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: These videos aren't actually proof. As an example; The VideogameDunkey video you posted is actually a direct lie. Riot has confirmed that he wasn't banned for what he claims he was banned for in his videos. He was banned for excessive verbal abusive, and death threats, in his games. He's simply lying about his own behaviour, hiding behind his internet fame. Even so; he's not allowed to break the rules just because others did so first. --- Calling a person a %%%got is not just offensive, it's homophobic. You're using it to insult the other person. Or are you trying to say that you were using it in a polite manner? If you're using a sexuality as a form of insult, you're not welcome.
It all depends on how he took it. Btw non the less the 1 hour long shaclone video just shows how Riot deals with players. Honestly i think i might make like 200 riot accounts and play like hell. Cause riot obviously just wants to take the money and say fu*k the players. So much BS happens in games and it happens so often and Riot says but....uh we are banning them? Total BS. I just wish i had a really good pc to record and show you how much BS happens in games and you'll see why they should get banned. Riot should just make a new system of banning. Players are tired of this. Also Videos aren't proof? Shaclone shows in detail everything him and riot workers have talked. Just watch it if you have it.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I'm not sure why you had to open a second thread, after you already made one regarding bans here. I tried to explain to you exactly why you got punished, and you seem to agree with it. Your log doesn't change anything when it comes to how you behaved. If other people misbehave in any manner, you're not allowed to do so yourself. You weren't given a 14 day ban from this game alone. You've gotten chat restrictions that warned you against your behaviour. Your behaviour in several games is investigated and judged, but only one game tends to be sent you as evidence. And quite honestly, this one game is enough to suggest to you that your behaviour isn't ok here. I get that you're saying supportive things to your team, and I can see that. But it doesn't excuse the other things your saying. Things like: > look at our teams score. this shit orianna. omg... yo im reporting her. me and chogath in middle of fight. this bitch comes in 4 seconds late , didnt even notice us fighting. mF FUCK OFF MY LANE feeding noob. this team. holy shit. am i playing with a division lower then bronze or some shit? wood tier? report Miss fortune please for being super tocix. toxic wow. nice job %%%got, just realize that i was the only lane who had kills early game. this team full of toxic players and liars. this team is full of toxic players either ways. i dont want to win honestly. these guys are flamers and liars. How are you trying to be supportive here? It doesn't matter what they did, it matters what you did. And as I explained to you in your previous thread; extreme violations can escalate you directly to a 14 day ban, or permanent suspension. This includes terms of sexism, and homophobia: > this bitch nice job %%%got There you go with sexist and homophobic behaviour. That alone is enough to warrant the punishment you got. You stated that you already had 2 accounts permanbanned. Perhaps you should consider that it's not the other players that's the problem here, it's you. Only around 5% of the active community get any form of punishment for their behaviour, and 0.006% get permanently suspended. You're simply not behaving like the average player is.
That statistic is bullshit by the way. Also i'm not homophobic or sexist at all , the word %%%got is a word used to describe the gay or a more educated word for it is homosexual. Calling someone a straight guy isn't offensive , then why should the word %%%got be? also. i've been part of many different gaming communities and believe me League of legends is the worst. Best one i've ever been in is Warframe. I don't behave like the average player because the average player doesn't get so much bad players in their game.? Besides that . Here are proofs for riot just being lazy and not caring that much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqwbtZT2mD0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYUIA_ljBhY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjzgbZL12VI BTW not to mention Ello hell that riot puts us on with their system of stats and matching you with other players. Of course players will leave league , rage quit , flame.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Because people being verbally abusive towards others is the main reason other players are leaving this game. While people dislike players that intentionally ruin games, it's actually those who are verbally abusive that's causing the most harm. Neither is appreciated, and neither is allowed. Riot doesn't want the community to behave as poorly as they want just because we're online. Saying this isn't kindergarten isn't an excuse, because this type of behaviour wouldn't be accepted there either. It's just not appropriate behaviour when interacting with other people. Just because you're online and don't have to see the face of the person you're talking to, it doesn't mean your words don't have an impact.
Bro your from EUNE. Have you ever played in EU WEST? The amount of trolls and feeders and afkers we have?
: Two wrongs do not make a right. It does matter who started it, or who said worse things. We're not in kindergarten anymore. The Tribunal treats every player equal, so if you reported the other players, their cases have been taken care of as well. We do not like to see flame, no matter who starts it. You have to agree that, by flaming them back, you're only making things worse for everyone involved. It doesn't solve any issues, it's just pouring oil in the flames.
Exactly. Then tell my why league of legends/Riot is the only community who takes flaming etc so serious? We aren't in kindergarden.
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: Just follow these simple rules to determine if your ban is deserved: Did you write bad words in chat?-yes Is it right? Maybe. Is it fair? Maybe. But as long as the rules are say bad words-ban we can't do shit about it.
