: Cleaver isn't a tank item, if that's what you mean by that. Not at home right now, can't give you a stat/gold efficiency number from the top of my head. Might do it tmrw if you want to see it.
It's more that the vast majority of ad toplaners rush cleaver anyway even against a bunch of squishies because the stats are too damn good. (tho spear of shojin now competes with it on some champs) so any tank item bought on a toplaner gets their armor value chunked down by a sizable portion. On the other hand junglers have to go to multiple lanes and don't always make as much use of the armor as someone laning against an ad champ and a support lacks gold so when he has some tank item most enemies will have some pen already. Meaning the lane where tanks should be able to put their tank items to the most efficient use can't due to black cleaver being too good.
: I will admit he was damn strong and much better back then than he is now, and yeah if he snowballed he could become the soulpoint of a team as if he dives you then whack your out, i just dont think it's justified to say he could 1v5 easily, in some cases if the teams are bad then fair enough maybe as it happens now with Riven, your making me sad as i miss the old champs before reworks, Sion and Poppy being top, i like this bro we are actually debating without being toxic, good on us.
Would depend a bit on the fight and teams in case (note that i said he could 1v5 (which i've seen him do a few times), not that he could easily do it). If he gets a good E+R in he can pretty much stall enough for the time to kill a carry. And the huge damage of his R (400 + 25% of their current hp) means that his cleanup is already a lot faster. Plus due to how impossible he was to beat 1v1 he almost always got fed early game. If he doesn't get to initiate the fight and if the enemy is all 5 together then he'll probably go down pretty fast but he can still take someone with him. And yeah I miss some old pre-rework champs too. Sion was fun with his build variety. I liked playing him AP support, but honestly he could go to pretty much any lane. Poppy was fun too but they gutted her sooo hard that it was still a bit hard to get her to work well. Playing jungle was decent and then late game go full damage with trinity, ult the support and have fun diving 1v5 on the carry and getting a kill. (admittedly you never really made it out alive but suicide charging had it's own charm)
: Thornmail : 80Armour 250HP Passive 15 armour is 300 150HP is 400 armour worth - 1600 HP worth - 666 Total 2267 gold Real price 2900 gold Stat efficiency - 78% The passive tho.... 633 gold for the grievous wounds + damage reflect is more than fair. It's just an example, most defensive items fall around this one. Cca. 80% gold efficiency with a good passive is as efficient as it gets. I don't see the problem.
Black cleaver is the problem.
: Are we playing the same game? He has NEVER been like that at all, hes great at dueling as are a lot of champs but 1v5? No just no.
I mean his Q had so little cooldown it got off cd again before your feet hit the ground (knockup duration was longer back then), his W was pretty much permanently on in a fight giving him 80% extra attack speed, his E had bigger AoE range and bigger slow, his ult did far more damage and gave flat 50 armor and magic resist irregardless of how many enemies he hit (making him pretty impossible to beat in a 1v1 which was how he gets ahead in the first place, to then use the insane R damage in a teamfight later on) and his W gave flat % hp healing. So basically he did insane damage, 1 person on your team was almost always knocked up, his healing plus the resistances on his R made it extremely hard to burst him down without stuns. And the longer the fight went on the more your team died and thus the more important his healing became. You pretty much either had to stunlock him or instantly nuke him down. If you couldn't do either of those you pretty much lost.
: Completely disagree... the only problem was Xin was new and nobody knew how to counter him, wasn't due to him being OP, there is NO champ that is uncounterable.
If you had an entire comp with stuns so you could literally permanently stun him then yeah you could win a 5v1. If you had a lack of hard CC (or roots because his E could be used while rooted) then you pretty much lost the game. Even with a bit of hard CC you might still not be able to kill him because he was suprisingly tanky anyway. And that's assuming you're all attacking him at the same time. Plus he could straight up 1v5 if he was a bit ahead.
: No champ has ever been unkillable though...
On release {{champion:5}} would like to have a word with you. Also, Jax when dodge was still a thing.
Dandy MVP (EUNE)
: Strongest 1 vs 1 Champ in Tournament ?
