: Which Is Better Ad Tf Or Ap Tf? Need Opinions Please ^_^
Okay Thanks for your opinion guys Il might make a Tf build and show it to you guys :){{champion:4}}
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Thrash (EUW)
: Looking for 3 confident Junglers and 1 mid-laner ! :)
Well I want to join but I cant I got no teamspeak xD I got skype though but ya know and Im only bronze 2 cause i dont play ranked that much I am decent at being a mid laner and I maybe confident in jung but who knows good luck on finding people :) I can join eternal white if you let me but im guessing thats a no anyway xD
: Talon can win this matchup but only if he plays really carefully: 1st, he needs a very high sustain start, either by buying crystalline flask and pots, or 5 hp and mana pots plus a ward for more harassing potential. I recomend taking Q at lvl 1, since in the first lvl yasuo has to into melee range to properly cs. Try to pop his shield and avoid his q and if you can pull it off try to auto+Q for a great amount of damage early, this should waste a pot for Yasuo As you level up, you want to pop his shield before trading with either W or an autoattack, dont forget he can block your W but you can try to bluff him and make him waste his W and then trade. When trading vs Yasuo, if he tries to Q you, I recomend using E the moment he Q`s so that you teleport to either his back to dodge his ability , pop the shield, Q him wait for yasuo use his W and try to get a good angle to land Rake while the windwall is actice, his windwall has a higher cd than yours E so you can you can attack him much faster. While Yasuo is charging his shield, when it`s around 3/4 of being full, Q him so that when his shield comes back, it immediattly pops since Talon`s Q has a dot of 6 seconds which is pretty long. If you play similar to this, you can snowball over Yasuo.
: Talon doesn't counter Yasuo. No. Talon can beat Yasuo. Yes. Can Beat =/= Counter. There isn't anything about Talon's kit that strictly counters Yasuo. Yasuo is one of a handful of champions with an immense skill ceiling, meaning if Talon wins or not is heavily influenced by the skill and experience of the Yasuo player - More so than in any other champ vs champ match up. If Yasuo is able to block W/R with his Wall, abuse his E to kite around Talon, etc, there is a very good chance Yasuo could win this match up. Yasuo's early trades are likely stronger, again especially if he blocks Talon W and his lack of Mana can run Talon dry of his own threw repeated fights.
: I think it's a ridiculous statement Yasuo beats him at every stage of the game and mid-late game he outscales him so hard.
I think it depends :)
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