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Deamar (EUNE)
: I mean that it's not hard to sync with other jungler, if he doesn't cooperate with you, then you need to cooperate with him, that's the way I play nexus blitz in jungle, once you lead, once he, if he does not want to listen to you, then you need to follow him, it may sounds stupid but usually it works ;)
Yeah I know it can work, all I'm saying is that it's awkward and not so much enjoyable like solo jungling. Because you never know what the other jungler is thinking and how they want gank or clear jungle. When I solo jungle I make a plan ahead and follow it, but like this it's just a mess.
: Thanks for the chat restriction and furthermore the autofill !!
I fixed this for you: > Don't be ~~that~~ offensive towards your team ~~if you can't do that much better ~~ It doesn't matter if someone deserves to be flamed or not, you are the one that will get a chat restriction and not them. Also you are more likely to win if you don't flame.
Deamar (EUNE)
: Dude it's your faulth that you didn't watch map and did not pay attention to your teammates.
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: It looks like you have no idea about the EUW servers some years ago, when everyone had to play with disconnects, high pings and 2 hours login queues (all caused by the servers). Now they have a single bigger issue after patching and everyone gets %%%%%%ed and complains, while the game is free2play and had no downtimes within the last months...
This is not an issue caused by a patch, it's because many people are trying to play now because of the snowdown event and the nexus blitz. There was a downtime YESTERDAY and not within the few months, and also recently the clash downtime. The argument that the game is free to play means nothing because the players are still spending a lot on it on the cosmetics. And they are in fact earning more than any other "paid" game. Which basically means that players are giving them more than enough support but they don't want to give us a quality game and experience in return. This could be easily fixed by just (automatically) renting more servers resources when there is a large amount of players playing. But they seem to be either incompetent to implement that or just too greedy and lazy.
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: Game won't start (again)
Riot cheap bastards buy new servers
: GREEDY ASF Riot have a shitty engine thats what leads to most of the bugs plus im sure riot sold out a while back as its not the same people that started now they are more money focused since this happened and as there more money focused there not going to waste money making it better
I agree, they are way too much focused on making more money. They are thinking in the short term where they see that their game is earning more and more and that's why they think they are investing enough, because players are still playing it. Their strategy might make sense in the business terms because it's unlikely that the game will die just because of these issues (there is a chance though) but it's just rude towards the community to be this greedy.
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253IQ (EUW)
: Type something and you'll go in game ..
I closed my launcher and tried to go in again, and the same thing happened again, stuck at 0
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: I experienced this too and it was driving me crazy. Legit ruined the whole game for me. How the hell does a bug like this make it to live servers? It was already reported when it was on PBE. But I guess Nocturne is not important enough for good old Rito to care.
It's because riot is cheap to hire more people or they don't want to fire existing ones. They are clearly incompetent and don't care about quality of the game.
Shamose (EUW)
: Well you only see it for your own support so the colour doesn't really matter.
I know that now, but I didn't know that back then and I assumed it was for the enemy supp because it was in red. And many other will make the same mistake. There is no reason why not to fix this.
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: a lot more bugs out there from more than 1 patch
True, these are just the ones I've noticed and remembered.
Yraco (EUW)
: Bugs that are there for a long time are probably seen as less urgent. Kill announcement portraits for example are not as high on the list of bugs as things like a champion being unable to do damage in some situations, or interactions that shouldn't happen that make strange things happen.
Yup, but please read my post here: I've explained why this is not acceptable.
Aldinjo21 (EUNE)
: Can Riot Make A Summon Button For Herald EYE
I agree, it's not just about accidentally spawning him, you are also locked away from your wards. Sometimes it happens that I go counter jungling after I take the herald and I would like to ward but I can't because riot is too lazy to make a new button.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Voted no. The point of the Herald replacing the current trinket is to create counterplay for the enemy, them to be able to cancel your channel in case your allies don't bring vision / deny the enemy vision of you.
There is no point in countering or anything, riot was just lazy to make a new button and reused trinked instead.
