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: Just because you have bad games doesn't mean they'll all be bad. Some commands will be either ignored or not noted at all. You just got to keep educating. You must stop assuming people know everything about the game and sometimes you must speak completely basic without being a patronising moron. It helps a hell of a lot!
I am not patronising anyone mid game, I am just trying to enforce a goal onto the team so we can all have a common goal on how to win the game, and yes i do speak "basic" if i manage to gank mid take 2 towers with rift herald and baron spawns in 20-30 sec, I will clear all wards and opt my team to take the baron, a lot of the times they listen. but it's when they don't listen it ruins a lot for my mentality >.<. people are just nutz sometimes, they'll flame if you have a plan how to win the game, you go 11-1 ur entire team feeds out of control and you still carry and they're prolly flaming the whole game anyway, altho i won that one coz i /mute all >.<, gotta do this more often and just trust in my own judgment instead of following teammates in silver, this one dude decided to dive second tower at 10 min in against the enemy jungler randomly, mid and top followed him and i rushed in to aid him before they came but we both died without achieving anything. still won the game because i decided to stop following them and i'd just go in at 100% kill potentials, as a fella adviced me on >.< i'm learningT_T
: In Silver elo you need to solo carry bro. Don't expect people to turn their brain on and play like challengers suddenly. Just keep spamming games if you have a nice winrate (as you said yourself) and you'll get out eventually.
i'm never assuming that a silver player has the mind of a challenger, i'm always assuming that all 9 are bad and i'm not in order to boast myself to motivate myself, i just take losses so badly and i want to find the reason why i lost, and i'm 70% of the time blaming myself something like that, the other losses are people who intentionally troll (typin in chat at the start that they're gonna troll) steals a guys lane or just blatantly afks.
DravenIsOut (EUNE)
: Communication is key in low elo, don't expect them to know what you're doing and expect them to follow up, type in the chat before the fight and use pings
is what i'm doing, i'm typing baron and then pingig it, i am even telling them that i will go for a baron at 20 min as warwick and they're still ignoring me, so sad.
: First of all you need to change your mindset. Ignore the rest and find out how you can actually climb. And I am not sure how things will be in the future regarding gaming. Gaming at the moment is mostly addiction and gambling real money. It's just dopamine...
my mindset is, "focus on me ignore all the toxicity, do my best to win" but it's a team game and it makes it so much harder to carry the games :/
: Young Ahri
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Dªy (EUW)
: This FPS bug many players have been suffering with is making me want to quit the game.
hmm, is it the same as when my jungler is top side i'm bot side as adc and he lvled up to 3 and i get a random spike from it for a milisecond, i'm so used to it that i'm careful bout it, and then at 15 min mark there's usually a random spike as well, believing it is fps, it's strange af. been like this since ww rework XD
: > [{quoted}](name=WolfFangMachine,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=13yEVHYE,comment-id=0006000100000000,timestamp=2018-01-12T12:28:07.918+0000) > > but i actually went to baron kept pinging kept spamming chat come baron it&#x27;s free, and it was just a waste of time, none of them wanted to come at all, so i had to just wait untill they were ready for it, they were literally ignoring me &gt;.&lt; yeah, it doesn't work ALL the times, but it has a good rate of success ...
yeah i get the point, i should still try to lead them into doing the right things, some people will actually listen i mean most would prolly, in a game of league since they all want to win, and if someone leads them they'll follow if it means a victory i'd say, a lot of people need to be lead towards a goal, since they are unable to efficiently make a decision that would have a high success chance for themselves and the rest >.< idk, my head is on head fked mode, coz no sleep for 20 hours xd
: > [{quoted}](name=WolfFangMachine,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=13yEVHYE,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2018-01-12T10:11:59.660+0000) > > btw i had a game where i wanted to baron at 24 min mark, and we could easily do it like for 6 minutes, but they waited till 33 minutes, we had pushed the enemy quite deep got 1 inhib and were quite deep in on bot lane as well, (had mid inhib, and 2 bot towers, 0 top towers coz that draven decided to sit top forever he never went to his teammates lol) my question is, how do i make my teammates listen to my call, when i make a call, and i&#x27;m sure it&#x27;s a good one, since enemy had absolutely no vision at baron, and when we went for it i had to smite contest it against lee sin and we still took it and won from there but it was a risky move &gt;.&lt; You go where you want to go, ping as much as you can and write "FREEEE BAROOOOOOOOOOON" 3-4 times ... as dense as people can be sometimes, all these combined seem to do the trick ...
