DeoFac (EUW)
: i hate current league.....
ur so fucking right dude....... Dynamic queue is a trash system, It doesnt indicate a players skill anymore..... Juts boosted animals with their fake ranks..... Everybody knows you clearly dont belong in the elo youre at with ur 50 cs at 30 minutes.... IF YOU WANNA PLAY WITH UR FRIENDS, GO PLAY NORMALS DONT BRING IT TO RANKED KIDS funny thing is people get banned for calling out the boosted animals.... Like Riot you think im jusdt gonna sit there and say "good job man!" and accept some boosted kid is feeding and costing me games??? HELL NO! YOU NEEED FLAMED.
Mássive (EUW)
: Yea i guess you are one of those who have never ever had a bad game? We are only human. We make mistakes
sounds like something a boosted e-girl would say
: AP Juggernaut
Garen's ult scales of AP, give that a go
: afk=afk. maakt niet uit waarom. je bent verantwoordelijk voor je eigen internet en daar houdt riot games geen rekening mee. je zult het maar gewoon moeten accepteren :/
English ?
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desalmada (EUW)
: This game became gambling
i just fking hate boosted animals with a passion, when i see some dude in Gold V or Plat V 0lp and they went 0/7/0 I just wish these boosted animals got banned on the spot.
: Volibear Rework?
The reason Garen is not played in high elo is because the higher the elo the harder it is to play Garen into players who are not stupid enough to get baited into stupid mistakes (eg, 1v1ing Garen when hes the villain). Not to mention, he has no hard cc, he is so kitable, he has a very weak laning phase against the meta top laners, almost all ranged matcheups destroy Garen, he just has too many flaws. Why Garen is so effective in Bronze is because a Bronze player is prone to making many mistakes in a game, Garen is brilliant at capitalising off enemy mistakes (eg, 1v1ing Garen when you're the villain). Tl;dr **DONT 1V1 GAREN WHEN YOU'RE THE VILLAIN**
Rayz01 (EUW)
: How do I deal with Olaf?
as a Garen OTP, I always keep the exchanges short, avoid his axe at all time, also build sunfire cape first.
Goodnigut (EUW)
: Mate. You clearly can not see further away than your ego. Since you did not bother to read nor comprehend the fact that I DO NOT play ranked. And because you called me trash.. I actually messed up on purpose in my ranked games so I can get in Bronze 5. I don't suck and my plat and dia friends can tell you that as well or well... pretty much everyone with who I played a game with. I just don't like being faced against a pre-made when I am alone in the ranked queue. Also.. I NEVER said that {{champion:86}} or {{champion:19}} are broken champs. You said that. I delete both of them easy, np. Top lane I just pick {{champion:48}} and bye bye to both of them, or well pretty much every other tank in the game. Adc wise {{item:3153}} is pretty much deleting any tank or just armor pen. I know this game, I can play on all 5 roles and lanes, how about you? Just 1? Oh well..
holy shit son, I am Bronze 1 and this guy is just delusional as fk, I climbed out of bronze 4 in 2 hours lol this guy just is one of them delusional fucks in the depths of bronze 5
JME333 (EUW)
: Is Yasuo a noob champ?
Yes because everybody in bronze seems to enjoy playing him
Goodnigut (EUW)
: {{champion:86}} ...{{champion:19}}
I suggest you try playing both of them in high elo, and come back and tell me how "easy" it is.
Dëmacia (EUW)
: What are typical rage responses people make when they die to "X" champion?
lol I played Mundo recently and the malphite kept chasing me with half health but I kept cleavering him then when I killed him he said something like "Mundo is balanced, braindead noob champ" Yet he was the one chasing me across the map lool
ad5 (EUW)
: I have given up getting out of BRONZE...
: help me out of low silver im tilted but good
you probably shouldnt have said that ur "good"
Lord Pampa (EUNE)
: We Demand Grand Chef Fiora
행운을 (EUW)
: fking noob temas
ye , fk these fking shit teams!!!!!
Mr Da Jukes (EUNE)
lol no in the right hands he is aids
: [Suggestion] LV2 BOOT Upgrades
Gives boots more of a purpose late game, I like it!
Tiffan (EUW)
: Another "I dont want to play support all the time" thread
I have a feeling ur one of those Lux "supports" who finish frost queens claim, ignores sightstone completely, buys mejias and proceeds to KS everything with your ult and saying "I carried".
: nidalee 6.11
Nobody plays her in Bronze-Gold so idc if she gets nerfed or not
S5R3 (EUW)
: Listen to us Riot, take our feedback. Thank You
Its the V divisions of each tier (silver V, Gold V, Plat V) which is where the true boosted animals live. They are legit stuck at 0 lp and they obviously will never promote since they're boosted trash but they will also never demote since you gotta have mmr of the tier below to demote out of a tier. So basically these Boosted kids are stuck in these elos ruining the game for us legit solo queue climbers with their 50cs @ 30 minutes......
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Guys, I know Azir's too powerful in high elo, but you will make him unplayable in low elo.
: [Repost] Riot's new champions ...
Jhin to me out of the listed champions was designed very well. Why can't Riot stop making these stupid champions that have complicated abilities like "in order for your passive to activate you must first collect charms located around the map which will then be used to slow your opponent" like stfu I don't care... Just make a simple champion like Warwick or Ashe, something like "Q is to attack" "w is to silence" "e is to attack" "r is to kill" Stop with the complicated bullshit and champs that can fly around the map
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Dëmacia (EUW)
: Garen needs a buff
Im in bronze and I agree to this thread. Garen just feels pretty weak compared to many other top laners and offers little to the team with a silence that is barely noticable. Increasing the silence time would be better for Garen

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