: Secondary role shouldn't be primary role
I agree, I would much more prefer an option to just pick one lane and to always get it but I must wait more, which is no problem because I dodge every time I don't get my primary role anyway and this would actually save me time. He can temporary "fix" this by not selecting support secondary and instead some other lane like jungle or adc. When you select support or fill as secondary you will almost always get support because there is a smaller amount of supp players compared to other lanes. Or if they would make support fun to play then we wouldn't need autofill/secondary role at all :D
: At this point DR being broken is so much of a meme I doubt it'll ever get reworked. It's kinda like teemo that way.
There is no problem with Teemo being a meme, but death recap is an important tool, because it helps you understand what kind of damage the enemy is dealing so you can buy more optimal items. Also imagine if they make it work with runes so you can see how much damage you had recieved from each rune, that can help you to better understand runes, and the same goes for items.
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: I'm wondering, doesn't the game feel boring now that you have all champions and all skins?
I have all the champs, and after I had gotten them the game didn't change at all for me, because collecting is not important for me. I play it for competition and having fun with friends.
rusher333 (EUW)
: Yeah the banners with your previous rank at the bottom looks so dimmed down, gold looks like bronze, silver looks like iron, it doesn't look appealing at all. if u compare the silver icon with the silver banner (bottem) the color difference its huge{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Yeah, even the diamond looks kinda dirty
It might be an issue with the game, me and my friend had a 2 sec freeze at the same time a few days ago.
: do we get anything in return for our disappointment
No, because we are not the NA server, riot only gives compensations to NA
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Wait a minute, your poll question doesn't make any sense: > Do you like the idea of making the banners dynamic and the borders how they used to be? am i supposed to assume you're asking if i like upcoming banners AND "current" borders? You're asking if i like both at the same time. At least that's how i read it. And then you add this > Instead of what riot wants to do. Which suggests that in the first question part you ask about current borders
I'm asking if you like my idea to make banners dynamic instead of the border and let the border be how it was.
Stylishly (EUNE)
: foreal what a dying game xd anyways when am i gonna get that border ?
Stylishly (EUNE)
: wait so nobody is getting a border ? i was waiting okay im quitting this boring game
yeah, no borders from this season. You will have a border but it will show your current rank in season 9 and not the one from season 8
: > Like why would it be better to have a dynamic border instead of how it was before. Why should my border reflect my skill from 8months ago ? Maybe I am much higher now. Maybe I dedicated some time and went chally from being gold. I don't want a shitty gold border for 9 months while being 2600-2500MMR. Maybe it's a good idea, that a silver 4 player can't purchase a boost any more, get plat border, for 8 months of glamour. And I can give you tens of more arguments, on why it's a long due, and much awaited change, from a lot of players.
Those are good arguments. But it all depends on what kind of player you are and in what kind of situation you are in. For example if you just started playing ranked and didn't play at all the last season then it's better for you to have the dynamic border but if it takes you a lot of time to get to the desired rank then it's better to have the normal border. Now it just comes down to the question which kind of players there are more of? I can't really answer that but judging from this [thread]( there are many who don't like the dynamic borders. And I have another simple idea that riot probably won't listen to anyway: We can have both, the border can show both, it always shows your last season rank, unless your current rank is higher than your last season's rank. This way both kinds of players can be satisfied. Regarding boosters, that problem should be fixed with banning instead of making the other 99% of the players suffer because of them.
Smerk (EUW)
: Many players didn't know, but also many did know. And it just so happened that majority of those that knew also liked those changes. And that's how story goes. There's nothing to discuss there, really, those changes will go through and you will learn to like them. Just as it happened with map rework, with hud rework, with HP bars rework, with client rework, something else more recent? I can't remember, cursor update doesn't really fit as they left an option to use old one.