but i actually went to baron kept pinging kept spamming chat come baron it's free, and it was just a waste of time, none of them wanted to come at all, so i had to just wait untill they were ready for it, they were literally ignoring me >.<
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: np, it's no big deal
btw i think i know you, from when i was on east, can't remember the name i had tho, it was similar to this i believe, think we played duos a lot just can't remember :/
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: I like your attitude. You're on a good way and looking at your OPGG makes me think you can easily improve (especially since it's silver 4). Maybe you should record some games using OPGG and watch them afterwards. Spectating yourself will show you your mistakes. You often don't see the mistakes while being ingame, that's pretty common. One of my friends got Diamond in just three two or three seasons of playing, just by looking at his mistakes (there are allways mistakes, even pros make mistakes). // Gotta add that he's pretty talented in pretty much every game so he obviously had some natural advantage You seem like a nice person, if you want to you could play a few games with me and my friends (if they're online). We're german, I can speak english but most of them only talk in german. (We're all 19-22 yo) Playing together with other players can be helpful aswell, they can tell you what you're doing wrong (be careful tho, since most people aren't pros, they're often wrong).
hmm, i used to be talented in a lot of games like i reached plat in starcraft 2 1v1, early stages, and global elite 4 times in cs and lvl 8 faceit, played in a semi pro team, then i had a nice run in league around season 3 or 4 on east but that was it for me, feels like i've completely fallen off everything and i just have a mental block or something that's destroying my personal skill level or something like that, i don't mind playing some normals sometime, feel free to add me :)
Rumkatten (EUW)
: If you made an account to learn other roles you can't expect to be anywhere near your skill level as a jungler. You might be a platinum Lee and a silver Vayne. :)
agreed on that statement, which is the reason for a second account to practice certain roles that i need to improve on in my mind, altho it's hard to improve as an adc without a premade support, coz i've basically got no chemistry with anyone >.<
: I joined back in season 5 and I wouldn't know how many thousands of games I had ever since, much less how many it took until I developed a healthy ranked mindset and better habits but somewhere along the way they got beat into me. Let's just say that at one point I was into your shoes but what actually bothered me at the time wasn't that I was loosing or my teammates etc. but the fact that I was caring just THAT much about loosing lp and in my specific case I tackled the issue and worked on my mentality from this perspective rather then anything else. At 1st I wanted ways to hide the lp gains/ loses and play or pretend to play like it's normal games but there was no 'fix' for this so initially I'd just put my hand in front of my eyes at end screen so I can't see the lp. But then I'd catch glimpses of my lp while checking my profile and such, so that didn't work that well so I eventually resolved to literally change the value I attribute to lp by thinking less of it but that wasn't just gonna happen so since I set my mind on it each time I'd seen LP I'd start 'lying' to myself a ton of things 'LP isn't real etc. etc.' that was working so-so for a while I was already having a mantra ready and each time I was seeing lp I'd redpill myself with it. But it wasn't quite doing the trick all the way, so then I came up with other names for LP, leg points, lust points, whatever, you name it and I was connecting it to other things so to speak, this finally did it and now I can look at lp as lp without any of that even tho it took a while. My problem was I was attributing lp a same kind of importance as to real life money or something like that and from there I'd tilt off of the face of the Earth when going on a loosing streak or whatever. These days if I lose 2 games in a row I'm like 'others need to win too, it's ok' stuff like that, this alone can prevent me from tilting or it prevents me from taking that tilt into my next games. Also after flex got introduced that really helped me a ton, whenever I don't really feel that I'm in that good of a shape I'll play flex instead and since it's not Solo Q I really don't feel any pressure playing in that queue so when I slip and start caring about loosing too much in Solo Q I'll pretend it's flex instead and that sort of works, or I'll pretend flex is my main queue instead and be like 'it's just solo Q'. I know each person is different but hopefully you can extrapolate something out of my story that can help you out. Cheers.
