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: Riot, please make this Amumu skin a reality!
Guys... leave a fuckin like. Think of the potential of this skin. Like thousands of references to movies in jokes/taunts or backport (or a huge scene when he ults^^)
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Carries feed off the ability to deal tons of damage, and secure a lot of kills independently (more or less.) Junglers can carry lanes, instil fear and paranoia in the enemy, and control objectives. What do supports have? To the majority, they "place wards and stuff." They need a stronger identity than that (and so does toplane for that matter, as it seems so disconnected from the rest of the game.) So what do supports need? Simply put, they need a _stronger reason_ to be picked, and to _feel_ more significantly impactful to the game. You hear about the "tank meta", the "assassin meta." Where's the "support meta?" It's time we had one. If supports _felt_ like they had more impact on the game, I firmly believe people would be more willing to play them. If they had more fancy plays, more OOMPH in the outcome of a game than just "assisting", if they were personally rewarded and recognised for playing well, then perhaps they'd have a larger player-base. Here are some suggestions: ~**Support exclusive objectives:** Like how jungler has smite to control objectives, supports ought to have some unique objective that they can be recognised for which goes beyond "protect the carry, ward the brushes." Perhaps they can specialise more in demolishing and protecting structures, for example. Imagine a Soraka being able to heal a turret or inhibitor, or a Sona getting to execute a tower like Ziggs can? What if supports could use gold earned to UPGRADE structures?! Wouldn't that be crazy? What if supports could be "couriers", carrying items to other lanes!? Wouldn't that make supports have a "purpose" and impact? (These are just examples and I'm well aware they be unbalanced as hell xD ) ~**Positive Reinforcement:** I think supports should get the same amount of gold for assisting in a kill as the person who delivered the last blow. Yeah, you heard me right. _That_ would be recognition for a job well done. Or heck, there should just be more emphasis, more FEELING to getting an assist that makes it feel rewarding. How about making it so Nami's portrait is equal in size to Vayne when "An enemy has been slain"? Or better yet, _a little emote or signal_ which plays over the supports head (such as a round of applause, or a spotlight and cheering) whenever they successfully secure an assist? Some damned feedback at the very least. And heck, it could be customizable! Riot could _sell_ a new kind of cosmetic that only plays when assists are achieved when playing as the support role! What if, there were new items and masteries, too? One's that rewarded a support player for reaching a certain level of assists with extra stats or a new passive ability? One's that could make their last hit on a champion (an "execute") transfer the kill credit to their ADC? For goodness sake, how can Supports be so under-developed by Riot? Just make them FEEL BETTER TO PLAY! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
That's a way to improve the discussion +1 (and to unbalance the game like hell, but a wise man said "balance is weakness"^^)
: Tips how to make support role more attractive
Well, the problems with the items is, that as soon as you make supp items to strong, everone else will buy it as well since they have to be cheap to be affordable for supps. I guess its pretty hard to balance this fact. The only way might be to somehow change the way how supps get their gold
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: Help me climb that Ladder
Since it's easier to talk in client chat, I sent you friend request. Maybe I can help (Dia V atm)
: Because its a competative game.
MAD? I AM NOT MAD YOU F* *** C ****S. ALL THOSE F**** P*****IES. F**** *****. ***** *********** ****S**S**. YOU JUST HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT THIS GAME. IT IS LIFE. IT IS LOVE. AND IT IS HAAAAAAAAAAATE. IF YOU DON'T GET MAD AT THIS GAME, YOU DON'T LIVE IT, YOU DON'T LOVE IT, YOU DON'T HAAAAAAAAATE IT. ***** ****** ***. ***@**. **** *** **. ps: Dear Rito. Ty for language filters. Stars look much more lovely than those words. pps: Dear keyboard designer. Ty for caps lock. I love it when I can shout out loud... with writings.
Pink Lotus (EUNE)
: But.... It looks better.... And it makes you sound... Somewhat... Interesting....
Well... I feel.... that ur definitely right... somehow... it's more openminded... more thoughtful.... more... love. Yes. Without 3 dots it's so lame, so normal, just... not the same.
: Lee Sin is a ; Ranged, Melee, Tanky DPS, assasin, mage, tank, support and jungler
-.... and deals tons of damage. Oh phreak is love
: I loved to play 100% Crit TF: Assassin jumps right into your face, and you -> Gold-Hit-Hit-Hit => Dead x'D Such a great feeling when you watch their tears in All-Chat. :D
: 1 Champion for all the roles?
