CPGBradley (EUNE)
: Trolls and afk's in bronze
Tldr: How do I give my best team the best chance of winning with trolls and afks on the team as a jungler. well i guess u can start banning yuumi and trundle {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} now for real. all that counts here is what a man can do and what a man can't do "yea we love jack sparrow" if it a "real troll" then he just wants attention. ignore him and just play the game as he wasn't there. probly if he won't get any attention he will stop with it anyway. otherwise all u can do is report him at the end.
: I always have the least damage taken of everyone
like playing yuumi and sitting on an immortal tank the whole game long^^
: Tahm Kench
dutchpro, tahm is super slow if he can't stack with Q then he can never get 3 stacks before dying. i'd sign to play aganst a tahm top every game then to fave a vladimir top. vladimir is way bigger issue then kench, thank god not many ppl play vlad in low elo.
: How the %%%% get some players away with everything?
i know its old news but i still don't understand how in the world that tyler1 "proved" to riot hes reformed. but then again, if he can do it i guess everyone can escape penalties for doing bad stuff.
: Afk and int in RankedGames
smurf accounts -> "not my main account, i don't care anyway" at least thats it for me. or banned ppl who made a new account and work off their rage for the ban onto others...
: I always have the least damage taken of everyone
well very long range attack, u should get less in the firelines then others^^ now do that as a tank support and your a king. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: How rank system affects in players behaviour
stats alone say almost nothing. u can start the game with 5-0-x or better but when your team fed 20+ kills after 10 min your score will go down hard aswell unless your a KDA hunter who only tries to farm kills instead of helping the team.
Wannes (EUW)
: 10 years LoL
there should be more objectives then just baron pit and dragon pit. yea i know there a crabs to but.. maybe in every jungle let red/blue buff spawn randomly or turnwise in the same spot and in the other spot where red and blue r now another big guy like dragon or baron. whould make it more interesting. maybe with different buff depending in what team they spawn ( red / blue ). now its mainly who controlls bot lane and dragon gets the early lead and wins. especially when its infernal
: How rank system affects in players behaviour
its not the system its the games in general. u r so dependent on your team that u basicly have zero controll of the game yourself. not many ppl can actually handle that, its like something their brain can't comprehend. losing controll can really change ppl. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Remember the days where tp was unnerfed and toplaners actually could impact the game?
i whould personally remove or rework klepto to 100% chance to get item on AA after spellcast BUT with 1min CD. don't ever underrestimate a good teemo if he has a team. if your team knows how to use the shrooms its devastating but yea mostely thats over 9000 IQ in low elo. 1-2 seaons ago a had alot of teemo games where i basicly carried alone, 1 game i had more damage on teemo then the whole enemy team together. but now i play support main and top 2nd choise i don't get the chance anymore to do that^^ also this was with "controll teemo" frozen mallet -> runaans hurracane -> full tank. ppl should really pick this build up again. u can completely controll the zone to the point that no one of the enemy team dares to engage if your playing the frontline. i whould never say tanks r useless. rammus, singed, ornn, hell even mundo can be over the limit OP. hell if my top laner whould say " singed main " i whould overflow in joy^^ a deddicated tank still beats a zero exp. top bruiser like yasuo with a lowere IQ then his sword.
: Its more sad when they flame people that just made their first account. Why do they expect the newcommers to be faker?
> [{quoted}](name=Trist mid opop,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hgF3isxm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-24T09:59:39.755+0000) > > Its more sad when they flame people that just made their first account. Why do they expect the newcommers to be faker? yea, if u start this game now as a total stranger, it whould take 2-3 years of full time daily investment to learn everything u need to get past gold with all the smurfs atm.
: Does playing rabadons rush vayne mid count as enough compensation? :p
> [{quoted}](name=Trist mid opop,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=hgF3isxm,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-24T10:01:14.769+0000) > > Does playing rabadons rush vayne mid count as enough compensation? :p might be fun in normals but i think in ranked that u whould get attacked by the flame patrol asap^^
heematite (EUNE)
: lagging like hell
your playing at the wrong server then i guess. and about those other games, r we talking about pokemon, minesweeper, counterstrike,.. or real (high stuff needed) games like jumpforce, FF14 etc.