hmm there are millions ways to be tilt free idd, I think my real life is starting to affect my mentality in every game that I play tbh, and I can't fix it, maybe I should quit gaming for real, since I can't fix real life right now and gaming is my only escape >.<, like last time i slept I woke up twice traumatized screaming and crying and I don't know why, I'm going extremely numb in my brain and it's not due to games, I know it's not, games never did that, it's something way more important that impacts my real life, and in return it affects my gaming I guess, like I'm caring more and then I end up caring less about everything including games and life.
: > [{quoted}](name=WolfFangMachine,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=13yEVHYE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-12T05:07:39.200+0000) > > just look me up on OP.GG and tell me what i&amp;#039;m doing wrong, coz most of the time i&amp;#039;m against a smurf mid and i&amp;#039;m still winning early, I roam as well and get a lot of stuff done globally, I even opt to get the towers and drake when possible, then for some reason it ends in a catastrophy and i&amp;#039;m just laughing, my entire mind goes fully blank and I go full manic, 1) **Not giving kills is more important than taking some kills. FARM >> kills** 2) **Grab a kill/objective - recall - shop -heal - gg wp** ... do not push a lane without a particular reason and NEVER attack unless you have enough mana to execute the whole sequence correctly. Did you get a kill .?. Did you get a tower .?. **RECALL, shop, heal** and you will return even stronger than before to take even more out of the opponents. 3) **Learn the basic ward positions** ... even if YOU do not have a ward there, the opponents might ( basic ward positions ) 4) **When you do not see all the opponents in the mini-map remember where you saw them last and ping BACK your teammates from those areas.** 5) Always play something tanky if you want to help your bronze team. Glasscannon supports apart from Soraka, are not worth playing in Bronze because they cannot stand the burst of the new items and even totally unfed opponents can destroy you late game. 6) supposing you are tanky do not follow the usual idea "ooo, it is my job to save everyone". NO, IT IS NOT! If your team is not following you or they go solo or dive 1 vs 3+ **then do NOT FOLLOW THEM**. They cannot be saved, it is that simple. It is far better to just give away one death instead of two ... the difference of someone staying alive is huge, since that way you might save important objectives (towers, dragon, baron etc) 7) **Never towerdive. NEVER ! At least until you learn well the limits of your champion and you understand when you should dive in order for ALL of your teammates to come out alive or at least gain the objective** - and you will make that happen by going in first and tanking the turret for your teammates. This why you control the dive and your teammates survive (we assume that they will be yolo bronze players) 8) **Poke before engage. ALWAYS !** Expecting to drop someone from 100% to 0% is unreasonable ... alwaysdo something so they have lost a percentage of their hp before you "all in" for the kills. 9) **Never start a teamfight were the numbers are not in your favor ... NEVER**, even if you think that you might win it, and the reason is simple. If the teamfight lasts more than expected, the balance might change and the rest of the opponents might show up and turn the tables on you. 10) **It is easier and more profitable to push a SIDELANE than mid lane.** Not only it needs less wards to be safe, but also if you get a side inhibitor the super minions might even get a nexus tower, plus the map is more open for you since the side inhibitor is a more pressing problem for the opponents than mid. "All mid" is the ultimate bronze tactic and it should stay there ... 11) In Bronze, Baron as an objective is free to take at least 4-5 per game for each team ... **TOTALLY FREE and noone goes to take it** ... ward around it, let your allies hit baron and you guard the corridors leading to the baron pit. But when is Baron free .?. Simple : Did you just win a teamfight and 2 opponents are dead and you only lost one teammate .?. If one of the dead opponents is their jungler, then free baron. Three opponents are defending their bot lane .?. Free baron. You have taken an inhibitor .?. Push another lane and recall or rotate for a free baron. 12) Dragons are an objective that is rarely worth dying for anymore ... unless you totally need it and your team has the needed vision and position, do NOT contest for it ... it is better to safely take a tower while they try for the dragon 13) Do not let the game end up entering the late game ... if you have the advantage press for the objectives and do not let your teammates hunt for kills because at late game an unlucky fight or ace might spell the end for the game, even if you had been winning clearly. 14) Last but not least, NEVER flame your teammates ... noone ever played better, when being told that he "sucks". Either be constructive or say nothing.
