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: {{champion:81}} skillshot {{champion:22}} skillshot and cleanse/qss renders it useless {{champion:119}} skillshot {{champion:222}} skillshot {{champion:10}} has to be next to you {{champion:30}} very long cd, delayed {{champion:98}} leaves his lane and joins the fight GP can stay in his lane and his R is a basically unmissable slow unless you have flash. If it scaled through levels, say rank 1 is quarter of the map, rank 2 is half the map and then rank 3 is the full map that might be more fair.
That's the way I want it. I am okay with his ultimate but why does it literally have to have no range limit
: >It is pretty stupid that he is the only champion that literally buffs a lane in such a way. {{champion:81}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:222}}{{champion:30}} {{champion:98}}
What is that supposed to mean? None of those ultimates provides any CC or is instant (Shen's shield is but he can be countered unlike gp). You usually won't hit the ez ult randomly across the whole map
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LZ Flame (EUW)
: "but because of his enormous attack speed, every time he moves he loses shots that he needs to take because the damage per hit is so much decreased." l2p mate. it is possible to kite with kog maw nearly perfectly.btw this guys proved on reddit he wasn´t scripting play kog maw with a lulu midlane and he will really strong.he just requires more teamplay.
I want to see how he does that when there is really a champion on his ass, that was pretty free shooting (still looks impressive though). I doubt we will see him successfully in lcs anytime soon doe
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Rizlastar (EUNE)
: When is the Tribunal going to start working properly?
It takes so long ~_~ If they don't relaunch the honor system with it I would be mad
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Luis Sc (EUW)
: He knows what he's doing - it's so obvious it's not even funny. Also, I wonder what them tree and runes are named after that you feel the need to hide them :)
Actually they are just called "standard adc" etc. The mods are pretty strict with everything that could reveal or lead to the names so I did that ;)
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: I want examples on my "mmr boosting"
Open a support ticket maybe?
xCured (EUW)
: Trolls In Champ select, how do I deal with them?
Wait 20 years and we might have an option to report people for what they do in the lobby :)
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