{{champion:3}} GALIO Galio Top: Farm stuff, heal w, ult BOOM Galio Mid: Farm stuff, heal w, ult BOOM Galio Jungle: Farm stuff, heal w, ult BOOM Galio Supp: Don't Farm stuff, heal w, ult BOOM Galio ADC: ok... thats a joke, but ult BOOM
brunoais (EUW)
: Please improve Zilean's Q bomb sticking priorities
I think as well, that it's a must, that bombs prioritize other bombs first. Atm its just bul***. If you hit accidently a minion with a bomb, you will never be able to stun an enemy if he's nearby that minion. I hope Rito thinks about your advice. Atm zil is really crap... and I loved this guy before... like veigar... RIP. But ok... rito sees the problems at least as we can see reading the patch notes. Not well done yet. But at least in progress^^
2v2 (EUW)
: As a talon (advice thread)
Hey mate, as you recognized you had a full AD Team which needs to win as soon as possible to not get stomped by a full armor squad. So a few tips: - As the others told you already: Don't get Essence reaver, its just not effective on talon (and I think overall). Your flask and maybe one mana pot has to be enough on lane - Since you have to close out this game asap, you need to roam: So rush Tiamat go on lane and kill the wave with 1 W + the Tiamat active. As soon as you have boots go roaming. Since you are desperate and want to close this game so fast consider picking up mobiboots (as you did^^) - you don't need to finish ravenous hydra instantly. Tiamat is enough for your waveclear. For more single target damage I would go brutalizer immediately after the tiamat (furthermore the cdr helps to have ur ult up faster --> more effective roams) - to roam savely always keep the river as free from wards as possible --> red trinket + pink ward is a must - apply pressure not only by killing the enemies on other lanes. If possible and you dont loose your own turret by staying on an other lane try to get the turret (so the others are free to roam as well). You kill turrets relatively fast with your q-auto reset and the additional damage. - when you roam, have an eye on your enemy mid laner (I guess it was kata). So... a wards in the river. And yes, you might be a mid laner, but when you go roaming, you are responsible for vision in the river. Ask your jungler to help you with it (he should clear it easily with the raptors buff). You can ask furthermore if he keeps top side warded with a pink while you ward bot side.. or the other way round) - btw, if you are in mid game and the top/bot towers are down, you can consider to split push. Talon should be able to kill everyone in a 1 v 1 in this certain team compilation... and if you are fed enough. All tips are assuming that you do well in that game and are slightly ahead of the enemy team) - when all your efforts didn't help to win this game before lategame there are two options: A 6 damage item build or split push strategy 6 Item build: Infintiy edge, Hydra, LW, Ghostblade, BT, Black Cleaver. So.. .you sell your boots. This is superrisky and needs a perfect positioning by you. The lack of mobility can be compensated in the time frame of your ult speed buff + Ghostblade active but: You will die every single time. The only option in which you dont die is, Ghostblade + e + auto + q + w and then "open" ur ult and try to get out while you are stealthed. In a perfect world you kill your target, get aoe damage on the enmies with r + w and get out... but... only in a perfect world. Splitpush: You can consider getting Trinity force for it since you can kill structures with it faster. Your team applies pressure in midlane while you try get the other turrets. This is a superrisky strategy in soloq because most of the time your team doesn't adapt to your playstyle. This requires a healthy team attitude and lots of communication. AND: You need to be stronger than your lane opponent at this time or able to outrotate him.
: If that happens then we must do more: First the obvious: Teemo - Satan Riven - RageInducer9000 Katarina - Riven&Beyblades Hecarim - MyEvilPony Then my personal one: Change Jarvans name to Steve, idk why, i want a king named Steve.
STEVE IV. The number has to be part of it. Then it's definitely ledgendary.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesus our Exodus,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y73zYTE7,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-03-20T15:44:31.459+0000) > > Patch 5.7 notes: We have made Rammus' E a skillshot and a 0.75 sec warning before shooting. If that happends i will have to take Riot Croissant hostage!
TOLOLOLOLOL... lets buff urgot by nerfing everyone else... eieieieiei... ty for info
Choda (EUNE)
: If you wanna buff someone look at Twisted Fate and other champions who have close to nothing not strong champs who you want to be more then just strong.
I'm not interested in tf... so... why should I want that he gets buffed^^. If you want a stronger tf, create a discussion :P. The main point of my suggestion is, that its not about buffing, but changing. In my opinion, they could nerf his e furthermore if they just give him somethin else... like an utility ult.
: lower the duration of taunt and then you can buff him all you want
maybe the changes of the ult would make this necessary. It would be like the changes on nautilus w and e. Rito achieved that he is not only relying on his w by taking power from the and investing somethin in his e
: I think that it's supposed to block multiple spells if cast exactly at the same time...