Nasus. He gets x3 stacks and if it's a 1v1 they can't close out fast enough for you not to get insane stacks. And if they happen to pick anything that relies on auto attacks they pretty much have no chance at all.
Shadon (EUNE)
: Toxic players in TFT
Generally people tell you to kill yourself for 2 reasons; A: You're their ally and they think you suck. B: You're the enemy and you're wrecking them. In TFT it's always the latter so when people tell me to kill myself I just take it as a confirmation that i'm doing well. As such I just see it as a compliment.
GLurch (EUW)
: Night? What's that?
Day, but at the other side of the world.
BrittenDK (EUW)
: Came
Tarolock (EUNE)
: at the start we got notifications for a lot more punishments then ppl complained that the client is spamming those messages so riot made it pop a lot less now and i too would like to see every single bans, dunno which game was it, but every time a player was banned it popped up for everyone currently ingame that xy got banned, it would be good for LoL too, even if its just to somewhat reduce the number of "trolls are not getting punished" topics
Sounds like people would intentionally get accounts banned with advertisement usernames.
Ambiorix (EUNE)
: Why again I'm punished, because the game is shit
Gonna go ahead and doubt you on this. AFKing 2 games does not give you leaverbuster, and especially not for 20 minutes. To get to a 20 minute leaver buster penalty you have to AFK a lot. At that point it can't possible be the client but has to be some problem from your side. If game crashed like 25% of the time for everybody I think boards would've been filled with that by now.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Akali and Vayne, no. Zed is also fine. Yasuo is a bit annoying because he gets way too much value out of crit items in the early game and if he gets a lead he's basically just "auto to win", but if he gets behind he can still do good if the player is good. Idk, only Yasuo is really cancerous. But if you're playing adc it'll feel different yeah.
I think he's talking about the people that play them being general asswipes. At least from my experience yasuo mains in low elo tend to be amongst the more toxic players.
: Items in TFT
You pray to RNGesus and if he doesn't like you your chances of winning drop with like 50% The amount of items that drop is also RNG based, on top of what items drop.
: Kled RIven Aatrox Illaoi and Nasus, No. Kennen, Yes. besides for 4 of the people you named don't even have mana
What lane does kennen go to if not top lane? I've never really seen one in the mid lane and they kinda gutted adc kennen, top lane is the only lane he's viable.
: Because some people started playing before the control ward was implemented, and we learnt it that way. For me it'll be pink ward till the day I quit.
Pink ward and red team.
: Toplaners crying about Mana regen being too good for mages
Tbh darius has pretty negligible mana costs too aside from his ult.
: How do i fight against shaco support???
{{item:2055}} In the in lane bush and shove up. He can't do anything aside from sit under tower and throw a knife every now and then. The only problem then is the enemy jungler. If you can control for that i'd say the lane is pretty much won.
: TFT Ionic Spark bug
Last i checked shit's bugged and scales with AP. So if you get that shit on a champion, then give it 2 rabadons in a sorcerer teamcomp you can deal like 1k damage per enemy spellcast. At that point it's pretty much a free win no matter what the enemy does. On the other hand if you have no AP it only deals like 75 damage or so.
: people who insult you "subtly" and then report you when you respond to them
And if you don't say anything banworthy they can report you all they want and nothing will happen. If your "response" is to just flame them then sure, get banned for all I care. If that's what gets you flaming then I don't doubt the fact that you would've get caught flaming sooner or later anyway. If I see someone provoking another person they get my report, but if the other person just flames back then they're getting a report as well.
: a lot of people say it regardless of the outcome of the game. Like, it could be a super close clutch game lasting 60 mins and someone could say gg ez, be it on the winning or losing team. means nothing. There are far worse things to be considering where player behavior is concerned
Just because there's worse behaviour doesn't make it acceptable behaviour. Saying ez after a game is just unsportmanslike conduct and that's a catagory to report for, thus i report it after the game. You can make a point about it being tactics during a game to tilt an opponent. Still being an asshole, but at least a tactical asshole. After the game? There's literally no reason to say it other than to be disrespectful.
