: Why are you trying so hard to speak English? everything you said there was straight up wrong, so why bother with grammar xD
I don't see how he is wrong in stating that riot doesn't care about the problems of a single person? If riot cared I wouldn't have trolls and hard flamers in my team. Also, its sort of hypocritical of you to point out that this summoner has bad grammar considering the state of yours.
: > [{quoted}](name=WrathOfKami,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RpcFgrE1,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-07T11:53:56.079+0000) > > So I can go into a ranked game and try to play anything mid lane as long as i "try"? Yes. However, it is very clear from your text, that you would purpusfully pick sth. you conisder not to be viable, so that you can cry about how broken the system is and shit. **If you play ap lee sin mid, knowing fully well that it sucks, then you are not trying. **
you just echoed my exact point? im confused.. So you believe i actually want to go into a game and think its okay to play ap lee sin mid? no. this is my issue, its that if someone did that they would not get punished as long as they "are trying to win".
Ahries (EUW)
: I don't understand why you seem to think you can decide what champions other people can play. You're saying that riot should delete all champions besides the "meta champions" you deem fit. Weird logic and totally wrong. Less self entitlement and more play what you feel like and have fun.
i never tell anyone what to play for a few reasons; 1. no one will just listen 2. itll tilt them before the game starts 3. i dont plan to dodge so id rather not have a tilted teamate What i have an issue with is that riot is pushing this sort of thing in ranked with the whole "is it meta" thing. I thought normal games were the entire point of that? Why is it people can play things like braum mid in a gold ranked game and go 3/14?
Gabresol (EUW)
: You see... There is a big difference between trying to win a game and trying to play. If you try to win the game 'setting your entire team at a disadvantage' is already a contradiction. If you purposly creat a disadvantage, you a purposly decreasing your own chances of winning, what makes the claim of you not actually trying to win the game completly plausable. As long as I do not int, I am trying to play the game, but only if I play a champion with a plan in mind, how to reach the enemy nexus and destroy it, I am not playing to win. You can do whatever you want with the intention to win, but if you are telling me, you picke Taric into Syndra on mid with the intention to win, you are lying.
But what if i just really want to try test the meta? How do you know kata jungle wont work? I pick what i want to play to have fun as long as i try its fine? thats what riot is pushing. "Is it meta?
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Is that [your account](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=WrathOfKami) If yes.. I can't find the game. If yes, you literally pick shy against everything... into every team. And you complain about people putting your team ad a disadvantage? LoL. If that is not your account, be honest, post your OP.GG and we will count how many games such a pick screwed you up. I guarantee, you did not get banned for flaming in such games. You are a flamer and a controllfreak. Anything doesn't go your way you flame. Go on and pick your anti meta, you will get banned so fast, cause you are unable to deal with the flame that will come with it, engage inf lamewars and get banned.
i have never flamed anyone for their pick. I have reported people but i don't flame because I'm not mentally deficient. why flame someone whos on your team before a game starts to tilt them? I simply disabled my chat and dragged it out of the game, i never get issues with being toxic on my other account. Almost every game ive played the last two days im sure i got like 5-6 reports for my pick and im sure it tilted the crap out of my team which i think is wrong. Riot does not thats my issue here. I wont respond to you because you are very clearly being closed minded to the idea that the system could be flawed at all. I played vs an enemy MF today who went 3/22 and ran it down bot all game before going afk, i checked later and I know she didn't get banned. This is why im upset with the ban system.
: Dude picked Cho mid into a Zed. He bttfcked the Zed harder thananything ive ever seen and continued to bttfck the enemy team troughout the game. Just because something doesn't fit your image of "meta" doesn't mean it can't work. Brand supp, Mf supp (lmao) Lucian, vayne top, this is all bs that isn't "normal" yet it became meta. Maybe be a little more creative in the future. It's not like if you pick the right champ you win. You can counterpick AND STILL LOSE. So stop blaming the picks. I started banning Yasuos because almost nobody in my elo can play him. But he is meta. Yet here he is 2/10 in my team, top or mid.
Yeah, two examples you gave is really representative of the whole player base. If this isn't the case id love it if riot could tell me how often I get reported in the next month I'm sure my team will be happy if I play Katarina jungle. From today ill just play non-meta things in ranked games where my team all picks good things trying to win and its fine? I can actually go Katarina jungle? I can first pick it and just take it jungle? right? it's fair to put my team through a game where I pick something knowing it isn't meta because I want to try to see if it works or I think its fun? You know who doesn't find it funny? The people trying to climb elo, people in promos.
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Smerk (EUW)
: By removing context I made list of bad phrases shorter, so it was for your benefit.
context as in the 3 people at fountain the master yi inting with mobis to run it down faster, the darius afk blue elxir farming. The people telling me to die in game. But yeah context dosent matter right, you should silently sit there and bottle it all up and allow yourself to be abused and trolled to have your time taken from you and for people to intentionally ruin your game knowing that nothing will happen to them. They will move on and find another person to troll, riot will do nothing to them but you for getting frustrated for an understandable reason should be punished.
: Maaaannnnn, you can write a book with your chat logs. Did you know that discussing is done on the boards? And that League should be played by fighting the enemy champions with your champion and not your own team with words? XD As soon as somebody says something that makes you want to respond in a bad way. Mute them. They DO NOT CARE about what you say. You WILL NOT change their tiny 4year old minds. If somebody does this to you, then you also dont care. JUST. MUTE. THEM. TL;DR: Feminist much? Lol
yeah okay and what about when theyre griefing me mid or jungle taking camps and inting my lane? can i mute their champion ink too now? no. The fact is the trolls always win and the people that get screwed by them then also get screwed by riot.