: When u're calm all time with a good behavior and you suddenly blows up XD
as a support main i have this alot when my adc takes a lane bully (sivir, cait, trist) and from the start hiding behind his tower. then i go like WTF is going on here o_O. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: People who smurf to hardstomp a game and write you suck at the end are the saddest people
everyone who smurfs plays to stop the game... and pls don't come here saying "i'm learning a new champ" i mean , your micro/macro/early/late/wave management skills r way beyond the ppl u smurf against and playing a new champ does not compensate for that.
: Remember the days where tp was unnerfed and toplaners actually could impact the game?
guess there r some options: -pantheon with ult -shen ult -ornn passive extra item for late game -TF ult ? -teemo shrooms
MissJJess (EUW)
: First Ranked Game
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVx3KgC5CyI {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hot Shøt (EUNE)
not 100% sure of this but way to much ppl check 3rd party sites to check their opponents/ teammates at start of a game and i think they can see if your in promo or not and so intentionally try to lose your promo. those sites should give u the option to hide your account info from them.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Some frustrating things about League's current system.
your first option is just not viable anymore. -to many smurfs in plat > -most games r not carryable just by yourself ( from the moment only 1 teammate goes 0-3 , 0-5 or worse in 10 min ). 1-2 seasons ago alot of master/challenger players said they couldn't carry themselfs true the low elo anymore purely by their skill alone. a darius or vladimir could possibly fight 1 v "X" but not carry the whole game alone. option 2 luck and leave, not grinding. ok, i'm only in low elo but talking about luck: i was in promo to Gold v, i had 2 win / 2 loss, then it happened -> 19 games in a row i had a leaver the first 5 min but every time just after the "remake" timer expired. i went from G V prome strait to S 2 , 0 LP. RNGesus probly didn't like me i guess. leaving is another way to climb (in low elo) the moment in champ select that u see that 2 or more of your lanes r pure counterpicked then leave ASAP. in 99.99% of this cases u will lose the game. also try to leave if opponents have some combinations that will probly lead to a loss. - yasuo + malphite + alistar -> don't even try. - darius + vladimir -> better luck next time. - xerath + lux + more range -> nope not gonna happen (this one for low elo only, higher players can play around this). - lee sin in your team -> GTFO that lobby, he ain't gonna be faker. - 2 or more assassins in your team -> they just gonna kill farm and not help at all, no teamfight potential. unless enemy r all squishies. - if your team has zero CC.
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VorenDier (EUNE)
: Can the queue restriction for AFK change?
an automated system can't detect if u got a power down at your location. its hard but i don't think theres much u can do about it. had my fair share with those issues to already.
manofspeed (EUNE)
: why u ban game in some countries
not sure if i break the rules by saying this tbh. but maybe cause in some countries the character design rn't appropriate or theres to much nudity. i can understand that in strict muslim countries a half nude Ahri isn't very "popular" and stuff like that.
: Pick and ban in ranked.
don't think it matters much cause from what i see pplkeep banning the wrong champs every game.
: Riot i'm mad at you.
why ppl flame: u already gave the anser to that -> cause ppl feed. about improving when ppl r smurfing aganst u; thats actually the best way to learn. u will find out very fast what u do wrong and how u can improve but yea, against smurfs its harder to convert your learned things into practice. about the afk, 2 main reasons: 1 -> mainly top laners, alo other but less, just play very aggressive from start taking a ton of risks, the moment the die once they just rage quit cause they know they can't win the lane anymore. 2 -> smurfs : "meh, not my main accout, i don't care". another big issue is counterpicking and wave management, not gonna go in detail here cause i whould have to write a whole book^^. everyone hates smurfs, even Riot: they disadvice ppl to smurf cause it ruins matchmaking but at the same time its not against the rules.
: "new account? Why b4?"
seems pretty logical to me most totally bad/new ppl get dropped in mid silver after placement. this case should actually be quite accurate.