: Tanks need a large overhaul
What i want back in tanks more than anything else is the ability to tank. As in, be able to frontline for more than 2 seconds. The primary reason to pick tanks now is their engage/cc. You pretty much throw your CC, die and then hope/pray your team fixes the rest.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: ranked in mode where you will win if you get good champion ? and not skill, expectable from 48 level player who plays only ARAM
You almost say it like that isn't exactly how TFT works.
: Is Volibear a good support in low elo?
Kinda depends on how low we're walking about I guess. If the enemy bot lane can't even keep their distance or land CC on an enemy melee charging at them in a straight line then sure. If they can then I would say that while you can play it, it's not a 'good' support.
: You are completely wrong. Summoner's Rift isn't about fighting. It's about : * Farming + Wave manipulation * Vision control * Objective control * Roaming * Map control * Teamfighting * etc... Teamfighting is only a very small part of it. Saying that ARAM is " *The best map in terms of game knowledge gained / time.* " cannot be further from the truth. It's only like what you said "simplified arena to practice your engages and fighting 5 vs 5" which is completely different from gaining knowledge about the game since you won't learn anything about stuff like wave manipulation or map control for example. > Bots you find only if you are really bad at the game. If you are good enough and get to the level of other competent players, you see no bots. Original post is still level 9. So of course he'll meet a lot of bots... He/She's looking for advices for himself/herself, not for an advanced player. OG also needs to learn all aspects of the game, not just teamfighting.
Imho ARAM is the best use of time for a very new account, because it's by far the quickest at introducing you to a bigger variety of champions, on top of it being harder to feed your ass off if you keep some distance. A lvl 10 account doesn't really need to care much about roaming/warding and shit because it's lvl 10, it doesn't even know the abilities let alone effective range of most of the champs. Once you feel like you at least know what every champ can do (in terms of abilities), THEN you should move to SR. ARAM is just more beginner-friendly if you ask me. And yes you can just read the ability description of all like 130+ champs but you can't really memorize/internalize that if you haven't at least fought it a couple of times.
: How do you win TFT? (Teamfight Tactics tactica, discussion and comp showoff thread)
Yordles works for me. You can get started on it relatively easily, even if you have 5/6 yordles at least 5 of them still get a buff. (on the other hand 5/6 nobles isn't any better than 3/6). The most expensive part is a single 4* unit so you can get to the full comp relatively fast. The teamfighting ability of the champs is just really good so you can even beat teams with higher star ratings (especially once you get all 6). Also if you don't have full team comp yet you can put in 2 tristanas because they synergize well with each other since they can stack the ability of the other trist. Another plus side is that you can carry from multiple positions. Having a strong trist is good as is having a strong adc in general, however for example kennen can carry pretty hard too with the right items. (a bit tanky with some ap or mana).
MadBaron (EUW)
: TFT: Is this the most noob (but consistent) strategy?
The higher level you are, the lower the chance is to get 1 gold units. This means that towards the later stages, if you're still unlucky and haven't gotten enough 3* units you will get absolutely smashed. In this case I think you just got lucky AF.
Haze97 (EUW)
: If League created a dating site.
82 years, otherwise it doesn't average a 50. And boy oh boy will shit hit the fan when the average isn't 50.
: new champ, seems no one care of it
I'm not really interested in the new champ. Her kit looks meh, her looks are meh and her personality is absolutly horrible. I've not really been interested in her at any point of her release.
GitGudYasuo (EUNE)
: Hacks or bug abuse?
If you combine spatula with a spatula your max unit cap increases by 1. Also i've seen people go with like 4 or 5 3* units so only 2 at the end isn't all that much. It's pretty normal for the winner to have around 2 of them. Also most of his units are relatively cheap so it doesn't cost as much to buy them. Having a bench full of units can be done for cheap as well. Edit: note the 3rd guy who had 5 3* units.
: I guess the sense of it is that they don't want to force you to play the new mode in order to get the tokens?
There's a difference between not forcing you to play the new mode and forcing you not to play the new mode. Currently they're doing the latter, and they really should be doing to former.
: buy the arcade pass and get a free ban from tft
It's kinda nonsensical to release a load of missions that don't include TFT this shortly after launching TFT. Not like it was so popular the servers semi-died multiple times already because of TFT. I honestly feel like playing TFT more than SR now, but you'd completly miss out on some good rewards which is just super annoying.
bartvader (EUW)
: TFT doesn't respond during the very first carousel
Same. It's so annoying being forced to start with rek'sai 75% of the time xD
Rioter Comments
: TFT: This is war
Ya'll not seeing the board he posted it on?