Actually bad words are allowed by league of legends. Such as f*ck , sh*t , oh c*ap , f*cking hell etc. These words are allowed.
: I got banned for this. Fair or Unfair. You tell me.
Fair ban due to 1 or 2 insult even tho yi and MF flamed me 100 times worse and they are not banned. Nice logic. I think its not fair at all
candoodle (EUW)
: >me and chogath in middle of fight. this bitch comes in 4 seconds late , didnt even notice us fighting. --->Only insult in the whole game directed towards orianna who was trolling. >Yi was on a 1 v1 fight and i was behind a wall , at the time i was looking over top lane while i was near blue bot and i didnt see yi struggling and he died . Then he starts to rage and flame seems fair to me >he is lying tho. i didnt flame at all xD lol Ban is fair.
Be aware tho , that it was like 35 min into the game and the part where i insulted orianna. I was heated and i forgot about that.
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: You got banned fairly from what I'm guessing was you flaming the feeders/trollers/afkers instead of dealing with them
Instead dealing with them? How? Tell me How to deal with them?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If you want to contest your ban, or get a second review, then you'll have to go through support. However, Riot doesn't unban players if they were breaking the rules, despite their justifications of doing so. They'll openly revert punishments that a truly a mistake. Their system isn't perfect, just like no other system will ever be. During their last audit, they saw that the error rate was 1/6000 cases. So it's not perfect, but it's an acceptable rate of error. You do state that you were being negative towards others, so I have to say that most likely the punishment is in place. You also don't get a 14 day ban all by itself. Normally, you go through a few set of chat restriction first that should imply that your behaviour isn't in line with the community standards. The standard punishment route is as follows: -10 game chat restriction. -25 game chat restriction. -14 day ban. -Permaban. You can at any point be escalated directly to a 14 day ban, or permaban, if your violations are very extreme. That would be behaviour such as issuing death threats, racism, homophobia, etc. But if you've gone through chat restrictions, then you have been warned already. --- There's no way to permanently disable your chat. Some summoners have suggested others to remove their enter key, but I find that a bit severe. You can, for instance, disable your all-chat, if you haven't already done so. You can do this from your options menu. If you're having a hard time not responding to people, perhaps you should just mute everyone upon entering the game. That way, you won't even see their behaviour at all. A lot of people communicate only by using pings, and they get by just fine. --- Regarding LeaverBuster, that's an independent system that operates without the need of reports. People can report you for leaving all they want, but it's you leaving that causes the punishment, not their reports. I wouldn't recommend leaving games personally, because it's not like you're allowed to do so once a day. If you leave too often, you'll get a small punishment meaning you'll have to wait for a period of time before you're placed in a new match-made queue. It starts out low, but can escalate up to 20 minutes extra waiting time before you can find a game to play. You'd have to leave games quite excessively in order to get an actual banned for it. But always consider the other players in the game that actually are trying their best. Those are the ones that deserve your attention.
Doesn't riot understand that when someone plays a lot of league ....in real time it might of been in 1 day but when you play 6 hours of league of example you wont remember that in the last 4 games you had trolls and you flamed and you get banned. People dont keep track of that. I admit to my mistakes but i'd wish riot to be more soft with me and unsuspend me , reason i flame at trolls and feeders is because i'm aiming for high division like challenger and diamond and i take the game really seriously. The only time i truly enjoyed this game was when i had a team of 4 players (with me 5) and we all skyped and played and laughed. But now when your ranked and solo Q , you end up getting trolls , feeders and then when you flame cause you're trying to win but they lose game . Riot bans you. I apologize due to my mistakes and i hope in the future i wont have the same problem , but can't riot unsuspend me , either ways i'm on my last draw so if i do another mistake i'll get perm banned.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Let me first state that I understand your frustration. Just like everyone else, I too get frustrated when I encounter players that go to great lengths in order to ruin my gaming experience. But having said that, what you decide to do in those moments is what is getting you punished. It's always your responsibility to ensure that you're not breaking the rules, when other people are. I'll try to comment some of the statements that you have in your post, and I hope to provide you with some more insight as to what Riot's stance on all sorts of unwanted behaviour is. --- > I had so many trolls , so many feeders , so many players that ruined the game and wasted 40-60 min of 3-4 players due to them being toxic/feeders/trolls etc. This happens to every single player in this game. Everyone of us will encounter people that troll, or intentionally feed, or go afk, or are being verbally abusive. Even Rioters playing the game encounters this. This isn't something you alone are struggling with, it's something everyone struggles with. But their actions doesn't justify your own actions if you decide to break the rules. We're all expected to behave while playing, even if others are being negative. --- > Riot doesn't allow you to leave a game , no matter what. Even if you're whole team is trolls and feeders , you are forced to be on the game. This is actually something you are technically allowed to do, if you wish. LeaverBuster