I don't ever flame, but I get flamed a lot lol, not because i'm doing bad but because they ended up dying when I saw no point in dying with them, and i'm always trying to end it as fast as i can i push for 20-30 min normally, because after the 30 mark it becomes a clown fiesta in low elo.. btw i had a game where i wanted to baron at 24 min mark, and we could easily do it like for 6 minutes, but they waited till 33 minutes, we had pushed the enemy quite deep got 1 inhib and were quite deep in on bot lane as well, (had mid inhib, and 2 bot towers, 0 top towers coz that draven decided to sit top forever he never went to his teammates lol) my question is, how do i make my teammates listen to my call, when i make a call, and i'm sure it's a good one, since enemy had absolutely no vision at baron, and when we went for it i had to smite contest it against lee sin and we still took it and won from there but it was a risky move >.<
Rumkatten (EUW)
: You think of yourself as a midlaner but most of your games you play adc?
yeah most of the games i played adc then i got tired of it because it was almost always the same with the supports in solo que, no peel, dc, lag, flame etc, so i went mid instead, and i feel like i do decent in early game laning phase etc but i am unable to carry:/ oh and i'm a jungle main :) trying to learn other roles while i'm on this account
: I have coaches say that, I watch Neace and LS. (Okay, some people hate LS advice but there is one advice that really has value.) **The most important is that you perfect your fundamentals.** High elo are those that are very good in their fundamentals. Not some crazy cheese advanced shit. Fundamentals. 1. Fundamentals are getting all cs or atleast keeping that rule (you don't get it all the time) 2. Laning, How you move within the lane (dodging skillshots, being unpredictable) 3. Getting the 1st Tower. Or Getting Bot Tower specifically (basic macro) 4. Getting Baron to FINISH the game or to just break into their base if you have trouble (Yeah Baron is actually made for you to be able to finish the game **SHOCK**) People forget that, and Silvers don't take Barons at 23 mins. 5. Taking care of Ganks and watching the map. 6. If it's dangerous to get the Cs, just wait and don't risk it. In my Opinion, Warding does not belong to the fundamentals but it is important. If you know deep wards and good ward placements, do them if you are safe. *** > it's later when teamfighting begins that it all goes south. Ahhh! Okay :D Luckely, I'm an Assassin Midlaner aswell. So.. for Assassins, They suck at straight 5vs5 teamfights okay. But that doesn't mean they can't win a Soloque game, they are even better there. Assassin positioning is different, they CAN'T see you ok? They don't see you. You are John Cena. You can't see me, my time is now. It's timing and positioning. Don't stand near your team and shit on their backline when they don't exspect it. And Splitpush in a Side lane. In a sidelane, the rules are 1v2 most of the time and you can take that. In Midlane, it's ARAM 5vs5 24/7 you don't want that ok. You get your ass to Toplane or Bot and then you drag them to you so you can shit on them 1v2. If you think there's more comming, you just back off and approach it again. If there's noone comming, you take a tower for free. That's how you pressure them as an Assassin. You DON'T (5vs5) Teamfight.