: Mordekaiser is the worst rework so far
I'd say it's the best rework so far. His kit is now actually relevant yet not broken. It retains most what he could do before and it makes thematic and visual sense. The only problem currently is that his numbers are overtuned.
: I'm finally gold trash.
Welcome to the club.
: Taric is kinda questionable. He is very strong against certain opponents, and super weak against everything else at lane. His skills are all delayed, or low values which makes him kinda worthless in protecting ADC against assassins.
I mean she's getting nerfed only because of the sona + taric lane (otherwise they'd target base values more i'd imagine) hence why taric.
: Super scared of Getting banned, help me!?
Try not to give your team too much reason to report you. E.G.: Don't leave your adc alone the whole game, don't leach XP from a different lane when they express they don't want you to be there. If you're okey with those 2 standards I think you have a pretty low chance to get banned for off-meta picks. In my eyes when people playing a specific way of support get banned it's usually because their adcs have extremely miserable times playing 1v2.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it that ARAM is the only gamemode where you can play without stressing?
Because they removed rotating game mode for some reason and didn't make nexus blitz permanent for some other reason and refuse to give us customization tools on custom modes for who knows what reason. So there isn't really any fun mode available outside of ARAM. In normals people still play their 400k mastery lvl 7 yasuo crap, BM the shit out of people and flame non-stop if you go 0-1 in lane. There's legit no real mode available where you can try out stuff. Twisted Treeline when i play it is even more toxic than SR so that's not much of an option either. People there have zero chill.
BySniK (EUW)
: Gem stone usage
I just get a chest+key whenever i get a gem stone. Hoarding them 'till 10 is a hassle and quite frankly the skins you can get with it aren't even all that good.
: so i can re roll now to get released skins in the future?!
Well no the point is to save your rerolls for when a new skin is released and then you will get that skin for free when you do reroll, since it'll be the only skin you don't own yet then.
: Actually fiddle and voli are guaranteed for 2020, the next rework is pantheon
Ye so shaco rework isn't till 2020 at least. Unless they announced a rework for shaco that i'm not aware of fiddle and voli will come first, and those 2 are gonna be 2020 so shaco rework is gonna be like mid-2020 at best.
: I encountered him in one game, he became ultra fed and was a pain to deal with. We won eventually tho... Can't say if he's op, but it's definitely not fun being forced to 1v1 every time his ult is up. He ulted me exclusively.
Niarye (EUW)
No. Fiddle and Voli coming first.
Rochen28 (EUW)
: Why can a Mandarin cancel Mordekeisers ult
Because clearly being banished to the underworld is the exact same as scurvy.
Rioter Comments
Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wen294,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=soPbMlgE,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-06-13T08:48:26.276+0000) > > Sorry but the yuumis that only stay attached to their adc all laning phase long aren't the ones that will be carrying the lane. > The only thing that nerf would do is punish bad yuumi players while good yuumi players remain untouched. thats the point
What...? And a higher skill floor prevents yuumi from being overpowered in the right hands how....?
: Mordekaiser rework - Permaban or am I missing something?
{{item:3140}} Honestly not really any different from a skarner ult or a malzahar ult. You just make people pay the QSS tax and that's pretty much it.
Teahyun (EUW)
: actually yuumi should not gain mana nor health regen if she doesnt attack an enemy champion within 15 seconds. After attacking she gains mana regen again for 15secs. This encourages yuumis not to stay perma attached and make botlane a living hell. (atleast until she hits like lvl 4-6) Q needs to be increased in mana cost OR CDR affected. Me personally would rather see higher cooldowns than mana costs. E Should grant less movement speed and keep the healing OR give less healing and keep the movementspeed. In exchange yuumi should gain higher base HP, Armor and MR aswell as +5ms.
Sorry but the yuumis that only stay attached to their adc all laning phase long aren't the ones that will be carrying the lane. The only thing that nerf would do is punish bad yuumi players while good yuumi players remain untouched.
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