isn't the same type of punishment that the Tribunal provides you with. It's not a ban, nor something that is directly negative towards you as a player. However, Riot needs to provide some form of restriction when players leave games, because how would you think it was if you were freely allowed to leave every time you wanted to? You'd see people leaving for losing their lane, for allies giving up first blood, for another lane losing, etc. People would leave at the slightest negative outlook in the game, instead of staying and securing a victory. If Riot didn't have a LeaverBuster system, I don't think many games would be completed with 10 people still being there. And when I queue up to play, I'm expecting people to at least stay and do their best, despite the outlook of the game. --- > Doesn't even ban the right players , most of the time bans the people with little mistakes instead of the ones who are the REAL problem. This is a matter of opinion. Riot does ban people who intentionally feed, or troll, or do other acts that are breaking the gameplay experience of others. You state that this is the first time you post on the forums, so I'm guessing you haven't read many posts here either. If you do start to read threads here, you'll notice that nearly every single day, there are threads created by people complaining about their bans. Sometimes they complain about bans for being verbally abusive, other times they complain about getting banned for intentionally feeding. The common factor in these threads is that the players tend to blame other people for their own actions: -I flame because people troll, it's their fault. -I troll because people flame, it's their fault. It's not about what's justified or not; it's about taking a stance against all types of unwanted behaviour. Neither verbally lashing out at people, or intentionally throwing games is acceptable in this community; and both things get people punished. --- > Speaking in chat in a more vulgar way , such as for example : Aw sht i just got fu*ing killed. Oh well. is considered punishable. I also have to disagree here, because Riot has actually made a very specific statement that they're not directly targetting profanity, but the context of how profanity is being used. You can be vulgar if you wish, as long as you're not doing it in a derogatory manner towards others. Saying, "Aw sh*, I just got f*ing killed", is not the same as saying, "you sh*, you should be f*ing killed". Both of those sentences contain profane language, but only one of them is the type that Riot targets to remove. Context analysis of your chat is what happens when your account is flagged for a review, which is more advanced than a simple chat filter. As a humorous side-note; Lyte, the guy in charge of designing the Player Behaviour programs, holds presentations at GDC regarding their findings when it comes to PB. One of the things he brought up as something they had discovered was that, "well sh*", is a phrase most commonly used by positive players. If their punishment systems were based on chat filtering, then that would be identified as a negative phrase, and not something that positive players said. --- > I honestly think Riot haven't even played their own game yet. No joke. Cause if they did , they would know when you end up with a bad team filled with trolls , feeders , afkers a normal person who haves emotions would rage quit , flame . Every single player has emotions. Every single player experiences what you do. Every single player has a breaking point, and will step over the line at some point. That's completely human of you, and Riot doesn't punish us for being human. They do, however, target those who consistently reach their breaking point too often, instead of learning to ignore what other players say or do. If people bother you, mute them, and ignore them completely. Quite often, they're just after an emotional response from you, so why give them the pleasure? It tends to be more frustrating for them if you don't respond. --- > I want a solution for this. Either riot has to make a new system where for example , a forum with a list of all the players of league that are trolls/afkers/feeders/etc. where we can copy those names and paste them to block them so we dont end up in games with them Publicly shaming people is not a good idea, and something that we as volunteers actively remove from the boards. The reason is that we don't want this place to be somewhere where you can start witchhunting other players. How would you feel, for example, if you found your name on that list? If a person wanted to put you there, he would be free to do so. There would be no way for us to confirm if it was true or not, so we'd just place your name there. Even if you managed to get the name removed, the damage is done. People think lesser of you because you were on that list. Riot wants people to reform their behaviour. Publicly shaming them does the exact opposite. --- > Literally i had chat logs where i was nice with the team but i might of raged for like 1 second at a player for doing something , such as going afk , trolling ,feeding and i got suspended/banned/chat restricted. That is complete bullsht. It's not permitted to lash out at players, regardless of their actions. Riot doesn't come up with their rules by themselves. The rules we follow are actually community enforced. We, the community, are the ones that tell Riot what type of behaviour we find acceptable, and what we don't find acceptable. And the majority of the community takes a very strong stance against lashing out at others, despite their actions. It doesn't mean we appreciate them going afk, or trolling our games; we just don't justify our actions based on their behaviour. --- > You now have 4 reports , or maybe even from enemy team cause all of them say report * cause he is toxic. Even tho they are the real trolls and the enemy team doesnt know that. Riot gets logs , bans you or suspends you for being toxic. One thing that Riot does is not give people reporting power in numbers. Premades can't threaten you with 4 reports, because your one report is worth just as much