending money on the game and they deserve a quality and at least a stable game in return.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > But more servers would. Not necessarily. It may alleviate some of the pressure caused by the load that the hype of a new release has, but then what? After a while, the hype dies down, and capacity returns to normal. You've just made an enormous investment for something you only needed for a very short time. --- > Wouldnt renting out server space be an option to bridge the release of TFT? I don't think a game of the scope of league can simply just rent server space somewhere else and run from there for a few days. I'm sure the amount of work required to do something like that would be an absolute waste. --- > The servers are the bottleneck, that´s been clear since crash I don't think it's as easy as saying the servers are the bottleneck. Besides, throwing extra servers in doesn't actually necessarily improve the situation.
It's very possible to rent extra server space, I know they are hosting their own servers but when there are events like this it's obvious the euw server can't handle it (we've seen it crash whenever there is something interesting in league and everyone comes to play). The problems are obviously caused by overloading the server. What they can do is rent server space from data centers like amazon aws, google cloud or microsoft azure and many others. They can rent the resources needed just for the few days while there are many players, they don't need to buy it permanently. I know they infrastructure probably doesn't support something like this right away but they should at least admit the problem and start working on a solution. Any serious company would have already solved this issue but riot just sweeps it under the carpet and hopes we can just tolerate it.
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: It's a zero-tolerance word, meaning you shouldn't ever use it, in any situation/scenario. So yes, it is bannable absolutely.
The concept of zero tolerance words makes no sense, because no word is inherently bad, it all depends on context. Yeah, that context will be negative most of the time but you are also going to have a lot of false positives if you blindly ban everyone using those words.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Riot already said that current death recap cannot be fixed. It needs to be remade from 0 and they don't want to do that right now or in the close future
We know they have said that, and that's not a valid excuse for a multi billion company.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Well me and my scrubby gold V ass (plus a silver 1 or 2 adc i forgot what exactly) once played bot lane against a Master Kalista and a Diamond 1 Bard. Needless to say we got roflstomped. If you go into that lane knowing their ranks you miiight not be as willing to try because let's be honest we never really stood a chance anyway. To avoid people giving up before the lane really starts ranks are hidden.
My point is that matchmaking is now much more balanced and you won't end up playing vs master if you are gold. The difference is usually 1 tier or league.
: Okay so first of all, they will probably release it at the same time they release the skins of this patch, which will be in about 3-5 days (I THINK) And second, you won't be able to see their ranked border, you will be able to see the MASTERY OF THE CHAMPION and if they got honored last game or not. That's clearly what it says, but ok..
Read my post again, the question is why they don't enable us to see the enemy borders/ranks.
: Why does it matter what division it shows if they are 5w-20L and Master Tier.
> [{quoted}](name=inFamous Zion,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=4a3Ts1V8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-06T13:35:57.963+0000) > > Why does it matter what division it shows if they are 5w-20L and Master Tier. It doesn't matter, it's just nice to know same as with the allies' borders. There is no reason not to show it. And many people would like to see them
Master Scar (EUNE)
: Pretry sure is riot saying dont judge the enemy by their division but judge them by the skill they show
Then why do we see ally's ranks? Shouldn't the same logic apply to them? Also there is nothing bad with showing the ranks, people are curious and would like to see them. You are not always supposed to judge by rank but it's nice to know. There is not much logic with showing only ally's rank and not the enemy's as well.
: how would you feel if you see the enemy whole team ranks are higher than your ?
That rarely happens, and I do see when it does because I use websites to check stats. Enemies and allies are usually around my rank, and when someone is way higher they don't actually play that good which means they are boosted. The matchmaking is quite balanced imo so there is no problem with that.
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Tenjiin (EUW)
: AFK getting out of control
It's because of the bugsplat, it's happening sometimes to me too. Just a random crash at start of the game. Riot needs to start fixing bugs.
BesniStakor (EUNE)
: Did you download the Blitz app? There is an option to auto load runes.
I did, thanks. I didn't know it had that feature.
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Yuka (EUW)
: "in order to receive credit you’ll need to watch 10 or more minutes of a live game or VoD on" :)
I've seen that, but please put it in the mission quest too, many people won't read that article.
Radgryd (EUW)
: Pretty sure you can watch the VODs afterwards, like always.
> At this time we will not be able to grant rewards for watching rebroadcasts Then why did they say this?
: Earn Rewards for Watching the LEC
Can you put information on how long do we have to watch each game? It's a bit confusing like this because if for example we come late for the game we don't know if it's worth to watch until the end, because we don't know if we will get rewards or not. It would be much better if you give us the information in missions. For example "Watch 3 games for at least 15 minutes each". Also why you can't give rewards for VOD's? Many people won't be able to adjust for the live schedule. It's a bit unfair.
DutchPro (EUW)
: When do I get LP back?
You won't get that LP back, riot doesn't care.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: i have no idea about the first 5 points because i dont play custom games at all but here is what i think about the 6th point: there is no mission rewards and xp for custom games because they are custom... its like cheating the system in a way, and not everyone can go to custom games, as for 10v10 we dont need that, its already hard to get 10 ppl with similar capabilities so the games are not onesided now think about getting 20 of them, and since its custom you can make pretty unbalanced matchups as for the new map, not really, they had new maps, dominion was here for multiple seasons but it died a horrible death, the hype around it quickly died and the map started to rot, so much that riot removed it completely i dont think there will be any new permanent map in the game, unless nexus blitz makes it into one
I agree about rewards in custom games, it would be too difficult I think 10v10 can work if made correctly. It doesn't need to be as balanced as ranked games, it can be just a fun mode. No need for a lot of balance. For example nexus blitz is very unbalanced but it's still fun to play. That's why it would be nice to have something to play when you have more than 5 premade people. As for maps, look at some other mobas like heroes of the storm where you have I think like 10 maps or something. And smite where you can play like 5-6 maps permanently. I don't get it why league has only 3 permanent maps. But it doesn't matter, I'm just asking for a 10v10 map, and it doesn't have to be balanced.
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