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: Match History doesnt show new matches...
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: when im playing on platin it gets really anoying, you have people on your team with copied builds from the internet who have no idea of what they are donig with their champion. Then after losing the game i search for their history and i see they only have 2 matches with said champ in the entire season.
Just play arround this. Both sides have this dudes. But sometimes some dudes are here from the begining of LOL. They know all champs and play at few accounts. For me more annyoing is that ppl get emotional to much or speaks some dumb things. For example tank jungler 8 / 2 / 0 is a pro, but 0 / 2 / 8 is a trash who knows nothing...ffs. Since when? Or since when a jungler have to gank every single line? Or why they are concerned with an enemy jungler who ganks them for 5th time a specially unsucefully ...let him lose his time, let him put himself behind if he is asking for it ffs. In situations like this I know that dudes saying such a things are pretty much noobs, doesnt matter if i see rank bronze, silver or diamond. My advice: just mute all and stare to the minimap.
: Jungle state
All you need is some kills, and u wont fall with levels to top or midliner.
: Just a little autofilled jungler tip
Dude, there is no such a thing like a "braindead champ" since playing a champ is not the problem...bcs all of them are braindead. The problem is to do things in a right moment. U can lose the jungle, and a whole game just by doing to much unsucesful ganks...your cs falls, u put yourself behind. Yesterday i destroyed nunu, who propably was autofiled..playing warwick who is weak vs him. If i sense u r a newbie to the jungle...i will rip u apart in 5 minutes and win a game within 20 minuts just being silver. U NEED TO PRACTISE NUNU TO BE GOOD PLAYING HIM and only then, as u have said, nunu is snowballing - literaly (as long u do right choices).
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Diablus X (EUW)
: Bump
It's not. PA is still the best. Whats the point to build "late rune" for "early jungler"?
Zaeg (EUW)
: perma bann (with game 1 and 2) since everyone was asking for it
Many times i was heavily insulted, my mother was a "b..", they wanna "r.... my sister" etc....all these dudes, except one never got ban...Seems like u we have to mute all, and dont write anything. Anyway a rules say that u can be harsh at speach just dont insult and try do your best. Im confused
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, It's just luck sometimes the game looks super easy and sometimes super hard, it's just the meta right now for me.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
> [{quoted}](name=PhreaksHairLine,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ztREHz3f,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-11T08:12:50.786+0000) > > Greetings, > > It's just luck sometimes the game looks super easy and sometimes super hard, it's just the meta right now for me.. > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} It's not only the meta, it's % players above your current division involved. It's pretty high in my opinion, I saw somewhere statistics that even 20% of players play below their rank. So it means basicly all above silver got their troll accounts, and they are useing them. Just take a Look at streamers, basicly all do this, doing vids at gold or plat. Being new, playing top tier champ, what can u do vs a guy from diamond who is playing since seson 1? U wont get him, and he will w8 your biggest mistake. RIP. It's not about the meta. Still decisions makes the game harder or easier.
Kalvix (EUW)
: Why is it always in promotion games you get idiots?
Sometimes its simply impossible to win with them in our teams. I lost 3 /10 games at my promo only because some rage quits in my team. Its mind blowing, because ppl play extremly bad, or extremly good...absolutely without a reason. Like bronze trolls and diamond smurfs mixed together.
: Practice tool with runes
or champ change, without reboting whole game? Also reseting levels and so...
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: Mid-game decisions
From my experiance. A lot of junglers lose to many time in mid game involved in things that are not worth it. Im a jungler main, playing mostly with olaf. warwick, trundle. I win more than 60% games. I guess in high elo jungle pathing is really important, but here....all what is important is: never lose time. When and mid both team mets and its just about poking without results....i quit. Push top or bot line and by the way i clean fast my jungle. The strongest advantage u can possible have is the 3 lvls + diffrence. Try to play meta junglers. wich are easy to play. Master Yi, Xin zhao, a specially i recommend u warwick. Is not the strongest, but propably the easiest to play at low elo. A specially that your W supports lacking of map awernes.
: Why are Trolls protected so much ?
> [{quoted}](name=Eliteforce1uk,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IPpnqpEa,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-01T00:39:07.654+0000) > 2 weeks ago .. I had a troll in a game > (stole someones role, kept running into the enemy on purpose multiple times, dancing and dying) > The whole team reported them. > Oh man, mby ive meat him yesterday xD , till 15 minuts he died 25 times...and thx God he didnt managed to kill anything to reset his head price. Even better - he went afk till the end. It was draft pick, he was marked TOP, Went mid....trolling a lot. But the funny part is - we have won this xDDD. After we finish he came back to convince enemy team to report midliner for stealing his line and for trolling. xDDD omg :D
Paper1 (EUW)
: Near impossible to climb
There is so many stupid things ppl do....being really good manually with their champs. I'm a jungler, not interested with any ranks to be clear. - If u link me 2300 gold and wave is at your turet, and no enemy near - it means u wanna help to push the line, instead of thx i get ping spam and "wtf u are doing" :D. In this moment i want to ask "Wtf he is doing, horsing arround with so many gold?". -I've heard that even 20-40% of low ranked players are smurffs...hilarious, because almost nobody have heard about maintaining the wave. So they are <5% HP at their turets, or push the line trying to poke enemy at his turet. - Full ad team....and team mates buying m resists :D, or the opposite. - Oooo jungler gonna steal my kill???!! Im gonna suicide - Oooo jungler gonna steal my kill???!! Retreat! - Adc going split pushing. - Marking mid liner crossing by to take blue....he ignore, marking for assistance, he came back do few hits, and leave blue to me. After 1min he recall because mana issues :D All these is just hilarious to me. I'm pissed only when team mates have like 1 or 0 kills, at least 5 deaths ... coming to line is almost instant death and they dont wanna to surrender. Okey, so what's your plan? To make it worse, enemy team have no idea what to do with this advantage having a fap time running all other the map killing all, not interested to take even one turet - Worse moments ever. I guess u dont have to be a great fe.: darius, irellia, yasuo, miss fortune, fizz to make a great game....just by being map aware and do a right decisions...despite your, not best, manuall skills.


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