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: A problem here too. After game finished, I clicked on skip stats, redirected to the lobby, clicked on play again but it wouldn't restart the match after 3-4 clicks on play again, decided to alt + f4 and re-enter my credentials -> launch a game that doesn't exist, stuck on either a black screen or "reconnect" button. fun fun fun{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} EDIT: Doesn't seem happen on different account, problem entirely linked to said account, meaning even if the client is reinstalled the problem should still persist..
this is happening evrywhere i think '_' {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
D0rtus (EUW)
: Won my Promo game but it didn‘t count
league is getting bugged af these days, have some probs with it too
: Not just ranked, i have the same problem but i played a normal
daaaamn ;
: Stuck on reconnect after game finished.
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: Well, if you want to get banned i already got it so i can lend you a hand with that xD im professional ^^ xD. Just tell me if you want to know how xD.
how ;oooo tell me i want it to get perma banned {{summoner:4}}
: *sigh* I don't get why you're here giving so much of a rat's ass about a game you don't play anymore. Get lost, will you?
Bro this is me wazinteff i think but here i am in my real acc i wanna get that acc banned bcs they hacked my acc and they added another email adress this is why i get so pissed and starts flaming thinking that riot will ban my acc.


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