as theirs is. The system doesn't focus on total amount of reports accumulated, but rather the percentage of games you have been reported in out of the recent games you have been playing. That way, it doesn't matter if you get 1 report, or 9; as long as the report is valid, it's counted. There's also other factors, such as report credibility. If you're sending out reports left and right, where most of them are false; your report credibility will be lowered, and can actually be completely ignored by the system until you start reporting only unwanted behaviour again. Even the act of asking for reports is by the majority of the community taken as unwanted behaviour. If people are asking others to report you in the chat, just report them. They're breaking the rules, and as long as you're not, their reports won't matter one bit. --- > I've done more then 1000 reports on bad players and from all of them only 1 has gotten banned. How do i know? [I don't know if you know this but league sends a message that pops on league home screen saying they took some actions upon the player you reported] You're misunderstanding a bit how that pop-up works. Riot doesn't inform you every single time a player you reported gets a punishment. Riot did an audit on the community before they introduced that system, and found that most players don't actually want the pop-ups at all. You get the pop-up when your report was the last one required to trigger an investigation that lead to a 14 day ban, or a permanent ban. You do not get the pop-up if the player in question got a chat restriction. And usually, it will take more than one report from a single game to get people punished. You agree that people will have bad days and reach a breaking point and say things they normally wouldn't, wouldn't you? It doesn't excuse their behaviour in that one game, but it doesn't mean they should get instantly punished for it. Just like that, it will also mean that sometimes people will have to misbehave in a few more games before they reach the point that their behaviour warrants a punishment. Since someone else then filed the last report required to trigger the investigation, they're the ones who get the pop-up, and not you. It's actually likely that a lot of players have been punished thanks to your reports, but you just don't know it yourself. --- In the end, it all boils down to you, and how you wish to behave. Just don't let other people get the best of you, and you won't have any problems.
I love the reply you did. Thanks about that but in this case what should i do? I want to get unbanned from my 2 week ban , I might of raged and flamed due to feeders and trolls but i'm a person with a short temper. And No i'm not the kind of guy where if you were to tell me Fu*k you and i would immediatly reply with OHHH go kill yourself you're a piece of sh*t bla bla bla , nah not at all i usually reply with lol or xD , funny guy etc. Could you tell me what i can do to get myself unbanned , and is there some sort of way to disable my chat from talking? Like when i rage and i can't reply to them , i find that as a big positive step towards me cause when i calm down i immediatly am thankful that i had my chat restricted cause i didnt want to flame but due to my anger and temptation by them i replied immediatly in a offensive way but when i got chat restriction i am thankful that i couldnt reply later in game. Anyways , i seriously hope i get unbanned. I love this game and i want to play but some of the players that end up in games are so awful. Also could you inform me more about the leavebuster system? Am i allowed to leave a game if its full of trolls and feeders cause as i'm aware you can leave but you'll get reported by players for leaving and you'll probably get banned.
: I have not flamed in three years of playing league. Of course I get mad, angry and frustrated. I never type it in chat though - that is the difference. Why would I want to lower myself to their level? I am better than that.
Bro. Imagine this. You're chilling having the best day of your week , music , chilling , playing and you're hoping to play a ranked game to go on promotion. First game : You end up with a player that goes SORAKA mid. (this actually happened to me and we lost cause of her) Second game: Bot lane feeds and then blames and flames other team mates and lanes (actual happened to me) Third game : Mid lane feeds like hell and then doesnt help team mates and lets them die , then goes afk Fourth game : Someone starts to flame for no reason cause of their own mistakes. Or directs his insults towards me? Imagine how you would react after wasting 160 min [all four games 40 min for example ] . You lost your promo , you might even de-rank due to these issues and players and of course you will fully engage onto a toxic mode and start flaming the ones who are ruining the game. In the end all of these players that i mentioned in first game/second/third and who gets banned? Me. Makes no sense at all.
: Did you flame though?
Of course i did. You play something for 2 years you think you never flame? Everyone have flamed in a game of league. If you say you havent that's the most BS thing ever said on a forum post. Now if you wanna play the card of saying you broke the rules. I did. It's called human emotion. Team feeding , trolling , afkers , toxic. It's simple they flame me , i will surely flame back. Cursing someone who haves no fault in the matter and is innocent of course i'll flame back at them when i havent done anything at all. I get offended by them , of course i'll respond with anger , hate . It's a total normal thing to do. That's why riot needs to remove those who flame for no reason at all. and troll and feed.
: You got three accounts banned? That is not being nice and positive, that is called being in denial.
Not at all mate , first account got banned fairly, since i had that acc for 2 years i bet i got reports for flaming when i was playing with feeders and trolls . Second one was unfair and third one [today] was totally unfair. Games full of trolls , afkers , feeders.
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