You can't really compare it to those changes, because there weren't that many people who didn't like them. There is a lot to discuss here. Like why would it be better to have a dynamic border instead of how it was before. I've stated my arguments in the main post. And I don't really see the many players who liked the changes, only the neutral ones. The change was mostly ignored until now. Probably because of the reasons I stated in my previous post. Also there are many who like only the addition of banner, like me. But not the part of making the borders dynamic. Also I will never like this change of dynamic borders, it will only make me like the game less. And if many players think the same, then it's a problem that should be solved. It's not just something like a new map where only problem is getting used to it, this actually makes the experience worse for many players. Imagine grinding for 8 months and you can have your new border only for a few months before the season ends, instead of getting a reward of having it for a whole next season.
Smerk (EUW)
: > Just look at this thread nobody likes the change. I'll add this thread as counterpoint, it has almost three times as many upvotes.
The point is that many players didn't know about that, otherwise they would have given the feedback on time. There was simply so many changes in that post and the border change was just a few sentences. And this quote: > We’re still working through how we want to show off your previous season rank, so please share your ideas for how we can celebrate those accomplishments! And the players who read that probably thought that we would get something better than a border in the loading screen. And now recently when it's clear that we won't be getting anything everyone is obviously complaining.
Smerk (EUW)
: Do you really think that majority thinks that this idea is bad? Everyone who wanted to know knew about this since April and almost noone complained back then, then we got few follow-up posts with more details and again, nobody complained. But now for some reason we get tons of complains. So I'm just gonna say that it's case of vocal minority once again and it's good that Riot don't listen.
I will answer from my perspective, as I've heard of the April changes before, I've never thought they would actually not give you the borders. I've heard about the dynamic borders but they obviously didn't make it clear that your past rank will be irrelevant in that case. I didn't think they would be crazy enough to not actually give you the border for your previous rank. I thought it would be something like you get your border like you used to but if you are unranked or you get a better rank in the new season then you get that new border dynamically. And I believe that many players like me didn't know how they actually wanted to do this. I've heard about this today from this 1 day old [thread]( where it's clearly stated that you won't get a border for your season 8 rank. They never made this clear in their previous posts (or I missed it if they were, like the majority of players, then again it again means they weren't clear enough). They were clearly trying to hide this information from us. For example look at this [post]( It never mentions the drastic change to borders, only that rewards get a big "upgrade", yeah sure an upgrade. Another [post ]( from 2 weeks ago where they don't mention this change, they've only said that bronze and iron will be getting borders in next season. So this is definitely not a minority that doesn't like this change. It's riot's fault for not making it clear before. And even this one clear statement is from their discord. They are obviously trying to hide this fact because they know players won't like it. I've made a [thread]( where I explain why this is a bad idea and how it can be fixed.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Well, personally I think it's kinda cool, you get to show both your previous and current ranks, with more emphasis on your current achievement
It would've been much better if they just switched the borders and the banners, so the borders work like they used to and the banner shows your current rank. Now it feels like I grinded for nothing. There should be more emphasis on your previous rank than on your current, because the previous rank required much more grind than the current one. And after grinding a lot this season this feels like a "%%%% you" from riot in my face. This actually might be the worst idea they ever had. At this point it's obvious they don't understand they players and they really should just listen to us than trying with their stupid ideas that nobody likes.
: You don't get a border for your end of season rank this year.
This is bullshit. Borders are supposed to be something like your medals, you grind for a season and then the next season you can show off with your border. And I don't want a stupid banner that nobody will notice anyway. Border is what matters. So basically I grinded to diamond for nothing and I will get a skin for orianna which I won't play with anyway, and I could just get to gold it would be the same. They should've done the reverse, let the stupid banner show the current rank and leave the borders like they were. I hope they will listen to the community at least in this case. I'm not the only one that doesn't like this, just look at that reddit thread, nobody likes this.
I doubt it was an error because they only ban obvious offenders when it comes to boosting.
Smerk (EUW)
: Season ended, it is preseason now, reset will happen at the start of next season, you can play rank and those games will affect your starting rank after reset, so you can secure a better position at the start of next season if you climb now
Any source for this? It didn't use to be like this in previous seasons. In the previous seasons the rank was reset at both the start of the preseason and the start of the new season. Also where is the preseason patch?