: *armordillo (yes you'd thing armadillo but riot thought to be funny) Maybe his hitbox lagged happends from time to time, just as jinx W hitting you when you're not even that close
Maybe that... he stood directly in front of me. Thx for the correction. I will try to write armordillo^^
: Who dafuq takes cleanse...?
*cleansing spells... like qss... or mikael's crucible. Aaand: Cleanse can be viable mate^^
: oh dem morgana trolls
WHAT? THIS SHIELD PREVENTS FROM BEING CC'D. SO OP. RITO NERF MORGANA... no jokin... there was nothin at all on this lil turtle... it just felt like superbuggy
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: I noticed that it is possible to flash through his stun without getting stunned :P
because flash is a blink. Ezreal's e, lissandras e etc... all can get out of the box without being stunned, while a dash like lucien's/grave's doesn't help vs the stun there (although they go through atm)
Aes Sidhe (EUW)
: The most toxic thing in the game?
hmmm... what I can say from my experience: Silver III-I to Gold I-V player seem to have the worst attitude. Surprisingly I feel pretty well in plat V... recently had a kalista top player who said "If I dont get jungle, I will trollpick, not intentionally feed just trollpick". Reaction: no "omg fuckin troll noob"-shouting. Only comment was: Take heal instead of tp. Man... so relaxed... love it^^ btw: Cant say anything about Dias... definitely not my elo^^
: No point in starting to play this game
The good old times lvl 1-16... when I playd gp top only... with clarity and teleport just for endless mana... and it even worked... really, good old times^^
m0u (EUW)
: [BUG] Veigar stun cage
Noticed that too.... or it seemed to be strange sometimes at least. Btw, a lill hint referring to a possibility I suggested recently and surly hasn't been noticed by riot (ok, it was sunday night^^) was the following: Q marks the enemy for 2 Seconds: Marked enemies get stunned immediately by the edge of the cage. Enemies who arent marked only if they are hit by the edge after the present delay time.
: Played some normal games with Veigar and... he looks fine for me. Got something about 9/6/? and I am not very good mid player :)
I am sorry to refer to your relativly low elo, but I think, that a smart enemy would be able to outplay a veigar easily atm. No matter how well the veigar plays. Ofc you can hit your stun randomly in a teamfight, but well... who doesnt hate this kind this coincidence factor when playin a champ who should take out specific objectives
Sasogwa (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Watschnbam,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UopPEaKx,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-03-15T21:00:14.998+0000) > > +1 > > Well done mate. And what do you think about the suggestion? I honestly don't know. The strength of the stun is also the fact it can be a teamfight stun on several targets. I miss the old times where i did a perfect flash stun on 3+ people (not easy trust me). And the Q being kinda hard to hit with random minions possibly getting in the way, stun could be even harder to place. In your suggestion, is E instant again? I suppose, otherwise it would be a straight nerf^^
Ye, the e stays the same for everone who does not get marked by the q (--> delayed stun). The Marked enemies get stunned instantly instead
Sasogwa (EUW)
: The problem is that Veigar has never been a great lategame champion because he had too easy options for counterplay, with items mostly. He was mostly a midgame high burst champion (if you don't agree with me, ask Dabox). The thing is with 5.4 they added counterplay. Right now Veigar is too unreliable, patch 5.5 was a step in the right direction. Patch 5.6 seems to further buff him ; but yeah Riot is kinda stuck if they want to have a weak E with counterplay : W is kinda unhittable. It's getting better, but Veigar is completely out of meta with champions with super high mobility everywhere. He's even countered by a bunch of AP carries for all the game, simply because they have the option to bully him early, dodge his stun easily, and anyway zhonya his ult since they will never get stunned. And even if somehow the Veigar is super fed due to many errors, just a banshee/qss and he's out no matter how much stacks he got. AP stacking is fine, but Veigar is not and has never been a teamfight damage champion. He's not a Cassiopeia, he's not an Azir or whatever. He is heavily reliant on bursting people. If he can't burst people because they always get out too easily, well he's garbage. The buffs aren't so bad, because Veigar's Q range now that it's a skillshot is pretty low. Cooldown reduction as well, passive buff. They're trying to make him look a bit more like a Xerath-style poke mage. But I don't think it's gonna work, he's still kinda short ranged.
+1 Well done mate. And what do you think about the suggestion?
Zambit (EUW)
: they always do it because of all the bitches who say the nerfed champ has been overnerfed so Riot are like lets buff him even though he's fine
I think you didn't get the point buddy^^. I think he needs a buff but just in a different way they are trying it
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