: Bot-lane discussion-Poke champions or no poke champions?
as support main i can say that tank supports r just bad if the game doesn't get past 30 min. in lane if u have a tank support against a good waveclear adc+supp with good range, u will be none stop harrased and at low hp. together with your adc. even a gank won't do anything cause u 2 will be to low hp to support it resulting in gold/creep loss and becomming totally useless for your team. if i see a pyke supp on enemy team i know the lane will be won if my adc isn't totally braindead.
: Karma E reverts.
not an expert on karma but i never see here and when i do she has like almost no impact.
: How can one justify a Smurf? How can Riot justify allowing them?
riot themself stated that smurfing isn't againt the rules BUT they strongly disadvice it it will ruin the matchmaking. personally i think smurfs have mental issues and r strait BEEP holes. intentionally ruining ranked games in low elo is just strait on wrong and low minded. and pls don't say "i'm learning a new role" the micro/macro/game knowledge u already have compaired to low elo ppl just doesn't justify u playing an "unexperianced" champ.
: Banana peel box for Shaco
a chiquita banana skin for shaco might be funny but i think its rather over the line since it might offend African ppl.
uWIra (EUW)
: Ranked games and Leage in general is trash
with like 90% smurfs in plat and below its impossible for an automated matchmaker to provide any "balance" inthe teams. and also don't forget the main rule of LoL ranked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UHYFG7lupo&t=381s
Silent Note (EUNE)
: The day I've been fearing has come..
no one complained about her cause shes quite immobile. a single positioning mistake with her = dead or waste ult. also agaiint an enemy team with dash skills shes as good as dead.
Salron88 (EUW)
: plat 4 support and im matchmaded with a gold 4 adc in solo duo??
about stats, as support main myself i can assure u that if your adc is total trash, your stats will suffer from it aswell.
rat is back (EUNE)
: Why isn't kench nerfed yet?
like u said: "its a fat frog" . tahm is probly one of the 3 slowest champs in game. u have to exploid that weakness early on.
Salron88 (EUW)
: plat 4 support and im matchmaded with a gold 4 adc in solo duo??
ok, about that bronze guy, i aggree, thats totally BEEP.
Salron88 (EUW)
: plat 4 support and im matchmaded with a gold 4 adc in solo duo??
maybe your mmr sucks balls for your rank and the gold player has a great winrate?
: Unless you stun him, root him, slow him, cleanse the debuff, kite him, kill him, become immune/untargetable or tank him for 7 seconds. I'd say that is more than a 0.01% reprieve from death
> [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6iumB3Z2,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-14T12:53:54.680+0000) > > Unless you stun him, root him, slow him, cleanse the debuff, kite him, kill him, become immune/untargetable or tank him for 7 seconds. > > I'd say that is more than a 0.01% reprieve from death maybe, but how many ppl in low elo will do that{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: afk's need to be banned from ranked for the rest of the day
i'm not really in the same boat here, a whole day is kinda much. what i do think of that need to be punished is that ppl go afk the first 1min 30sec cause "minions didn't spawn yet" the game starts at 0.01 and if your afk while the enemy team invades it can basicly provide your jungler useless for the rest of the game (in low elo).
: One Troll can cost You 3 Games
there is no black or white area to define a troll so an automated system just can't detect it (if the troll is not a complete idiot).
: Just a sentence to the morde rework.
the issue with the new morde ( well it not really an issue ) is that hes totally team undependant. he doesn't need teamwork at all. the kit just allows him to basicly run over a whole team, bit like darius but way stronger atm. on top of that getting hit by his ult is like a 99.99% surtain dead.
: How to deal with horrendously bad teammates?
i whould say witch hunt them but i guess riot will not tollerate that heeh. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: How is teemo a counter vs. Darius?
for me its a time issue. teemo has the lead till lvl 6-9 then darius takes over unless the darius builds completely wrong.
: Tristana vs Caitlyn
not a pro in this area myself but i think trading wit her will probly decide who make the first hit. it will probly be easier for trist to do that since she has more waveclear with her E and so has better position and oppertunity to turn the trade in her favor. increasing your waveclear might help for this, maybe rushing{{item:3087}} to even that. also her "jump" is actually a dash so when she tries to jump u, instantly hit her with a net into trap.
