NapstaVic (EUW)
: How long is it gonna take to fix this?
Ouijas (EUW)
Chyn94 (EUW)
: Sundays always bad day to play
It was never like this
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SwiftG (EUW)
: The entire screen goes black when I get past the queue, and I cant do nothing. If I manage to close the game I find the client with "Reconnect" on the screen and friend list as normal. Can't do anything, tried to reinstall the game to see if that changed anything, but with no luck.
: WTF EUW is broken
I managed to log in but there was nothing except friends list. So i relogged and now the queue timer is again at 1h 27 mins lmao
Maybe someone posted that the new Champ is a Kardashian and now their fans are spamming the server lmao
: WTF EUW is broken
im waiting even longer, i think 50 mins now. Had to relog after a game didnt start.
: Can't queue for games, leave champion select or login to the client
: Something wrong with the client?
Same. Now its 1h 27m for 20 mins and it doesnt change.
: TFT really is a pain
I love it, but the item drops are few and if they are few, they lead to big unbalance. Either more item drops or less random. Also the Champion Store is horrible. You can roll 50 times and not get that simple Garen you need to have any frontline. BUT if you sell that Garen and go for something else, you get spammed with Garens.
Axrevenger (EUNE)
: TFT bug where the game disconnects at the very start of the game and reconnects later
Same. I logged out, now waiting 10 min in queue to log in lmao


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