this is actually helpful, I'm usually positioning myself quite badly i'd say, i'm gonna consider all of the advices you've given and i appreciate it a lot, ty vm
: Yeah yeah I refered more to the ingame mindset, not to the mental part. His mental mindset is good except from him bashing himself too much. Like when you're in champ select first you look at how the teamcomps could interact with eachother. Then ingame you set yourself like you gotta get all the cs, not get ganked and do certain good habits like don't roam too much and take care of your exp and your wave and backtimings and etc xD I mean that's more advanced niddy griddy but that is aswell VERY important to league. Without a good ingame mindset and taking care of the fundamentals you can't go high elo without that.
my mindset is usually blank my mentality is just, first of i'm trying to focus on having fun playing champs i enjoy, and it's usually champs with a lot of mobility and hop hop abilities, so akali katarina vayne lee sin etc etc. I like jumping around i guess, i'm a monkey, anyway, i need to fix my mentality because i'm so focused on how far back i am being driven it's like, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" in between gandalf quote :>
: I'm Platinum so I'm higher than all the average in League so I can help you out. First of all: 1. Dude, stop beating yourself and stand up straight. You don't have to beat yourself for every little tiny mistake you do, you can an4lyze your gameplay AFTER the game. Don't bash yourself during the game. 2. Don't roam too much. In this game, exp and farm is VERY important. Without exp you are weak. A Basic strategie is as a midlaner, just farm and ignore stupid stuff happening around the map, just **stay in your lane.** 3. ONLY Roam IF you have pushed your lane and if you see it's really worth it, you don't have to do everything in this game by yourself. That's not how this game was designed. You are trying too hard to do something. 4. I think the problem is you are doing TOO MUCH. Too much for your team and not for yourself, you are getting behind in exp and then you end up being weak. Try to be strong yourself first and try to carry the game with your own strenght. 5. League is a 5vs5 game, you have ONE champion that you control and there is very limited things you can do YOURSELF. So don't get mad at some games and don't try to do everything yourself for your other team mates, you can't and it's not a good idea to do so. You can be a little selfish and you'll get better results in Soloque. 6. Soloque is hard to climb. That's just how it is. Majority of players are in Silver and couldn't go past that. Just stay consistent and don't tilt and then you don't have to worry about a thing.
this is actually helpful, but i have to say that when i'm playing mid for example the last few games, i've dived my opponent successfully come out top, my minions pushing his tower then i start roaming, and i'm always trying to deep ward, some games i've ended up warding the most, spamming that trinket, the zombie ward perk is great as well, altho i'm starting to get automatically tilted, don't know how to get out of it, and i'm having just a generally bad time trying very hard >.<. i'm never roaming when enemy minions are pushing and i'm always pinging, but in this elo people have a tendency to completely block out any information you give them, and i end up having to /mute all quite often, for instant, a hecarim came mid, gave my enemy laner a kill, then i snowballed my like 6-2 or something and i kept trying to push the tower down roam when he was dead, i had total control of my early game, it's later when teamfighting begins that it all goes south. I believe it's because i'm playing assassins on mid lane, and i'm trying very very hard to focus squishies like adc or the mid laner or the squishy jungler depending on what they have, and I just end up getting caught, my entire team is behind me they engage and when i go in and i assassinate 1 or 2 my teammates are running to safety of the altar >.<. that's what happens most of my team fights as akali, I just don't know how to cope with that, it's frustrating, teammates fed their lanes but i'm the most fed player in the game and my teammates wont ever back me up even when they see that i can nearly 1v2 in a 1v5 situation and trade myself for 2 kills but still end up losing due to allies running for their lives and just ignoring me >.<.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I meant that you gave us false information, based on that account you're a new player, but from what you said here, you're not. It makes it hard to give accurate suggestions.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Well you did say to judge based on your account and it had only pre-season games, so i assumed you're a new player, they tend to fall a bit after theyr placements.
