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: Thank you! As I mentioned, I played for 4 seasons now. I struggled to learn all these things. Some came in eazy, others harder ( I wish I could put this in other words :)) ) , but I still have them down. I actually fancy champions with complicated mechanics. For example my main is Orianna and I played her for 3 seasons. I know time doesn't really count here , but I took my time , checked a lot of guides and watched many pro players to reach my level ( same for Azir ). Like Larry pointed earlier, I think it may be a problem in my relation with the team , because individually I try hard enough ( i consider ) to get things right.
Yeah it seems bronze is just your level then if you are there with 4 years experience, seems your happy to play the champs u are playing and unwilling to change so unfortunately your gonna stay stuck in bronze but if your happy there then its fine :)
: A Friend Of Mine just got Matched with 3 Diamonds even tho he is just LVL 28
If you que with Diamond players you will get matched versus diamond players thats how it works.
AngelJay (EUNE)
: Can't get out of Bronze
You are not losing because of the teams you get, yes you perhaps lose some games because of a poor team but they are a very small percentage of your losses, it is quite easy to get out of bronze with adjustments to the champions you are picking and knowledge from well put together guides by good players. Azir and Orianna may be champs that you are familiar with but unless you are highly skilled with both you are always going to struggle at Bronze given that both have low win percentages both less than 50%, you played once as Lux and I would suggest that you continue to develop your skills with that champ as she is a solid mid laner and can also be played as a support. If you are queuing mid and support then I would recommend getting good with champs like Janna Soraka Nami and Braum for support, and for Mid try Lux brand ahri malzahar vel'koz, champs like Vel'koz morgana and Lux you can easily use in both support and Mid. Knowing who to pick and when to pick them is also key to progressing, for example in one of your games you pick Taric as support versus a Team packed full of magic damage champs like Morgana Annie Twitch etc so straight away before that game as even loaded in your chances of winning are already on the back foot just by poor champ choice. There are many games where you pick Taric Versus heavy magic damage teams. You need to be much harder on yourself, the amount of time you have put into this post shows you want to improve it just seems that you may not be putting as much effort into getting to the goals you want to reach. If you put into place the few things I have suggested you will be out of Bronze within a month. If you want to use chat for anything use it to encourage ALL of your team to ward ward ward and WARD then get them to ward whilst they ward, honestly vision is so key to success in this game and a quick look down you games shows a massive lack of warding from game to game not just by yourself but by your team mates, just glancing down your games Im not sure you have ever bought a pink ward especially as support and you seem to have cleared no wards with pink or sweeping lense. You are clearly frustrated but that frustration will never go away until you make huge changes in how you approach the game you enjoy. Look I am only silver rank so I not an expert but it doesnt take a LoL boffin to see where you are going wrong at present. Best of luck and I hope you climb so silver soon and onwards up the ranks :) Sites I am using to assist me are: lolking
: Teambuilder as it is now allows you to pick a champion and a lane you want to play in. Ranked is defined by the draft pick, including 6 bans (which are being debated as a too low of a number for the number of champions we have). This leaves only the option for selecting a teambuilder ROLE. Do you know what happens when you allow this? 34 minutes waiting time for midlaners. 32 minutes waiting time for top. 10 minutes waiting time for jungle 8 minutes waiting time for ADC. 3 seconds for support. Then people start queuing as a "support" to get joined into a team fast, then go something like Zed and "me mid". I know the LoL people well enough to claim this would happen. A lot. And about going ranked in general? Well, BE FKING PREPARED! If you cannot play at least 3 champions for each role, you are seriously hindering your team. If you are playing mid only, and refuse to play anything else, ranked is not the mode for you. Because only after playing all roles and all types of champions you can call yourself "surely good enough for ranked" because ONLY THEN you will understand what can you expect from the other lanes. We have enough people who think Warwick should gank lvl 2 as it is (example of what a horrible player thinks). If you want more reasons why ranked teambuilder is a bad idea or why YOU should stick to normal blind pick for at least 300 games, before you can think about claiming you are good, JUST ASK.
The fact im already a few ranks below you with similar kda to you, who has probably played for years and years is good enough for now. Dont get all the venom and rage ? this is discussion so why so hostile ? Sawy refined the point better than me, You should be able to que for your Role then maybe not Teambuilder ranked as Teambuilder Normal exists. I should be "forced" to play lanes I dont have any interest in playing at this time ? really forced.. because thats what your saying Prugar Senpai (btw about 1000 names with Senpai in em) People joining as support for quick que clearly wouldnt be part of the system to que for a specific role, thats brainless, if you que as support thats all you can play, you cant abuse it to get quicker ques. As it stands now 1st pick has power and duo que "premade whatever" has power if they pick before someone else that wants that role. The Current system is not good, no one should be forced to do something they dont wanna do in a bloody game they play for fun. Maybe before you post Prugar Senpai , "BE FKING PREPARED!" to be less of a douche when replying to a discussion with all that rage and hate welling up inside you. Your telling me in a "gold ranked game" that YOU que for you wouldnt rather have 5 guys that qued for that specific role because they play it alot ?? really ?? think about it Senpai, games would be far better and prob less toxic (well a little less toxic it is LoL afterall) than they would if some guy who is jungle main feeds like mad cuz he was forced to play Support or adc or whatever. For your information as well i can play alot of champs i just dont enjoy the other lanes as much as I enjoy Support. I never said a word about warwick either, an example of a horrible player would be more an example of your stinking keyboard warrior attitude on this discussion post, also going by your kda your only "good" at 2 roles so you need to brush up on your 3rd :)
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: DDoS/drophacking has gotten out of control
Sorry but this isn't Riot its people hacking to throw away losing games. Sad thing is not only does it happen in ranked it happens in normal and it doesnt matter the rank bracket though id accept it happening perhaps more often in higher leagues. Sad fact is people who can WILL cheat and they will do whatever they can get away with, when the game gets dropped hacked there is NO trace of it only ur match history or on any sites that track matches played. It just flat out disappears and i doubt many people can be bothered to fill out a ticket even if they are sitting like me for over an hour and a half to reconnect.


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