Eratos (EUW)
: I agree with this i cant even count how many games i lost because afk--Like "i have to go"---"i have to do that".For god sake dont start a game then..if youre sure you cant end it.Its team game right.. But rito will never change that and i really agree that with those afkers to lose less lp or to not count the loss for you but only for the afk person.Especially in promos.
Thats what happend to me in that exact game, i would at least like riot to make it so if you have an afk on your team it punishes the afker more and/or you less
: Too easily abused, just flame one guy till he had enough and leaves, just take the bitter pill.
You would still have the loss and less lp, maybe the no loss in promos is a bad idea though
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Liviax (EUW)
: This just happened to me too, but in a ranked game. The game isnt in my match history either, no changes to my LP, but it says I'm still in game on sites like and lolskill. I can't answer you as to why it happened, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone :p
Good to know i'm not alone xd, its wierd how it doesnt even show up in match history, probably the server crashed or something
Benshirro (EUW)
: RP Price Adjustment for Players in the UK
Atleast keep the £2.50 card, we're gonna need it now cause its not that convenient if you want a 975 skin becuase your gonna have to buy a £10 rp card instead
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whyrawr (EUW)
: yes it somehow making playing him uncomfortable (for me)
How though!?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: You have to suck the duck, every game, as hard as you can, make them happy.
Smerk (EUW)
: Amount of honors doesn't matter that much in new system, it's more about consistency and amount of games you played. Don't expect to get it soon, it is supposed to be a long process, right now there is literally zero level 3 players, it will take few weeks before someone will get it
Yeah i've realised that it is meant to be a long process, but i was just wondering how long and what i have to do to get it quicker, Thanks for clarifying that
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: I tried {{champion:240}} , he is awesome. Thank you for your suggestion!
No Problem! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Renekton and Kled are certainly good picks to play and carry from the top lane, but since when does Renek have a high skill ceiling?
Renektons skill ceiling is kinda high but not as high as the other champs i mentioned, he's quite easy to play cause he is mostly point and click but you need to practice your fast damage combos, but once you've got the hang of that its baisically just the normal stuff like positioning
Spagooti (EUW)
: How do I stop being such a toxic player
Realise that making your team feel bad about themselves isnt going to make them better, its going to make the flame back at you and maybe dc, you want to help them catch up and tell them what they are doing wrong without being salty/toxic
Ziłean (EUW)
: Zilean's Passive
Tbh i think zilean should have one of those mini reworks that riot have been doing recently like the one on {{champion:74}} and give him a completely new passive
whyrawr (EUW)
: Why Yi in splashart is right handed and in game is left?
Can i just mention something Does it even matter
: Which top laner to learn?
{{champion:114}} and{{champion:122}} Are good carries, but they're banned often. If you want a split pusher try {{champion:83}}, He does lots of damage mid game and has a powerful duel potential. Others you can try are {{champion:240}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:3}} As they're quite easy to play but they still have a high skill ceiling and can deal damage while staying tanky
: {{champion:38}} and {{champion:64}} ultimates are the first two I can think of. Also im not sure about all the hook skills (Blitz Q, Thresh Q, Naut Q ) Also {{champion:79}} can E flash
{{champion:412}} and {{champion:53}} cant flash during they're q animation, not sure about {{champion:111}} thought but i dont think he can either
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