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: Sounds good ,doesnt work . But yah ... Its funny .
oh c'mon it totally works! ;P
: That's a good meme.
Thank you! Don't forget to give a vote :D
: Yes! and put in hes hand dildo instead of hes axe! XDD
hahahaha maaaan I should've thought of that!
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: looks dope but differs highly from the main concept :)
haha Thank you :) I guess it could still have the same abilities but you're right the animations would be entirely different.
: cmon it's not bad. you should see me try drawing something xD At least the champ is recognisable
Thanks man ;)
: Boom boom blitzcrank and rengar's lovechild
Haha I can't believe I made Rumble look like Ranger! Sooo baaaad :P
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: Well, there is such thing as organic fuel. And I truly mean organic (vegetable, fruits, coconut oil, etc) The flamestipper is awkward yes, but the rest can easily be done with bamboo and vines ;)
That's not what I'm saying. I don't mind what fuel is rumble using... 'Rumble in the jungle' skin animations indicate that he's a junky robot. 'RIOT' said it themselves that with the current animations they will not be able to create any new skins. Anything new will still be just a junky robot. I'm all up for bamboo and vines but it has to make sense. You're either made out of bamboo or out of metal. You can't be a bamboo that moves and makes sounds like metal. Just doesn't make sense for me.
: I wouldnt change Rumble in the jungle that much. The bambo with coconut and pinapple aesthetic is really cool, plus the hawaiin shirt!!!
Perhaps you're right. The whole aesthetic could still be used, but I personally think that it's too mechanical (especially the animations) for a robot made out of jungle materials. Let's go for a mixture of both; coconut, pineapple, Hawaiian shirt all run by non metal yet technological magic :)
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