: I'm going to assume you're starting Hunter's Talisman? Because if I remember correctly, Riot made it so Hunter's Talisman passive and Cinderhulk passive couldn't take Red and Blue, to avoid unintended issues with giving buffs over to the laners.
Oh, that must be it then. It's just weird that it isn't stated anywhere. It should be in the items descriptions.
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: So i got banned by trollers because i wanted to play a game respectfully
Nobody has 29 deaths in a game by accident, you are either very new to the game or more likely you've given up on that game and stopped caring after you started losing. Maybe you didn't "intentionally" go and feed them directly, but you had intentionally stopped paying attention and have stopped playing safely which resulted in this many deaths. Giving up too early and intentionally not playing safe is trolling in my opinion. To explain more clearly, this is the most known type of intentional feeding: "Going to a lane and intentionally giving free kills to enemies by going close to them or under a tower and doing nothing else" And this is the second type that you did (which should have same consequences as the first type of feeding, it is a bit "better" but still it's not too much different, because the result is pretty much the same) "Going to a lane and doing barely anything and trying to fight the enemy even if you know that you are going to lose that fight or trade, and intentionally staying on the lane or under a turret with low hp when the enemy is already fed" That's the second type of feeding, and you may get away with saying that you are just bad and don't know how to play safe, maybe the Riot will buy it, but I don't buy that bullshit.
: I'm dying, and League is all I have.
Well, If your parents are rich you don't really have to worry about making money. You are technically a disabled person because of your mental issues, you should focus on living healthier, throw away candy and soda and start eating normal food, too much soda and candy is probably what's making you sick. Start working out, maybe with some simpler exercises first. Also pursing an e-sports career might be more depressing than a normal job, because it's much harder to get into it and therefore not really suited for you because of your conditions. But if you believe that you can achieve it, then go for it. I'm just saying that you can maybe try some other things that are easier and more likely to achieve.
: From an Ask Riot one year ago: > What is up with the Death Recap system? Short version is the Death Recap system has some pretty large structural flaws that make it hard to incorporate new things and a pain to maintain. > Last year, you might remember when we did a large pass on Death Recaps. We were able to make them more accurate (people were no longer “dying” to flash), but we hit an impasse: without rebuilding the entire system, death recaps would require significant, ongoing maintenance to stay accurate. We are already seeing the improvements we made then start to unravel. > If we decide to focus on Death Recaps again, we would want to rebuild the entire foundation to correct its flawed structure. The reason we have not done this yet is because it would require shifting resources away from something else, and, as of right now, there are other things we are prioritizing. If Flash pops up as a thing that killed you (again), we may do some maintenance work.
Wow, a company that earns over 100 million per month can't afford a couple of programmers to make the game decent? This is part of a reason why i stopped playing league for a while. But I'm still following the news in case some things change in the future.
: [Volunteer Christmas] Skin Raffle ! [CLOSED]
A poem: _Roses are red, violets are blue, snow is falling, it's all great, I'm not good at this_ I hope you like my poem :D
Nerahye (EUW)
: I don't want to wait, sorry. i have work not a school. My time is limited. Flamers and others aren't any problem and some petty autofill is? I even have no words for that logic. I think this conversation is pointless. I won't accept your point because I think that every player should be able to play every role and a lot of champions not just, for example, top and Riven. That's so boring seeing over and over the same and what those players can learn from this? They are preparing to championships or something? Anyway, I saw a lot of toxic players who were crying for their precious role and champion just to be an assholes in the game and, in most cases, loose badly their lane... of course blaming the whole team, why not? It can't be their fault after all, they are too pro for this and their teammates should just watch the movie of their ascension in League. Sorry, I can't buy that.
I'm not saying you need to wait if you don't want, I just want an option to wait in queue as much as i need to get my lane. I don't see any problem with riot adding that option. And i dont think it will do anything bad.
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