: You spend more time typing angry messages to players instead of making meaningful contributions. Just don't do it. Stop it and just play the damn game.
its sad you dont realise youre the minority, you're forcing your passiveness on people. I don't understand why you think I should have to sit silently while getting verbally abused and griefed in games. Yeah, I should mute them sure, what do I do when they follow me jungle and start taking my camps or intentionally feed? But yeah ban the person who got upset and showed a bit of emotion. The precedent this has set is that you shouldnt flame instead you should put your anger towards ruining other peoples games that way you dont bottle it all up and you also dont get banned? Am i getting warmer?
: >but i dont believe im negative. That's what most banned people says. >WrathOfKami: stfu
but this isnt exactly toxic? its not nice but toxic is something that ruins
Smerk (EUW)
: well, to make it a bit easier for you to understand I removed all messages that weren't bad on their own, I completely ignored context there, so I removed some parts of messages that aren't one-liners. But well, some combination of those remaining messages got you your ban, hope it helps: > Game 1 > In-Game > WrathOfKami: muted > WrathOfKami: im going to quit too i think > WrathOfKami: im not expecting a win > WrathOfKami: report that > WrathOfKami: its funny bc yi thinks hes tilting me > WrathOfKami: and hes going to get banned for this > WrathOfKami: yi 100% getting banned for this game > WrathOfKami: and you get perma banned for this > WrathOfKami: perma banned and you arent even tilting me > WrathOfKami: and hes getting permad > Post-Game > WrathOfKami: yi flamed every second > WrathOfKami: and inted > WrathOfKami: like you didnt see him running it down mid > WrathOfKami: knowing youre getting a ban > WrathOfKami: account banned > WrathOfKami: youre done > WrathOfKami: you literally inted > WrathOfKami: you flamed all game > WrathOfKami: you told someone to die > WrathOfKami: then went afk after you got killed solo 1v1 > WrathOfKami: and now youre mad > WrathOfKami: by going afk lol > WrathOfKami: report him > WrathOfKami: so salty > Game 2 > In-Game > WrathOfKami: adc muted > WrathOfKami: theyre just toxic > WrathOfKami: report gnar hes trolling > WrathOfKami: wait i just opgg his account he trolls every game > WrathOfKami: not banned btw > Game 3 > In-Game > WrathOfKami: DARIUS > WrathOfKami: DARIUS > WrathOfKami: WTF > WrathOfKami: ARE YOU DOING > WrathOfKami: RIFT IS CHARGING > WrathOfKami: stfu > WrathOfKami: silver players with less than 50% win rates > WrathOfKami: im being flamed by people who are afk
i think its really unfair to remove context so ill give some. game one, yi goes afk lv 2 after dying 1v1 top then rejoins and runs it down mid telling me and the adc to die while my adc gets super tilted and is telling him that they think yis parents should be killed. support is getting hard flamed by everyone and just having a bad time decides to not try anymore. im in a game literally 2v5 so yes "i dont expect to win here" in response to something their team said. yi literally ran it down mid aa turret and enemy mid was like ty. post game he lost all self control and just went all out flaming while, none of what i said in post should be considered toxic imo, do you actually disagree and if so why? game 2 champ select adc and support are flaming me for my picks and carry on when i get in game, at some point i got sick and said im muting them so they dont tilt the team by typing negative shit all game. the gnar was legitimately griefing and has trolled a few games in a row now VERY low cs no kpa. when he was csing it was our jungle. game 3 im fairly sure darius was a bot, didnt type a thing emote anything. They set rift top and he was farming the minions like normal while rift is killing a turret right next to him for over 20 seconds and no other enemies are there. The whole map was so confused by him.
: says something about how garbage the report system is, "flamers" gets instabanned while trolls just gets ignored
i want to share his profile but i cant, opgg me and check for the master yi in a game i lost as pantheon. He intentionally feeds like 18 games and goes unnoticed.
: You are a bit agressive and too negative.
im always reasonable and nice to my teamates when theyre having a bad game and constantly try to cheer people up. i just got a popup saying i recieve 182% the average gg's after a game. We had a guy on our team feeding like crazy and i did nothing but be positive. in the end i wrote one thing to him and it was after he said i give up "gnar i dont care how badly you lose lane i just hate when players give up". i can see why youd think im coming across as aggressive but i dont believe im negative. even when things seem doomed i still fight through it, like the game i had an afk darius and someone telling me to die while running it down my lane :/.
: im having trouble seeing how what i typed is actually toxic enough to get me a chat ban
the guy on my team that ran it down mid 8 times and went afk is still playing unbanned. He told people to die in all chat and post game too. please if youre going to respond can you actually not attach your own meaning to messages and look at what im saying objectively.
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: S Ranks on Champs
try going for drake kills and doing skilled plays. Baron helps too. i remember getting an S- last night even though i was 11/7 n.
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: Should some champions be completely banned for the URF game mode?
HAHAHAH WAT 0.o listen maokai is garbage. step 1 pick nidalee or any other ranged champ with infinite mobility and high damage. step 2 stay under turret throw your spears and thats literally it. if anything chases you go cougar and just w every second and you'll be impossible to catch. its like having 600 movement speed. Also if you get hit your e heals you for more than half your health every 3 seconds. Heal throw Heal throw. God speed brother. ps.urf isnt supposed to be balanced at all. AT ALL.


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