SoloAkise (EUW)
: sick and tired of zed
also consider if zeds ult doesn't go off hes practicly useless. tahm eat kayle ult bard ult stopwatch lissandra ult
: ornn has 1 skin
i guess the main reason for this is that skins r about money. ornn isn't very populat atm while u almost see tristana every game. more ppl play her so more ppl will buy the skinn. how about a "Thor" skin for ornn, he already got the hammer {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: difference between feeding and dying
in theory feeding = intentional dying = not intentional but the thing is, its pretty hard to draw the line between them sometimes.
Goldzor (EUNE)
: Smurf players in Silver
its a double edged sword in a way. according to the rules its not forbidden to make a new account and start over. on the other hand, when u smurf u kinda "rigg" the game in your favor and it leads to unfair matchmaking what could be considered against the rules but even so, theres no way to report this or to be punished for it yet. sidenote, if u only met 2smurfs u should consider yourself lucky. in plat and below like 80-90% of athe player base consists out of smurfs and they keep on growing: more smurf account r joining compaired to new players now. eiter smurf accounts or banned players starting over. and cause of this it becomes way harder for new ppl to join wich also decreases the join rate of them. this is the biggest backlash of the game but as things go now theres nothing u can do to stop it.
arhtoo (EUW)
: Champions and countries
lets not forget Olaf here^^ the nordic brawler {{champion:103}} -> chinese fox myth {{champion:9}} -> the scarecrow fairy tale {{champion:120}} -> greek centaurs {{champion:427}} / {{champion:57}} -> ents {{champion:59}} -> the chinese story of the dragon emperor {{champion:75}} / {{champion:58}} -> seth & horus {{champion:56}} -> there r shadow fiends / monsters in the jewish belief , named Mazikeen {{champion:267}} -> the merfolk / citizens of atlantis {{champion:14}} -> who doen't know Frankenstein^^ {{champion:412}} / {{champion:30}} -> the grimm reaper {{champion:17}} -> satan himself {{champion:8}} /{{champion:19}} -> vamp / werewolf hype these days {{champion:62}} -> the legend of the monkey king / movie: the forbidden kingdom {{champion:154}} -> some consider monley D luffy as a god to (joke) {{champion:111}} -> monsters from the abyss, related to the kraken {{champion:25}} /{{champion:10}} -> angels {{champion:12}} -> greek myth of the minotaur inside knossos {{champion:203}} -> lamb creature, don't know the exact story, maybe related to mr Mutton (the game Catherine ??) {{champion:127}} -> nordic ice giants relative {{champion:68}} -> makes me think of the raccoon from guardians of the galaxy {{champion:48}} -> we all know what lives under a bridge right^^ {{champion:83}} -> the gravekeeper who leads sould to the afterlife, smells like ghost rider to me.
: Need Your Thoughts On What Is The Best Champion To Climb With?
one of the better champs in low elo has to be ahri. even though i hate "promoting" this champ, shes just way to easy and forgiving to play with. missposition/bad move/missed your skillshots and have CD/... triple dash ult to safety like nothing happened. if u don't hard lose your lane as ahri u will always do good the majority of your games if u can aim a bit at least. other easier champs to "win" with in lower elo: nasus top. fizz mid. singed if u know how to play him (theres always gonna be an idiot chasing u in low elo). malzahar, very efficient with minor skill needed. jax (never been skill remodded what i don't really understand since he has almost everything). kayle seems to be the OP champ to pick atm. champs to avoid in low elo: shaco, lee shit also a key to low elo: ranged cc.
Bss Nikko (EUW)
: bard > comet vs electrocute
electro > comet basicly cause the way bard is ment to be played. bard is ment to roam alot around the map and the electro tree aids him way better with that. ghost poro for more vision when roaming eye collecter like mentioned abouve when bard aa's a target and his meep procs it also counts as a hit for electro so 1 aa+Q triggers it. best way to abuse this is by rushing{{item:3094}} use your longer range aa to sloww the target then hit it with Q for electro proc. it hurts me to see that no single bard every buys cannon or that ppl see it as a troll item while its the main core itself for his potential.
: Honor system improvements (idea)
also u gave the reason why there isn't honor improvement: premade abuse {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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