yeah i also noticed, there's a shit ton of massive amounts of smurfs in silver right now in pre season, i wonder why >.<
Farce (EUNE)
: If you are trying to work with objectives properly, then there is not much anyone else can help you with, it's a matter of experience and skill. You just need to make better decision or hesitate less, maybe pick something else. Maybe you need more counterplaying enemy matchups. Either way, it's not the basis of the game someone can just explain to you. It's something you need to work out yourself. The secret to climbing is that there is no secret. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
i shouldn't have taken that 2 year break at a time where i only played to get enough ip for new champ every release >.<, if i kept pushing rankeds everyday i'm sure i'd be at least master by now but after the years i just lost motivation from playing anything tbh :/
Farce (EUNE)
: Fire burned out after 600 games? Guess Fox-Fire is everlasting then. :D
yeah lee sin back then was just the best, people would always pick him for me if i was last pick coz they checked me up on east, just the best feeling when you steamrolled to the point u had a 17 win streak on jungle lee sin, or when u played ur sub champ and won a 3v5 game xD
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I will state first that OP.GG doesnt show that much, the most critical parts are in the game, your in game decissions, you positioning etc. Still there are few things that can show, so let's start with a few: * your builds seem in the right direction, but that doesnt help much, it's not that hard to get right builds. * i would say you die a bit too much, jsut cut away few deaths, but don't go too far in there, playing too pasivly perseviring your nice KDA is also bad, it stops you from improving. * lastly you just started your ranked, it looks like you're currently still falling to your true rank. I would like to congratulate you that at least you have a right mindset, focus on yourself and not others, just don't beat yourself too much, you just started, climbing is a long and hard process, you will climb, you will tilt, you will hit a wall and you will strugle, alot, evry step of the climb, but it will be satisfying to look back where you were previously and where you managed to climb. it will be a big achievment if you manage to climb into a next league by the end of season. Now there are few things you can do to climb faster. First decide on the role you will focus most of your time, your main role. Next decide on a fixed champion pool, the smaller the the better, whenever you play ranked you will only play those champions and nothing else. Try to have at least one champion per role just in case. The benefit of that is that you don't have to learn new things evry time you pick up a new role or a champion and instead you get to focus on sharpening what you already know, have a main role and champions also helps to find issues, problems you're having and what to fix. Next big thing you're gonna need is to play consistently, im not gonna say alot, it would be better if the amount you play is big, but if you had to choose better try to maintain consistent schedule and not make too big breaks, you have to play some games per week, evry week(it's understandable if for some reason you have to skip some). I think that would be all for now, don't want to overload with too much information. decide on a main role, main champions(the less the better) and play consistently.
hmm i'm not really falling "to my true rank" since i've managed to get higher on my main account, oh and i'm not banned on it, just taking a break >.< because i can't seem to climb at all, for some reason, even if i go 20-0 lee sin jungle i'll still end up losing most of my games, it just makes no sense, but i'm honestly trying to get into ADC and mid now
KaShootMe (EUNE)
: have you tried playing only one champion and getting really good at it ?
did lee sin on my main account in season 4 on east. after all the nerfs i kinda got really bored at playing him i guess >.<, i mean i had over 300 normal draft games on him and 300 ranked games on him xD in one season the fire burned out :/
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: Yo, I'll add you when i'm home. so we can talk a little. I main {{champion:16}} and {{champion:201}} . I prefer discord though lel.
well the good reasons why i prefer ts is 1st, whenever u tab in and out of a game discord starts lagging the heck outta it, the sound starts to stutter while ur tabbing for me anyway, and 2nd i can put u higher on teamspeak, since most people seem to have microphone issues and discord is not helpful towards that, for example i got a sennheiser gamer zero headset, sound and all is good, but most people use usb headphones. the mic delivery on the usb headphones aren't as good as jack plugs tho.
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: Oi oi anyone that's 18+ mature and non toxic wanna lvl together in this game? i'm currently lvl 21!!
I wanna bump this coz I can't find people to lvl with and it's really really boring to solo at lvl 21 T_T, and I'm not really good or anything so it wouldn't be unfair to play with me i'm like bronze 5.
: Oi oi anyone that's 18+ mature and non toxic wanna lvl together in this game? i'm currently lvl 21!!
someone xD? my queue times are so slooooow xD i just wanna hit 30 so i can do rankeds! this is 2nd account as well :=)
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